Fucked, for the foreseeable Future

I guess by now most of you have already seen the supposedly leaked Nikon roadmap. Let me tell you that if even half of that is true, we’re fucked here at Canon at least up until 2014. Already we’re having a hard time trying to top the D300, D700 and D3(x) Nikon camera models. Based on where things stand right now, I’m projecting our products in the same categories to catch up to those models sometime in 2011. The problem is that all of those Nikon models will be updated in 2010 already, setting us back to catch up at least until 2014. This is quite depressing to say the least.

I’ve been coming home drunk at night for the last few days because of this, and I’m seriously thinking about a career switch. I’m still hopeful that the 1D Mark 4 will do something for us, but the 60D is not going to come anywhere close to the D300s Nikon is going to release soon from what I see. And as far as I’m concerned, we can just stop manufacturing the 5D Mark II when the D700x gets released by the end of this year. It simply won’t stand a chance. Hell, the 5D Mark II is having a difficult time right now already. You can’t even begin to imagine the support nightmare it is causing us at Canon USA. But more on this later.

As if all this is not enough, the marketing morons at Canon Inc. have been busy again trying to improve public opinion of the 1D Mark III autofocus (AF). The last time they tried this was with the 1D Mark III autofocus manual website, where they also enlightened photographers worldwide about the “Autofocus Philosophy” (Autofocus Joke is more like it) at Canon Inc. The 1D Mark III, as we all know, has been a complete fiasco for us ever since Galbraith sold out to Nikon and showed everyone how crappy its autofocus system really is. Canon Inc. has tried to fix the AF issues a few times, without much luck, according to Galbraith. We’re now up to Silver dots on the 1D Mark III boxes. Who knows how many more colored dots it will need to finally deliver a working AF system with the 1D Mark III. They may have to go beyond the color spectrum of visible light with those dots. I for one have stopped keeping track.

But anyway, now those marketing morons at Canon Inc. somehow managed to get funding for another one of their boneheaded marketing ideas. They went out and interviewed photographer Takahito Mizutani so he could tell all of you how good the 1D3 autofocus really is. Now when I saw this, the first thing that went through my mind was who the fuck is Takahito Mizutani and why should people care about what he says? Seriously?


Does it, really?

If you watch the interview with Mizutani, he mentions the “excellent AF” of the 1D3 so many times it becomes very obvious what the purpose of the whole interview really is. Heck, the interview begins with Mizutani claiming the “excellent AF” is the biggest advantage of the 1D3. You simply can’t be more obvious than that. Even if this wasn’t a problem, there’s still the issue of why people should listen to some Japanese guy named Takahito Mizutani who likely got paid (or possibly threatened) to do the interview. I mean for Christ’s sake, couldn’t they find someone better? At Nikon they have Ashton Kutcher! The guy probably never actually uses a Nikon camera longer than 2 minutes a month, and that’s when he’s able to figure out how to turn it on. But when he tells people he’s using a Nikon DSLR, millions of people who know and like him listen. And that’s marketing. But at Canon Inc.? There they have the great Mr. Mizutani. Couldn’t they pay someone better to talk about the 1D3? How about Arnold Schwarzenegger? Nikon has Ashton Kutcher, why can’t we have Schwarzenegger? Can you imagine Arnold dressed like the T-800 on his Harley looking very serious, pulling out a 1D3 and going “I require excellent AF.” That clip would have moved some serious inventory. Instead, we have this:

Not sure about the excellent part...

One would sure like to hope so...

Bradley Cooper and Chase Jarvis - Seperated at birth?

Bradley Cooper and Chase Jarvis - Separated at birth?

