On Canon Taking Down Nocturne

Vincent Laforet (left) and Eolake Stobblehouse, separated at birth?

Vincent Laforet (left) and Eolake Stobblehouse, separated at birth?

A HUGE flood of email is currently taking down our corporate network here at Canon USA as people write in to complain about why we told Vincent Laforet, eternal peace and blessings be upon him, to take down the video ‘Nocturne‘ – a video shot by Laforet using our latest WMD against Nikon and Sony, the 1D Mark IV.

Let me say right away that I personally have NOTHING to do with this. So please do not direct your anger at me. Some of those emails that I managed to read before my computer crashed because of the heavy email traffic, were such that I started to fear for my life.

Truth is the fucking boneheaded Japanese are at it again. Really, how stupid do you have to be NOT to want to take advantage of this kind of free viral marketing? I just recently wrote about the Japanese not understanding the first thing about marketing, and in case you were still not convinced this is another example. In another post not too long ago, I even wrote:

We need a totally different approach to marketing when the 1D Mark 4 gets launched. I really hope that Vincent Laforet, peace be with him, will be able to look at the 1D4 and do something really spectacular again so we can seriously start kicking Nikon’s ass. Lord knows we need it.

And then what happens? We get the fucking 1D4 bodies just a few short weeks before launch, we ship one to Laforet to check it out, who goes out of his way to use it and create something cool and exciting, and then what do we do? We ask him to take it down.

This is the shit I have to put up with every goddamn day here at Canon. No wonder most of the cool photographers choose Nikon. I have really given up all hope that those conservative bastards at Canon Inc. and our upper management are going to realize we’re currently living in the 21st century, a time of the Internets and social media.

After the launch of the EOS 7D, and now the 1D Mark IV, I was finally seeing a brighter future for Canon after such a long period of countless fuckups. But this reminds me once again that things can never really change for the better if we don’t take care of one of our biggest underlying problems: Clueless management.

Canon Inc. can take their fucking Kyosei corporate philosophy and cram it you know where. Do you know what hinders the achievement of kyosei??? HUH?? DO YA?? Let me tell you what hinders achieving kyosei, you stupid, ignorant bastards: It’s the fucking morons running the company!

I need a couple of drinks.

71 thoughts on “On Canon Taking Down Nocturne

  1. Unbelievable. I totally agree with you. I watched Nocturne last night and thought it was awesome – a low light knock out punch! Now it’s been taken down??

    Didn’t Canon give him the camera to play with? Didn’t they know he’d do something cool with it like he did with the 5D II? Isn’t that what they fucking wanted??

    For the first time, I’m beginning to really worry about Canon. Noise issues I can deal with: Canon’s just pushing the envelope (or so I tell myself). Banding?: A firmware update will cure that. Ancient auto-focus?: Well, they probably had to sacrifice something to get it out at a reasonable price.

    That stuff I can rationalize. But this… this is just plain fucking clueless stupidity. You’re right, clueless management will ruin cool products every time, and Canon is in serious trouble because of it.

    Chuck, I feel sorry for you man. You need more than a couple of drinks. If I knew where you were, I’d buy you several myself.

  2. All the wit, charm, and laughs that I could ask for. Thank you (fake) Chuck! On the plus side, the G11 and S90 are getting some good buzz. I just bought the S90 and it’s fantastic. Fast aperture. Impressive noise control for a compact. Creative design – adding a control dial around the lens. You even FINALLY listened and took a vacation from the megapixel wars. Heck, it might even take the Panasonic LX3 off its lofty untouchable pedestal.

    Well. Other than the control dial on back of the camera that spins every time the wind blows. And sure, the dial only controls controls exposure compensation. It’s kinda fun seeing what a perfectly composed, fleeting shot looks like when it’s two stops overexposed. Now, I know that changes must come in the name of progress. But why now!? The G9 had that dial perfected. Two generations of compacts ago! PERFECT! Why!? Why would you mess with a perfectly good control dial? What was wrong with leaving it the same? It was perfect!

  3. Whatever. It is just another fucking crop camera anyway. You may as well have put some picture modes and direct print buttons on it. A toy. It is now inevitable that Nikon will overtake Canon in overall market share – there is no question about that. Mark my words.

    • You are obviously an ignorant person. Times and times again its has been demonstrated that there is a market for a aps-h camera. If you want full frame, get a 5d2 or wait for the 1ds4.

      • I am sure there is a market for this toy, but most photographers, if given a choice, would prefer a FF camera that does not cost a fortune, something like the Nikon D700 or Nikon D3. The 1Ds: Too expensive. The 5D2: Poor AF.

