Nikon D800 VS Canon EOS 1DX Image Quality

Nikon D800 - Less than meets the eye

Nikon D800 - Less than meets the eye

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Since yesterday after my initial post, I just keep laughing. Take a look at all the desperate Nikon morons leaving behind comments calling me a Canon fanboy. When I was here bashing Canon I was a Nikon fanboy. Now all of a sudden I’m a Canon fanboy huh??

The 1DX sample images have just been released by Japan and take a look at this you fucking morons:

Nikon D800 VS the Canon EOS 1DX Image Quality


Just look at the horrible color banding and the noise in the ISO 100 (!!!!!!!!) image from the D800 and compare that to the ISO 400 image from the 1DX!!!!! THAT’S image quality you fucking morons! At ISO 400 the 1DX fucking owns the D800’s ISO 100!!

Nikon D800 VS the Canon EOS 1DX Image Quality


And this just floored me. When I saw this comparison I immediately ordered two more crates of champagne. Notice how the ISO 320 image on the D800 looks like ISO 3200!!!! And compare that to the ISO 1600 image on the 1DX. LMFAO!!!!!!!

I’m willing to bet my left nut that an upscaled image from the 1DX will look so much better than any soft, color banded, noisy piece of shit image the D800 produces! The diarrhea is no doubt flowing in large quantities at Nikon HQ right now.

You Nikon morons are so fucked. The D800’s ass is grass, and the 5DX is going to be the lawnmower. Prepare to are penetration!!!!!!


It seems like people are so color blind they don’t notice the color banding in the D800 image. So I applied a simple curve adjustment to make you see what the fuck the D800 produces. And notice how the same curve adjustment does absolutely nothing to the stunning image quality of the 1DX, while the D800 image breaks down!!

Nikon D800 VS the Canon EOS 1DX Image Quality


All the D800 sample images are full of god-awful color banding and ugly dithering artifacts and noise. For fuck’s sake, get your eyes checked!!

UPDATE: HIGH ISO comparisons are now online.

216 thoughts on “Nikon D800 VS Canon EOS 1DX Image Quality

  1. But Chuck surely you realize these are pre-production cameras and not representative of what consumers will end up with.

    What’s really going to be funny is when Nikon admit their award winning 14-24 wide angle is really just a bag of shit at over 24MP and have to take the utterly desperate and futile step of re-marketing it as a MK II version. LMAOROTF.

      • I love it Chuck… I love it when people just dont want to see it or admit and want to believe something that is not there no matter what. Its just like the idiots that make the whole megapixal argument in marketing ploys to sell point n shoots. But you cant tell them or even physically show them the difference because they will then turn the lights out and say they dont see anything.. Keep telling the truth some out there have common sense and not blind fanboy faith. Rare you see individuals like your self telling it like it is.

      • Tell me about it man, it almost seems as if people are fucking color and pattern blind. I don’t have much hope for their IQ either.

      • Please people leave that TROLL alone just because he wants huge amount of people reading this shit. Thats what he hopes for. Before that post only retard people read it, but now all of you in danger! He will never check the comparsion between 5dm3 and d800 because he thinks that only 1dx comparable to d800. So, 7000$vs3000$. Allright then! Compare your brain to the brain of monkey, man, only because both has head, hands and legs. That going to be unfair, even if the results are Sooooo close….. And of course, the primary usage of d800 is iso 3200 and up! I’ll tell yu what: “Captain obviously”: its made for daylight\studio use and iso expandable only for rare situations. Seriously, you just too far away from being called smart monkey… sorry… man!)

    • Hey Chucky.. obviously who ever put the images up Nikon d800 vs 1dx knows nothing about photography. How can you compare a 400 iso daylight closeup shot to a 100 iso distant in the dark shot based on lighting situation. these 2 cameras are totaly different. the d800 is a 3000 dollar landscape studio camera and the 1dx is an almost 7000 dollar high iso low light camera which should be compared to a d4 with less mp 16.2 and it wil blow it away. LOL

      • Image quality is image quality. Doesn’t matter which camera it is. The point is for all it’s 36MP of so called resolution, the D800 still produces 36MP of CRAP compared to the lower MP 1DX. You stupid morons who get wet and/or cum inside your pants when seeing high MP numbers should realize this. More megapixels are useless with this kind of shitty image quality on the D800. The pictures taken with the D800 look like they were taken with a 36MP mobile phone camera, for fuck’s sake!

      • You are sooooooo right Fake Chuck!!!!!! Soon the only thing that remains for us (or at least me for sure) is to come inside our (my) pants. You know why?? I cannot justify anymore to go to a high-class tart AND to buy the expensive as hell 1DX (with mediocre resolution), a Canon EF 70-200mm 1:2,8L IS II USM, and a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L II USM. Fuck, hard times will come for me: loneliness, or to be more precise only me and my 1DX. And then there are those good looking photogs with lots of nice girls, that are attracted by the potent D800!!!!!!

      • actually this FUCK CHUCK is a canon fan.. that’s all folks this kid has no brain, i’ve seen alot of childish kid like him. Leave it.

  2. Hey Chuck you stupid p….n in the a…. I am no Nikon moron!!!! I have a fucking 1 DS Mk III, a mediocre 1D Mk III, a 1D Mk II and a G9 as well as a fucking lot of Canon glass… Who was playing with its balls uuhhhhhm with the Nikon about two years ago in the office? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!! 😉
    Canon just fucked it with the 1 DX. I need the fucking megapixels but do not want a 1 pixel per second medium format. So 1 Ds Mk III would be ideal considered megapixels but it fucking lacks video capability. 24 MP would be ideal but not that fucking 18!!!!! Canon you better release a damn good 5 D Mk III pretty soon and surely not with a castrated auto-de-focus system!!!!!!! Arggggghhhhhhhhhh

  3. By the way. Canon sample picture 002.jpg looks like shit. There is less noise yes, but you p…. in the a….. comparing a 1 square mm sample from Nikon to a 5 square cm sample from Canon. And one even cannot distinguish a fucking single eyebrow in 002.jpg from Canon 1DX. So 1 DX from Canon fucking LACKS RESOLUTION. Fucking 4-year old 1 Ds Mk III makes much better pictures in a studio environment!!!!! I would switch to Nikon as a landscape shooter or as a studio shooter without already having a 1 Ds MK III !!!!!!!!!! Who cares about fucking diffraction coming earlier at 36 MP?????