This is not the first time I complained about our marketing efforts. A while ago Nikon released the D90 and had photographer Chase Jarvis talk about it on his blog which created a lot of publicity. I’m willing to bet that a crapload more people know who Chase Jarvis is compared to Mr. Mizutani. And this is another thing, you see. Why is it that almost all the cool, fun, edgy and vocal photographers on the Internet use Nikon gear? These guys have entire communities of fans and followers, unlike Mr. Mizutani. So you know when they talk about the gear they’re using, people are going to notice. Take Chase Jarvis for example. He’s been hit by a car, hosed down, fell from a bridge and exploded into flames. And he’s using Nikon gear. How cool is that? Then you have people like Joe McNally who get attacked by midgets on tricycles, also a Nikon user. I can’t imagine Canon Inc. funding such a project for me. I’m stuck answering technical questions on the Internet in my Tech Tips columns in such a boring way. I can barely keep myself awake when I read my own Tech Tips. Can you imagine me in such a video, getting hit by a midget on a moped in the middle of explaining custom function settings for the 1D3? One can always dream. At least I have this blog, right? And then you have even more people using Nikon gear with entire communities, like the Lord of the Speedlights, showing thousands of people on the Internet how he lights stuff with his preciouses. Even Scott Kelby uses Nikon gear. But at Canon Inc.:

Okay then!

If you keep repeating something, people start to believe you.

To be fair, I have to admit that we did have our moment at Canon USA when Vincent Laforet, God bless his soul, created the short movie Reverie with the 5D Mark II. But that was entirely his initiative and thank God we were able to give him a 5D2 for a few days to do it. And you’d think the morons at Canon Inc. would have noticed the success and try to do more of this, but instead they’re doing crap like interviewing Mr. Mizutani. This is what I can’t stand about Canon Inc., their sheer arrogance. Nikon appears to be listening to photographers worldwide, contacting them and asking them what they need, actively participating in the community in various ways. Canon Inc. doesn’t appear to be interested in what anyone thinks. Years of feedback I’ve been sending them keeps getting ignored. They keep kissing eachother’s asses in upper management and pretend all is well. You can’t imagine how frustrated and tired I am of this.

The result of all this are the mediocre products we’re releasing lately, compared to the competition. For example, Nikon is far ahead with their flash system compared to ours. It didn’t surprise me one bit when one frustrated user wrote down his complaints about our flash system this week and published it on the Internet. Now everyone knows how much we suck. The only thing that seems to be missing in his list is the addition of a small beep sound to the flash head so you can hear if the flash went off or not without having to look at it and blind yourself in the process. I’ve been sending a lot of the feedback in that list to Canon Inc. for years now, and they keep ignoring it. One reason is their absurd mentality of just refusing to release certain features for ‘marketing’ reasons, and another is their lazy engineering attitude. The EOS 50D is still crippled with a laughable 9 point AF system while Nikon’s D300 has a whopping 51-point AF system. Our 5D Mark II has a pathetic 9-point AF system that’s inferior even to the 50D, while Nikon’s D700 has an asskicking 51-point professional level AF system. In the case of the 5D2, the pathetic AF system has practically ruined what could have been a great product.

Let me give you an example of what I call lazy-ass engineering at Canon Inc. in Japan: The viewfinder closing ‘mechanism.’ First, let us observe the Nikon solution:

The viewfinder on the Nikon camera can be opened and closed by simply turning a knob.

The viewfinder on the Nikon camera can be opened and closed internally by simply turning a switch (pointed to by the red arrow).

That’s a simple and elegant solution, right? Now let us look at the solution the schmart engineers at Canon Inc. in Japan came up with:

First you have to remove the rubber eyepiece cup from the camera.

First you have to remove the rubber eyecup from the camera by pressing the sides and lifting up.


The your camera will look like crap.

Then your camera will look like crap.


Then, you take the rubber eyepiece cover attached to the strap of your camera, and you place it over the eyepiece.

Then, you take the rubber eyepiece cover attached to the strap of your camera, and you place it over the eyepiece.


And finally, the eyepiece is closed, holding part of the strap against the back of the camera and making it fucking difficult and annoying to work with it and access certain buttons.

And finally, the eyepiece is closed, holding part of the strap against the back of the camera and making it fucking difficult and annoying to work with it and access certain buttons. And ofcourse, to open the eyepiece again, you go through the entire process again in reverse.

