Fujifilm is gonna tear us a new one

Canon Inc. should be afraid, very afraid

Canon Inc. should be afraid, very afraid

I saw this just now over at Photo Rumors, and I think it’s very clear that Canon Inc. had better fucking cut the bullshit now and start focusing on image quality instead of megapixels. It wasn’t too long ago when I wrote that Fujifilm may be fucking us up in the near future (read that post if you haven’t yet), and it looks like it’s gonna happen.

I have been here for over 5 years now arguing that we should focus on image quality and Canon Inc. still isn’t fucking listening, as we recently saw with the 70D:

I’m getting fucking tired of pointing out that increasing the megapixels while having to apply noise reduction to keep the noise levels low is FUCKING POINTLESS. All detail gets lost anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T YOU FUCKING MORONS IN JAPAN UNDERSTAND THIS????????

Of course it’s not just Canon Inc. that’s to blame but also the fucking moron consumers who think more megapixels is always better. Fortunately we’ve seen recently that people are wisening the fuck up. Many complained about the piece of shit D800 having 37MP while most would have been satisfied with 16MP. I had warned back then that it makes no sense to compete on megapixels. Nokia now has a goddamn phone out that takes images at 41MP!!! The fierce market competition Nikon mentioned got a whole lot fiercer now. What do you think people are going to be choosing now? A bulky D800 that costs so much with a professional lens, or a Nokia Lumia 1020 that is small and easy to carry around and offers you SO MUCH more apart from the 41MP images?

If you can offer a compact camera or DSLR that can take 12MP images in low light shot at ISO 6400 that really look like ISO 400, or even better like ISO 100, then I think you have a chance at competing with smart phones. Otherwise fucking forget about it.

Canon Inc. is already taking a serious beating:

Canon Inc. (7751), the world’s largest camera maker, cut its annual profit forecast and predicted its first drop in sales of models with an interchangeable lens as consumers switch to smartphones to take photos.

Smartphones are eating into digital camera sales as companies such as Apple Inc. and Sony Corp. release new handsets with stronger built-in lenses and sensors to lure shoppers. The value of worldwide camera shipments dropped 19 percent in August from a year earlier, a ninth consecutive monthly decline, according to the Camera & Imaging Products Association in Tokyo.

“The downward revision is larger than expected and will have a negative effect on Canon’s stock price,” said Takashi Aoki, a Tokyo-based fund manager at Mizuho Asset Management Co. “Smartphones are creating a structural problem for camera manufacturers.”

Yeah sure you ignorant motherfucker, blame it on the smartphones. What the fuck happened to innovating and giving consumers a fucking reason to ACTUALLY WANT A COMPACT CAMERA OR DSLR???????? With the files looking like crap, no wonder consumers choose a phone instead! Might as well choose a smaller more convenient device if the bigger ones produce the same crap anyway.

At least Fuji gets it:


Don’t deliver, continue to act like fucking morons, and see what’s gonna happen you fucking assholes!

When that new full frame Fuji sensor comes out we’re gonna be fucked. FUCKED I tell you!!

Jesus fucking Christ, I can get so worked up over this shit. I need a drink. I’m out,


17 thoughts on “Fujifilm is gonna tear us a new one

  1. sry to tell ya, if fujifilm got release the FF camera and a list of DSLR n lens lineup, i gonna switch all my canon to fujifilm. look how amazing the image quality of x pro 1 to 5dm3, i cant imagine wat kind of IQ that a FF fujifilm beast can produce. or something like ISO12800 looks like ISO100?

  2. Thanks Chuck for the great update. I bought my last Canon piece of shit in 2010 which was EOS 50D. Don’t wanna replace it with the worse shit 70D. Rather I’ll seriously start contemplating Fuji. They were a great film maker; there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to turn out great DSLR bodies.

    Might start selling the lenses soon. Down with Canon and Nikon.

    Thanks again.

      • Actually Canon’s claims about the 50D proved to be more fake than you, Fake Chuck!

        I happily got rid of my 50D and moved to Fuji since more than one year.

  3. just had a high techie “I live in silicon alley” who found out I am a photographer and the first thing out of the guys mouth is what kind of camera and how many megapixels does it have??!!! idiots!!! it’s like when I see people ordering dark roast coffee everywhere because the idiots think it has more caffeine when darker the roast the less the caffeine it has! morons! now everywhere I go I have drink bitter burnt dark roast coffee because you idiots keep buying it up thinking it has more caffeine.

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Chuck,

    WTHell??? What took you so long to make this new post???
    These posts are the best laughts of my day!! Keep making them … On a more regular basis if possible – i need this to end the day with a smile.

    Thanks man!
    Keep it up.

  5. This is FUCKING GREAT BLOG! FUCK FUCK FUCK. i Love to FUCK anyways. 🙂

    I have a X100s when comparing it to my 5dMarkII, HELL FUCK THAT x100s has a better handling in Noise. FUCK YOU CANON! We Need HIGH IQ not the High MPFucking Piece of shit. Thats why i didn’t upgrade to 5dmark III because the IQ is fucking damn shit than my 5dmarkII.

    Its better to get 1dx or the x pro 1.

    Fuck you all!

    • Well it should since it’s like 6yrs newer. I own the x100s, Xe2 and xt1. Love Fuji. Owned 2 5D’s, 2 5D2’s and still own a 5D3 as well. The x100S doesn’t hold up to the modern 5D3. But it is quite good…that I’ll agree with. To say the 5D3 sucks and you should get the 1Dx or x pro 1 for IQ proves some serious ignorance.

  6. I am planning to buy a Fuji in a few months or even weeks, because i haven’t found a better camera to do portraiture compared to a 5D MKIII with a canon 85mm f/1.3 lens for over $6,000. Fuji cameras got something that i can’t find with Canons, the quality of the pictures is simply amazing.
    In the meantime i still shot with the 6D for birding which is an okay camera, just okay because nothing’s exceptional.
    It’s getting easier to jump on the FF’s bandwagon, lithography’s technologies made it easier to be reproduced and accessible to many more companies. As a result prices will go down, and it’s good for us mere mortals.

  7. Despite your foul mouthed theatrics, you do have a very valid point…

    Been waiting to ‘upgrade’ my Canon gear like forever, have not been able to justify it ‘cos of Canon ‘sideways improvement proclivities, might just buy an X-E1, sure ticks all the right boxes.Sigh..

    On 27 October 2013 13:01, Fake Chuck Westfall

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  11. Found you’re blog today while researching the 70D. Thank god I did I was hoping things got better since I had the 7D and got rid of it a month later. But I guess not.

    Anyway, I have really been looking at the Fuji’s. Maybe their new policy is the reason DxO won’t test their cameras? The results would blow their precious Nikons out of the water?

    • Quite possible. DxO is owned by Nikon. It’s either that or they get their cocks sucked by nikon executives.

    • Whatever you do, don’t get a 70D unless you need the autofocus features. 6D or 5D3 have much better image quality.

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