    • If you want more resolution pony up the moolah and get a fucking hasselblad! Cramming more megapixels on a 35mm sensor is just stupid, the D800 proves this point. Just look at the huge difference between the D800 and 1DX image quality.

      • Medically clean images are for pussies. I like the look of the D800 pictures very much as they are more maskulin! They have a special look so who cares if there is some color banding that can hardly be seen without a 100″ screen?

      • Dark Raven, yeah that’s one way to put it, “special look”. oh it’s special all right. very special indeed.

  4. Ya know Fake Chuck, MOST of us Nikon morons are pretty disapointed right now. I mean, I am about to go check myself into the hospital because I am >| |< close to just ending it all right fucking now over this shit. You think we cant see the images ourselves? They look like someone smeared shit all over them. Everyone can see this. Nikon should be ashamed, not for putting out a 3,000 POS, for not even trying. WTF have they been doing for the past 3 years? Hookers and blow? Just….. FUCK.

  5. Chucky boy….. You are comparing D800 with 1 DX – so you silently admit that 1DX will have no chance against low light specialist D4, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrright???!!!!!!!!

    • Where are the D4 samples?? Where are they????? Ask Nikon. And while you’re at it, ask them why they have only posted low ISO image samples of the D800!

      • Of course there are published high ISO samples of the D800 up to 25600 and they look good. Just google them (you know how to use google. Right?). Down-sampled to 18 MP, these images will kick the s*** out of the 1 DX.

        BTW I happen to have the original image of the japanese girl from Flickr. This was clearly a high ISO shot and the eye brow was out of focus. Just look at the hair in focus and then we talk.

        Poor Canon users. I really feel sorry for you!

      • They look good huh? LMFAO. I’ll be doing another post on the high ISO samples soon. Stay tuned.

  6. Oh yeah, about that “banding” in the D800 sample? Funny how it sort of jags left partway down, and it stops at the wainscoting woodwork. Banding doesn’t do that. I think those are faint water stains on the wall, not banding. We need to see more samples before condemning the camera for banding. That image is not conclusive.

    Also, the really sad outcome of this is, with the D800 coming in at 36MP, it means Canon will lack the balls to put a nice, quiet, moderate resolution sensor in the 5DX, and will go to their Plan B sensor, some 30+ MP noise generator that we’ll be cursing for the next 5 years. Just wait! Why do you think Canon has not announced the 5DX yet? They’ve been waiting to see what the D800 has – and like a stray dog, they’ll now go scarfing up Nikon’s vomit.

    • Dude, water stains on the fucking wall? Give me a frickin break man, check the post again I added another sample just for you!! All the D800 images have banding and color dithering, it’s fucking ugly.

      Canon won’t lack the balls to put a lower res sensor in the 5DX, just check what’s going to happen later this month. We’re going to fucking own the D800!

  7. i’m a canon shooter but i like reading your blog entries. however, in the past few months, you become a very obnoxious sub-human being. did you suffer a massive stroke??? you’re taking this nikon-canon-pentax-etc image quality comparison way, way too far.

    • I agree, Chuck is lacking in mental capacity and I question his ability to accurately compare professional equipment. You call yourself a Canon Tech, so don’t quit your day job cause you’re obviously not a photographer. Your photo comparisons make no sense and I don’t understand your point. Try shooting in comparable conditions to prove a point and if you’re having trouble using this complicated equipment, I’m sure you can find some nice photography tutorials online to practice on.


  8. Hey F-Chuck – What’s with the MSRP on the 24-70 f2.8 II ? Does Japan think us independent PJs have somehow not been affected by the recession?

  9. Chuck, I love your comparison of the D800 shot @320 ISO vs 1DX’s 1600 ISO shot.

    a) You do realize that the D800 is almost *double* the resolution of the 1DX, right? SO, given that fact, I think the D800 is actually AHEAD of Canon’s flagship in ratio!

    b) I also love how you cropped in the darker shaded area of the D800 image and comparatively chose the 1DX’s image to be mainly bright (a few fucking strands of dark hair on the side of the frame doesn’t count.. wipe that smirk off your face!)

    So yeah, considering the D800 is practically double the capacity and maintains the level of noise that it does should be making Canon engineers roll in their sleep and shit themselves!


    • i love this site ! you guys are all making me laugh.. but i agree with you.. nikon is purely the best all around. has nothing to do with opinion. people like canon for a reason and people like nikon for a reason. but if you grab the best camera nikon has and the best canon has.. best lens between them and take the same shot and you will see which one is better. the problem is people have an ego and feel they need to hide behind there issues and of course issues always cover the truth… i say just enjoy what you got and who cares what others think.. im gonna buy the d800 for sure.

    • regarding the 5D3/D800 …
      iven if most of the testing was done whit a faulty Raw converter from DPP/Canon
      and iven whit testing whit no understanding of how a Computer does the downsampling .. the Canon 5D Mark III is the World’s Best DSLR at the
      present time,. FOR MY PERSONAL WORK,, and therby for alot of other people also ..

      when you are comparing a Downsampled image,aka the D800 ones you are at the same time sharpening and removing the ISO noise in the pictures… thats wy you shud as FC have told you a few hundred times compare at pixel level .. to exsplain this AGAIN …

      you need to know how computers does sample down images . if you downsample an image whit an insane amount this can teoreticaly reduce noise up to 100% . so let me EXSPLAIN this whit my more or less corrected english.

      image noise is always more or less random from pixel to pixel, so the noise in neighbouring pixels is uncorrelated. As you add and average uncorrelated data the average tends to zero or settle to a minimum value. Image data is not random and so there is a strong correlation between neighbouring pixels. Adding and averaging correlated data tends to settle to a representative average. Downsampling is adding and averaging data from neighbouring pixels and producing a single value, thereby reducing the effect of uncorrelated data.
      I would expect atleast a 25% noticeable sharpness increase in a downsampled image compared to an identically sized native resolution.

      does somone stil NOT understand this… go back to Lobotomy High.. yo need to do scool al ower again … seriusly ..

  10. Oh, and as for banding and dithering, thats jpegs for you.. You would be singing a different tune if you saw the RAW version… and RAW converted to TIFF. jpegs are for 72dpi internet chump bitches, much like your website!

      • You’re clearly the moron… colour banding is a by product of jpeg compression. I highly doubt the RAW has banding like that. Dude, seriously.. WFT?!

