Nikon Taking a Serious Beating – DXOMark SUCKS BALLS

The Nikon 1D Mark III (AKA D800)

The Nikon 1D Mark III (AKA D800)

I almost chocked on a piece of pizza this morning when I read the following Q&A with Nikon:

Q: What can you tell us about the revision of the financial forecast in the  imaging products business?

A: While we increased production and inventory of digital SLR cameras as one  of measures against the risk of floods in Thailand, rapid deterioration in the  market occurred late November and continuing into December. That resulted in a  reduction of unit prices and additional sales costs in fiercer market  competition. This is the main reason of a significant adjustment for Imaging  Company which had been making stable earnings, and we have taken this fact  seriously.


Yeah of course, blame it all on the market instead of putting the blame on yourself. I’ve been pointing out here on my blog ever since the release of the piece of shit D800 that Nikon was in for a major ass whooping. Especially since we had enough time here at Canon Inc. to regroup our efforts in 2012. I said 2012 would be and exciting year for EOS, and you’d think Nikon would take note of that and release something spectacular. Instead they came up with the biggest piece of shit since the 1D Mark III and called it the D800. Not to mention that the 1DX beats the crap out of the D4 too.

Nikon morons are all up in arms everywhere on the interwebs. Just check this out:

Nikon morons are seriously disappointed

Nikon morons are seriously disappointed


This really puts the bullshit on DXOMark into perspective doesn’t it? I’ve been saying here for a couple of blog posts already that they suck balls at DXOLabs, but the Nikon morons just didn’t want to believe me. And how about those fuckwads at EISA with their bullshit awards? This puts that into perspective as well right? RIGHT??? I hope that Nikon finally learns that buying/bribing the entire fucking European camera industry will not guarantee good business results.

Nikon D800 Poll


This goes to show you that if you want true honest to God expert opinion on the Interwebs, I am your guy. Not to brag about myself, but yes, I am the Canon camera guru after all and I fucking earned that title!

So while Nikon’s market is “rapidly deteriorating” (LMFAO!!!! BAAAAAAHAHAHA LOLOLOLOL!!!!!) remember that the 5D Mark III and the 1DX are currently the best fucking DSLRs in the entire history of human civilization. This point continues to be proven again and again. Choose wisely if you know what’s good for you. I said this before, but seriously, how can one expect Sony and Nikon to compete with our entire EOS ecosystem? We’ve got everything in there from DSLRs to Cinema Cameras to a whole fucking arsenal of lenses that work on both systems. It’s fucking beautiful!!! I can certainly agree with Nikon when they talk about “fiercer market competition.” Oh it’s fierce alright.


Problem Nikon?

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got another 3 slices of pizza that’re waiting for me.

30 thoughts on “Nikon Taking a Serious Beating – DXOMark SUCKS BALLS

  1. > remember that the 5D Mark III and the 1DX are currently the best fucking DSLRs in the entire history of human civilization.

    No i dont remember, when was that?

    But youre speaking quite low, why not speak louder? I cant hear you over the Low-ISO Noise of your Canon. Speak up man.

      • Laughing to blend your own insecurity. Interesting. Is that how you got after you changed from Nikon? Are you afraid to get back to Nikon if you would allow yourself to think serious about it. Is that where all the hate comes from?

      • Not hating man, just pointing out facts. As soon as you get out of denial you can join the other Nikon morons who at least demand improvement from Nikon.


        That is what you call pointing out facts? That is what i call Trolling. Trolling to blend your own insecurity over your choice. There is no other choice for you than Nikon is the worst. Even when it would be the opposite, you would… you could never accept it.

        Take care of yourself that this doesnt get too far. Some people really get a bit too much into thing and kinda… escalate if things change.

        With “hate” i dont mean your posts, i talk about the hate which rages inside you. Reading your posts i can clearly see you fighting with yourself.

