Stop asking me about the headphone jack

The 1DX isn’t even available yet and already I’m starting to get tired of all the stupid questions people are sending in to me. One of the things people keep whining about is why the Nikon D4 has a headphone jack and the 1DX doesn’t have one. What kind of a stupid question is that? I mean, why would you need a headphone to listen to the sound you’re already hearing?? You’re fucking standing right there behind the camera, it’s recording the exact same sounds you’re hearing! Assuming you’re not deaf, of course, in which case headphones wouldn’t be able to help you anyway. Including a headphone jack just seems stupid and redundant to me. Unless you want to stand there like a frickin moron wearing a headphone while recording a movie, just to appear cool to everyone around. Like “Hey look at me! I’m wearing headphones to listen to the exact same sounds you’re hearing, don’t I look so cool and professional?” That seems exactly like the kind of stupid shit a Nikon user would do. No wonder the D4 has one.

Bunch of idiots. But just for the heck of it, I fired an email off to Maeda to inquire about the reasons for not including a headphone jack on the 1DX. If you can still remember why they didn’t update the autofocus system on the 5D Mark II, you’ll understand his reply much better:

We not include headphone jacks on 1DX because there is too much spaces on camera to include the jacks. We not able to make decision for where to put the jacks.

Makes sense right? The 5D Mark II was too small to house a better autofocus sensor, and now the 1DX is too big for the tiny headphone jack. It seems engineers at Canon Inc. were struggling  with the difficult question of where exactly, in the sea of empty space on the camera, they could put the headphone jack. I’ve looked at it myself, and trust me, it’s a technical challenge that should not be underestimated. And making the body smaller is not a sacrifice Canon Inc. was willing to make. That would have been equal to shrinking the size of professional photographers’ cocks. And God knows they need to feel like their cocks are bigger compared to uncle Bob’s at the wedding with his tiny entry level DSLR. I think we can all rest assured that the Japanese will have figured out a solution by the time the 1DX Mark II ships.

And since I’m posting about shit that bothers me, what the hell is up with you people complaining about my Ron Paul post? Let me remind you of the fact that this is still MY personal blog. Do you think that I think and talk about cameras all day long?? Do you think that’s the only goddamn thing I do?? In case you didn’t realize this, I have a life too. And on my personal blog I’ll post anything I damn well please. If I want to start writing about my bowel movements, you can bet your ass you’re going to be reading about them! So stop whining for fuck’s sake!

28 thoughts on “Stop asking me about the headphone jack

  1. Chuck your cool! ! The one thing I notice that may be a cannot problem with the x body is the buffer. I saw a video test,, 2 seconds only?????? Also I have to say I am now Nikon Guy!! And I am so stoked about Nikon!! Please keep up the Great work.. By the way how many paying x Beta testers will switch to Nikon, when they find out that no camera can focus at past 10 frames a second!!!???? With out errorrrrrrs galore!!!

  2. Amen! Problem here chuck the majority of the idiots that wish for headphone jack etc.. are the same idiots that read blog and forums galore and its like a chain reaction. Its a chain reaction of contagious idiotious via the spread of amateur fanboy hype forum culture. One idiot that makes a self claimed title of pro photographer blogger and goes and asks that question “Why doesnt this model have a headphone jack?” and there you go the idiots fanboys of Mr Self proclaimed pro photographer “More like Pro blogger than photogapher” start that domino effect. So those fanboys newbies alike in order to “Sound” like they are critics or knowledgable photog or to fit in amount pros they do what? THey all start asking the question “Why doenst it have a headphone jack”

  3. P.S. To those idiots out there that dont have a “($YO%)#*” clue yes this is his blog and he can write about the candidate that he wants to write about. I myself am sick and tired of of the worthless liberals in the country taking this country blind and then pretending they are going to take care of us. There are no free lunches in this country. No free rides. Keep it up chuck not because I am a mindless follow the leader blindly fanboy like most that troll the forums etc.. But I believe in the “BLUNT” truth… No one speaks the truth these days they just want to sugar coat things and be “EVERYONES” friend. Just tell it like it is chuck. “Like you need me to tell you this as it is your blog”

  4. Trying to find a flaw on a pro camera is just a fool’s game. Camera either works or not. End of story. If camera is not working for you anymore, you buy another. Everybody may think i am a fool, but at the moment i chose to work with 7d instead of 5d or 1d mkIv… why? Because it makes good photos and i feel very comfortable with it. Why am i going to buy the new 1dx? Because from what i see it is a damn good camera, full stop. Since eos 1v (film camera) i was not excited about a camera like i am now about 1dx. I don’t care abut jack, probably because i don’t work with video. Even if i did, i would record sound how it was supposed to be recorded when you are making a video, guys, we are talking about the pro equipment here, right?. I am used to working with Canon cameras, i switched from Nikon in 1998. Why? Working with Canon felt better. Not that Nikon has worse pro line, or it can’t make one frame more in burst mode, i just feel good when working with Canon. Technology dosen’t make photos people, you do. If you can’t make a picture, 10 or 14 frames per second is not going to hep you. The same thing with the headphone jack.