        Again, jpegs are for 72dpi media, so yeah, the quality when pixel peeping won’t be as good as what it can be. I still think considering Canon has NOTHING of this caliber at this resolution, Nikon did quite well with the D800. Get Canon to release a 36 megapixel camera for a much better (and more fair comparison) and we’ll talk (and even by then it won’t be as fair as by the time they do, sensor improvements (in both camps) will be notably better so Canon’s upcoming 36 megapixel camera would be disappointingly retarded if it didn’t beat the by then long in the tooth D800!)

        And on the note of pixel peeping, is that you view all images exclusively? Magnified 300 percent? Print it, step back and view it like a normal human being and you won’t see any colour banding (unless you print off of a shitty jpeg of course).

      • LMFAO! This is not caused by jpeg compression you moron! Why don’t any of the 1DX images have this shit then??? It’s the fucking low image quality of the D800.

        Canon has had a 50MP sensor for years now. It’s like I said, just because you can doesn’t mean you should!!

      • For fuck sakes Chuck, jpeg compression can (and sometimes does) cause banding! To what degree? That is circumstantial.. depending on the tones, hues compression levels, etc…

        And F.Y.I pixel peeper, 1DX images do contain banding.

        Look at image 5. Look at the guy’s should (closest to the camera). Some subtle circular banding in the less harsh highlights in the upper shoulder. Mind you, it isn’t severe at all, but it’s there.. the highlight clips a bit (and no, it’s not a fucking skin blemish)

        Now does this make the image bad? No (but by your standards, you might as well label as shit because after all, it DOES contain banding). If that image is shot in RAW, do you honestly think it has minor banding/clipping like that as it does the in jpeg image?

        I think you nitpick on stupidity like negligible banding. The sample I linked to (as well as the D800 sample) won’t be an issue if printed in lossless formats. Stop your fucking whining, take your Canon and go out and take some pictures, for fuck sakes.

      • That’s not banding you lunatic. That’s his skin!! The D800 image clearly has banding. And this is NOT banding caused by JPEG compression. It is banding caused by the fucking low dynamic range of the sensor.

  11. I think that this is an unfair comparison. Exposure plays a huge part in the noise which is shown here. The d800’s picture is underexposed alot, unlike the 1dx picture. I shoot a d700 and with correct exposure I can get great 6400 Iso shots. If I underexpose two stops as shown here they are not usable. I aim to always try and expose correctly.

  12. Well, I’ve thought it over and I believe that there will be some better images coming out. these are just piss poor examples of what this camera can really do. Now, Maybe I’m high or drunk or both.. And believe me, i am! Either way, Nikon is doing something here that canon will never do because canon is too fucking conservative and chicken shit. I think this would be a sweet studio camera and I could just keep my d3s for times when I need the high iso.

    Fake chuck. You know it’s true man

    • I wish it were true man, but this is what the D800 is capable off. Namely: Shit. No photographer in the world is going to be able to avoid this crap on the D800. Prepare to spend countless hours in post to get rid of all this shit. You may also just gaussian blur the crap out of your images to hide the dithering and color banding. I wish you good luck, my friend. May the force be with you.

  13. Hi Fake Chuck. Do you happen to know if famous ROB did already have an in-depth look at the auto(de)focus system of Canon’s 1DX? And if yes, do you know anything about his findings?
    Best regards

    • Pardon to bother you again honorable Fake Chuck.

      Something bothers me with Canon’s 1DX: we neither know its price nor its weight nor when it will finally be available. If you add one and one (my last question above) together then there is a plausible explanation to my eyes (though I absolutely do not know if this could be true). So Weight can only be determined after Rob has truely tried and tested the new auto(f)focus system of the 1DX. Only then can Canon be sure what counteractions (what fixes) have to be done and how much they will weigh. Certainly if a great fix is necessary, then also this costs more and this couuuuuld be the explanation why we do not yet know the price of the 1DX. Does this sound plausible to your honorable and professional ears and eyes? 😉
      Kindest regards,


  14. this is the most stupid comparison there is, made by a stupid author, on a stupid site. seriously! Use your brain please, it wont hurt 🙂

      • comparing 36mp and an 18mp? isnt that stupid? not to mention the 1Dx has 3 processors dumbass compared to 1 on the D800. you better have your brain checked, you’re a threat to the society with that thinking of yours

      • What’s stupid is the 18MP image beating the crap out of the 36MP image with regards to image quality!

      • wtf! you really are an idiot…. havent you realized that it took canon 2 processors for the image processing alone because the sensor isnt that good enough to handle that bandwidth??? thats why it could be better than a 36mp camera and that whats making this comparison of yours so stupid! jesus! you are a clown man! seriously, do you know how technology and photography works? hahahaha!


  15. ahaha you are a mind fucked guy, a canon Fanboy !!! go go you’re so funny and stupid 😀 wait until Sony will sink Canon Inc.! we have zeiss and you?? cwanon?? canon??? LLOOOOLLL

    • Yeah? Sony can’t even make their own fucking glass. Have to go beg Zeiss for it otherwise they’d have shit glass.

      • YEAH and hopefully zeiss beat up canonsssss…. crap ons

        ahahah 135. 1.8 zeiss 😉 what canon can do ? wait 2 years and sony will blast your canon… we will buy it like nuts

  16. Hey Chuck,

    If I were you (God forbid it), I would definitely go see a shrink or some other sucker who thinks they can fix your brain. Now, don’t take this personally, I am probably as sour and angry (at times), but you are really off the edge, on a free fall. By the way, I am a Pashtoon Afghan, we are the guys harboring Al-Qaeda and fighting 100,000 US soldiers in Afghanistan. Though not me, but definitely 80% of the Pashtoons. You know, that Boucher guy was right after all, even if he’s dead now. Why TF am I writing all this? Your condition has to be contagious.

    I fought the soviets for about 3 years in early 80s (now I am pretty old) and have a couple of notches (for guys of the other side I killed) on an old Mark IV Lee Enfield buried in some ruins.

    To summarize, get real, who cares? I am also crazy about sensors etc. and most of what of I earn goes to my photo/video gear. But does that keep the sky above? No. Who cares if Canon is worse than Nikon? What is it for you and me if Pentax is better than both of them.

    Bye, before I lose the last little bit of my strange little mind, or whatever is left of it.

    Best wishes to all photographers (that includes cinematographers),
    Zarghoon (means green in Pashto language)

    • So what is it like to be on the losing side? Once China and the Soviets decide to join in this thing, and they will its just a matter of time, its all over for you guys man. How does that feel?

      • In fact I am working with the US and getting good money for it, but I am not sure if the Pashtoons are on the losing side. It is crazy out there. Just be grateful and feel blessed you are not with us here. Really, not joking.