See that? Now that is some state of the art engineering if I ever saw it! You look at this and you start to wonder if maybe somehow they managed to recover a crashed UFO disc in Japan, reverse engineered the advanced Alien technology and used it to create this marvelous piece of engineering. I mean, this is high tech. Future generations are going to look back at us and mention how we were so ahead of our time with this technology.

I look at this and I wonder if it wouldn’t have been easier for Canon to just supply users with a roll of black electrical tape so they could use it to cover the eyepiece.

This example clearly illustrates the problem with Canon Inc. Lazy and mediocre engineering. That’s why our DSLR bodies are beginning to look pre-historic and seriously lacking features compared to the competition. So is our flash system, and soon even our lenses.

This is the attitude that crippled the 5D Mark II, and is now causing me to get loads of emails every week from people complaining about the autofocus system on the camera. Now can you understand how the 5D2 ended up with a pathetic 9 point AF system that is struggling to do the job? Remember, Canon Inc. had 3 whole years after the release of the first 5D to come up with a better AF system for the 5D Mark II. And yet, they had the nerve to release the 5D2 with what they claim to be the same AF system of the 3-year old 5D. The 5D Mark II bodies might be flying off of the shelves, but they’re flying into our service centers just as fast. Just look at some of the comments on this website:

I was glad I stumbled on this post. I have been having some major focus issues lately and starting googling it, and found this. Describes exactly what I have been experiencing at recent portrait shoots and my last wedding, which forced me to focus all of my lenses manually not to miss any shots. The problem is that I do not have perfect eyes and while the diopter compensates, it is not perfect either, and it can still be very difficult in low light, such as the reception, to tell what it actually in focus. Im going through this wedding now and am very disappointed by missing several shots due to the focus issue! Many are just very soft or off the mark. The focus just hunts and hunts, even in GREAT light and had a hard time deciding between the brides white dress or the grooms black tux, thus taking way to long to focus.

Even in a couple shots where I had time to play with the live view zoom, in an effort to zero in on a specific part of the image and know exactly where the tack sharp point should be, some of the images still came out soft, despite what appeared on the LCD.

I’m sending it in to Canon to see what they can do to fix or replace, but for a $3000 camera and as a wedding photographer where I cannot miss moments, I find this unacceptable.

WOW!!! I am glad I finally discovered what has been going on with my new 5D MII!!!!! I’ve only had it for about a month and have become VERY unhappy with the focusing issues. At first I thought it was me….. but I have been a professional photographer for over 24 years, so to question my skills at this stage of the game, really gave me cause to scratch my head.

I am missing key moments. I am primarily a wedding photographer and when you miss things like the bride coming down the aisle, Daddy giving her away, the final kiss, or mom wiping away tears as she dances with her son on the dance floor….. this is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!

This past weekend, I even had moments where the camera would not focus at all! I had to reach up and throw it into manual focus just to get them cutting the cake. And then go back to Auto-focus when the moment was over. Not to mention…low light situations with weddings is pretty standard. I enjoy the high ISO’s and they rock….. when you can get it to focus.

What is the point in having the new high ISO’s, if the damn thing won’t focus in low light??? Not to mention I had to do a little “Creative Financing” just to be able to afford the price tag in this economy.

Well, all I can start off the say is, it’s a great video camera but I cant get that thing to focus properly for the life of me. I have done everything I can to make sure it is not me. I have owned 10D, 20D, 30D and the 40D. My 40D can kick my 5D’s butt any day of the week when it comes the image being in focus. I had two big projects that went down last month and I had to reshoot everything practically and still couldn’t get a super sharp shot. So two days ago I went to the local camera shop and told them my story- I have a new camera coming no questions asked.


I am a full time photographer and I have sent my 5d mark II back 2 times! Canon acts like I am crazy when I tell them I am getting soft images! What the hell! They said that they can not find anything wrong with my camera. I guess their testing does not include taking pictures because this thing is bad. And to top it all off my shutter locked up and I had to have them replace the mirror and the shutter. Wish that would have helped the soft images! Did a shoot yesterday, took 140 images and only (your gona love this) 6 were in sharp focus!

