Shut Down Notice 3-Year Anniversary!

Today it’s exactly 3 years ago that Canon Inc. tried to make me take down my own blog and failed miserably. It didn’t occur to me before, but Canon Inc. must have REALLY loved my blog to have wanted to take it down on Valentine’s Day. I sat down today thinking and asking myself if I’ve really been doing this blog for so long. It’s almost unbelievable to me. It’s like I began this blog yesterday and today it’s already 3 years later. How time flies.

And how much has changed ever since that day too. While I was constantly frustrated by Canon Inc. back then, these days I find myself writing more about Nikon fuckups. How times have changed! I’ve said it before recently, but it seems like the dawn of a new era here at Canon. Everywhere I look people are of the same opinion. Canon and Nikon appear to be trading places. If I were you Nikon morons, I’d pray to God the D4 won’t have autofocus issues!

Remember when I said:

Especially point 2 is going to be a huge problem from now on. Seeing how Canon Inc. were doing their best to listen to the feedback we were giving them during the development of the 1DX and other new models, I just couldn’t continue to give them hell on my blog like I used to. It just wouldn’t be fair. I wanted to write about the positive developments, but obviously I can’t discuss unannounced camera models here on my blog, and also, I didn’t want to get too optimistic too soon. I’ve done that in the past and got burned. It seemed like Canon Inc. were listening, but you never really know until the official announcement is made and everything is pretty much set in stone.

Now, you might say it’s just me, but check this out:

If I had to summarize one theme of Canon’s work on the 1D X it has to be “we’ve heard you”. Canon as done so many things to catch up with the Nikon D3s and D3x as well as extending its lead in video. Of course if they just did that then there would be little to be excited about, but I’m pleased to say that this is just the beginning.

Even Moses had the folowing to say:

Could 2012 be the year where Canon makes a serious comeback in the professional photography industry? Well, from the looks of it, it’s going to get very exciting for photographers using Canon equipment.

I’m telling you, times are changing for Canon. I’m fucking energized! We’re going to fucking rock this industry like never before. This is no time for Nikon to be releasing a D800 with color banded, color dithered, and noisificated blurry images! We’re going to fucking own the D800. Just wait and see.

And wherever I look, even Nikon morons can’t help but admit that the D800 image quality is crap:

The Nikon D800 sounded like a dream come true, especially the one without the AA filter. I was even thinking of having the AA filter removed on my D700 at one time. After one of the posters posted that fake Chuck Westfall link though, I realized that perhaps the D800 ISN’T what I want. The guy who writes for the site might be a total crazy Canon guy, but the pictures don’t lie.

Exactly, pictures don’t lie. And I’ve shown in previous posts how much truth they’re telling us. As a side note, I liked this reply on that comment:

Think you’ve missed the oint of ‘Fake Chuck Westfall’. Chuck Westfall is Canon USA marketing’s faux techie who pops up with each Canon release saying how brilliant it is. Fake Chuck Westfall takes the whole thing further for comedic effect. Either you like broad satire or you don’t.

So really, things are looking positive for Canon. However, I am worried about one thing, and that is that Canon Inc. are getting a bit unrealistic about their pricing. I don’t know what the fuck they’re smoking in Tokyo these days, but it can’t be good. Yes the 1DX is an outstanding camera, but $6800? Really? Does it have to be that expensive? I’ve given my feedback on this, believe me, but I think the Japanese are getting a little too overconfident after all the positive reactions. The 1DX is almost $1000 more expensive than the D4.  Even the C300 was a bit too expensive for most at $16000. And the G1X, it’s an awesome camera and it fucking annihilated everything in and above its class as far as image quality is concerned. But $800? That’s a bit too expensive for a compact camera if you ask me.

And now we’ve got the EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II lens at $2300!! Again, almost $1000 more expensive than the older version! Don’t get me wrong, the lens is absolutely fantastic!! I’ve been shooting with one for the last 3 weeks on my 1DX and I keep being amazed with how good it is. But $2300? That is pushing it a little.

Nikon WT-5

$900????? WTF??

To be fair, it’s not just Canon Inc. who’re going crazy with the pricing. Nikon announced the pricing of the WT-5 wireless transmitter for the D4, and it’s almost $900!! Nine hundred dollars for a fucking small piece of plastic with an antenna! Now THAT takes the cake! I mean really, how much can really be in that tiny piece of plastic? The whole webserver functionality is inside the goddamn camera. And they charge $900 for a fucking antenna? Perhaps they saw how Scott Kelby went nuts over it and could certainly see him paying $900 for this. From the way Kelby went crazy for this transmitter, I’d even be willing to bet that he’d pay $5000 for it. Especially considering what he had to use before this LMFAO, namely the Nikon WT-4 “Wireless” transmitter. If you want to know why I’m laughing my ass off, read this.