    • So then you’ll understand me when I say that Nikon releasing this piece of shit to photographers is a form of terrorism. This stuff is illegal.

    • Hi Zarghoon,

      it feels strange to read a comment from a guy like you on a site like this. It is good to read that you are able to enjoy a hobby like photography in a country that has constantly been shaken by civil war for decades. Hope you are able to pass on your interests to many kids so they will be able to feed their minds with something else than violence and anger.

    • By random chance did you ever live in the US? About 10 years ago I had a friend who was a Pashtoon Afghan here in California. Like you, he fought the Soviets when he was young and from what you said, if you hadn’t used a different name i’d swear you were him. Last I saw my buddy Wais Wahab, he had signed up for some program so he could return home to Afghanistan as a contractor to help rebuild their financial infrastructure. When he left, that was the last I saw or heard from him again. I hope he is ok, but considering all the sh*t this past decade, it’s easy to think the worst.
      I even tried to track him down during the year I spent there in the Army.
      -Andrew the Greek.

  17. Dear Chuck,

    Please take the two camera’s and shoot them at the same subject using the same settings, until you can do that this is comparing apples to oranges.

  18. That’s not banding, it’s posterization from 8-bit JPEGs. Whether it shows up on a photograph depends on the number of gradations of tones for a given hue.

    • It’s banding man. That was like that in RAW, probably worse too! Because I’m sure noise reduction was applied before saving to JPEG.

      • More like bit depth insufficiency induced posterization, wouldn’t happen with a 16 bit MF image, it’s even worse when used in studio with monochrome backgrounds and sudden transitions from shadow to highlight. Makes me go mad when it happens every so often with my D3 even in uncompressed raw… That’s a fact of life with every lower than 16bit rate camera …

  19. OK, one last try, and NO IT IS NOT terrorism. It is god old capitalism: markets, profit, demand, hype, etc, and we are the fools playing the whole damned game.

    Chuck, guys, let us wait what the Brits (dpreview) say about this. They are probably second best after Sons of Israel (would that include Pashtoons too!?) in settling disputes?

    Whatever the answer, remember one thing: even if I am spending half of my life thinking, doing and dreaming photography, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN WHO’S BETTER.

    I hope the Chinese, Indians, Russians! or even Zimbabweans? would come up with a better technology. CHUCK WOULD GO NUTS and of course no-one will notice.

    Sorry Chuck, nothing personal. You are asking for it. And believe me my gear is 90% Canon, a little bit Lumix, no Nikon or even Sony, not even a bag.

  20. More high ISO images are coming out every day. Oh. My. God. You canon morons just got fucked in your collective ass holes. How does it feel to have a gigantic cock fucking you without mercy ?

  21. Hey Chuck, you need to compare photos of the same with the same scenery (to make sure distance is the same), aperture, iso, shutter speed and focus point to figure out how good or bad a camera is. Comparing those 2 images you have above in an uncontrolled environment is just useless.
    Also, your cropped images are cropped from a spot that is not exactly in focus. That picture of the water with the hills, that came from a picture shot at f/8 with the focus slightly to the left where the flowers are more in focus. how do you get a flat image at f/8 on something that is perhaps 100-200 feet at least difference between the closest point and the farthest point is beyond me.
    I am commenting on this from a purely testing point of view and the comparison above failed all the mentioned criteria.

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  23. Chuck, you need to get your head checked, man. Holy shit. That so-called “banding” is actually on the wall, not an artifact in the image. Why can’t you see this? This is a shot in a old building, and the wall has a crack in it (this happens all of the time), it looks as though the crack was filled. You can easily see the crack zig to the right, then zig back to the left towards the top at the same exact angle. You’re grasping at straws here man and making yourself look like a complete dumbass in the process. Sounds to me like you’re threatened by Nikon’s new offerings and are lashing out with idiotic claims such as this. When you down-sample the D800’s images to 18MP, the D800 will come close to the 1D X, trust me. The D800 images down-sampled rival even the D3s!

    Speaking of the 1D X, those sample images are total shit. They are very soft. I’d rather have some noise in the image than massive loss of detail from large amounts of Noise Reduction (even @ ISO-1600). At least I can get rid of the noise, whereas you can’t bring back lost detail for severe smearing. Just the mere fact that the 1D X is applying NR at ISO-1600 should tell you all that you need to know. The Nikon D3s doesn’t even apply ANY NR until ISO-3200…lol. I expect the D4 to do the same, if not even higher. If you’re expecting the 1D X to do better than the D4 in the high-ISO noise dept, you’re dreaming. The facts are there, whether you choose to see them or not. I’d wager that the 1D X won’t even oust the D3s, much less the D4.

    Canon is getting pwned and you can’t stand it…… I would be pissed, too.

    • Dude WTF???? Use your eyes man, I’m not tlaking about cracks on the wall, check the last image for fuck’s sake! What the bloody hell is wrong with you people are you fucking blind??

      • If you’re talking about those color graduations, that is a JPEG artifact. It’s from the 8-bit JPEG compression. If that were a 16-bit TIFF, they wouldn’t be there. The 1D X will do the exact same thing in the same situation. You can’t compare two totally different scenes like that. Your 1D X shot was taken in a high-key shot!! Also, you must take into consideration that the D800 has better dynamic range, so it’s able to pull out shadow detail – this detail isn’t going to have the same punch in a shitty 8-bit JPEG @ 100%. This is common knowledge. JPEGs don’t do well with color graduations in dark shadows, especially when you MANIPULATE THE SHOT TO PULL UP THE SHADOWS EVEN MORE!!!!! You’re really going to see a lot of artifacts when you open up the shadows like this (especially since you’re not using a RAW, you’re manipulating a 8-bit JPEG FILE). Your examples aren’t even remotely close to each other for a good comparison, even if you did know what you’re doing. There are a TON of sample images out there of the D4 and D800/E. I have a full-resolution (36MP) D800E .TIFF sample on my iMac that would blow you away. Google is your friend (or your enemy).

        Also, you didn’t address my statements about Noise Reduction @ ISO-1600 on the 1D X. Maybe that’s because you’ve chosen to ignore this unfortunate truth. I can’t wait to see the smearing @ ISO-6400 – especially if it’s applying a lot of NR @ a measly ISO-1600. No wonder Canon is so afraid of people getting their hands on sample shots taken with the 1D X. Nikon has allowed people to take shots with the D4 and D800/E using their personal CF cards, so they can be taken home and evaluated. Unlike Canon, who up until recently, wouldn’t even release any “official” shots of decent resolution and still won’t release any “official” shots @ high-ISO. All they’ve given you is thumbnail sized samples @ high-ISO and even those look terrible. Not to mention, Canon won’t let ANYBODY take any shots with the 1D X using their personal CF card.