      • What Barnett says is true. We took care of the D300s, but we still need an answer to the D700 and we need it fast. The 5D2 is a piece of shit. Let’s see what 2010 brings us.

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  5. As someone who is working for a Japanese company in Japan (3 and a half years and counting), I can surely understand what you mean…sometimes Japanese talk a lot about “strategy”, but then change it on daily basis, making it more of an “operational decision” than anything strategic…not even on the level of tactical decision making….seen it too many times…

    And any fuckup can be covered with a nifty mean-nothing word (like your kyousei)…no real responsibility here, at least no individual, it’s all collective, so when something goes wrong, we apologize and continue doing nothing to fix it or avoid doin’ it again…


  6. See, here’s the thing. Chase Jarvis goes to NZ to shoot a campaign for SanDisk CF. Does a lot of behind the scenes stuff too and asks his client if he can post the video. Answer: Hell yes! Would you do that for us?! SanDisk get it – and thousands of Jarvis fans check it out because he’s an opinion leader. Kudos to them, and back to marketing school for Canon…

    • I think you nailed it. They are simply using the reverse Streisand effect to make the video even more popular. These guys from Canon are not as stupid as I thought after all.

  7. Hi Chuck!

    I totally agree with you. They don’t know anything about marketing (well, neither do I but at least I apperently understand it better than those japanese imbecils).
    Fortunately the video is still available on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhyQYM7_VYs&hl=de

    So everybody who wnats to see it and has not yet seen this artwork hit the link.

    Btw I think I can speak for almost every reader of your blog – keep on kicking japanese butts(at least the stupid ones at Canon Inc.)!


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  9. Japanese very well understand marketing and doing business….in their own cultural environment of Asia (JPN, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc.), but are usually inflexible to accept other approaches to doing stuff, marketing, sales, you name it. Canon Inc, XYZ Inc, I’ve seen little difference. Same goes to western companies that try to impose their business model in Japan, just doesn’t work…

      • Occasionally, Jap companies get a western minded pragmatical leadership and it results in great achievements. Look at Nisan and their Spanish CEO, he turned the place around and the same people making BS cars are now doing well…

  10. The video is capable of pushing some obvious past issues present in the original volume from the 5D MKII. I am sure Japan’s management is happy with the video pointing this out. Perhaps the line was drawn with the insert of the little girl, or the young woman and her changing into the man moment. I guess what I may be saying is that the script may have challenged a few to wonder if Canon stood behind the open minded concept of the artist… It may have struck a few closed minded conservatives to call Canon, or even may have been a few other worldly diehards that chose to slap Canon in the eye with a connection to what they fear.

    Great artistry on the point of the artist. Perhaps a very generic lifeless set of content will do it next time.

  11. WTF Fake Chuck? Get a hold of yourself. Maybe, just maybe the wanks in Nipponville have gotten it right this time. Did you actually watch that turd Nocturne? [What is it with these sophomoric one word titles anyway?] The only word that comes to mind is B-O-R-I-N-G!!! At least Cousin Vinnie had the advantage of hiding behind the technical aspects of the equipment with his first effort but, now that he’s moved to La-la land he better get his game on or he’ll be fed his own s**t in a rusty lunch pale. If this is any indication of what he’s been up to I pray for his family.

  12. Nocturne may show the technical possibilities (but keep in mind that it is no raw video and treated) but the story is just bullshit!!!! and the video really booooooooooooooooooooooooring.

  13. Well, it is there decision to ask the video to be remove. You may think they are stupid sob or whatever. You are totally free to get rid of canon gears and jump to Nikon, Kodak or whatever you want. If they make stupid decision, they will eventually goes out of business. Windows XP and Vista for example is nowhere near as good as linux and actually a lot of their product suck. But Microsoft prosper well enough. If Canon is so stupid they would not be growing their business like they do to a size of (I don’t remember how many times of Nikon). I have seen so many western companies and their business practices failed (where do you think the current never-has-there-ever-been economic problem come from) that I despite educate in the west don’t really believe them much any more.

    So don’t worry I think Canon management have a good reason to do what they are doing. And they or the Japanese don’t understand marketing. Ha what nation produce the camera gears are you using. If you think japanese are stupid well, just go my german, US and European product and don’t buy canon.

    because they do not understand Nikon on the other hand

  14. I love it.(not really) . A five minute film with two minutes of closing credits. Cool low light scenes. Have no idea what the hell the movie was about other than some cliche scenes of a guy running down the street while he is chased by bad guys in a 65 Lincoln with suicide doors. Cool examples of showing how you can shoot in low light and the possibilities.

