5D Mark III, D800, D4 – DXOMark Sucks Balls

I just got off of the phone with Mitarai. We had a lengthy discussion about the imaging division at Canon and the way we’re heading right now with EOS. We also discussed some of the more recent issues and the need for better quality control. Things are looking very good for the future right now at Canon especially now that he took over again from Uchida.

It’s been very hectic around here recently and I just couldn’t find enough time to update the blog. There was NAB and the whole launch of the EOS C500 and 1DC cameras and a lot of other stuff going on behind the scenes. Plus the press was all over me for weeks. Everyone wanted a piece of the “legendary” Chuck Westfall. I felt like a Hollywood celebrity. And it’s fun, I have to admit, but it can really wear you down. I’ve felt exhausted for weeks. Fortunately I’ve had some time to rest and as you can see I’m back on the blog to address some really burning issues.

First let me get the NAB interview issues out of the way. Here’s an interview Engadget did with me:

I was fucking pissed off when I saw the interview on their website later that day. Those guys seriously need to get some lessons in how to properly do video interviews. First of all, only my mouth is constantly in the frame. If you’re going to interview someone as important as me, at least make sure my face is fully visible in the goddamn frame. Secondly, the sound is fucking horrible. This is so disappointing for such a big website like Engadget. I’ve seen small bloggers do videos with better sound! Very disappointing production values from Engadget.

Dan Chung from DPreview did a much better job interviewing me here:

Framing was good, audio much better, but I almost punched him in the face when he kept repeating how expensive the 1DC is to him. He said it once, what’s the fucking point of repeating it constantly? What the hell did he expect me to say? If you don’t have the money, simply don’t buy it for fuck’s sake! It’s not like Canon Inc. is begging or forcing you to buy it, okay? Just fucking get a 60D or something. Or a Digital Rebel. Anything! But don’t annoy me by constantly whining about the price of the 1DC while recording it! I’m warning you – and this goes to all of you in the press – if you want to get punched in the face the next time you interview me, just repeat Dan Chung’s performance in this video!

Mitch from Planet5D did a much, much better interview with me. You can really tell I enjoyed talking to Mitch during this interview.

And then there was this interview with Scott Bourne from Photofocus.

Scott made me feel really important and powerful, legendary even, and I especially loved the intro. Thanks Scott, looking forward to seeing you again!

Now, on to a more important issue. Those fucking ganja smoking Europeans at DxO Labs are at it again. While everyone expected the 5D Mark III to score at least as good as, and possibly even better, than the Nikon D800 and Nikon D4, it scored far lower on DXOMark. Just look at this sad picture:

DXOMark Sucks Balls

I’ve said it before 3 years ago, and I’m not going to repeat myself:

Go ahead and believe those morons at DxO Labs if you want to. Who are you going to believe? A bunch of ganja smoking Europeans who don’t have anything to do and slapped up a website with some “data” to kill some time, or your own eyes? And get this, according to them the Nikon D90 has a better sensor compared to the Canon EOS 5D? Daat’s riiight, mon! When you ees high, ewrytheeng ees possybal!

Honestly, can the 5D Mark III score so much lower than the piece of shit D800? We’ve already established and discussed to death on this blog the fact that the D800 is a piece of shit camera:

But since a lot of people apparently seem to go through life completely brain-dead, let’s fucking take a look at it again.

First of all, even DXOMark shows that the 5D Mark III has lower noise compared to the D800.

5D Mark III lower noise

5D Mark III has less noise compared to the D800

From the graph you would think that the difference in noise performance between the 5D Mark III and the D800 isn’t that big. But once you look at some sample images, you see how big the difference is. The noise on the D800 is fucking terrible. Here’s a comparison of RAW images on DPReview:

D800 sucks balls

D800 sucks balls

That’s just nasty. It’s even slightly worse than the 7D. And this is at ISO 3200 but essentially this is a problem at all ISO values. And don’t forget the color dithering and image banding which we had already discussed in a previous post:

Nikon D800 VS the Canon EOS 1DX Image Quality


And in JPEG mode the 5D Mark III is sharper than both the D800 and even the D4. Where the fuck is all the supposedly extra resolution on the D800?

