Introducing the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon EOS 5D Mark III - Nikon and Sony's Worst Nightmare

The time has come for Nikon, Sony, RED and pretty much the entire industry to shit their pants. Yes people, the 5D Mark III is finally out. And boy does it fucking rock!!!! If Jesus Christ were to make his second coming today, this is the camera he’d have around his neck to document his journey.

In previous posts I referred to this camera as the 5DX, because really, I think it deserves that name. Giving it the name “5D Mark III” doesn’t do it justice. That makes it sound like some kind of crappy update to the 5D Mark II, which we all know was shit. This camera is such a big departure from the 5D Mark II on so many levels, that only a 5DX name (X for eXtreme, eXtraordinary) can really do it justice.

I mean for fuck’s sake, just look at the specs:

  • 22.3 Megapixel Full Frame CMOS sensor
  • DiG!C 5+ Image Processor
  • ISO 100-25600 (L:50 H1:51200, H2: 102400)
  • Full HD Movie (ISO 100-12800 (H:25600))
  • 61-point high-density reticular AF (up to 41 crosstype points)
  • 6.0 fps for high continuous shooting
  • Intelligent viewfinder with approx. 100% coverage
  • 3.2-type, approx.1.04m dot (3:2 wide) Clear View LCD II
  • iFCL metering with 63-zone dual-layer sensor
  • Shutter durability of 150,000 cycles
  • Dual card slots (CF & SD)
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Mode
  • Multiple Exposures
  • Improved durability & water and dust resistance

Remember how Maeda fucking claimed that the 5D Mark II was too small to house a better autofocus sensor?????? Well look at it now! FUCKING LOOK AT IT!!!!!! The freaking 61-point AF system from the 1DX in the 5D3!!!!

I mentioned before with the 1DX that Canon Inc. really listened to us this time around, and this shows again with the 5D3. Remember that 5D3 petition I put up last year? Just take a look at how close the features match with what we asked for in the petition!

  • 16MP (at least) full frame sensor at least 2 stops noise improvement, no more fucking banding, shadow noise and no black dot horseshit like on the 5D Mark II!
  • ISO 50 – 102400. (as good as Nikon D3s or better)
  • 45-point AF system from the 1D Mark 4, including Spot-AF like in the 7D. (Nikon D700 has 51-point from the D3)
  • 7D/1D4 metering system.
  • At least 5 FPS. 8 with battery grip. (like the D700)
  • 100% Viewfinder coverage.
  • Swivel screen.
  • Buffer for 20 RAW shots at least.
  • 1/1000 flash sync speed.
  • 7D style weather sealing.
  • -5 to 5 EV exposure compensation.
  • At least 5 image exposure bracketing for HDR.
  • Light Peak connection support.
  • Video features that’ll make Vincent Laforet, eternal peace and blessings be upon him, happy (check with him pls kthx).
  • An anti-sensordust system that actually fucking works, so that Thomas Hawk can increase his productivity by a factor of at least 10 leaving him with more time to complain about Flickr.
  • Price: $2700 (like the fucking D700).

You can now also download all the petition signatures as a PDF here: 5D Mark III Petition results. Makes for some interesting reading. I removed the names to protect the innocent. I want to thank all of you who had the balls to sign this petition, I couldn’t have done this without your support!!

Considering what you people listed that you’d do to Maeda if he failed to deliver this time, it’s no surprise that he delivered. Here are some of the things people would do to Maeda if the 5D3 sucked:

  • Flood his mail with kitty porn
  • Go Kamikaze on his ass…
  • kick him in the balls
  • Watch “The Notebook” for 24 straight hours
  • Something with a thumbscrew.
  • Beat him with a 5DII
  • Sepeku
  • Send Chuck Norris to teach him a lesson!
  • Touch my lenses to my penis one last time then mail him a bill for any loss in my switch to Nikon.
  • Grow bamboo through his happy sack
  • high kick to chest
  • bollocks to him. feed his balls to the cows.
  • Stand him on a bacon slicer and switch it on. Take a slice every five minutes.
  • Punch him in the face while filming it with a sony 3D camera
  • Ask for the unconditional hiring of Philip Bloom, Stu and Tram Hudson as advisors with power!
  • Stick it where the sun don’t shine
  • Feed him to the lions!!!
  • burn his factory
  • Go crazy on his ass with a baseball bat
  • Make my wife give him a blowjob. Trust me, he should be scared, and not in a good way.
  • We will give him a bukake
  • I’ll grab a 5D mkII with 580EX II and smashing it against his head!
  • Send another Tsunami
  • To begin I’ll break his legs, then put in his ass the new Nikon 70-200 without lube of course

No wonder Maeda delivered. And apart from the petition, my phone call to Maeda also seemed to have played an important role in convincing him to put some really advanced features in the 5D3.

