It’s official: I’m not Vincent Laforet

It’s been a few weeks since I last detected a disturbance in the kyosei and I’ve just been so very busy with a lot of stuff around here at the office. We’re heading for some pretty exciting times for EOS in the coming months. Right now Nikon is playing the announcement game with us again, trying to wait for us to do our announcements first, and then them coming with a much stronger announcement just a few days later taking all the press. We’ve been suckers for that a couple of times already, but not anymore. This time they’re going to have to make their announcements first, or there will be none at all. At the same time Sony are preparing to rip us both a new one as I’m typing this. The A77 is going to trash everything out there in, below and even above its market segment. The Nikon D7000, D300s, Canon 60D, 7D etc. – All toast. I knew this day would come:

We’re not very concerned about Olympus here at Canon, but Sony has been scaring the hell out of us for a while now, to be honest. More so than Nikon, and for a lot of reasons. They’ve got their hands on a lot of good technology now, and we’re very concerned about their next wave of DSLRs. If you can recall their DSC-R1 camera from a few years ago, it had a CMOS sensor and really great and reasonably fast contrast-detect autofocus functionality. You could even use the small joystick to move the focus point *anywhere* on the screen and focus *exactly* where you wanted to, even the edges. This was a few years ago. If this makes its way into their DSLRs, with today’s faster processing technology, we’re going to be fucked. We know they have the sensor technology (D3x) with IS, they have the lenses, it’s just a matter of the right software, the pro features and tuning it all to work together. Since they have the financial capabilities, it’s only a matter of time.

It’s not like I didn’t warn Japan about it:

Even Sony is working hard to close the gaps in their lineup with their recent lens announcements. It won’t be long now before they have a DSLR body that’s going to make Canon Inc. executives shit their pants. But Canon Inc. has had plenty of time and plenty of opportunities, and if they keep blowing it every time they’ve got nobody to blame but themselves.

And the time has now indeed come for Canon Inc. executives to shit their pants. And this is nothing yet. What’s even more frightening to us is the prospect of their upcoming A900 replacement.

Make no mistake about it though, we’re not planning to go down without a fight here at Canon. I said there are some exciting times coming for EOS in the months ahead, and I mean it. There’s a reason why you’re not hearing anything about the next 5D yet. This time around Japan are taking their time with it. This has nothing to do with the earthquake. But more on this in another future post.

Planet5D had an interesting podcast with grand master Vincent Laforet, eternal peace and blessings be upon him. At about 7 minutes in, he answers the question if he’s Fake Chuck. For a long time now I’ve been dying to know if I was really Vincent Laforet, and now I finally have an official answer from him. Thanks a lot @planetMitch for asking him that question. I owe you one.

The rest of the interview is pretty interesting also. There’s some great advice if you’re new to the industry and are starting up your own business. Laforet also briefly talks about his iPhone app, which apparently was misunderstood by a lot of people. I must admit that at the beginning I was a bit confused myself. Somehow I was led to understand by the information in the iTunes store that the app came with a Pulitzer Prize included. I almost wrote an angry email to Laforet myself after downloading the app, demanding my Pulitzer Prize or to have my $3 back. But considering our good friendship, I decided not to.

Vincent Laforet, Peace be with Him, and me.

Vincent is such a great guy and we’re lucky to have him as a Canon explorer of light. I personally am so proud that I framed the picture above and have it on my desk right next to my PC so I can see it all the time when I’m working. Well actually, I replaced a picture of my wife and daughter that was initially inside the frame with this one. I also carry a smaller copy of it in my wallet.

And before I head back to work, I want to take this opportunity to remind you again to please, for the love of God and all that is holy, sign the 5D Mark III petition to Canon Inc. In the seven months that this God forsaken petition has been online, only about 300 people have signed it so far and that’s fucking pathetic. Don’t you want Canon Inc. to blow you away with the next 5D? Then sign the petition, God dammit! If you’re disappointed again in a few months don’t run back to me crying and complaining about it!

19 thoughts on “It’s official: I’m not Vincent Laforet

  1. Hahaha great post. Vincent is a great dude but Fake Chuck is the best at Canon Humor.

    You will have many chances to write in the coming months and feel ready to puke at the 3 year craptastic concoction that Canon will bring out. It will probably be noisier and have just a lame video improvement but nothing revolutionary.

  2. Where you been Chuck? You dropped off the radar for quite a while. I didn’t think drug rehab typically lasted that long.

  3. FC, FC, FC….it was clear from one of your previous posts that you are missing the y chromosome! Tech gets you wet indeed!

  4. Holy Fuck! I just noticed the new design of the web page. Pretty nice!. And this silly cannon at the top is also gone. Now you display the canon cameras. Does Canon not kick your butt because of that? Why the fuck are you not posting anymore. Still in rehab? By the way, after Sony F717 I will buy another camera from Sony: NEX-7. Holly jesus is that a nice camera!!!!! And not even the full format you mentioned… Canon officials have to shit their pants as soon as the full format arrives.. as you told us.

    • Yeah man, as you can see I’ve been working on the blog. Things have been busy around here at the office. But I will be posting again soon. Lots to talk about!!

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  7. Those 1DX 800 samples look like they have had some noise reduction, the noise appears soft and not crisp. Same is true when you look at Canon’s ISO1600 sample, the fine details are blurred out, so either the camera’s NR is switched on, Or the camera’s firmware blurs over fine detail in order to test well in DXO mark like crop sensor camera’s do.

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