        Beyond that, I couldn’t care less what you think or what you do/say on your idiotic, hole-in-the-wall website. Nobody takes you seriously anyway.

      • Dude, if the color banding is a JPEG artifact, how come the 1DX JPEGS have none of it??? The fucking OFFICIAL samples from Nikon show all this crap man! I don’t need Google. Canon has also released full res samples even at ISO 1600. The fact that you claim we didn’t shows how informed you are.

  24. f***** u idiot, u are not compared the same photos and the same target….. WATH BIG MORON!! PURE TRASH YOUR THOUGHTS!!!!! SE FOSSES LEVAR NO CÚ GANHAVAS MAIS.

  25. The COMPARISION is so unfair, should be bright image to bright image, dark image to dark image. Compare with different settings is pointless. lol

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  27. WHEN THE CANON 5D MARK 3 WILL BE RELASEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    AND THE 5D X???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  28. Hey, what a cool site. An old man name Fake Chuck behaves like little children in the Kindergarten bashing everyhting that hasn’t a Canon label on it ;-)) No joke is as good as life!

  29. I back my pardon. Just read on the avartar of Fake that he works for Canon and knows everything about cameras and photography. Congratulations, Canon for that great representative!

    • hahahahhahahahahahhahahaha
      so true man.. so true. this guy is such a sick head.. i mean fuck both canon and nikon but this guy seriously do have issues

  30. Dude i get it u r canon(which really doesnt matter) guy n all….And tries to find fault in everything to prove ur worth….
    And cam is jus a tool …be it nikon, canon, sony, olympus……it will obvsly have constraints(due to bit processing, dynamic range of CMOS sensor, RAM speed, processing power …..and i doubt you know how any of these works in detail…I can see from how you write…dont reply back with a challenge that whether i know or not…FYI I know…i am and electrical engineer :P).

    I would be glad if you can show some pics you clicked…the compositional uniqueness… the exposure masterpiece…..Ansel Adams even in 50`s with film camera took pics, I bet you would not be able to take in your entire life time….

    And jus knowing few terms color band, or tonality, dynamic range doesnt make you a photographer…..Its your perception of world through viewfinder that makes you a photographer…
    I doubt you would even understand what it means…

    I hope you get back your sanity, and instead of writing and commenting whats good n bad in each camera, write how to click great pics……try to explain how each camera is just another weapon in your arsenal…..its you who win the war ultimately by releasing the shutter on right moment ….

  31. Hi Fake Chuck,
    funny site you got here!
    You are comparing apple and oranges here. The pictures show totally different light situations.
    But apart from this, I agree, that 36 MP are quite useless on this sensor size. I hope that Canon will not join this MP race again.

    • Me neither man, that’s why I spent 3 years banging that into their heads at Canon Inc. We don’t want shitty megapixels!

  32. I’d like to order some coffee……
    …wait a second…what the fuck?…
    …this is a camera site?…..
    …I’m such a moron…
    …I need my eyes checked!

    • This is to be expected from idiots.
      Can’t wait to get down and dirty with the two X’s (and I’m not talking about Clair and Babs)

  33. canon 1dx is quite disappointing camera.
    Too heavy , very low battery performance, extremely low buffer capacity comparing to nikon d4.
    Video performance is also very poor and much worse than nikon.
    Video features are a joke for the price they have announced!
    Raw performance: remains to be seen ( i do not expect miracles)
    Autofocus performance: unknown , but i guess that we shall see the common practice of the company: high expectations but finally nothing special ( eg eye focus control and other canon bullshit)
    Conclusion : Buy a nikon d4 and save money for vacations.

  34. Will NEVER use Canon again after I tried the 5D Mark II, poor poor autofocus, blurred images all the time. Useless piece of shit.

  35. Dear Mr Fake, i have never read so much rubbish in my life, you obviously know nothing of image structure and relative mp density in relation to light and many more factors even DOF has a massive effect of how so called image noise looks in a digital file, the nikon file yes has banding but in that situation so would the canon or any dslr that can only capture native 12 bit and pushed 14 bit files, any dslr on the market is prone to banding for the afore mentioned reasons and the AA filter makes this worse, medium format with true 16bit files and no AA filter don’t have this issue but can still suffer when the light step differential is steep like in the nikon file. it is not a fair or reasonable comparison of these two cameras as even at iso 100 with that poor qual of light any camera will have noise in that area unless it is digitally masked and will appear blur, canon is more guilty of this than nikon….. this issue can be debated for hours on end but I’m afraid you clearly have the facts wrong and simply put this on here for a rant with your foul mouth running off rubbish… for your facts i am not a nikon or canon fanboy, they are both very good and i have a brain in my head to realise that and at our studio we shoot canon and nikon and hasselblad

    • The Nikon has banding and so would the Canon in that situation? BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s the only reply I can give you man, BAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!

  36. Sigh, underexposed areas will exhibit banding you crank them up in post, and out of focus images will exaggerate noise. Duh, keep drinking it’s the only thing your good at.

  37. High pixel counts is a gimmick for Point & Shoot users while photogs go after clean images. It’s a law of physics that high pixel density produces noisy images and science has not been able to turn it around as yet. But in order to earn quick bucks; first Canon messed it up with 7D that produces awful noise while Nikon was sailing smooth with clean images on their sensible bodies. All of a sudden Nikon decided to prove to all that they drink too much these days – may be a side-effect of tsunami. 35mm sensor is roughly double the size of 1.6 crop sensors. So, 36 MP D800 will definitely produce same levels of high noise like 7D and surely the happy D700 owners won’t ever think of ‘downgrading’ to it.

    Same time thanks to Canon for showing the courage to scale down the flagship from 21 to 18 MPs and improve the features that photogs need.

  38. Among previous flagships, Nikon D3 was the real undisputed master almost in every respect and I was of the opinion that they make better bodies. However, announcement of D800 shook that confidence as clearly Nikon has also started playing to the gallery (as if all Point & Shoot users are now buying DSLRs).

    I can bet; Nikon D800 will be beaten hands down by its equal rival Canon EOS 5D Mark III as the latter is a sensible body.