We didn’t get the swivel screen, but it will be coming in the future. Japan just needs to sort out some issues with durability. And obviously the price is higher, but that seems to be the case these days with both Canon and Nikon. I’ve been told that this is due to the earthquake from last year and the economy right now in Japan.

Please don’t expect to hear from me for a few hours as I join the rest of my colleagues here at Canon USA and PAAARTAYY like a wild ANIMALL!!!!!


109 thoughts on “Introducing the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

  1. YAWN .. No ONE with a 5d 2 will up grade ,, EXCEPT TO up grade TO NIKON !!! NOKIA PHONE 808 with its 41 MEGA PIXEL camera RIPS this 22 limp pixel camera apart !! Sorry Chuck . This is what the 5 d 2 should have been . This is 3 years late,,, the reason 20 per cent of the Pros went to NIKON !! It really is a sad day for can not again.

      • Yeh, this made me laugh. By that time nikon will announce and RELEAS some improved low noise body like 700s (800s) or something and mope the floor with 5d3, again.

  2. After spending some time to review the specifications, I have to say that this camera is essentially perfect. I had hoped for a faster than 1/200 x-sync, but that is about the only improvement that I can think of, that would have made this camera any better.

    Now we just have to wait and see if the camera actually performs as well as it looks on paper – low ISO noise/banding and outer AF point accuracy are my main concerns.

    Anyway, thanks Chuck for listening to your customers and all your effort kicking Maeda’s butt for all these years.

  3. Chuck…5d III…WTF????

    Soft Images..poor colours…no focused image..

    What’s happen.?? I didn’t see similar samples from Nikon D(800) me a link with good samples made with 5d Mark III . The samples provided by Canon on its web site must be removed immediately …imho..worst quality never seen before

    5d mark II samples are Better!!!! what’s happen??

    and then…3500 US$ ?? a champagne bottle where is it?

      • I think he is talking about Image 8 [Portrait]. It is a bit soft, yes, but only because of diffraction – the idiot you asked to do these samples was shooting at f/16!!! (Chuck, you really should stop using amateurs to do these sample shots.)

      • I know man, it fucking sucks. Every time. We had this same shit with the 5D mark II.

      • @Bernett

        Yes…I’m talking about sample 8
        and you are right bernett…i did’t see the exif included

        very very poor setting! for portrait…now the hope come back…

        Exposure: Manual exposure, 1 sec, f/16, ISO 100
        Contrast Normal
        Saturation Normal
        Canon EOS 5D Mark III
        Lens: Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L
        Shot at 45 mm
        Exposure: Manual exposure, 1 sec, f/16, ISO 100
        Flash: Off, Did not fire
        Focus: Manual Focus (3)
        Saturation Normal
        Long Focal 70 mm
        Short Focal 24 mm
        Ceate Date 2011:11:22 12:38:55.04 !!!
        3 months, 9 days, 16 hours, 5 minutes, 11 seconds ago

  4. Hi F Chuck,
    yes quite interesting for specs. At last great autofocus system, no increase of pixel count means still high res, and it means improved image quality at high iso… Cool.

    Nevertheless, however good it seems, and whatever XXXX is doing competition, we musn’t forget that quality control of finished product was a big issue in the past (in all brands), and hope that there has been improvements in this area too… (In order to enjoys all the functionalities of these exciting cameras, in order to be able to get the best from them and of their theoretical performances, and during a lot of time).

    Best regards Mr F Chuck, don’t get too drunk, consider you age ! What will your cardiologist say ? & Miss Westfall ?

    • And care about : Camera and lens tolerances
      like explained in :

      And make better lenses for full frame sensors…
      In order to have sharp images even in corners…

      • We’re all concerned about quality control. But I have good hopes that the Japanese took care of that this time.

