Nikon D800 - Less than meets the eye

Nikon D800 - Less than meets the eye

BAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I just keep laughing these days man, seriously. Whenever I read about the Nikon D800, I start laughing like I’m going crazy. And what’s even more funny are the Nikon morons who’re leaving behind comments here on my blog about the D800. You morons are going to have to face the facts very soon. The image quality on the D800 sucks balls. And not only for stills, but also for video. I hope you saw this article at EOSHD:

moire – at least on the internally recorded 1080p – is not nice on the Nikon D800 and not a great improvement on the way the 3 year old 5D Mark II samples video

the internal codec on the Nikon D800 is quite muddy, and I don’t like the harsh edges around highlights or the overall softness to wide shots (see below)

The internal codec is quite basic and at a low bitrate of 24Mbit, far less than on the 5D Mark II especially with Magic Lantern. The image is not actually that much better resolved than the 5D Mark II (it seems from initial videos). In terms of aliasing and moire it is the same old story.

But still it is disappointing that the D800 is stuck in the dark ages when it comes to this issue. The old GH1 still performs better than the Nikon D800 in terms of having less moire. Expeed 3 in the Nikon J1 has the same aliasing issues as the D800 and that costs just $399 so do I expect Nikon to fix stuff like this on a $2999 camera (let alone on the $5999 D4?). YES unequivocally and it is a scandal they haven’t.

I keep saying it, and I’ll continue to say it, and I’ll fucking say it again now: We’re going to fucking own the D800 with the 5DX.

I’m telling you, Canon is on a roll now. Didn’t I mention how sharp the 24-70 is in my previous post when all of you were complaining about IS?? There’s more to image quality than just IS. This lens is so fucking sharp you’ll cut yourself editting images. Check out what Dan Carr had to say about it:

Firstly for a zoom lens wide open at f2.8 this is SHARP!!  Secondly there appears to be essentially no chromatic aberration even in the high contrast black on bright white areas.  This was the same on all the images that I took and clearly this is something they have worked very hard to eliminate with this lens.   Despite its high price I expect that this lens will be in huge demand once it’s launched.  I’d advise getting in line with a pre-order at one of the following vendors.

This is from his site:

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II Sample

Aaaaw yeah

Do you believe me now? Who the fuck needs IS if you can get sharp images like this, without chromatic aberration while shooting hand held?

And this is nothing yet my friends. We’ve got even more planned for this year. I predict that once we reach the end of 2012, a lot of photographers are going to be switching (back) to Canon.

And speaking of switching to Canon, my good pal Tony Dunn has just released a new ebook where he recounts his years of struggle with unknown sub standard camera brands, only to finally end up with the brand all serious pros use, namely Canon.

Ten Years Ago Today

Ten Years Ago Today. Life before Canon.

Tony has been like a brother to me. Ever since I started this blog, he’s always been here supporting me, making fun of me, honestly telling me how stupid I am, etc. etc. We all need someone like Tony in our lives. I’m very glad that after being lost in the wilderness for 10 years, he was finally able to see the light and join the Canon club of professionals.

Telephoto Tony

Me: You trying to compensate for something Tony? Tony: Absolutely! (I'm not making this up)

You can see some sample pages from his book on his blog. I asked him a review copy so I could let you all know how much it sucks, but he told me to go buy it like everyone else. So since I haven’t read the whole book yet, I can’t honestly recommend it to you, though the sample pages looked interesting. And certainly the fact that he switched to Canon in the end says something about the validity and quality of his experiences in those 10 years. But for all I know, apart from the sample pages I’ve seen on his site, the rest of the ebook could be blank pages. Perhaps even containing a virus like that ebook by Kirk Tuck about LED lighting which I wrote about before. So be cautious.

Spinlight 360

Spinlight 360

And since I seem to be on a promotional tour here I might as well mention the new Spinlight 360 flash modifier, which is based on the black foamie thing by photographer Neil van Niekerk.

Video link.

In my honest opinion, this is one of the best flash modifiers you can buy if you’re doing event photography (including weddings), couples and models. The results you get will look like they were shot using available light, or a softbox, instead of the typical flash look. And with a name like Van Niekerk standing behind it, you know you can’t go wrong with this. I mean, that’s a cool-ass name, right? Van Niekerk. When I first heard the name I thought it was a character from Star Wars or something. Darth Niekerk. That sounds absolutely bad-ass. Or like the movie Van Helsing, but only this time it’s Van Niekerk.