    • Perfect example of the story going over most people’s heads. Vincent was a bit too ambitious in that respect. I enjoyed it personally.

  15. What morons. How many 5DIIs did Laforet sell for those hosers with his first video? Now he does something with their new body that has tremendous visual quality . . . and the dumb shits order him to take it down? Jeebus. New camera, same old assholes at HQ.

    On the plus side, the 7D is an ass-kicking good camera.

  16. The video quality was amazing (if boring) coming from a DSLR.

    Having said that at £4500 for the Mk IV here in the UK I for one wont be buying one.

    I even sold my 1D Mk IIN a few months ago expecting the IV to be in the region of £3500.

    How wrong could I have been.

  17. Well, the video looks nice, but it’s indentical to the last one made by him just with a different theme. Everyone knows HD video and low light is expected now of All capable cameras, and my guess is that Canon Inc. was looking for something more related to its aplication i.e. Bud commercials don’t have cars and action they have chillin guys with atractive girls. Well Canon wants related material to their product. SPORTS, ACTION and so on instead of some geek boy trippin over his skateboard. This is what Canon is worried about.
    Watch the video again and again and you’ll soon see that it’s Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring and has NO technical information except for low light performance. Well ISO 12,800 is now the norm and nothing to be excited about.
    If I was canon, I’d pull this video.

  18. Does anybody realize that the purpose of the video was to showcase the capabilities of the camera in low light, not to entertain you with exciting plot twists and character development.

    Personally, I didn’t pay much attention to the story, I was looking at the lighting, tonal ranges and noise – because that’s what the video was really about.

    You were bored?? Boo-fucking-hoo.

  19. I think they pulled it because it is a treated and De-Noised footage from the Pre-production cameras and they just don’t want to represent it as what the camera outputs out of the CF card. They might ask for an edit without any de noising or Color Correction.

    Fake Chuck go to Japan and try to kick their collective asses while using the 7D 8fps or better yet the 1D4 10fps to get the best of their facial pain.

  20. Who really cares?

    Are you sure that the Japanese don’t understand what he did; what about this thing competing with Canon Video equipment? You ever think of that?

    Cool; yes. But how do you make a living from it?

    This video is going to really appeal to every male under the age of 35 still living in their mother’s basement.

  21. They were right to take it down. All sorts weird artifacts aliasing and color moire artifacts all over the video. It’s smart to hide the problems.

  22. What’s ironic & a bit funny is that many people lodge the very same complaints about Nikon all the time. How clueless the pinheads in Nikon’s marketing dept are because of this or that. And often times they’re right. Nikon corporate does seem overly conservative, clueless and half-@##ed. So Canon-intes, the grass isn’t really greener on the other side of the fence. I know; I’m a Nikonite. If I wasn’t already heavily invested in Nikon, I’d likely get a 5D2. Especially with that new video firmware on the way.

  23. Hells yes. Next time I’m buying the American DSLR! Kodak DCS Pro FTW!

    P.S. photos.smugmug.com/photos/686345820_EeDCa-1280.mp4

  24. Sorry, Chuck, but this is a general fail notice. The movie has great quality, sure, but is quite dumb and boring as hell, nowhere near the genius of Reverie. As to the camera itself.. for Chrissakes, it is 2009, almost 2010! And in 2009 you release a pro-grade camera with DX sensor? What were you, people, thinking? What you have is basically D300/7D but for thrice the price and two years late. What possible reason, except for hardcore brand loyalty, could anyone have to chose this one over D700 which is cheaper and full-frame?

  25. Moar: http://blog.vincentlaforet.com/2009/10/20/canon-has-requested/#comment-16964

    @Brad, I have it under good authority that Fake Chuck Westfall’s blog is spot on, and this is held up by internal politics and a power struggle between Canon USA and Canon Japan…and the video’s being pulled has nothing to do with the quality of video from the camera or the content of the video. Japan is embarrassed that Canon USA has shown them up once again (after the same thing happened with Reverie), and bruised egos are causing orders to be handed to Canon USA preventing this video from being distributed.

  26. pls,
    stop politics (corporate, marketing etc.) on this blog.
    I want more pro & contra arguments for C&N cameras.
    we are photographers and not corporative management,
    Ours opinion should give THEM advices what is good and
    what is not good, and not vice versa

  27. Well known quality engineering root cause ratio: 80% of faults/failures/problems is due to management, 20% due to human error and machine failure combined.

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  29. Hey but the Soft samples are still up in the site (I bet it is a hidden picture style called 1DMKIIIYAY! altough the photos are labeled with picture style normal).