  5. Very funny, shit are happen twice. The most expensive headphone socket on the planet.

  6. Chuck you are so full of sheet. Or simply own by canon?
    22MP vs 21 you call major improvement? And at the same time you call 1MP increase “very close” to 5 MP decrease (down to 16MP) in petition?
    And speaking about “closeness” to petition.
    Where all this features?
    8fps with battery grip,
    Swivel screen.
    Buffer for 20 RAW shots at least.
    1/1000 flash sync speed.
    -5 to 5 EV exposure compensation.
    An anti-sensordust system that actually fucking works, so that Thomas Hawk can increase his productivity by a factor of at least 10 leaving him with more time to complain about Flickr.
    Price: $2700 (like the fucking D700).
    Did canon morons call that close?

    Major improvement, honestly?
    That AF system should be there in 5D2 on the first place. So it’s nothing else but 3 years late bugfix.
    So is extra 2% viewfinder coverage.
    SD Card? How long nikon is using CF/SD double slot? More than three years?
    Something else?
    Oh I forgot, LCD is 0.2″ larger. That is true Canon achievement.
    In nikon realm that 5d3 would be called D700s and that all canon achieved – reached and marginally outperform level of 4 years old D700.
    I surprised why you didn’t call that “groundbreaking achievement” EOS 3D instead of 5dx.

    • We got the minmum of 6fps.
      Flash sync speed – Yeah it fucking sucks at 1/200. I’ll have to talk to Maeda about this.
      We got buffer for 20 RAW shots.
      -3 to 3 EV compensation. Better than the -2 to 2 on the 5D2.
      Anti sensor dust got a little improved.

      The price, well, we’re being fucked by both Canon and Nikon, as you well know.


    Third generation and you’re still trying to weather proof your $3,500 Rebel model. No wonder all you Chucks are out promoting the latest camera from Canon Copier Kogaku.

    Let’s see what the competition offers:

    Murakami: “We also achieved superb reliability with a magnesium-alloy body sealed to make it dust- and water-resistant. In addition, we used almost the same shutter, aperture, and mirror mechanisms as the D4, able to withstand 200,000 cycles, and reduced the release time lag to about 0.042 seconds for an enjoyable user experience. In this respect we’ve incorporated a lot of features you might find on high-end models in a camera that I think people will find attractively priced.””

    X is for EXLAX Chuck – that’s what your company be eating when the Cannot fanboys finally come looking for that 36MP Japanese “enjoyable user experience” and realize the time to switch back to Nikon is now and that they’re going to end up at the back of the order line up for the D800 and D800E.

    Remember the Canon motto: Shit are Happen!

      • Those fucking idiots should have included both for that ass rip off price. As well as a fucking radio transmitter to control the flash. Sure it is not a bad camera but at that price?????????

      • Why? Are you going to show another canon moronic achivment where 5d3 is scoring against D40?
        Anyway you should be complete idiot or canon executive to brag about fixing body while deliberatly screwing lenses: 24-70, 28/2.8, 8-15/4

      • Or perhaps you confident enough to compare it to some decent oppent like D5100?

  8. I just read in another forum: Sure we wanted to have the best of the 5D Mk II and the best of 7D but that did not mean that we wanted have a new price that is the one of the 5D Mk II plus the 7D price!!!!

    • Well I guess after the 1DX and D4 pricing, we all could see this coming. Both Canon and Nikon are taking us all from behind.

  9. Long-time Nikon user here, and what I am seeing here is pretty much an ideal camera. Don’t really know why people seem upset about megapixels. As we all know them megapixels aren’t worth much, if autofocus (out-of-focus) sucks.

    So cheers to Canon, job well done!

  10. Some people fail to realize that there is more to image quality (and the quality of a given camera system) than the number of megapixels stated in the spec sheet.

    Fake Chuck is not biased for or against Canon… for those who think he is, take a look at what he said on this blog about the previous generation of Canon products…. he criticized them as much as humanly possible…. saying that the Nikon offerings were light years ahead of them.
    He has been consistent with what he values, and that is ISO performance (low noise) at all ISO levels, quality autofocus.. which are preferred instead of pure megapixel count.

    Nikon has now made the same mistake that Canon made in the previous generation of products. (I’m referring to the D800 here, the D4 seems like a very nice product)… they put in too many megapixels, and ISO performance has suffered as a result.

    • Since then he changed.
      In this year posts he ignores the very same moronic decisions canon still doing he gave them hell before: 24-70 2 without IS, replacing FASTER lenses with SLOWER ones, not luck of innovation in new useful features and tools but DISABLING them (AF with f/8 lenses). You could check his posts from previous years and you will find all those falls in recent canon products. What you don’t find it’s a single notice about them in recent posts.
      This blog is own by canon PR department :).