Van Niekerk

Van Niekerk - In theaters soon.

Personally, I think that would have been a better promotional video for the Spinlight 360 instead of the boring video with a model above. Don’t get me wrong, I like when Neil does videos with his model Anelisa. I dream of Anelisa and I’m in love with her. She’s the best. I would like to marry her some day if I’m lucky enough. Neil knows this. But I just think that Neil using the Spinlight 360 to fight vampires Van Helsing-style would make the Spinlight 360s fly off of the shelves. And I’m sure most of you can agree with me on this.

Anyway, I should be going back to work now. Lots of preparations before the 5DX launch. Stay tuned for more.


  1. No kidding,

    Even if the D800 outputs clean HDMI the down-sampling appears to be full of jaggies and still color moire apparent on the streets and fine patterns on videos. If Canon can fix this entirely like the GH2 did over a year ago then the 5DX will have no competition in the video market.

    A Headphone jack is no substitute for crappy video scaling.

  2. Sorry Chuck,,, can not is the scandal !!! Nikon is a least 5 years ahead of can not. I switched from can not to Nikon, because of all the poblems with Focus ,, exposure, ISO, AND HORRIBLE SERVICE @ in Irvine CA. can not did not even honor my warranty . can not did not ask me to switch THEY FORCED ME TO SWITCH ! THANK YOU ! ! ! The NIKON ROCKS THE WORLD ! ALL my problems were fixed by the SWITCH ! ! ! ! ! And like most other Pros I talk to,, WE DONT WANT A VIDEO IN OUR CAMERA !!! IF WE DiD WE WOULD BUY A VIDEO CAMERA ! If we wanted a video camera we would buy a SONY !! The Alpha 77 , from what I have hear is better than all can not or Nikon SLR video-still cameras to boot. So who cares is the video is even on the body ! Look the bottom line is can not is a door stop. They think they can make an x model that shoots at 12 frames a second and still focus??? There last mark poor sucked so hard at 10 fps,, you think I would trust can not to make a camera that shoots at 12 fps ??? NOT A CHANCE !!!! AND PAY & 7 GRAND FOR THE DOOR STOP ???????????? NO fing way !!!!!! can not is losing it!! A new l ooser lens with out IS ???? Why was the last l ooser lens so bad?? Just a scam by can not ! So NIKON for me !!

      • Nope,, I just have benn BURNED OUT BY cannot cameras !! My friends have been BURNED OUT BY can not cameras!! The lack of service at can not in Irvine is UN BELIEVABLE !! I have heard so many of my friends have SO MANY PROBLEMS with can not that I just want to share DONT BUY A DOOR STOP !!! can not should be ASHAMED ! ! ! ! ! Even when you go to PMA ,, now CES,, can not as THE WORST ATTITUDE !!!!!!!! They can make great products and have,but they are making a lot of LEMONS !!! Just google focus problems of the eos 3 . Dont buy a mark poor, It really is sub standard !! WHAT A SHAME !! can not did not honor a 7d warranty,, said they see some dirt on the camera ,, maybe thats why the strobe lways shoots with red eye on!! It was thart way day one!!!! The facts are if you own a can not IT S FOCUS REALLY IS OFF !!! LOOK AT LARGE PRINTS AND SEE FOR YOUR SELF !!!! The EXPOSURE WAONDERS !!!!!!!! THE ISO , is about 5 stop suckier than NIKON !! The super Pricey l ooser lens always have to be improved ! The eofs lens DONT FIT eos bodies!!!! DA DA DA !!! So buy Tamron or Tokina or Sigma,, how come there lens can fit?? Yes you will need a post crop!!! BUT THEY FIT BOTH BODs !!!!! can not is WAY OVER PRICED, SUBSTANDARD non pro camera equipment ! JUST MY EXPERRRRIANCE << MY FELLOW PRO BUDDYS EXPERRRRIANCE AND alot of randaom reports I here when shooting!! THE lack of service in Irvine BLOWS MY MIND,, just go in there some day and watch !!! That lack of service center FORCES YOU TO WANT A NEW SONY OR NIKON !!!!!! No I am not here to just complain,, I am here to say watch out!!! can not has problems ,, alot of problems!! Dont buy a camera door stop!!! Dont bum your day out!! Check your focus problems on your captures,, you see it ALWAYS WITH LONGER LENS captures .. What per cent of your picture being soft is ok with you?