Kelby D4

Sad... just... sad...

And some of you have complained about the lack of IS on the EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II lens, and I have to say that we’ve had a few prototypes with IS but ultimately Tokyo decided to go with the non-IS version. The conclusion was that the lens was already too good to add IS to it. It’s so sharp that it’ll take a lot of movement on your part to introduce any kind of blurring in your images. In fact, I would recommend that you intentionally shake your hands a little while taking pictures with this lens to introduce a little motion blur, just so that your images won’t appear to be over sharpened. Yep, it’s that sharp. And before you mention it, yes, yes, I know even Tamron has one with IS, but I explained previously in a comment why Tamron’s 24-70 needs IS:

Tamron lenses are worthless. Just Google it, they fall apart if you just bring them into sunlight. No self-respecting professional wants to be seen with a Tamron lens in public. Understand that. Now the 24-70mm f/2.8L II is a great lens. It’s so great it doesn’t need IS. The Tamron has IS because the glass elements inside the lens are loose and shaking all the time because of their shitty engineering. So they put in some IS to try to compensate for that. But even the IS mechanism is loose and bangs around inside the lens so it sucks anyway.

So there you go.

This IS problem people keep bringing up is really a non-issue, just like the headphone jack issue. Someone put it nicely in the comments of a previous post: If you need a headphone jack, buy an iPod.

So anyway, I’m off to play with my 5DX now. Talk to you all later!


Nikon MB-D12 Ass Rape

Nikon MB-D12 Ass Rape

After posting this I came across this piece about the new grip for the D800, the MB-D12, which costs an incredible $600 (on Nikon’s site). This is almost as bad as the Canon ST-E2 Ass-Rape. I think the Japanese (both Canon and Nikon) are preparing to are pentrate us bigtime.

44 thoughts on “Shut Down Notice 3-Year Anniversary!

  1. Chuck, you logic is flawed. A Nikon fuckup does not guarantee that Canon will not fuckup as well. Now put down the champagne and get some coffee.

    I know you get to play with these cameras before we can, but you are going to have to wait for us real users to test the cameras before you can declare them a success. You can get back onto the champagne when Rob had a chance to test the 1DX.

    And what is it with all these positive posts lately? Did Maeda give you a massive raise? Because the new pricing surely suggests that.

  2. Chuck, for the most part you are just a worthless troll (remember this post?), but I have to agree with you on the pricing. That shit is just going through the roof! I’m going to have to go back to making meth in my bathtub if I’m going to be able to afford a 45 megapixel 5DX! It’s unreal. Sooner or later, both Nikon and Canon are going to price themselves out of any meaningful market. And guess who will step in? Right, Sony.

    • I can sure remember that post my good Tony. That’s why I am more optimistic these days! Sony has a lot of catching up to do in the professional market, so we’re not worried about them. Still, Canon Inc. has to get a little more realistic with their pricing.

      • Talking about catching up. Again competing with outsiders?
        I see “Cannots” fell so far behind that it can’t afford any real competition and is forced to redefined “achievement” and “accomplishment” as wining against knowingly weaker opponents. D800 vs 1DX, really? Are you saying they’re in the same class? Or are you saying that scoring against underclass opponent is another achievement for canon just like m4/3 and j1? You hove no guts to compare to the product of the same class (d3), even seven year older products like r1 not to mention recent like s100. It’s not nikon that’ve changed places with canon. It’s nikon so far ahead of canon that it can afford to experiment without any fear of canon catching up.
        As far as I remember nikon didn’t have issues with body AF. It’s canon that have constant stream of fuck-ups with AF. So it’s really you who should pry to high heavens to prohibit morons from canon to replace AF in 5dx with 3 point focusing module from XSi, as last minute change. They could find those noticed that they took, you know.

      • Sure you are worried about Sony. Sony sensors of a normal resolution are superior than Canon ones. The main problem of Sony was the Thailand floods and that they had to postphone the release of their A99 bout half a year. And if Canon morons continue to make their fucking lenses the same price as they weigh in gold then we simply can not buy them anymore (just to prevent blahh blahhh that there should not be enough Sony lenses)…

      • U mean the update for the thing that no one cares about and will never buy even if it were 29.99 ? Yeah that’s a good comparison you fucktard.

        Your Mom.

      • I can see how frustrated you are by the truth that I have pointed out about the D800. I know it hurts. I have a lot of experience with this. Remember at Canon we had to deal with this shit for 3 years. But please do not direct your anger at me. Direct it towards Nikon.