    Same time I agree that Canon EOS 1Dx should be compared with the new Nikon flagship D4. This comparison should be fascinating.

    May I hereby request you Chuck, to kindly throw some light on that?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Well, unfortunately this is very shortsighted. There are a lot of D800 samples surfacing that puts this totally to rest. The D800 out-performs the D700 in high-ISO noise handling by about 1 stop, which puts the D800 alongside the D3s. The D800 doesn’t stop there either, it’s Dynamic Range is excellent in all aspects as is color saturation at high-ISOs.

  39. Yeah! Canon owns the fucking Nikon D800. This new Nikon camera is a disaster man! And an expensive one too. All Nikon fanboys will run home to their mama’s crying for sure! Nikon is SO done. Canon rules the camera world. Who the fuck needs a crappy 36 megapixel sensor? Exactly, nobody does, so this camera will not set a new sales record. The D700 was just as bad as this new D800. Low res crappy files is all you ever got from it. When will they start making a decent camera for crying out loud? The Canon 5D mark III will totally destroy everything Nikon has ever made and then some. Nikon will need years to produce a new camera and it will not even come close to the Canon. Fuck yeah!

  40. Nikon has produced a decent camera in tha shape of D7000 in the recent past.

    However, I don’t understand how the hell did they conceive the idea of D800 !!! Or may be they want to push D700 users to D4 !!!

    Again, if that blame of using a 5D Mk II footage for D800 launch is true; that’s a total disaster. I hope it’s not bcos Nikon is too good an imaging equipment maker to be spoiled like that.

  41. Now about Canon. Their declared price of EOS 5D Mark III is outrageous. How come they raise this genre’s price by 40 % whereas they’ve reduced the flagship price by 15 % ? Were they drunk while pricing ?

  42. Regarding the banding example from the library interior that can be downloaded from Nikon, if you look closely the other coves below the windows you’ll see that many have pealing paint and the lathing beneath the horsehair plaster in this old building is uneven. What you’re showing in your example is an imperfect old wall – not a banding example. That the D800 can pick this up is pretty remarkable. Download the image yourself if you don’t believe me. It sure beats my D700.

  43. if your canon shoot the library there will be nobody buy the canon anymore, because the image is so suck with the banding, and that low DR. you just a moron. compar an apple to an orange.

  44. Yep, sorry to piss on your little fantasy, but Nikon’s d800 sensor is actually phenomenal. Figures and real world images don’t lie. The performance is comparable to the D3s when scaled to its resolution. Plus it has 14.4 evs dynamic range! Beat that Canon!!

    FCW is truly an idiot, full of hot air and preconceived notions. Why do I waste my time on amateurs! If you are someone considering getting a D800, do it! It is a remarkable piece of equipment, and scaled to d700 size it’s images are one stop or so better at high iso, not to mention the increased colour sensitivity and dynamic range. Win!

    • Sorry. Over-crowded sensor = high noise. Just basic science. When manufacturers play to the gallery, I mean aim the DSLRs towards Point & Shoot users, they lose their sanity. Canon did it with 7D, now Nikon has done it with D800. Both are great high noise producing machines. If an artist plans to draw images packed with noise; nothing can beat these 2 bodies.

    • DXOmarks claims that D800 has almost 5% bether image quality than 5D3 is just silly, in real world ot does not mather at al . if ewer any brand gets more than 20% bether image quality than another it migt start to have an impact on wy MPxels mathers. as for now what i get in another Brand is just more importent for my work than a (claimed) 5% change in image ql ..

  45. Chuck keep up the good work!!! ,Theses fucking Nikon morons. I think they should all buy that 36mp piece of shit.First of all who in the hell want’s a 36mp file size not to mention blurry ass photo’s that come along with it ( and yes y’all have found some doctor up photos that make you think you have bragging right’s or something) , Most of you Nikon fan-boys posting on this forum are fucking idiots,if they really used their gear for work they own a D3s D4 or d700. They can talk all the shit they want ,because the long wait is over the 5dIII is here and to stay. I don’t really care what dxo give the 5dIII on the sensor(That still to come) what matter is after the moment the button clicks and i don’t have to spend 20 min fixing my shitty ass picture.

  46. I don’t know what is up with you guys, very simple, if you like shooting landscapes and studio work, go for the Nikon D800, and if you shoot weddings and low light, go for the Canon 5D Mark III. You can not have both. I am using both Nikon and Canon. But honestly I like Nikon lenses, Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 really rock, before I had my Nikon D700 body, I had to get the Nikon to Canon adapter so I can use this lens on my Canon 5D Mark II. Peace!!!!

  47. Hey Chucky, Just want to share with you that Nikon fan boy, Ken Rockwell, may be crowning the 5DMK3 as the World ‘s Best DSLR over D800:

    “Seeing how awesome are the results I got from my 5D Mark III this past week, I have a sneaking suspicion I might have to move the World’s Best DSLR crown to the 5D Mark III. We’ll see; the D800’s yellow LCD makes shooting it no fun, and trying to use Shooting Banks still takes five clicks with three buttons to swap, and they still don’t change half the things I need to change from snapping people or landscape shots. Canon so rules…..”

    No shit….the biggest Nikon fan boy on the web is bowing to Canon.

  48. I think this thread should be closed now. It started with comparison between Heavyweight and Middleweight which isn’t justified. Valuable comments made here are just waste of time. I hereby ask Chucky to open an appropriate thread comparing Nikon D800 against Canon 5D Mark III.

    And another one comparing Nikon D4 vs Canon 1Dx.

    • What makes you think the D800 will fare any better against the 5d mk3? My guess is the 5d mk3 will wipe the floor with the D800 when it comes to ISO 800 and above. Heck, I’m not even sure it will stay clean at ISO 400.

      • I fully agree, I’m a Canon user remember ! But not a blind supporter. As per my opinion, all current Canon crop bodies are junks. However, their newly announced full frames present a lot of promises. Same time wondering what the wildlife shooters (like me) will do !!! We need good crop bodies that Canon can no longer offer. Now idiot Nikon has also joined the league.

        Anyway, I asked u to enlighten us with appropriate comparisons so that prospective customers can decide which way to go. Cheers.