        If you would be completely sure about your choice, you wouldnt care about Nikon at all. You would not need to… how you call it? “Pointing out facts”

      • Dude, just read the archives here on this blog and you’ll quickly find out how wrong you are.

      • I follow your blog since long, everything seems just like confirmations.

        You should go on a journey to find your inner peace. Take your 5D3 and go on a Journey with a some 64GB SD-Cards. Just take photos of whatever you like and life.

        That is the only thing that can bring you inner peace.

      • BAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What gives me inner peace right now is all those Nikon morons complaining about Nikon fucking up bigtime, when they were first attacking me here. What also gives me inner peace, lots of it I might add, is all of this happening in the face of those fuckwads at DXOMark publishing all kinds of crap about Nikon sensors. TAKE THAT YOU FUCKING MORONS!!!!!!!!

      • So you really want to say me that seeing others unlucky gives you inner peace?

        Fine, if you dont want to take my advice, youre on your own.

  2. ..I would stop worrying about FC’s mental health (he seems to be channeling the ‘sheeple’ with his increasing use of ‘baahaahaas’ which is interesting but nothing too unsettling) and start worrying about Nikon who appear to be in deep shit..

    • I stopped worrying about my mental health shortly after Galbraith posted about the 1D Mark III. That was a long time ago.

  3. My New Nikon D800 Blows the door off any canon camera product I have ever used. The Captures are INSANELY GOOD . Two friends of mine just switched from canon to Nikon after they used my Nikon D 800E. The Low ISO is JUST INSANELY GOOD TOO ! Sorry Chuck,, canon just is not there, If canon used a Sony Sensor that would help,, If canon focused in on still cameras instead of the OVER PRICED movie cameras they maybe could catch up to NIKON !! Have you seen the under ressed over priced prices of canon ??

      • FC you’re a fucking Canon troll !!! I don’t care about the shitty 1dx and 5d Mk III that are not much of an improvement over my 1ds Mk III. And I fucking don’t care about the insanely priced rubbish Cinema EOS shitcams. Those fucking morons should finally release a further developped camera with a newer sensor tech. At an affordable price you WANKERS!!!! Nikon did it already. And your fucking EOS M with overshitty AF is just a pain in the ass and a shame. What does the conservative and dusty management think we are????? Fucking idiots buying old tech?!!!! They better start to squeeze the muscles around their anuses or shut down this fucking useless C ompany! I keep buying lenses on hold until they release a usable camera and if that does not happen (availability e.g. of high megapixel 3D) at latest until the end of 2013 then I will switch to Nikon. I kept back investments of about 10000 Euros now for about two years!!!!!! I need the fucking video function now and those morons also loose with semi-pro camcorders. Not willing to fucking pay for shitty Cinema EOS. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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  5. I am pretty pissed off with Nikon lately. its like they have given up. Canon is going to make a 7D that looks like it is going to kick ass. Nikon puts out a D7100 that is exactly the same as the shit they were building 6 years ago. WTF Nikon?

    • Its a completely new Sensors Design.

      Btw. Canon uses the Same Sensor Design since the first 5D.

      So Canon is the one who doesnt anything.

      Also Nikon is not allowed to change something. Canon too. What should they invent?

      SD-Cards? Flip-Screen? SLT Design? Higher/Less Resolution?

      Whatever they do, everyone will be pissed.

      People want that the new Camera is completely awesome in every way but it should be changed at all.

      That is the reasons why nothing changes. Those fucking retarded “Professional Photographers” who are afraid and go crazy if a button is 1mm changed.

      The 650D have Phase-AF on the Sensor! If the 650D would have a full-frame Sensor it would be one of the best inventions ever.

      But only the “Entry Level” gets new/interesting things. Pro-Level Cameras nearly dont change as anyone would start to cry as people are fucking to stupid to read a Manual. If it changes, i dont buy it. The old one worked.