  5. This is a great example of a PHOTOGRAPHER acting like he knows VIDEO. Just because you are a professional in one area does not mean you are automatically lumped into another just because your camera can play both roles.

    If you had any f*cking idea what you are talking about, and get past STILLS, you would realize what YOU HEAR AND WHAT YOUR MICROPHONES PICK UP ARE TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS! F*CKING MORON.

    That is why ON CAMERA monitoring is IMPORTANT. Such a simple concept. I am shocked that a self labeled “guru” like yourself can’t grasp this concept. This is Audio 101 here folks. Obviously not a big factor if you are going to record all audio on a seperate recorder and just use the cameras mic for reference. Sure then maybe it isn’t a big deal. But there’s a mother f*cking reason why one would benefit from a headphone output other then to “look cool”.

    Your just another pro photographer, hobbyist videographer. F*ck off.

    • Dude, relax. Obviously you’re one of those Nikon morons who want to act overly professional on location with all of your gear. If you want to show off, by all means go ahead. You’re the one making a fool of yourself, not me. If the mic on the Nikon D4 picks up a completely different sound compared to what you hear on location, I suggest you send it in for repair because it’s obviously defective. It should be recording the same sound you’re hearing you fucking idiot. It’s not like you and the mic are in two different places. No wonder Nikon added a headphone out, they fucking know their mic sucks, leaving it up to you to monitor what the camera wants to randomly record. I suggest you switch to Canon asap.

      • “Nikon moron” – I shoot on 5D/7D for side projects

        If you weren’t a fucking hack, you would know possibly the first thing about mic pick up patterns. WHAT YOU HEAR IS NOT WHAT YOU WILL GET IN EVERY SITUATION. It is essential to monitor your audio. but according to you no matter what your setup is it will sound exactly the same.


        I hope you don’t make a living in video, because whoever is paying you is getting robbed.

      • Hey you’re the one shooting “side projects” on a 5D/7D, not me. Obviously shooting “side projects” makes you an authority in the field of digital sound recording. I suggest you switch to Nikon because you’re making Canon look bad.

      • Yeah I should definitely do that. You know, what was I thinking? I should convince the big-whigs I work for to shoot NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA games for broadcast on DSLR’s. How dare I work on the side with these amazing cameras to make some money and have fun. But what would I know about video and audio?

  6. Hey Chuck, I have five words for you mo-du-la-ri-ty! I/m afraid Canon was the first to pay attention to my ideas, not Nikon. Cheers, Tom

      • Thanks for pinpointing that, Chuck. It must be the excitement state I’m in since noticing Canon has embraced my concept of mo-du-la-ri-ty! Peace! Tom

  7. H-m. Why then morons from canon put viewfinder and lcd on there cameras? After all you’re fucking standing right there behind the camera, its recording the exact same image you’re watching. Assuming you’re not blind, of course, in which case neighther viewfinder nor lcd wouldn’t be able to help you anyway. Including a viewfinder and lcd just seems stupid and redundant to me. Unless you want to stand there like a frickin moron looking in one of thos stupid things while taking pictures, just to appear cool to everyone around. Like “Hey look at me! I’m looking in viewfinder to see the exact same image you’re hearing, don’t I look so cool and professional?” That seems exactly like the kind of stupid shit a Canon user would do. No wonder the EVERY CANON SLR has one.

      • And that’s all that famous for it’s sarcasm and humor Fake Chuck can do? Just peak at typo?
        No wonder there was no posts for 4 months.

        By the way, do you know that canon doesn’t anounce a single lens last year?
        Do you know that canon anounced 1d x almost two months ago?
        And only thing you’re writing about is mic jack?
        Were have you been all this time?
        You’re loosing it Fake Chuck. 🙂

      • I’m just too busy at the office these days so I write about stuff that pisses me off. You know, the really high priority stuff. But I’m trying to make more time for more updates. Plus, I’m sure you can imagine I’d rather play with the new 5D lying on my desk right now, instead of posting here.

      • Yes, I understand, you write about important stuff.
        Like mic jack 🙂 Sorry, can’t resist. 🙂
        Why you didn’t play with 1dx?
        I’ll never believe that mic jack is the only screwup in that camera.
        After all it’s Canon. Fuckups is in the very heart of their koysei philosophy, not to mention business strategy.

      • Totally agree, and yes I did … I am playing with the 1DX. But so far no fuckups, which is not what we’re used to, but man, it seems like we’re heading into a new era for Canon..

    • Hi, just discovered your blog ! I like the tone and attitude very much.

      BUT you are mistaken regarding the audio montiroing issues faced with video.

      as the mic in any dslr gets an “omni” pattern, it pick-ups pretty much anything around. but many other mics have more focused hearing patterns: cardiod, super cardiod, figure of 8… then you NEED an AUDIO OUT for MONITORING !! what you hear is not what you record…

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