      • Dude, fucking look how sharp the 24-70 II is WITHOUT IS. It doesn’t need IS!! And the 8-15mm fisheye is fucking brilliant. Sure it went from f/2.8 to f/4 but look at what we got in return!

      • What you got in return?
        Two lenses you can’t use in low light.
        And there’s not enough light half of the time 24-70 is needed. Now due to canon idiotic decision you’ll have to use another piece of canon sh… “professional” equipment that is hold together by two sided tape.
        Only complete moron would hope to compensate luck of light by extra sharpness of lens, because the very same sharpness will only outline the absence of IS.
        Another lens not only slower than predecessor but simply ridiculously stupid “two focal length zoom” at doubled price.
        There’s 3rd brilliant idea of c-morons: 28/2.8 IS that replaces 28/1.8 while there’s 35/2 that screams for true improvement (not idiotic one like slowing down 28/1.8).
        Anyway why spend resources fixing body for 3 years while ruining the very lenses that supposed to be used with it? Who need body without lenses?

      • Look man, if you want IS on the 24-70 II, just buy a 24mm f/2.8 lens with IS and then tape it behind the 24-70 II using two sided tape. Then attach it to your body. The 24mm lens will stabilize the light coming from the 24-70 II before it enters the body, problem solved!

  11. totally agree, Fake Chuck is a joy reading no matter what brand he’s pounding and most people were always pissed of (though nikon fanboys take the cake by a large margin)

    btw how come eos620 had1/250 sync and the mk3 is still at a lame 1/200? jeez

  12. Chulk, next time you must hire a photographer to shoot the sample pictures. I think a bunch of drunken retarded monkeys would have done a better job.

    • I totally agree man. The samples suck balls. Who the fuck shoots a portrait at fucking f/16, for christ’s sake.

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  14. Dear F-Chuck.

    Obviously you didn’t see 5DMIII’s high ISO images yet because otherwise you wouldn’t have written this sh**. Just take a look at the ISO 6400 image ( It looks like it was painted with Microsoft’s paint programm :-(. No details no f****** nothing. How do you explain that Nikon still have better high ISO performance even with a f******* 36 MP chip?????. Let alone D700, D3s or D4. No way man. I’m really disappointed with canon…

  15. Given the camera’s MSRP, guess right now there are rivers of pricey drinks right now in your office, Chuck.
    I signed the petition, but Canon fucked me with price. Anybody looking for a set of Canon lenses?

  16. Actually, to me Mk. III looks pretty good. Congratulations Canon, job well done! If the reviews show the two stop noise and AF improvement, I’m sold. Fake, just give Japanese a call to lower the price a little bit. This is overtly expensive in Scandinavia now, where we do need all the ISO and aperture we can get!

  17. I’ve seen all of the 18 sample images on this website:

    01_cinc_big.jpg << replace 01 with numbers 01 to 18

    They all look overly processed. If there is an in-camera option for noise reduction, it must be set to maximum…. because the details have been killed.

    Some of the images have been made from multiple exposures (in camera HDR)… so take that into account too.

    Anyway…. the samples are terrible…. I will wait for some more samples to truly judge the camera.

    Just like with the D800/D800E… some of the samples look terrible…. some look great.
    After seeing samples for 4-5 different photographers, and samples made from RAW files… then, and only then shall I make a final conclusion. The file-sizes are too small in my opinion… something is definitely wrong with the samples.

    • Adrian, adrian.

      Did you see the comments on the page you gave us????

      The pictures are hardly comparable as the settings were quite different. So we CAN’T SAY WHICH CAMERA IS BETTER!!! PERIOD!!!!!

  18. so let us see what our beloved company is offering us this time:
    – AF from 1dx (how did they!)
    – 6fps
    – sensor designed with videographers in mind (3×3 binding)
    – a massive increase of 1 million pixel in resolution people!
    – FF line consisting of a 18mp and an 22mp model (competition: 18 24 36)
    – meter from a rebel (wat? u got 1’s AF, thats enough!)
    – low iso DR almost the same as a rebel from previous decade
    – high iso same as whats coming out of a 36mp of the competition
    – 25600 native iso (wow, 4stops DR images for that once in your lifetime chance to shoot a black thing inside a black box)
    – hdr jpeg (jee thx i wanted that in a rebel)
    – 2stops DR in jpgs (wow another rebel quality feature)
    – dual cards (just like d7000!, did we mention also that it wont work with the latest UHS-1 SD cards? why? f**k you thats why)
    – 7D sealing
    – no F8 (buy a rebel)
    – crippled HDMI
    – banding! (the feature that everybody loved in the 5d2 is back!)
    – usb2, cause usb3 is overrated and we love 90s technology and you should too!
    – 1/200th sync
    – rate button – gotcha nikon!
    – 500$ premium over the competition cause our minion loves us no matter the price!