Purchased a 50D last year as a back up, shot with it for a week to test it out and sold it the next, very soft images and the ISO’s were worse than the 40D. My old 5D has been a camp, giving me great images all the time but it is getting old, wish there was a Canon camera I could purchase to replace it.

Canon must be forking out major money for all these reviews to be so good on most media outlets.

I have been using Canon for 14 years and the only thing they can do is act like it is a user problem! Well, that was the last straw, I have contacted my local camera store and I am changing all my equipment out to Nikon before the end of the year. It sucks that I have to change out all this equipment and spend all this money ($20,000.00 to replace all my lens, bodies, etc…) for something as fundamental as focus on a camera!

F. Scott Kennedy

And these are just the last 4 comments, there’s plenty more where that came from. And the noise and banding in dark tones at low ISO on the 5D2 are just plain ugly. If you look at my blog’s homepage on the right side, you’ll see the post titled “Banding and Pattern Noise – EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 50D” as the top post. If you wonder why, it’s all thanks to Google. People are seeing these problems on the camera and searching for solutions on Google. They sure as hell aren’t going to find it at Canon. Looking at the search keyword statistics of my blog, every day there are quite some people looking for solutions to the noise, banding and autofocus issues with the 5D2. Really, just look at the top posts on my homepage, it says it all. I don’t know anymore what to say to people that are emailing me about this either. I really don’t know how much more of this I can take.

Anyway, I’m going to get me a nice cup of Irish coffee right now and try to relax.

53 thoughts on “Fucked, for the foreseeable Future

  1. I almost died laughing Chuck!

    “Then your camera will look like crap.” You have no idea how right you are. Landscape and night shots being ruined all the time by stray light to the finder. That crap needs to be fixed because I hate the rubber cover procedure.

    Thanks for the entertainment!

  2. I’m f*cked then, because I don’t even use the supplied cheesewire, I mean strap, any more.
    That really is a neat trick that the Nikon has, but its not enough to make me change brands. I don’t like the Nikon lens system as much as the Canon range – its far too higgledy-piggledy with differing ages of tech.

    Also i must be one blessed SOB, since i don’t suffer anywhere near as bad as some of these posters with my 5DII. I see none of the banding and i think the noise levels are very acceptable. Lowlight focusing is annoying, but it has to be almost full night for it to suffer. I have taken to using a lazer pointer in very dark conditions. I see this as no more cheating than the AF-assist light on the Noinks.

    • Cheesewire LOL, I like that.

      Yeah, Nikon gets away with promoting ancient lenses. No other company on the planet sell 1980s product and brag about it. Nikon are also real dumb SOBs but we keep buying their product. It worked for GM and Chrysler for so many decades. Too bad there isn’t 50 companies making DSLRs. We’d see how bad the big 2 really are.

      • Being able to use a lens form 1980, 1970 and have the camera focus and give you sharp images is a pretty good return on your investment and gives you confidence that your camera company isn’t going to change mounts and leave your lens collection next to a dinosaurs museum; and on top of it be able to meter, distance, flash, and give you full metering. Example: Nikon has the Nikon 135mm f2 DC that Canon will never touch out of arrogance, it’s the sharpest 135mm in the planet from any company and gives you the best bokeh ever; It’s an old lens, and yet Nikon can’t touch it. The only thing Canon has better at the moment is Some better primes, Nikon kills Canon on Zooms. the 24-70mm 2.8 has canon users buying adapters. I have some advice for Canon; Make only Cameras and lenses and soon you will catch up, stop making camera bags, and monopods for your inferior cameras and focus on improving your gear, this is not a mega pixel race because pixels are worthless if you can’t even focus. If you are going to Criticize Nikon, don’t turn a positive to a negative.

  3. Black electrical tape to cover the eyepiece – now why have I never thought of that!?! I already carry a roll of tape in my camera bag. I use it to stick gels on my flash, because as you know, Canon still refuses to put a gel holder on the the flash like Nikon does.

    Chuck, you are a genius. This should go in your tech tips under “What is the quickest way to cover the eyepiece on a Canon?”


  4. Call me when you’re back with decent bodies canon, now I’ll use a half assed sony dslr with some old minolta primes that will keep me until I see a great canon camera again.

