Are we trying to take down

You Can't - Canon

You Can't - Canon

It was just brought to my immediate attention that apparently the owners of the website “” are experiencing legal trouble. See their post here. Indications are that Canon Inc., as usual, are acting like the goddamn fucking Gestapo again going around bullying innocent customers and fans. They did the same thing a while ago to and of course also made me try taking down my own blog a few years ago. Let’s also not forget how they had Vincent Laforet, eternal peace, love and blessings be upon him, take down his video ‘Nocturne’ a year ago or how they threatened a Korean photographer if he didn’t keep his mouth shut about the issues with the 1D Mark III. And the list goes on.

All of this is, of course, in the spirit of “kyosei“:
A concise definition of this word would be “Living and working together for the common good,” but our definition is broader: “All people, regardless of race, religion or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future.” Unfortunately, the presence of imbalances in our world in such areas as trade, income levels and the environment hinders the achievement of kyosei.

Addressing these imbalances is an ongoing mission, and Canon is doing its part by actively pursuing kyosei. Truly global companies must foster good relations, not only with their customers and the communities in which they operate, but also with nations and the environment.
They must also bear the responsibility for the impact of their activities on society. For this reason, Canon’s goal is to contribute to global prosperity and the well-being of mankind, which will lead to continuing growth and bring the world closer to achieving kyosei.

At Canon, our customers are number 1!

And to foster good relations with our customers, it is of course only natural that we bully them around and take down their websites, which they spent years working on promoting the use of our products and around which they’ve also built a nice community consisting of even more of our customers, while we’re obviously completely fucking blind to the fact that their work ultimately benefits us and our customers too. And all of that just because the name of their website contains the word “Canon” in it, which, in case you didn’t know, we fucking invented. Makes sense right? If this kind of behavior doesn’t foster good relations with people, then I don’t know what will!

When we say that our customers are number 1 here at Canon Inc. that probably means that we piss on them. It makes perfect sense in japanese english. “Haha, I pissing on you! You in number 1 position! Haha! We are achieve kyosei now!”

Allow me to quote myself on “kyosei”:

Canon Inc. can take their fucking Kyosei corporate philosophy and cram it you know where. Do you know what hinders the achievement of kyosei??? HUH?? DO YA?? Let me tell you what hinders achieving kyosei, you stupid, ignorant bastards: It’s the fucking morons running the company!

I’m trying to get more information about this Canonfilmmakers issue from management here at Canon USA but everyone refuses to talk to me about this. That’s not surprising since they no doubt know I’ll be airing everything right here on my blog along with some good Canon Inc. bashing. So if there’s anyone out there with more information, send it my way at And not to worry, I won’t reveal my sources even if they send me to Guantanamo Bay and waterboard me to death. Please show your support to; this shit has got to stop.


It seems like Canon Inc. may have overlooked the fact that the owner of is called “Jon Connor.” You’ve got to have huge balls or be a total fucking moron (more likely in Canon Inc.’s case) to mess with someone named Jon Connor. Check the video below to see what I mean:

As you all know, in the not too distant future Jon Connor will fight Skynet (Artificial Intelligence). But it looks like right now he’s first going to have to deal with Canon Inc. (Natural Stupidity), an arguably more frightening threat.

17 thoughts on “Are we trying to take down

  1. I guess it’s about time to get into gear and sell my Canon lenses on eBay while they’re still worth something. I really, really, don’t want to switch just out of pure laziness, and I was hoping the 5D Mark III would impress, but is there really any chance of that with these idiots running the company? What a pain – like I don’t already have enough on my plate.

  2. Just change the name to K-NON Film makers .com that wont mess up with the Kyosei.

    I think they probably have a real dept of shooting themselves on the foot over there at Canon. How else can you deliberately screw up your public relations so well?

    If they had an engineering team as good as their fuck-up PR team we would have clean ISO 409,600 on a G13 and 5k RAW video on the Rebel at 1000fps.

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  4. Why Nikon didn’t exchange all site owners bodies and lenses for there tutorials or at not gifted them a roll of yellow tape to tape all “peep” labels and rings on their existing equipment.

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  6. Looks like the freedom of information phrase is just a fucking myth…
    This is what happens when companies think they own the internet…
    Whats next? gonna stop Newspapers printing shit?
    Fuck you Canon (TM)

  7. At least their not nikon. Those fucks can’t even make their own sensor so they farm it out to a COMPETITOR (sony) Nikon management is far more retarded than canons!

  8. This is really amusing. I visit your blog once a while just to entertain myself. Having said that, I use cameras from another camp. They have their share of problems too. Many people who have been fans of this brand that begins with what sound like a writing tool and end with what sounds like an “axe” or “ex”.

    Guess many camera companies are sh**y today.

  9. For the last 10 years, since internet is so important, Canon has perpetrated bullying and stalking AGAINST free-users, against the community of photographers who are critical of this company.
    The problem is worsened, especially in nations where democracy is weak (see Italy), Canon continues to manifest fascist attitudes, perpetrates mobbing, stalking and bullyng against free-user and freethinkers. You can also see on some social networking sites like youtube: Canon used a lot of TROLLS, a lot of CANON-TROLL to to denigrate, insult, humiliate, users of other brands.
    The international community must take note of this fact, must become aware and denounce Canon. Today, Canon is the Nazism of the photography-market.
    Maybe it’s even time to BOYCOTT Canon.
    Canon, on the web, is becoming an ethical, moral, philosophical, cultural, political and existential PROBLEM. Canon is not democratic. Canon is a Nazi.

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