      • Years of frustration is not over yet for you.
        No firmware update will fix this 24-70 fuck-up and it will last for years (if not a dozens). And if 1dx and 1gx is the best canon can do in sensors and have to cover this by massive PP in jpgs you’re up for way more frustration.

  3. Hey Chuck, I’ve asked you before but you didn’t answer. So I repeat.
    Where did you find this “canon listening” BS.
    May be I missed it but did somebody asked to remove AF with f/8 lens on 1DX?
    O canon considers that innovation?
    Photographers was screeming for IS version of 24-70 for years. Actually for so long that tamron have enough time to developed there own VR, then ring USM and finally brand new lens with those technologies. And what canon did? Or may be word “listening” is to complicated for canon morons to understand? Well it’s very simple. It stands for what Tamron did. They has lens without IS they anounced new one WITH IS. Simple. And about tamron, with all this smoking, drinking and rehab you’re confusing brands. It’s canon’s lenses worthless and that’s canon L’s (!!!) fall apart as soon as you open your bag:
    Back to listening.
    For last year photographers was asking and waiting for canon mirrorless system. What canon released? 1GX, that barely wins from camera with 1.5x times smaller sensor. Camera that fack’s up all advantages of big sensor due to crappy f/5.8 lens. I guess it’s result of canon “listening” procees too. For heaven sake, G series was designed as semi pro compact with constant fast aperture lens. Not that crap canon design after “listening” and “taking notice”.
    The only thing morons in canon is listening is voices in there heads. Because you have to be out of your mind to replace f/2.8 fisheye with f/4 or f/1.8 wide prime with f/2.8 IS.
    Speaking of which, there’s a screaming whole in lens line for cropped sensor bodies. There’s no standard fast prime, no wide primes. Yes, canon listens. Instead of much waited and asked fast wide prime canon releases EF 24, 28/2.8 crap. By the way if fast is too complicated concept to understand it’s means lenses with aperture bigger than 2.8. Why somebody would be interested in those if you could get 17-55 with the same apperture, which cover the same range and much more, and costs marginally more?

    Yes Chuck, your’ blog has changed. And that’s not because canon improved (there’s no signs of that whatsoever, quite the opposite, every product fucked up someway) and not that “not fair” crap. You became reckless with all those drinking and smoking and got caught. And now you’re owned by canon PR (aka BS) department. As simple as that.

    • What do you mean Canon listening BS? Look at what the pro photographer said man, don’t you read?? It’s not just me saying this! Yes we know you want a mirrorless system, it’s coming, just be patient. We can’t do everything at once god dammit!!

      • I mean that all your talk about how canon listens to photogs needs and took notice is complete bullshit. And I’ve showed that on examples where canon did exactly the opposite of what was asked.
        I guess you listening doesn’t differ much from canons. Ok, I’ll repeat.
        With 1dx you traded 1.3x crop for less noise. But that is sporting-wildlife camera – reach is important also. Now you can’t crop to compensate absence of 1.3 crop because pixel density is less and you can’t use extra TC because AF doesn’t work with f/8 lens. (Why spent time and money developing ver. III of extenders then?) Whom canon was listening to do this stupidity? What, some photogs was complaining that they have too much money and asked canon for not only new, much expensive body but new much expensive lenses as well?
        Whom canon listened when decided to release 24-70 II without IS when photogs was screaming for it?
        Whom canon listened when it designed g1x with outdated sensor that barely outscore 1.5x smaller one from nikkon and crappy f/5.8 lens? Not to mention its price, that is higher than EVERY mirrorless system on the market. What the point releasing it on the first place? To set price on mirrorless even higher so it’ll loose competition before it even announced? Whom canon was listening to do this?
        Finally whom did canon listened to replace fast lenses with slower one?
        Did somebody complained that their 15/2.8 and 28/1.8 is too fast?
        Or did somebody asked set of three lenses (24-70 none IS, 24 IS and 28 IS) instead of one 24-70 IS?
        P.S. Can’t wait to see if canon planing to replace all those f/1.2 and f/1.4 Ls with something like f/4 or even f/5.6? That would put the end to the debate of what canon listen.

      • And I was asking what did canon did in their products that you consider to be result of their listening.

      • Just read the reviews I linked to man and see what Canon Inc. did to listen. You’ll get AF at f/8 don’t worry. It’ll be in a firmware update. As for 1.3x crop, that’s why we’re going to be releasing updates to all our big lenses. Just buy bigger lenses for the 1DX and you’ll have the same reach.