  5. Funny, my 28-year-old Canon A-1 has a tiny lever to he right of the eyecup that shutters light from the finder. I guess that when they went plastic-fantastic in the last 80s they decided to do things differently…

    • Gosh, Elliot, all of the -1 bodies (film AND digital) have had the lever since day one. FCW doesn’t apparently own any pro models.

      • the 5D2 is a pro model according to Canon Inc. so is the 40/50D (semi-pro).
        if you want another example of lazy-ass engineering, how about the gridlines? Nikon solution: projected in the viewfinder on demand. Canon solution: why, just remove the lens, take out and replace the focus screen, attach the lens. piece o’ cake. And if you’re done with the gridlines, just reverse the entire procedure again. And you better pray to God that dust doesn’t find its way onto the prism and inside the viewfinder!

      • I have the Nikon D300 and there is no such lever on that one eiher, so t seems like nikon doesn´t feel that the D300 is any pro or semi pro camera.
        But I still love my camera, will be an D700 or similar after this one.

    • I had an A-1 as well with the viewfinder shutter.

      I thought it was a joke when I opened the box to my Canon DSLR and there was a rubber cover for the viewfinder instead.

  6. Chuck, I think you’re being a bit disingenuous here with some of your criticisms of your own company (assuming that you actually do work for Canon).

    The eyepiece cover… really? I’ve never had a problem with this. I never use the cover, because my camera comes with an incredible built-in mirror that amazingly flips up to block the viewfinder when you take a picture! Nikon ain’t got nuthin’ like… oh wait. Sure, Nikon has a nice switch to close the viewfinder, but maybe that cool little virtually useless feature is part of the reason why the D3X costs $8000. Seriously, that’s minor stuff.

    However, I get your point that Canon doesn’t listen to anyone. But I don’t even agree with that completely.

    Every time I pick up my old 5D (which I love, BTW) I am reminded how much better a camera the 5DII is. Live view is great for setting up studio shots in low light because I can zoom in 10x to get exact focus. The addition of ISO to the viewfinder… though it took Canon years, they finally DID listen to users. Moving the buttons around on the top panel has been a boon, now the backlight is the closest button to my finger… it’s always the one I want to press first so I can see all the tiny stuff on the top LCD panel (I’m old). And moving the ISO button next to it is great too, because changing the ISO is what I want to do most often.

    Those are ergonomic improvements that I notice every time I use the camera.

    Sensor cleaning, custom menus… there are a whole bunch of things about the 5DII that make it a great camera.

    Are there issues? Sure. I’m not so concerned about the AF issues since most of my subjects aren’t going anywhere, but you’re right that they should have addressed that (particularly with all the money they saved not having a fancy eyepiece cover switch). I’m more worried about the noise issue, particularly because, in my experience, it isn’t predictable. Some images are great, some are horrible crap.

    All in all, though, I don’t think I should be the one defending Canon; maybe you should be doing that a bit yourself where Canon deserves it.

    • Tony, the eyepiece cover can be a real hassle if you have to use it often. AF is not an issue for you since you don’t use it much from what you say, but there are many others who do. And you admit the noise issues and yes it is annoyingly unpredictable. And this is something a pro can’t have on an assignment. We were targetting wedding pros with the 5D2, and these very people are now complaining because the AF is complete shit.

      Believe me, I’ll be defending Canon when they start releasing better products. But if they release crap, I’ll be pointing at it and saying it’s crap. In the end it’s us at Canon USA who are dealing with the mess they create in Japan. Who do you think people call when they find out they just bought crap??? Those Japanese better start making my job easier for me.

      • I’ve decided what to do. And I’m doing to stick to it so that I don’t worry about this issue anymore. Cos this whole Canon fiasco isn’t funny to me anymore. I’m getting sick of dreaming of better equipment.

        1) I’ll buy Nikon as soon as a D700x or otherwise a small sized body with 12MP or more and 1080p video with 35mm Full Frame gets released.