D800 sucks balls

Soft and muddy piece of shit image quality of the D800

The comparison above is from DPReview, at ISO 6400. But at all ISO values the 5D Mark III images are sharper in JPEG mode. Apparently both the D800 and D4 have some kind of shitty JPEG processing engine. We had already seen that the 5D Mark III has better image quality than the D4.

Here’s a comparison from Cameralabs that clearly shows the cleaner and sharper images from the 5D Mark III in JPEG mode:

5D Mark III VS D800


The noise on the D800 is so bad, that even in Live View it becomes an issue when trying to focus in low light situations:

D800 Live View Sucks Balls

D800 Live View Sucks Balls BAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!1

To be fair, the sensor in the D800 is better when it comes to dynamic range at low ISO values:

DXO Mark Sucks


But what’s the use of more dynamic range when there’s also more noise, color dithering and banding and when the JPEG images are fucking soft? The amount of detail you can get out of the shadows is pretty impressive at ISO 100 on the D800, but at higher ISO values the noise is going to become a problem. And as you can see, above ISO 800 the 5D Mark III actually takes over with better dynamic range. Combined with the lower noise, the 5D Mark III is definitely the better camera for low light shooting (think events, weddings, concerts etc. etc.).

And with the superior AF system on the 5D Mark III even in low light, and the higher frame rate, the 5D Mark III is a definite winner. The review below clearly shows the difference between the AF systems of the 5D Mark III and D800.

There’s also the review of the 5D Mark III by Kay from DigitalRev that caught my attention. I think everyone else should take this review as an example. In general I think all camera review videos should contain more young pretty asian girls. Especially if it’s a review of a Canon camera. Please do take notes.

Those of you who know me personally know that I have a thing for asian women. Hell, I’ve been married to one for years now.

Asian Girl

Holy hell

There’s just something about asian women that drives me crazy. They look so.. exotic. I’ve never been able to quite put my finger on it. But anyway, you’ll note that the 5D Mark III easily locked focus on the subject in the review. Although I must admit that this was not a particularly challenging situation for the AF system. I know for a fact that I would have easily locked focus on the subject myself, had I been there. Ahem.

Photographer Ryan Brenizer riverdanced his way through a wedding recently with the 5D Mark III and raved about the AF system on the camera being better than even the D3s.

Has Canon finally fixed the autofocus in the 5D line? In a word? Abso-freaking-lutely. The autofocus is accurate, fast, and a pleasure to use — in some ways moreso than the Nikon D3s. I immediately turned off all sensors except the extra-sensitive cross-type sensors — and still had 41 left! Combined with the joystick, I never have to play the focus and recompose game very much unless I want my point of focus to be at the very edge of the frame. And even then I can get it close enough to not compromise the accuracy of my focal plane, which can matter when you’re shooting with a lens like the 50mm f/1.2L

Not surprising given that the AF system on the 5D Mark III is the same one from the 1DX. The only significant issue Brenizer had was with the lower dynamic range in the images from the 5D Mark III, but only when significantly pushing the exposure in post.

Sir Philip Bloom of London did an excellent review of the video capabilities of the 5D Mark III, check it out below.

Bloom recently also compared the video capabilities of the 5D Mark III to the D800 and D4, and the 5D Mark III is the clear winner as far as I’m concerned. The only issue Bloom had with the 5D Mark III is the soft video out of the camera, but which can be sharpened to become quite excellent in post. Compare that to the “too damn soft” video on the D4 which remains crap even in post and the fucking horrible aliasing and moire on the D800 with lots of noise at higher ISO values that you’ll never be able to fix in post even if Jesus himself was assisting you. Here’s what Bloom had to say about the D800:

It does have some downsides to it. I was very very scared when I heard about the really high megapixel count of 36 megapixels. It’s absolutely insane! I don’t need that for stills and I certainly don’t want it for video. And the low light performance does suffer because of that.