      But a 650D in FullFrame would never exist and the 650D have a very very lot of downsides to justify the price of a 5D Mark III.

      So the system itself is broken. The Sensor Development is on its edges.

      If the retarded professional photographer wouldn’t start to cry and boycott on every marginal change, we would be much further.

      Its also about cliche. If a Camera have no Flip-Screen, its professional. Even when the fixed-screen is less stable than the flip-screen.

      Fix-Screen –> Professional
      Flip-Screen –> Idiots

      so a professional would never buy a 5D3 with Flip-Screen, so Canon would built one.

      We stuck as long the retarded idiots stop to complain about changes. Improvement always needs changes! Thats how the fucking world works.

  6. How come Nikon is stuck at the same ISO range from the D300 days? FPS have either stayed the same or gotten worse. AF is the same as D300. I want to know WTF Nikon is thinking. Did they lay off the entire engineering dept. or what? Hey Nikon, build something exciting or suck my dick. assholes.

    • As said before, you need to make the Camera bad to justify the higher price of another camera.

      The 5D Mark III could have 12fps without problems, but nobody would buy a 1D-X then. So even when they are possible to do that, they dont do it.

      They need to justify the higher price of another camera.

      Same with Canon. Look at the 5D Mark II, it had the Same AF-System than the 40D, the 50D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 60D

      The 7D was the first which did not used this shitty outdated AF-System and the 60D is still the best thing that Canon have in this camera class.

      As said above, in Live View the 650D is even better than the 5D Mark III.

      If you want something exciting which kicks your ass, tell what you want.

      The result will be something like:

      APS-C Sensor with 48 Megapixel and usable up to ISO 50000000000000
      High prime-Class Lenses for EF-S for the price of a typical EF-S Lense
      AF-System with 234234234234 AF-Points, all Dual-Cross

      Up to 60fps and Photos and up to 500000fps at Videos

      And you want this camera in the Price-Class of the D7000 or 60D.

      That wont ever happen. It will always stay like it is now for Canon, Sony and Nikon with marginal changes.

      The only one who brought new/exciting stuff is sony with its SLT Design and there was still no answer to that from Canon/Nikon (except you call that horrible Live-View shit in the 650D an “Answer”)

    • They’re stuck at the same ISO range because they’re too obsessed with goddamn megapixels. It’s not just Nikon, even at Canon I have my hands full right now convincing the marketing department that megapixels is just not what people want anymore these days. We’ve got enough fucking megapixels, the feedback I get is that people want high ISO with low noise. If we keep increasing the megapixels the ISO range isn’t going to improve.

      • you’re complaining about how bad the D800 is on high ISO, its a 35mp idiot thats why, they OBVIOUSLY made if for studio and landscape, who’s the idiot that will use hi ISO for those things? shit man, you really have some dead cells on that brain of yours… did canon ever came up with a high megapixel camera that has a good high ISO? NO!!! so stop complaining, we all know that the 5D3 is good but its never better than a D800. learn to accept and stop complaining just because everyone doesnt agree with you

      • dude, can’t you fucking read? if the d800 is so good why the fuck isn’t Nikon selling any??

      • In fact Nikon is selling a very very very lot of them.

        I dont know where your facts are from, but they wrong.

        When the D800 came out it was the most selled Digital Camera, even the 200 € compact cameras got beaten by the 3100 € D800

      • idiot, why cant you say something about my comment on high iso??? choked on your own dick??? c’mon man, put some thought on your words…

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  11. Nikon has now screwed me 3 times in 6 months. I still like the product, but won’t accept being treated like scrum when I’ve spent over $100,000 with them. Not quite sure what Ill do, but dealing with Nikon any more will drive me insane. Bye bye Nikon, 21 years of loyalty was a good run.

    Ill be there to photograph after the company hits an iceberg, with a brand who cares about their customers.

    Someone will get a great deal and Ill take a beating, but I refuse to deal with a company that has no respect for their customers.

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