  49. I chose Nikon after Canon floored me with their fuck you attitude. That does not however make me a Nikon fanboy or a Canon basher. I am no pro, but heck it is something a 2 year old should be able to understand. Cram 36mp onto a sensor that is only so big and you will have NOISE. Now I agree that there are probably people who require resolution over image quality, but not me. Yes, I would like to see a bit more than 12mp than the D700 has, but not 36. Even 24mp would be pushing it. Come on Nikon, remember image quality? It used to be important. To some it still is

  50. How about ditching the Canon vs Nikon tit for tat I have sand in my vag war all you fake chuck fucker followers and just shoot. That’s why we buy these fucking things anyway, I have never seen so much complaining and bitching about products in my life. While the majority of the complainers are fucking arguing over MP’s and video bullshit I’m out making money from my Canon, Nikon and Leica cameras.

    • Jason your absolutly right,, exsept that this is like twilightzone. this place is about fun , and when some ppl come here and dont know where mostly just joking ,, it gets iven more funny 🙂

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  53. You are comparing apples with pears…
    I think you are a person with a lot of money and very few brain mass. BAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Go and compare the dynamic range of the D800 and the 1DX. DO IT!

    • i stated erlier. i used both cameras and i dont need a studio camera whit alot of dynamic range when the image ql from both 5D2 and 5D3 are absolutly good inuff for al my work, when i,m mostly outside whit no tripod the D800 is not any bether than the 5D3, mostly thx to the 5D3 is faster and have a awsome autofocus that just cant be ignored for DR , i rhater settel whit 90% keepers than 20% keepers whit more DR ,, taking pictures of moving things animals or sports, the 5D3 simply delivers ,, evry time , the D800 did not , SO IF YOU NEED A STUDIO CAMERA ON A TRIPOD IN A CONTROLLED INVIROMENT PLEASE GO FOR THE D800 its way bether than anything iv seen so far under those sircumstances. hovewer i live in a real world whit moving objekts and i can run around whit a tripod… so i use the 5D3 as my main field tool until Nikon or any can deliver bether in the same price range. i got Nikon.Pentax.Sony. AND Canon Glas at work so i can go ither way ..

      have a nice Day 🙂

    • This childish comparison is going for quite a while already and there’s no stopping in sight.

      He wouldn’t dare compare Lion against Lion I mean 1Dx against D4. Because he knows D4 will beat 1Dx hands down.

      Verdict: Nikon is a more proficient DSLR maker.

      • Quazi (Monkey name) Hussain,,,

        you prbl belong to a less .inteligent/.progressfull race thats most ligtly is totaly free of intelectual history, and also is werry low on inventions and new thinking .and since i dont want a monkey to tell me what car thats good , your words are less menigfull than a camel fart .. you can use the D800 to kill ppl whit greater sucksess than the 5D3 , and you can run around whit your fully eqiped ‘backpack studio’ as much as you like.. and then if you kill what you take want to take a picture off first so the autofocus can get a sharp picture… only then you whil have some good pictures to show .. me however whil rely on a 5D3 that always delivers .. now have a good day .. please take a banana 🙂


      • Kai Donkey

        Monkey is a much higher race or species than donkeys.

        I take bananas regularly. However, the grass u r eating must be polluted that makes u spew donkey shit every now and then.

        Your donkey eyes never noticed I don’t talk about D800. I’m talking about the flagship D4 against which your funky 1Dx is no match.

        So, go to some green grasslands, feed on some fresh grass and I hope that will open up your donkey eyes a little bit to see things the way they look.


      • to state the obv..
        your commenting here.. : so if you arent talking about the D800 .. you can keep on change camera modells ewrytime you hit a wall .. the same things still apply .

        Verdict: Nikon is a more proficient DSLR maker.
        Verdict: Nikon is a more OR LESS Proficient DSLR maker depending on what ewer you need from your eqipment. exsacly the same goes for other brands , you must stop whore’ship the NIKON good , so you can get a bether life, its totaly meaninless to keep up ‘the mine is bether than yours’ when all the modells on the marked are al BEST for who and what ewer the users want it for.
        NOW ,, HAVE A nice day!
        and please help your self whit a brand new Banana 🙂

  54. Fanboy dats all you are : a brainless fanboy . I shoot professionaly Medium format, FF , APSC and µ4/3 in Hasselblad Canon Nikon and Olympus. All make kick ass cameras which delivers the right results (if u got skills of course)

    • you are absolutly right!

      i use Canon mostly but at work there also sony Pentax ,Nikon and Samsung eqipment. and i newer been disapointed ,they al work perfectly if i use it for whats intended.

      and newer mind the Hussains. theyr just boored. its part of the fun here. as long as they dont go to far from topic. 🙂

  55. Umm hey chuck. no warrior here, just PEACEFULLY want your informed opinion on something. I use a regular Nikon D700 and am at the brink of investing in more glass and stuff. so if i wanna change over to Canon, this is the time. I just REALLY want to know what the real deal is. Quite sick of going over the world wide web finding ALL sorts of opinions. I want CLOSEST-to-reality colour, EXTReme sharpness and awesome light renedering.
    Thing is, all I can find is people saying Canon just HAS better colour and sharpness than nikon all over. And Canon just HAS more life to its photos than Nikon. Simply, Nikon is grey and dead.

    I’ve seen a few samples, and it SEEMS to ring true but since most people dont specify all of their equipment, i cant be SURE. Please solve this 7 month itch for me. I dont wanna regret going on with Nikon.

    • Well the real deal is that there’s no upgrade path for you from the D700, unless you can afford a D4. And the D600 isn’t going to be a D700 replacement either. I don’t know what the fuck got into Nikon but they fucked up bigtime. The best thing you can do is get the 5D Mark III, which is superior to the D800. Also, check my latest post.

      • Sorry, man, CORRECTION, i have a D7000 not 7 hundred. Fucked up the 0s. Does that make any difference to your response?

      • Not really. If you want to upgrade, the 5D3 is a better choice compared to a Nikon D700 or D800.

    • What do you use your camera for mostly ? if its basicaly anything 5D MK3 is awsome, i piced it after testing a D800 and 2 5D3’S i was disapointed at first due to the D800 had so much more mpixels. now however i know Canon made a whise desisjon, 5d2 Is a legend image ql whise,(whit a pice of shit autofocus ),, and most people that shoot sports or birds loves the 7D not for its crapy iso ,but for the speed and autofocus. i have alot of respect for the D700 we have 2 at work, FC is giving you a good advice. THE 5D3 is a 5d2 and A 7D in the same housing. i love to use the 5D3 menu system buttons, and the feeling you get when holding it. and it does not fuck up. i been using mine hardcore 12,000 exsp already i whil use this camera for the next 5 years, and i whil be smiling ewry day i can go out and use it 🙂

      • I’m curious, at what kind of company do you work where you have all these different cameras?