Again, up yours DxO Labs!!!!

The winner, also for video: 5D Mark III!

However, the best part of the above comparision by Bloom is really the absolutely lovely Diana:

The lovely Diana

Yeah that’s right, get her drunk Philip!

When Diana appeared on screen I lost all interest in what Bloom was talking about. I believe he said something about the noise on the cameras but I can’t be sure. The audio just got completely blurred out in my mind. All I cared about was Diana. I immediately fell in love. She is so cute it hurts to watch this whole comparison sequence. I’ll be forever grateful to anyone who can send me her email address and a link to her Facebook profile. Who cares about the noise performance of any goddamn DSLR when Diana is on screen? Honestly? Even with the horrible noise on the D800 Diana still looks absolutely gorgeous! And when you watch this sequence, pay attention to how Bloom gets her to drink bottle after bottle of beer. You’ll even see her on screen going “Drink again now?”, no doubt responding to Bloom’s frequent requests to keep taking another sip. Nice going there Philip, this is a really great way to get a girl drunk. Bastard. You shagged her didn’t you? Don’t fucking lie to me, man! You got her drunk, declared the shoot a wrap and brought her to your hotel room, didn’t you!? You lucky bastard.

Seeing as how the D800 performs worse compared to the 5D Mark III when image quality is concerned, both for stills AND video (noise, softness), you tell me how the fuck those cock sucking morons at DxO Labs ended up with such a high score for the D800 sensor? Someone please tell me, because for the life of me, I’ll never be able to figure it out. Nikon probably paid a load of money to DxO Labs and possibly signed some long term advertising contracts and sponsorship deals to be able to position the D800 and D4 so high above the 5D Mark III. No other explanation makes sense.

When reviewing all the information above about both the 5D Mark III and the D800, it should be quite clear to anyone that the 5D Mark III wins. Overall it is the best camera to have for both stills and video and the image quality is clearly superior in both cases.


DxO Labs can take their fucking worthless sensor database and cram it up their ass!

UPDATE 14 May 2012:

I just saw this comparison video of the 5D Mark III and the D800. Pay attention to the conclusion, especially you Nikon morans! Check it out:

See why that guy chose the 5D Mark III instead? Because of the great fucking image quality! Nikon can’t even handle something as basic as white balance correctly for Christ’s sake. And the aliasing and moire are fucking horrible. Plus the 5D Mark III’s AF is better.

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  1. Nice to see you get worked up about something Chuck. Just make sure to keep your heart meds close to the hand lotion, if you get my drift.

  2. At high ISO the Canon 5DIII is marginally (negligibly?) better than the Nikon D800. At low ISO the D800 is better, much, MUCH better. It is like night and day, the difference is fucking HUGE!!!

    So it all comes down to what your shoot. If you ONLY shoot high ISO, either camera will do. But if you also shoot low ISO, then the D800 is the obvious choice. Technically superior. And to add insult to injury, cheaper too.

    I am not surprised that DxO Labs scored the D800 so high. It is that good. So I am sorry Chuck, back to the drawing board for you. You can stick your fingers in your ears and go la,la-la,la-la, but that wont change the fact that Canon is falling behind Nikon. Badly.

    • What do you mean MARGINALLY better?? The nois eon the D800 is fucking horrible man. Why do you think the D800 JPEG images are so soft??? It’s because of the high noise reduction, that’s why!! The 5D2 had the exact same issue! And even with such a high noise reduction blurring the shit out of all detail in the image, there is STILL more noise left than on the 5D Mark III!

      • I realize that comparing cameras at pixel level makes the lower pixel count 5DIII “look” better than it really is, but you cannot do that. Sorry Chuck, but you are now just grasping at straws.