        2) I’ll keep my Canon lenses and flashes for the day when Canon releases some good bodies. (I’ll keep the bodies too cos selling them wouldn’t be worth much.) Plus I can use the old bodies from time to time.

        Okay thats it. I’ve decided.

        I don’t think Canon can or will improve in the time before Nikon releases the above. Thanks Chuck. I’ll still follow the rumors but I’ll be reading Nikonrumors.com more now. And of course I’ll still be reading your blog.

      • Some of these little things become really big ones when you have to deal with them all day long.

        Much of my overpriced Nikon “pro” plastic goes back for problems. Some they fix, some they don’t. I’m just a repair statistic forwarded to JP. Nikon’s PC-E line look like an embarassment these days and I’m stuck with their old non-VR 300 ƒ4 that I may dump. I need a 17 shift but I won’t buy Cannots 5D2 based on the non-commit to it as a pro service camera.

        And I’ve come very close to switching. Don’t ever think Nikon is your magic friend that walks on water.

  7. I’ve been shooting with a Canon for the past 15 years, but decided to switch to a Nikon D700 about 6 months ago . What have I learned in this 6 months. That the Nikon equipment is far more reliable and predictable to handle in all situations (much better all round package). The one point that most people seems to miss is that the D700 delivers on almost all fields. The Canon 5D mark 2 is not that bad piece of equipment, I agree. I’ve been borrowing one from a friend if I need the extra megapixels, but compared to the D700 it’s not that rock solid platform, and that is the one thing that I need as a professional photographer. Having a piece of equipment that can get me the shot without any excuses. Sure there is some areas that the 5D mark 2 excels in over the D700 , but when it comes to always getting the shot no matter what the conditions the D700 is in a class of its own. I can’t stress this point enough.

  8. I see you posted my comments above Chuck. And since posting that, I’ve officially decided that I now own a $3000 door stop.

    This past weekend, I missed the bride coming down the aisle – and the kiss at the alter. Do you think Canon will give my client their money back, since ultimately….. IT”S THEIR FAULT!?

    • I’m honored, Sara. Sorry to hear about the issues. I’m sure Canon is reading this. If they care enough, they’ll be contacting you via your website.

  9. After reading all of the above, I am glad when I moved up from my Canon G2 (possibly one of Canons best digitals) I went back to Pentax 🙂

  10. Chuck,
    i have a mixed love-and-hate feeling toward what you wrote!
    Love: it is SO true! and funny!
    hate: it is not funny when you own a 5DM2 (which i am!)

    I used to be a 5D user with a few lens lined up, loved that so much that.. i actually went pre-ordered the MK2. Well.. i must say.. MK2 is a great camera too.. except the AF….
    I am one of those guys who called himself a strobist, so i’ve always wishes we have something comparable to CLS, so i dont’ have to take down the flash from the stand, adjust, and put it back up, align all over again.. and shoot.. (yes we have the great ST-E2, but … that technology is older than my grandfather’s telephone! and it is NOT CHEAP!)
    so i end up using wireless triggers.. which is great.. screw line of sight, but still … it would be nice if we can remote control sometime!

    the other part i love my MK2 is the high ISO performance… it is great! … if you compare to the old 5D….. but heck.. try compare it with D300 or D700…. well.. better have some good noise reduction software handy then…

    it’s great that new MK2 firmware give manual control in movie mode… that helps a lot.. but … that’s not something hard to do in Nikon side either.. so… we are screw once again….

    Honestly.. if is not becasue i’ve invested so much in lens and other stuff in canon… i would be switching ….

  11. I keep coming back to the thought that Jeff Ascough has switched from 1Ds3 to the 5D2, and why isn’t he having these AF issues, until I read on his blog, that he only uses manual focus.

