Why Scott Kelby switched to Canon

All the Nikon fanboys are complaining and weeping like girly men around the Internets because of a recent video of Scott Kelby explaining why he switched to Canon. It’s endless amounts of entertainment. Just go here and read the comments. That’s just one example. You should check out the dpreview forums for even more comedy.

But to readers of this blog, this came as no surprise, of course. Months ago I had already blogged about Kelby switching to Canon:

Fuck the megapixels, give us exceptional image quality instead. Most pros are satisfied with 12-16MP. Look at the 1DX. It’s “just” 18MP, but the images are absolutely gorgeous. Even Kelby ditched Nikon and is now using the 1DX because it’s the fucking best camera on the planet right now. And remember, this is the same Kelby who was hugging a Nikon D4 last year like his firstborn baby.

Here’s what Kelby had to say about the 1DX after using it for the first time:

First Impressions This was my first time shooting with the 1Dx, and I gotta tell ya — it is a camera absolutely born to shoot sports. I shot at 2,000 ISO all night and you don’t even see any noise (I did no noise reduction). Michael says the Falcon’s crew routinely shoots at 5,000 ISO and you just don’t see any noise, but after the way they had raved about it, I was expecting insanely low amounts of noise, and that’s what I got.

Better than the low noise… …the auto-focus system on the 1Dx. It’s AF is insane! It’s so fast, and so precise that I know I’m picking up shots I would have missed otherwise. That’s the part that really surprised me. I need more time with it to really get the little nuances of setting it up for my style of shooting, but of everything on this camera, that was what impressed me most.

Everything about the 1Dx feels fast. I was shooting at 12-frames per second and I know that’s only 2-frames faster per second than what I’m used to shooting, but it felt like it was 10 frames faster.”

Of course, we knew that a long time ago. This really puts the bullcrap from DxOMark and the fuckwads at EISA into perspective, doesn’t it?

And this image says it all:

It's never too late to see the light.

It’s never too late to see the light.

Admittedly Kelby does come across quite weak in the above video trying to justify the switch. However, from everything I’ve blogged here in the past, I can honestly say that there are two very very very valid reasons for the switch:

  1. The lower noise and overall MUCH better image quality on the 1DX and 5D Mark III.
  2. The fucking awesome autofocus system on the 1DX and 5D Mark III.

You guys know I’ve called the 1DX and 5D Mark III the best DSLRs on the planet right now many months ago, and this still holds true today. Nothing comes close.

And this has nothing to do with me working at Canon USA. I’ve been very critical of Canon from the moment I started this blog, to the point that Canon fanboys suspected I was working for Nikon’s marketing department. The simple fact of the matter is that I only care about the truth and based on my expertise, will honestly tell you what I think is better.

Sure, it may be true that some black SUVs, with no license plates, sporting just a long red stripe on the sides and fully darkened windows, stopped by Kelby’s office with some of our undercover guys and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. I can’t confirm nor deny that. There are some rumors spreading online that those same black SUVs were also seen near the homes of Chase Jarvis, Joe McNally and The Lord of the Speedlights. Quite possible. Let me just say that you shouldn’t be surprised when more photographers switch to Canon in the near future. As I reported many months ago, we’ve been having discussions with McNally for a long while now. We got the in-camera HDR feature he wanted in the 5D Mark III, but last I heard he wasn’t quite satisfied with it yet. The HDR images coming out of the camera didn’t look overprocessed enough to meet his high standards. We’ve been sent a link to some examples of what he’s looking for, and our engineers are busy getting the dirty-supersaturated-radioactive-halo containing-ultra high pass look he requested into the next firmware update. I’m confident we’ll have McNally on board as a Canon Explorer of HDR Light very soon.

I just hope Canon Inc. hasn’t lost their focus on what exactly matters when professionals are concerned and have learned what works with the success of the 1DX and 5D Mark III. What makes those bodies successful is the combination of incredible autofocus system and image quality. Megapixels don’t matter. Make everything 16MP as far as I’m concerned, but make it 16 sharp, extremely low noise, no artifact, high dynamic range, color accurate and overall fucking superb megapixels. Just look at the 70D image quality; it fucking sucks ass. I pray to God they don’t fuck up the future bodies with too many megapixels and crappy image quality. But knowing Canon Inc. I for one won’t be surprised when they do decide to fuck everything up again.

And finally to all the Nikon fanboys I say this: Continue to kiss Nikon’s ass even in the wake of them screwing you over and downright raping your ass (D800,D4 green color casts and D600 sensor oil etc. etc.), instead of being critical, and see how well that’ll work out for you in the future.

45 thoughts on “Why Scott Kelby switched to Canon

  1. Thanks for the piece of news Fake Chuck (FC). It sure is good seeing the nikon fanboys in DENIAL and throwing fits. Even the title on the post at Nikon Rumors is just pure denial – “Sponsorship is why Scott Kelby switched from Nikon to Canon and that’s ok”. yea right.

    • Don’t need to be a fanboy to spot a hooker who sells shit about over complicated software. Oh and he BOUGHT Nikon, with real money, not the muzzy glass in return for youtube. Anyhoo, can I get some free shit too! I will say whatever you want chuckboy.

      • Don’t be jealous man. The 1DX and 5D3 have proven themselves. Any professionals that take themselves seriously use one.

      • Canon are BUYING their way around the viralists what with thatnikonguy, and Digitaltwat slant eyed fckr from Singapore and now Kelby. Poor Karel Donk is the Snowden man! Next up: fstoppers and froknows will suddenly see the white. It’s a cynical ploy to buy share of voice. Canon are the NSA of this industry we love. You have been warned, lords of darkness rise up!