      • No that’s not the Grumpster’s writing style. He swears more and is fluent in English. Since he says he’s going to Ebay all his Canon shit and switch to Nikon (just like the Pros!) you can look forward to his Nikon lens reviews being updated. No more cheezy white lenses for Grumpy.

    • people @ irvine CA must have something special… cannot (how creative is that) cameras ussually don’t need service support that often… layer 8 I guess

      • can not Irvine has something very special!! Poor service! Look,, the bottom line is,, when you pay a premium price for for a product, you expect great service, and a great product. After using the the so called pro body (s) from can not camera company, I have been VERY BURNT OUT on there service and product. I dare anyone out there to print some of the images to 30×40 or bigger. Focus jumps on ALL THE can not CAMERAS is normal ! My mark poor body IQ was the WORST IQ I have ever seen on ANY BRAND! The mark poor body has exposure errors jumping from one to two stops all the time! When I took samples in to Irvine and showed them they told me the camera was up to speck!! They also told me they had not seen the mark poor body .. Mine was the first. I made some call out in the field and found out at least 6 cameras mark poor cameras had been to the service center and , could not be repaired,, and the owners returned there cameras to the stores. THE true bottom line is can not lost 20 per cent of the pro shoots to NIKON !! And I really have to thank can not ,, I now have a WONDERFUL CAMERA !!! NIKON. The can not exxxxxxxxxperiance was SO BAD,, I will not be buying there products . I say this so you guys out there understand the night mares on elm street,, I hope you dont have to go thru. I used to be a loyal Canon user. If Canon did not sell such a poor product I would not have to say this!! Just for your information. I also have a friend that went thru a much worse 7d elm street story.. So good luck to all of you guys out there. Dont kill the messenger.

    • Yeah it isn’t cheap, but you could always just use the black foamie technique. But that’s very difficult to keep rotating constantly. This makes it soooo easy.

      • Nikon has made white lens (s) and still may have one. I am not gummmpy . I am just a bummed out can not user. Like 20 per cent of the pro shooters , that switched to NIKON last year,, I am one of them who says can not you can not. Why are you guys always looking ahead to the new can not camera,, because they CAN NOT !!!! You have to have something better because your current camera CAN NOT!!! By the way Dweeb you need some wine ,, a lot,, if you ever print up a big print and you see your focus has jumped 15 feet !!!!!!! Good luck.

  3. D Mark III/X
    Below are the specs for the coming 5D replacement, the full name of the camera is currently unknown.


    61pt AF
    100% VF
    3.2″ LCD
    Dual CF/SD Card Slots
    Price: Around $3500 USD
    Announcement on February 27 or 28, 2012

    …i switch from nikon to canon…this is my ideal camera. I don’t want 40 megapixel for what?

    i hope the specs are real…and the price..less…and good iso up to 6400 iso.

      • LOL as tens of thousands of D800 orders get cancelled. Chuck, for the sake of god put in a transfer to the copier division.

  4. I can’t wait anymore…ok just few days and the 5d mark III will be announced!

    for 3500 $ I hope in a bundle …>+ body + one lens…or grip.

  5. Here is an example of what your fucktard canon fanboi faggots are saying over at EOSHD

    “Here’s what I find amusing. 24mbps on a full frame camera. If Nikon were serious, they’d find a way around that without shooters having to use an external HDMI option. Even with an iPhone 4S and the $3.99 Filmic Pro app, you can shoot at 48mbps. Double what the D800 is capable of”

    If you canon fucktards cant even understand something as simple as this you dont deserve to be breathing. Do the world a favor and fucking off yourselves. Am I supposed to take you dumbasses seriously when you say shit as fucking RUHTARDED as this?

    • BAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA they’re right, you moron! Howcome a fucking iPhone can record in higher bitrate compared to the D800? I hope you enjoy using the headphone jack while recording muddy compressed moired footage.