      • So Mr. Fake Chuck, why the FUCK will those morons only enable AF with f/8 after masses protested???? What a fucking brain took the decision not to enable f/8 right from the start of publishing specs?!!!!!! If this is the only way those f***** pain in the a***es listen, then I PROTEST NOW against THE FUCKING TOO LOW RESOLUTION OF FUCKING 1DX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dude if you want more resolution then go fucking buy the D800 you moron, and enjoy the noise and the color banding! I’m sure your images will look exceptional with all the color dithering going on in them! The 1DX still has more resolution than the D4! And the image quality is going to be even better!

      • “Just read the reviews I linked to man and see what Canon Inc. did to listen. ”
        I did read there’s nothing there. Caon finally realized that they can’t do a thing with D4 aF system and replaced it with one from 7d. They also realized that even their new sensor is inferior compared to nikons D3 (just like 1gx vs j1), so they do allot of postprocessing in jpgs. And even admit that major improvement is in jpgs not raw. No wonder you’re comparing 1dx with d800 not d3. So they did minor bugfix. You call it listening?
        “You’ll get AF at f/8 don’t worry. It’ll be in a firmware update. As for 1.3x crop, that’s why we’re going to be releasing updates to all our big lenses. Just buy bigger lenses for the 1DX and you’ll have the same reach.”
        And that show all those old canon bad practices you wrote in previous years: moronic decisions, arm twisting, greediness, etc.

        “The 1DX still has more resolution than the D4! And the image quality is going to be even better!”
        Even canon admits that that improvement in image quality is only in jpgs. Canon sensor worse even than D3, just like g1x is needed to be 1.5x time bigger to reach level of j1.

      • Just confused it with olympus. Ye, G doesn’t had constant aperture but they was fast. Up to g7 max aperture was f/3 not this crap f/5.8.

  4. Canon should better bring out the 5D mk III soon unless they want to be fucked by a horde of dissatisfied phtotgs!!!!!!! And they should better give us a model with real resolution and not that cut olypic bullshit 18 MP 1d Mk V alias 1DX! Fucking stupid ideal to mrge the 1D and 1Ds line… MORONS!!!!!! Hopefully the new 5D has at least 22 MP or near 30 MP or Canon is FUCKEDDD!!!

  5. Say Shirley, just who the fuck did you think was going to pay for Canikon’s tsunami and earthquake damage? Their shareholders? The Japanese Emperor? Insurance company? Trim executive compensation? No, roundeyes you are.

    Anyway congrats on your 3 year takedown anniversary. Your 15 minutes of fame every 6 months has done you well. I knew what a bunch of douchebags Nikon were for years, I didn’t know that Cannot operated the same way until I came across this site.

    And using Kelby is playing dirty pool. I’m sure you know why. 😉

  6. Fake Chuck, let’s look at the 24-70 fuck up. Anyone who has used both Canon and Nikon 24-70’s has cussed the canon flavor of that lens because it is a fucking piece of shit in comparison. Here we are in 2012 and Canon finally got off their asses and built a new one. What the fuck Chuck? Rumors for the new 5Dx are that it will be a 5D2 with better auto focus. That’s it. What are you lazy ass motherfuckers over at canon doing? Asleep at the wheel! Fucktards.

  7. This is sad. Chuck, once you did satire and now you’ve jumped the shark and are doing Canon infomercial. Much worse than shutting you down, Canon have bought you, put you in the barrel and have made you their stooge. It is no longer humour but Canon advocacy with the occasional ‘fuck’ thrown in just in case someone may still find it edgy. Good luck with it, take the money and be the Lord Hawhaw of the Canon marketing department. I now find it painful to read whereas once it was funny as it pushed the envelope on what were real problems with how Canon were just not listening. Perhaps some other real person can fill the gap. Maybe you are now ghost written already but if not I advise it because it would give me ulcers.

  8. I disagree with the last post.
    Fake Chuck started out very positive, talking up how good the 5dmk2 was going to be e.t.c, while taking the piss out of Galbraith and the whole 1dmk3 fiasco at the time.
    What I do miss though was the Tech tips Q&A, that shit was hillarious. Please bring back Tech tips Fake Chuck !!!

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  10. Hahahahahahah – is this the new Canon tax??

    “Although it isn’t specifically noted in Canon’s statement, we notice that the price of both lenses has also been increased by around 8-10%, likely an acknowledgement of the extra costs involved in recovery from the natural disasters, and the length delay they caused.”

    Let me see … didn’t I just say that?: “Dweeb on February 14, 2012 at 7:50 pm said:
    Say Shirley, just who the fuck did you think was going to pay for Canikon’s tsunami and earthquake damage? Their shareholders? The Japanese Emperor? Insurance company? Trim executive compensation? No, roundeyes you are.”

    As always, the Dweeb hits it home again.

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