      • Perhaps you should mention Nikon buying all of Europe, including DxO. Ironically it’s not helping them in the long run, because their products suck ass, and sooner or later people will find out, no matter what bought out organizations like EISA and DxO say. And then they switch anyway. Producing truly good products is the best long term strategy. I just hope Canon Inc. doesn’t screw up again.

      • Last week during a conference call I told Mitarai he should just buy Magic Lantern and get those guys on our team ASAP. We’ll have plenty of office space in the new Canon building in the near future.

  2. Kelby would shoot with free Lensbabies. Who cares? Who cares about Canon and their 500 buck plastic grips? Or the 16-35 (MK II LOL) that everyone hates.

    I just bought a D800 (best ranked sensor on DXO) and believe every bit of shit about it. Canon should stick to movie cameras and maybe bring out a few phones, in Rebel pink of course.

    C’mon FC, 16Mp is phone quality these days. The only reason Kelby made the web news is because he’s the first pleb to switch the wrong way.

    Canon are running around a round room looking for the corners. At least you can use their old lenses on a Sony A7r. But who’d want to?

    • The end is near for the 16-35 II. Mark my words. Also, the D800 and DxO suck donkey dick. I’ve covered that extensively on the blog. And it’s not just me, but even Nikon fanboys that can bring up the courage to be honest about their bad investment say the D800 sucks. If you want more megapixels just get the Nokia Lumia 1020. It has 41MP. Just don’t fuck things up for real pros. The truth is only amateurs need more than 16MP.

      • D800 arse rapes mkiii every day. Mitarai is a Hollywood groupie blowing any DOP he can find to use that shit cinemaEOS. only 1 in 10 of them are even EF! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

  3. I bought the 70D and it’s not good at all but I wanted to test it: the ISO sucks at 3200 and higher, but I have some good glasses just for this format (Tokina UWA ….etc) so it will stay in my camera bag.

    • The 70D is OK for movie shooting because of the autofocus. But even for movies it’s just OK, not great. Because at high ISO the image quality sux balls. For stills it sux balls completely. Image quality is bad.

  4. The truth of the matter is that Nikon just doesn’t have the engineering know how to compete in 2014. it is really that simple. A company with no higher priced lineup to protect is still unable to deliver a competitive product. I believe this is the year we see Nikon go into bankruptcy. The Panasonic GH4 is better than Nikons new D4s – People have figured out that Nikon is just charging 6k for a firmware update.

  5. The 1Dx is a defective product. Expect Canon to do the same thing as what Nikon did with the D600. The pin that holds the mirror box is breaking on the 1Dx, in response Canon is adding extra lube to fix it. The problem after that is everybody is complaining about the lube getting all over the inside of the camera.

    Bottom line is your 1Dx either has excess lube causing a mess on your sensor and focusing screen or your mirror box pin will break. All the while Canon is trying to pay people off to shut up about the problem. All of the sudden the D4 sounds great.



  6. oh yeah, scott kelby could even use a PnS and his results are without noise whatsoever. what do you expect from a photoshop guru? while canon fanboys are rejoicing over this, it really doesnt mean anything. pros can change from 1 brand to another without losing money. thats the whole point of endorsing a product. he just said it, there’s nothing wrong with the D4, its just that the 1DX is faster w/c suits his style. people over exaggerate over this worthless topic.

      • there you said it, sony has some good sensor tech… Pentax, Olympus EM5 and yes FC, the D800/e, they all use Sony sensor technology and they have top notch image quality thats better than the 5D. so why is the D800 a bad camera again?

      • I always said the dynamic range on those sensors was great. But that’s just part of the story. A lot of other things suck.

      • what else? like IQ? noise? you wouldnt be too dumb to compare the noise performance of a 22mp vs a 36mp one, i hope not. the AF system on the D800 is already amazing, tested and very reliable. now if you are talking about that the D800 should just have lesser pixels, then you have to look at the D610 w/c is just as amazing.

  7. when you absolutely positively have to capture the Shot, you use a Canon.
    When you absolutely positively have to capture your Imagination, you use a Nikon.

  8. So cocksucker, there are no news further down the road???? Canon really lacks innovation. The bastards should FINALLY BRINGT OUT THE MEGAPIXEL CAMERA. Fuck. What are they doing all day long?????????

  9. I bet you’re a Nikon fanboy yourself since you keep giving Canon a bad name day after day 🙂 Any good photographer knows that both systems kick ass and both are capable of producing amazing output. I’ve actually switched last week to the 5MKIII coming from a D800e because I wanted to utilize my Profoto B1s with the Canon remote and I am also not very satisfied with the D800e’s high iso performance. To my surprise the 5DMKIII was the same if not a tad worse in that department and God forbid I lifted up any shadows cause when I did hell broke out with all sorts of noise artifacts. This is without even downsizing any D800e files. I loved the body much better than the Nikon and I liked the many AF customization options which I still haven’t learnt yet. A solid body with great controls and AF system. I don’t care for Megapixels but the DR is a huge advantage with the Nikon.

    I was really hoping to stick with Canon and I even bought a Rokkor 58 1.2 and was going to get a 85 1.2 II, both legendary lenses but unfortunately the camera’s sensor doesn’t handle PP well at all.

  10. Yea. The 70D sucks so darn bad that I have at least 110 images published in Sports Illustrated using it. I use the 5D3 and 1D’s as well, but to just arbitrarily make silly statements like you did about the 70D is ridiculous. Smh

  11. Reading this Blog and the pathetic language used buy Canon users to express their hidden hate and disgust with a superior product, I am glad I don’t have to associate with such totally unprofessional group of people. Fact is that the people who work as photographers and make a living from it can do it with any decent equipment. Kelby and his cronies who make money from retailing to consumers will push any product that would generate revenue for their own pockets. What a disgusting blog made even worse by foul mouth low class

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