    I dunno what Canon is thinking they have the freaking Explorers of lights they could very well do what Nikon did when the D3 was released: Ask uber cool hip pros to shoot the samples for the website!, but nooooooo that is asking too muuuuch! they went with John Doe the shmuch who shots generic sport PJ photos (and soft photos btw).

  30. Wow… I’ve just seen the UK price on warehouse express. Bleeding 4500GBP for 1D4. 300GBP MORE than full-frame D3s. World is your studio and street is your home, is that how it was?

    Guys, what exactly are you smoking when you decide on the pricing? Do you seriously expect people to pay for a DX camera MORE than D3s costs?

    • Yes, provided that 1. you already have the Canon lenses and do not want to trade them in and buy the whole nikon equipment from the grounds up 2. you are a “so-called” pro and do not want the 7D 3. you have enough money or daddy pays 😉

  31. I’ve been considering the switch to the D700 for quite some time now – I’m invested in glass, but figure replacing all of my glass to nikon glass (if i sell mine and buy used nikon) will run me about a grand. Add a D700 to that for another ~2500. Now I’m out $3500 but have a bitching system. All for less than the cost of a 1DmkIV… which is pretty damn tempting.

    I want to believe in Canon.. but after all this, I just can’t. Lack of full frame for a decent price with good focus and acceptable frame rate (above 7 fps) = FAIL

  32. If you truly did not intend to be racially inflammatory then you would have kept your remarks specific as in Canon Japan does not understand marketing, not “the Japanese”, Honda, Sony, etc. But it’s clear from some of the comments of your readers that they need to hear racially charged commentary. I wouldn’t appreciate similar nationalist criticism attacking America for our Automobile industry failures.

    • You are wrong. Regular readers of this blog know that talk of “the Japanese” refers to Canon Japan. You can’t just take one comment out of context. Go read some of the older posts and you will understand.

      Most of the readers here are very enthusiastic about photography, and technology in general. Considering Japan’s leadership in this area, I don’t see how anyone could have a negative view of Japan or the Japanese people. On the contrary, most have a great deal of respect for the achievements of Japanese companies and Japanese people.
      As a reader of this blog, I find your comment that “readers need to hear racially charged commentary” insulting.

      • “As a reader of this blog, I find your comment that “readers need to hear racially charged commentary” insulting.”

        Hear hear!
        Enough of the politically correct demented bullshit!
        READ the post in its CONTEXT, “Steve”.
        And stop being an idiot.

  33. Wll, what do you expect from the people who took the 1D Mk III problem and made it much worse by initially implying it was all the customers’ fault, then downplaying it, and finally, finally acknowledging that there might have been a manufacturing defect or design problem by which time half their customers had run home to Nikon. Canon come up with some great products but when it comes to marketing and customer relations they have their heads up their asses.

  34. P.S.-“Paradigm shift” my ass. That’s just poster boy hype. I don’t give a shit if the new camera does video. I(and I suspect most prospective customers for this camera) want it to focus properly in AI Servo and make beautiful still image files in good and shitty light. I’m happy to let Vinnie make the movies with a still camera.

    As for why the suits in Tokyo had this latest film taken down, I suspect they didn’t like seeing the name Zeiss in the credits. Dumb.

  35. Waiting with bated breath to hear your scathing take on the latest debacle with the 7D.

    I think I said in comment to a previous post that image quality was job #1. Maybe Canon took that to mean that the more images they could show on a single frame the better.

    Canon still isn’t getting it: a camera with great specs but noisy, ghosty images is not a great camera. It’s a crappy camera with nice-looking specs. You don’t shoot specs – you shoot images.

    Hopefully the 1D Mark IV will begin a trend away from crappiness, but we said that about the 7D too.

    Canon has to get beyond these quality issues or they will really start losing even diehard Canoners. I might even go back to my Mamiya 645.

  36. I don’t get all the hype about this video. By now this should be possible with today’s sensors. Nikon has had a sensor in the D3 and D700 with low light capability for years. Both Canon and Nikon have had the ability make video happen on DSLRs for a while now. There are too many things we let slide that the camera manufacturers do just sufficiently. They need to listen up to the people who are buying their equipment and we shouldn’t have to settle.

    The story line of “Nocturne” just doesn’t stand up. It’s amazing what people call good these days. Run skateboarder run!

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  38. Great, I thought Canon could produce 8 blurred picture in one second. Finally Canon proves that they can produce 16 blurred picture in just one single second. I don’t think it makes Canon 100% better anyway.

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