  12. The 5D Mark II low ISO Noise is laughable. It’s worse than my $400 (at the time) Rebel XTi.

    Those who “can’t see it” clearly need their eyes checked. Just look at shadows and greyish/brownish/light black areas. Bump up the exposure a slight tad and all hell breaks loose

    The AF is poor also. Not as bad as I expected after reading the reviews, but still laughable. The outer points are unusable…literally

  13. аналогичные эмоции вызывает использование новой камеры 5Dmk2.
    во первых такого ПЛОХОГО автофокуса я не видел ни на одной другой камере. из за которого вынужден терять до 50% кадров.
    когда снимаеш кажется все нормально. ведь камера уверенно пищит что фокус впойман. а когда приходиш домой и начинаеш разбирать кучи фотографий оказывается что половину нужно выбросить только по тому что фокус оказлся вообще не понятно где.
    паралельно использую камеру Olympus E-3.
    так вот как бы ни звучало это смешно но эта более дешевая камера смаленькой матрицей дает значительно лучшие результаты, и по скорости и качеству автофокуса. и по качеству картинки. и по цветопередаче. лица людей в ней похожи на реальные а не так как в Canon серо буро малиновые лица как будто после продолжительной пьянки.
    а уж на сколько более высокотехнологична и более удобна камера Olympus нежели Canon даже говорить не хочется.
    кенон до сих пор не может сделать удобные функции которые давно есть у олимпус.

    а лайв вью который Canon скопировал с Olympus. не смогли сделать это так же удобно как это сделано в олимпусе.
    а пылетряс. очистку матрицы от пыли. которую Canon так же скопировали с Olympus которую олимпус делает давно давно давно. и ту не смогли сделать так же хорошо как у олимпус. крупные пылинки так и остаются на матрице.

    а авто исо. AutoISO почему нельзя включить autoISO в режиме M ?
    в олимпусе я могу поставить автоисо в режиме M. выставить необходимую выдержку и диафрагму. а исо тушка подбирает сама. очень удобно. а Canon не может сделать даже этого.

    и много много других более мелких недочетов.
    вобщем я очень огорчен результатами и возможностями Canon 5D mark 2

  14. similar emotions is the use of new camera 5Dmk2.
    first such ill Autofocus I have not seen on any other camera. of whom had to lose up to 50% of staff.
    snimaesh when it seems everything is fine. because the camera beeps confident that the focus vpoyman. and when prihodish home and nachinaesh dismantle a pile of photos proves that half must be discarded only on the fact that the focus by law are not clear where.
    simultaneously using the camera Olympus E-3.
    So no matter how it sounded funny but more than a cheap camera smalenkoy matrix gives much better results, and on the speed and quality autofocus. and the quality of the picture. and color. faces of people in it are similar to the real and not as gray Canon drilling crimson face as if after a long пьянки.
    And how much more technologically advanced and more convenient than the Canon camera Olympus even say you do not want.
    kenon still can not make a convenient function that long has Olympus.

    View live and which I copied from Canon Olympus. have not been able to do so as conveniently as in the Olympus.
    and pyletryas. cleaning dust from the matrix. that Canon just copied from Olympus by Olympus makes long long time ago. and that have not been able to do as well as the Olympus. Large dust and remain in the matrix.

    and auto ISO. AutoISO why not include autoISO in M?
    in Olympus, I can put avtoiso mode M. make the necessary shutter speed and aperture. and ISO Bird selects itself. very convenient. and Canon can not do even that.

    and many many other more minor bugs.
    вобщем I am very disappointed the results and possibilities of Canon 5D mark 2

    Sorry for my ignorance of the English language. translation done Google translator

  15. ahhh, i’m so totally agree with you on the viewfinder cover. i was a 50D user and was struck my a shock when i decided to move and got my d700. WTF is that stupid rubber doing on my canon neck strap and it hardly hold on tight to the 50D’s viewfinder!
    although i never use the viewfinder closing “mechanism”, but it sure does demonstrates how nikon cares about the usability of their cameras.
    dont even get me started on the 50D’s ISO performance! #@%(&#@!(%#%

  16. If Canon released a body with better noise control, better AF, weather sealed bodies, what would you buy later? Like Apple, they need to cripple/limit their products to keep us all sucking at the teat and wasting our money on marginal upgrades.

  17. Speaking of Mr. Mizutani …..
    It is pathetic .
    There are so many great names using Canon .
    Should I mention Annie Leibovitz .
    Every time I see Annies images I ask my self should I switch to Canon . I have some other ideas so Canon feel free to contact me .