        Looking at the DxO results that you posted above, the high ISO score of the 5DIII is 2293 vs 2853 of the Nikon. So I was wrong saying the 5DIII is marginally better, because it is actually marginally worse, 0.315 stops worse to be exact.

        Personally I don’t care much about high ISO, because 99% of the time I shoot ISO 100. And at ISO 100 the D800 is a MASSIVE 2.7 stops better than the 5DIII. No, you read that right. It is not 0.27 – it is TWO POINT SEVEN FUCKING STOPS!

        I know it must suck to be you right now. Believe me, I wish this wasn’t true. But it is all Canon’s fault. They have known about the low ISO noise + banding problems for years and choose to do FUCKALL about it. It is like the AF problems all over again. That took years and years of complaints for them to finally do something about. So how many more years do we now have to complain about low ISO performance before they finally do something about it?!?

        Frankly, I might die before Canon finally “get it”.

      • Dude, can’t you see the obvious contradiction in DxO’s own results? Look at the noise performance graph, where you can clearly see that the 5D3 has lower noise. If that’s the case, how can the D800 score 2853 and the 5D3 2293 for high ISO? It doesn’t fucking make sense! Their own graph contradicts their scores. And clearly the 5D3 images are much cleaner when you look at the samples from various sources on the Internet. Especially at high ISO! And yet DxO gives the D800 a higher rating for high ISO? Dude, open your eyes.
        I’ll admit that the banding is still there on the 5D3, although much less compared to the 5D2 – BUT only if you push the exposure in post by more than 2 stops. If you need to push the exposure in your images that much in post, you need to learn how to properly use a camera. But I would love for the 5D3 images to be free of banding. I’ll be working with the engineers to get this issue fixed in the future. But right now, despite the banding, the 5D3 images are still better than the D800 images.

    • the D800 is for people whit lessoff a brain . you can now glue the ISO button so it canT be used just make shure it stays at ISO 100 , then you only need to worry about ewrythingelse .. BAHAAAAA!!

    • Totally agree…
      Stop moaning Chuck, you’re pathetic… Canon’s sensors are shit, you have to accept it. Do something useful, write a message to Canon, they need to move up their ass !

      DxO tests are rigorous, I think you ignore what is signal processing, that’s why you can’t understand why the Canon 5DmkIII is just a piece of shit with ugly banding and very poor dynamics.

      You have to learn some physics about semi-conductors, signal processing (with I/O converter’s pollution, operational amplifiers etc…), all theses stuffs are important to understand. For your information, the Sony sensor have a numerical amplification, that’s why it doesn’t have banding and other noise pollutions. And even if the D4 sensor have no numerical amplification, it is way far better conceived (no banding and very low read noise).

      Stop denying reality…

      • I have to ad that you are comparing 100% crops in your fucking post… It’s a noob mistake ! Compare print’s and cry little bitch ! Seeing just a part of an image to compare is just stupid.

      • The noob mistake is comparing prints at the same size you fucking moran! And that’s what DxO does in their goddamn worthless print comparisons. What’s the fucking use of downsizing images to 8MP and comparing them? Why not fucking downsize it to VGA instead, that way even my cellphone can look like it rivals the 5D Mark III. I honestly feel so sorry for humanity man, seriously. We’re all becoming more stupid every day.

      • DxO tests are shit. How the fuck can the D4 score lower than the D800??? The D4 is even better in low light and the image quality is much better!! DxO is a complete fucking joke. If you can’t see how the 5D Mark III images look better in the above comparisons, you need to have your eyes checked. Schedule an appointment with an optician asap.

      • When I compare images, I compare prints. This is a complete no sense comparing things that don’t have the same dimensions. I’m a physicist stupid bitch, I know what I’m talking about. You don’t have any signal processing knowledge so just shut the fuck up.
        The D4 doesn’t have the same dynamic range that the D800, that’s why it’s scored lower. It is a question of technology.