    • Why do you care at all??? Be happy and go to f**** Nikon and f**** yourself! World has become so stupid… You can shoot so nice pictures with nearly every cam today. Most of you f**** whiners could also use a smartphone to shoot your f**** poser facebook pics…

  19. Many of my D700 user friends are preparing for 5D III. Lower the price to reasonable level; all the rest will.

    Being an enthusiast wildlife shooter I also need a good body that was absent in Canon lineup. Ask the right price; I’m also in.

    Same time Canon, give up building crop bodies. Clearly your golden days of turning out good ones are behind you.

      • Chuck what is this recal that I am reading in forums? Is this just a rumor? I ordered my 5D III and paid it in full.

      • I told you that quality control of this bastards suck. So how much time did they have for testing????? YEAAAAAAAARS!!! I guess those fucking overpriced 4k Cinema Cams were more important than the 5d MkIII????!!!!!! And thanks Japan for crippling the li ion battery capacity. Why for heavens sake can’t those bastards manufacture a low-capacity battery solely for Japan and a high-capacity battery for the rest of the world???????

      • Finally I also know now why the 5D mk III is so ridiculously expensive: They already included the expenses for a possible callback (like the one with the light leak now) in the original price!!!! Are they geniuses or did they more or less have to expect the current situation after the 1D(s) Mk III and some fucked up lenses?


  20. Hey Chucky, do u know Canon is fixing the light leakage problem on 5D Mk III with a black tape? If not, just find out one “fixed” body and compare with an original.

    Shame on those guys at Canon. Do they really expect photographers to buy a taped DSLR for $ 3.5 K and use if for around 5 years ???

    I suggest better u go to their factory and teach the idiots some Good Manufacturing Practices.

    • ewry single DSLR thats ewer made the last 20 years are full of Tape. and have nothing to do whit Quality, Tape always outlasts the products theyr used in . 🙂

      • Bodies or lenses are not supposed to be released in the market without comprehensive testing. If such flaws are detected after release and fixed by producer so unprofessionally; many won’t spend their hard earned money on them. I won’t. Tell me why was it released hastily without proper testing?

  21. no nothing are supposed to be released in any marked whitout comprehensive testing stil they do ewery day simply because modern electronics have become so advanced and competition are stiff , to fully test a produkt that have hundreds of smal Components are impossible. unless you want a 10 year old produkt thats ‘ Fully tested’ here is an exsample from the D800 (among manny)

  22. oops!! i forgot forgot to do the : BAHAHAHA!!! ‘My friends D800 Exploded’ Bahahahahaa!!! BA HA HA HAAAA HAAAAA!!!!!

  23. just now two D800’s have reportedly exploded. Whilst that would make quite an interesting moment at a wedding.

    Nikon has confirmed to PDN that it is investigating a problem that can cause the D800 and D4 to lock-up while shooting. The company says that the issue – identified while PDN was reviewing the camera – can be avoided by disabling Highlights and RGB Histogram on the display. At present the lock-ups require the battery to be removed to restart the camera …


    • Problems on new Nikon bodies do not legitimize a flawed Canon 5D Mark III. 5D Mk III had been a long awaited and cherished body by Canon users as they wanted a real deal like that. This was supposed to be an epic DSLR. Canon could have easily given few pre-production samples to veteran users in the US and Europe for testing which would have certainly revealed the flaw (since Japanese are not reputed as good photographers).

      Now what has happened? There’s a black spot on an optic white paper that customers will definitely think twice before buying. The spot can certainly be covered with white fluid but bottom line is; it’s not a solid spotless and smooth optic white paper.