  18. Hello Chuck. I don’t see you haven’t mention Nikons built in Flash control. Ie, all Nikons from D70 and up can control a Nikon flash remotely. On Canon you need to have two flashes to make the same.

    I have using Canons since the G1 and now I am really considering moving to the other side. Only downside is to sell all my lenses.

  19. @Milan Josipovic
    I think it’s really funny when people base their camera buying decisions on what their photography idols use. If you have talent, then you can shoot with any decent camera and get the results you want regardless of brand.

    Brand means nothing more than a feature list, half (or more) of which you will probably never use.

  20. This spoof thread is fucking hilarious!! LOL!
    ..(at least I hope it’s a spoof, cause that guy seriously can’t be a photographer, he sounds like one of those internet gearhead tools who rushes to the store to buy the new rebel just because its the cool thing to do).

    • 51points of focus on D300, d700, and D3 will tell you if your subject is moving. 19 of the 7d you will need to hire a hybrid system when the solution is already there, more focus points. I shot a sports game with a friend, I was using a D2H and he was using the 7d. He laughed at the camera using 4megapixels. When he saw the shots on the screen, that smile went away. When he saw the prints, he wasn’t laughing. He didn’t let me see his prints nor the back screen, i guess because it was a new camera and I’m a nikon user and my eyesight will cause damage. Bottom line is, Nikon has a better aufofocus system, no hybrid, no gymics. The only thing you can complaint is megapixels, but remember those megapixels will be full of light, not noise.

      • Hector, I recently shot the Gators vs. FIU and the Gators vs. FSU game with a 7D and have to tell ya it is better than my Mark IIn’s. The focus is just as fast and accurate and the high ISO is much better.

  21. This Canon Hybrid Image Stabilizer is great, now we can expect reduced shake-induced blurrness from camera shake. Next invention we need from Canon: ‘Hybrid Object Stabilizer’ to hold the object firmly in place, this surely would reduce AF error.

  22. Canon had announced plans for a new “Hybrid Subject Stabilizer” for the upcoming D4XRebelSTi, but cancelled the feature when senior management was concerned the built-in robot grappling arm would make the body too large. They decided to make employees stand up while installing a larger manual focus switch instead

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  24. Hey Fake Chuck,

    Just so that you know I haven’t left Canon yet…

    Credible source listed on the Nikon Rumors site saying a Nikon D700x is coming… so what the heck is Canon going to do?

    Yea yea I know the 7D is out… but it seems its just more of the same just enough attitude…. make it just enough to be a competitor to the D300s. Yes its a big jump from the 50D but hey Canon is shooting a moving target here. Canon is so far behind… being just good enough isn’t good enough anymore.

    Heres my major gripe with the 7D…. Canon Japan hasn’t improved the spread of AF points. Its still the same spread as the old / ancient 9 pt AF. I need to be able to focus / compose at least to the near outer sides of the frame. The 1.5 crop D300s comes closest to that. Although more spread is even better given the 51 pt PRO AF. Subject track with the 1005 pixel metering module etc…. gives more advanced really useful features.

    For goodness sake, how much analysis and tracking can you do with a 35 segment system? This is stupid. Plain stupid.

    sigh… ok this is my Canon gripe for the day.

    My word still stands… I’ll wait for the next FF release. Which ever comes out with a std sized body with FF, good AF, and 1080p video gets my vote.

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  27. I respectfully disagree with the stance of this article.

    I love the F-stops out of my Canon Rebel XS; the images it spits out aren’t pretty by themselves, but once they’re graded, the result is STUNNING. The firmware is also excellent. How can you be short sighted about your own product? Nikon’s alright, but can it interface well with a framegrabber for animation? I know not everyone uses DSLR’s for animation, but I can tell you right now, that is a selling point, if only Canon would embrace us animators and give us shutters that don’t fail after so many activations. Do you have any idea how frustrating that is? I know two people whose cameras failed them right in the middle of their short animated films. This stuff can take years to plan and execute, and it kind of sucks when our equipment fails our creative vision.

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