  6. Cantarded, you better spent less time in forums and took more pictures or banged your neigbourhood bitch! Provided you are sufficiently equipped at all…. *lol*

      • You could be right. I was on the line with her some minutes ago and she mentioned something about a huge loser and complained that he was the worst lover she ever had…

      • It worked for me. Why would I care about her? I did use the back door since I don’t want to fuck up the world with anymore of her retarded offspring.

  7. What the heck is happening here???? Aren’t these the same people that sang your praises when Canon was putting out crap and you called it as you saw it? Now, all the Nikon peeps are goin crazy cause you’re still doin what you do best…. being honest? Why can’t people just call a lemon a lemon and a good product a good product…. Man, people need to chill out…. We’ll all know within a month or two what’s crap and what is well beyond our expectations based upon the prior track record of continually failing to live up to their competitors entry level line in advancements….

      • Canon did nothing revolutionary here. Be fucking honest with yourselves. Especially you. Fake chuck. Pull your head out of the ass it is currently embedded in, wipe the shit out of your eyes and look at it again. Retard.

      • Shut the fuck up man, what the fuck do you know? Sit and watch how we’re going to turn this entire industry upside down in a week.

      • Chuck, I’m calling you out bitch! Canon did nothing revolutionary here. These are both minor upgrades to the previous body’s. Asshat. I come here to get away from the fanbois having mass orgasims and now look what is going on. Open your office door fucktard, let the nud dry.

      • Kiddy Cantarded you are a real shame for the United States of America!!! My brave boys are fighting in Iraq and protect you and your family from terrorism. There are some who are alive at this moment who will not be alive shortly. Show some respect and don’t behave like a total fool!

  8. Why are you so fucking angry? Buy the camera you like and don’t buy what you don’t like. You should shut the fuck up and go take some pictures. Wo much fucking anger over a camera or brand. Get a life, loser!

    • Can’t you tards see this is a fucking intervention? Fake chuck has been so close to the edge for so long. You fuck sticks really think this is about a camera?

  9. You guys are FUNNY when your loosing it!!! The Bottom Line Nikon Rocks!!!
    And can not ,, CAN’T ! Thats normal !! Nikon shooters will get the shots in focus !!!! Try a NIKON !! If you want a movie camera buy a Sony !!! Fake Chuck You ROCK !!! You have NADS !!! I hope can not gets back in the program !! They have to if Chuck is to keep his job!!! Go Chuck Go ! Chuck has a chance, can not has a chance, the president of can not stepped down !! Thank goodness ! Get that more off out of the way of CHUCK !!!

  10. chuck…give me a reason ..why a 5d 2 user need to buy a 5d3?

    same megapixel
    no impressive video improvement
    …only for Autofocus? (…5d 2 autofocus is….bad!…d700 is better..i have both)
    …new AF will be like D700

    a nikon user …go from d700 to d800 for:

    12->36 megapxiel
    new video full HD
    new matrix sensor 91k
    a lot of function
    AF improvement (AF canon ever seen!…since D700)

    ok, the noise is a stop over..but we have a lot of …things to taste

    ..after that…no journalist have see any invitation press for 28/29 february on its desk..yet (2 days..remains, they can’t plan a fly..for nowhere in few second, don’t they?)

    i think because there’s no new FX annoucement…only a new flash announcement

    This is the End…cannot…can not compare with D800

    they..are going to replace 5D2….with D700 autofocus in the best case.

    • 5d muck 3 is the world most high price head phone socket. That’s ass rape u canon losers. BAaaaaaaaa. Time to go pro, go dark side…

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  12. Jebus Chuck, I just read the comments. Apparently a couple of pimply-faced teenaged Nikon morons found your site. I haven’t heard so much immaturity on the Internet in a long time.

    Given how much you like to rile them up, you must be loving it!

    BTW, thanks for the ‘review’. I think.

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  14. The camera market may not grow as it did during the last 5 years. Rcession is the culprit. Moreover, these days both the giants have announced cameras that are unlikely to make current users upgrade to those as they don’t offer sufficient reasons to.

    So what to do? 1D Mk IV and D3s users will have to continue with those, so will the 1Ds Mk III and D3X users. Same goes for 5D II and D700 users.

    One thing is guaranteed. None will be able to produce a model that completely satisfies its users.

    I wish Leica became price wise competitive enough to enter the race.

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