      • Problems on the new CANON bodies do not legitimize Exsploding NIKON 800D or that a NKON may totaly stop working where you whil need to remove the battery,, well i do think il stay whit the CANON that actualy do work under any situasjons ,, exspext in EXSTREEEME DARK SITUASJONS like when you take pictures whit the lens cap on 🙂 ye your right its a huge (Exsploding) spot on some but its Not Canon .. BAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

  24. Blind support only aggravates the situation. I’m also a Canon user but not a Blind Supporter. I don’t get my gears through charity, it’s by spending my hard earned money. Like all customers I reserve the authority to shout at products, if it is flawed, that I pay for.

    • Blind Support is not the ishue here , its about the light leak thats does not do a thing in ewryday situasjons , however the Nikon thats absolutly a great Kamera can exsplode and stop working, one of those things alone is more than reason for me to not buy it, i also use my own hard earned Monney , and i did take my first 5D3 back to the shop due to the software bug that caused soft images, however i cant use a Camera that can stop working in the middel of work. and the Canon whil newer do that , and the Nikon is (if it diddent have those major defects) is bether than the Canon in manny ways exspect for those i tetsted myself , the autofocus on the 5D3 is way bether than any Nikon we tested it and Canon did an amasing peace of work here, i also need the speed it delivers and the Nikon is NOT bether on high iso, we tested it and there is now way the Nikon gave bether images after iso 6400 it can iven be compared, who ewer claims that the D800 is bether in any situasjon is absolutly a blind supporter , and there is no way i buy anything thats known to exsplode or just lock up.

      • Whoever buys what; it is his problem. That’s not gonna deter Nikon users from buying Nikon gears. Whoever tested what matters very little so long as it fails to qualify in the customers’ test. As per the wildlife group of shooters’ test, where I belong to, 5D Mark III is a pathetic failure. So, we continue using our 1D Mk IVs, 50Ds and 40Ds.

        Good luck Canon with your 5D Mark III . . . . !!!!!!!!

  25. Nikon D800 is a pathetic failure , It failed to qualify in the customers’ test. and it only takes sharp images mounted on a tripod in full daylight, henck if it does not exsplode or lock up 🙂 BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA HA!


  26. The D800 is a revolution: price, innovation, quality revolution. The 5DmkIII is a normal shit banal camera which costs too much money. The 5Dmk3 is the same old 5Dmk2 with a new auto focus.
    The 5Dmk3 is only a shit fucking MARKET STRATEGY. Nothing special. The Nikon D800 is a revoluzion, the best sensor in the world.

    • what can say how good /popular a camera is ?

      only true way to tell is to see how much people bothers to take a bricksiced camera whiT them offen, and use it on a daily basis. Popularity tells the truth,nobody buys junk and people know to look at what proffesionals uses before they buy somthing that exspensive. proffesional or not,as soon as Canon can deliver the insane amont of new 5D3’S to the public it whil sell iven bether than the 5D2. you need a cickass
      Camera to make people take it whit them as offen as a telefhone.
      wayt a year,, and il guarantee thet the 5D3 whil be on top no mather the price ,its an allround rocksolid peace of eqipment that ewrybody whil just love (exsept for the Nikonians ) 5D3 have what the 5D2 missed,
      its perfection and i cant set a price on that,it totaly rawks 🙂
      When i sit in my garden whit a chilled Beer in my left hand ,,
      and a Canon 5D3 in my right hand ,, i know i,am close to God, becasue this is truly heaven!


      • NEW NIKONIAN SONG: ,, i got more mp than yoo dooo! ,, naaanaaa nananaaa!! almost the same a s a NOKIA FHONE !!! naaa nananannaaaaaaa !!! its so fantastic!!!


  27. some people comented werry truly:

    any mobile phone to be in the Top 5 of one of the worlds biggest photography websites is quite an achievement, People carry phones everywhere they go, for Canon to exceed the iPhone is more than great, it is remarkable.

    doing the chicken dance!!

    • Enough has been said about 5D3 and D800. Readers are already tired of it.

      Now go ahead and discuss the feature sets of the 2 flagships that is Canon EOS 1Dx and Nikon D4.

      Chucky, would you please enlighten us on this?


      • you simply can’t compare a D4 whit 1Dx due to the first one have to many defective components in it (it would be higly unfair),and since it clearly can’t be fixed N’icon desided to stuff the same junk components in the D800 also . getting rid of the intire stock of defective components. t gether whit the Sony Sensor ,,and that sensor whil make people buy the intire pice of junk. because it looks good (LoLercopter!!!). iven if it keeps on exsplode,, among others.. lol!

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