      • i work taking pictures for a few Swedish and Norwegian Magasines and they al got photo eqipment i can borrow so its allot of difrent brands, but i do prefer to use my own, you already got my Email Vildmark in norwegian and swedish does basicaly translate to nature or out in the vild. i take pictures of scenery,birds (allot of birds) and ewrything on 4 feets,

    • I suggest, you better evaluate your contemplation thoroughly before jumping ships. This jumping occurs both ways and many are found cursing themselves after doing so.

      Nikon produces better high ISO low noise images than Canon but they messed up with D800 by packing it with 36 megapixels which was totally unnecessary. Nikons’s dynamic range is also very good. At present the best pro DSLR in the world is Nikon D4. Since you have Nikkor glasses; you should try to get that body. You will be extremely satisfied with that and it will be good enough for you for the next 5 years. Furthermore, a switch will certainly inflict more damage to your bank account than an upgrade.

      • Bitch please. The Canon EOS 1DX is the best DSLR on the planet. After that comes the 5D Mark III. And then the D4.

    • Bitch please.!!.(i love that one ) thx FC i need to exspand my understanding of the Englsih language . now Mr Quazi.. I,m shure the D4 is working from time to time,, it is a proffesional peace of,,eqipment somthing.. the 1DX is shurely not any worse than a 5D3 .. i personaly use the 5D3 and i know that i can trust the 5D3 100% in any situasjon, i,m also 100% itl work for exstended time under water and on the moon.. but thats not where i need it, i just need to know that i can trust that itl work,, ewry single day. i,m usualy miles out in som fukkin forest,. and if i ewer found myself out there whit a D800 ,, il rather chew on a chainsaw…at full speed whit my rectum while eating shit,, while its poring out of a pigs anus …

      in a STUDIO however i whil bow my head for the D800
      and but otherwhise It’S A PICE OF SHIT that no sain man shud take out in the field ,, 1DX or D4 well i havent used ither ones. but when i do i be shure to let you know my honnest opinion on them both ..


    • you have bether english typing skils than i have .. and when you know your scrued,, you go blind…

      • Not as blind as u r with ur stinking 5D III. Even paid servants of Canon will feel ashamed by ur slave=like loyalty.

        Good going donkey. Get some greener grass, that will open up your childish brain and eyesight a little bit as well. May be subsequently u will notice what Chucky said about Sony Mirrorless compared to another Canon garbage.

        BTW, ur “BAHHAAAAAAAA” sounds exactly like the African donkey calls when they carry heavy loads on their backs which I observed last year in that continent. This makes me nostalgic really. Thanks for that.

    • I find it beyond hilarious that this guy of all people would would try and lecture the rest of us on how superior he seems to think he is. heh. i’ve been all over the middle-east, two of those visits were not entirely by choice, and I can say without any question that islam is the sole reason why the entire region is stuck in the 11th century. The typical response is always some bullsh*t about astronomy and mathematics which is a flat out lie because all those advancements happened centuries before Mohammed under the persians , sumarians, and mesopotanians.

      • Mohammed was a fake perverted.pedofil lier ,born from a pigs rectum, the only things he thing he heard in his cave was his testicles speaking to him due to exsessive mastrubation.. Muslims are not people,, theyr the missing link between monkeyes and Humans . the only invented 2 things.. how to brainwash theyr intire people to belive in satans bible. and how to kill ewrybody whit theyr satanic bible as an exscuse ..theyr the shame of the inntire human race, theyr the sole reason that there stil war on this planet and al the monney that could help starving people al ower the world,, goes to weapons to keep those rabid dogs under controll. i,m ashame that they look like humans, iven if they dont need our help we stil help we help other animals whit food and Love.
        whit animals its not a total waste ,..

        but we al know that,, now lets go back to the camera talk,

  56. What kind of loser disses his own readers? The way you talk really shows what kind of person you are. Clearly your points (not only this) are NOT to be taken seriously. You’re just a rude guy trying to grab attention. Sad really. Have fun with this thing you have here kiddo.

      • Hi FC you got like haf of sweden and norway as fans. thats basicaly al the smart ones ower here ,, lol! we al love you ower here so ,, just keep it going 🙂

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  58. While i do own a D800 and admit to horrible banding problems, it is just shameful how you are showcasing a comparison between two completely different photos, histogram wise. We Nikon owners can’t really be sure what we’re missing, no way to tell from that comparison cause of completely different setups for the exposure!

  59. As I’m reading this… i keep asking myself.. chuck, how old are you? and why the hell can’t your write like a normal person?? all those bwahahah and awww yeah.. come on, are you twelve?
    or just trolling around? i just cant take you serious..
    Anyway, don’t smoke that much dude..

    • your missing the point ,i always get a smile or a good laf here , its not about beeing serius to me, its about seem serius and start somthing hilarius that whil last for weeks 🙂 i love this site and i always enjoy a good:: ‘mine is bether than yours’ argument., just because somone starts to take things way to serius or say somthing totaly idiotic here cant be bad. if i only could capture when cofe is leaving my nostrils at mac2 and seeing my whifes face when i clean my kayboard and screen for cofe while i smile and laf is just priceless 🙂 so keep it up Mr FakeC. we al Love you here 🙂

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  61. mmmmm

    Advantages of the Nikon D800

    Significantly better image quality 95.0 vs 82.0

    Around 20% better image quality
    Much higher true resolution 36.2 MP vs 17.9 MP

    Capture more than 2x more detail in your photos
    More dynamic range 14,4 EV vs 11,8 EV

    2,6 f-stops more dynamic range
    Better color depth 25,3 bits vs 23,8 bits

    Distinguishes 1,5 more bits of color

    Yet all is worth nothing if the photographer is unskilled. It is the photographer, not the camera that makes the good shots. And it is not defined by any of the above.

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  63. I have read exhaustively all that has been said here and the only conclusion I have reached is that any dispute can be discussed when using a proper language, I can clearly see the lack of respect and good manners in some participants making a discussion that should be educational, a discussion that only shows intolerance towards others, really sad

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  65. Chucky Boy, after Years of D800 being in the Market and Millions of astonishing Pictures made with, it’s time for you to say “I’m so sorry, i’m totally wrong for Years about the D800, i’m an Idiot in all kinds of meaning.” Otherwise, you’re just a Canon-licking-Troll with a Penis of just one Inch!

  66. what kind of douche would call people morons etc when they don’t even know the readers. Regretted on stumbling such a sorry site

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