        I use my eyes, and I see that D800 images have way better shadows and I don’t see any banding… For your information, if the Canon has a shitty dynamic range it’s because of the banding and read noise that literally eat the dynamic (pollution of the bottom spectrum). Anyway, even if the Canon has bigger photosites, the technology used to read the sensor is very bad. If you can’t understand it, buy a brain and read some physics, mathematics and engineering. But for now, stop talking about things you can’t understand, you’re pathetic and your aggressiveness prove that you are frustrated and trying to hide reality. Don’t forget that measurements are representing reality, and DxO’s method is rigorous and derived from scientific measurements.

      • Okay Mr. science fancy pants. Let’s talk science. One of the important things in science is that theories and measurements should be consistent with real world observations. Right? Well why, then, do the D800 images look so much worse compared to the 5D Mark III images? Clearly there’s a lot more noise visible and in JPEG mode the images are also much softer. And why is the video on the 5D Mark III better than both the D4 and D800? I couldn’t give a flying fuck about dynamic range when it’s clear to my eye that the 5D Mark III images and video are better.
        Also, it makes no fucking sense to downsample images to a lower resolution for comparisons. The larger images are larger for a reason – people expect to make larger prints that will still look sharp. That’s why you should compare at the pixel level. For a physicist you come across quite retarded.

      • Chuck, you’re looking at this the wrong way, you have to look at it from a Nikon perspective. Forget the pictures, that’s a rookie mistake, you never look at the pictures because that will never show how good the D800, or any Nikon camera for that matter, really is.

        No, you look at the numbers on sites like Dx0 and read supportive reviews (forget non supportive reviews, those are written by hacks) to get a true indication of just how good Nikon cameras really are.

        In fact you should never use any Nikon camera you buy as there is too much chance you will mess up while taking a photo and get a false impression of just how good the camera really is.

        So to recap, Nikon always makes the best cameras and anyone who disagrees is obviously wrong or they just made the simple mistake of trying to use a Nikon camera which it’s not really intended for.

  3. D800 is amasing ,when i think of al the perfect pictures the 5D-5D2 have taken whit its more than sufficent resolution (manny pro bodies uses 16 or less ). i can understand that Canon just made a minor improvment in that area. when it comes to Canon and Nikon its both some werry importen tools that we got to trust in any situasjon. where after i used the 5D3 for 3 weeks then the D800 for 2 weeks, and back again to the 5D3 i desided to keep the 5D3 . wy ?. for the reasons abowe .the light leak the 5d3 has is not a problem to me. and if i shoot in HDR modus i get a picture whit al the dynamic range il ewer need looks like 60 mp to me .. lol! . and the D800 had following problems .
    1. viewfinder its not clear was not mountend strait.
    2. the internal flash does not trigger the others reably. they dont always fire like 50/50 chanse ..
    3. somtimes the camera just shuts of in Live Mode so you cant see anything .
    4. alot of my old CF cards dont work..
    5. somtimes the LCD gets a weard Color cast.
    6.autofocus problems on the left side of the focus field , the further you go using the fpoints there the whorse it backfocuses.
    7. both the D800 and the D4 (did not test the D4) locks up now and then on a daily basis and i needed to remove the battery to make it work again..
    8. now this did not happend to me. but using a D800 is great for andrenalin Junkies, so far 11 D800’s have Exsploded.. i,m not joking. the mirror ends up in the Lens on some and others just go Poof after 30min-2 hours normal use. or if its been sitting in the sunlight for a few , it also goes booom when turned on.

    so wy do i stay whit Canon ? simply case i,m more than happy whit the image quality and most importent ,, I WHIL NOT SHIT MYSELF TURNING IT ON, and I CAN FUCKING TRUST MY CANON 5D TO WORK EWERY SINGLE TIME I USE IT .. !!!

    i can see the future where Muslims tot take truckloads of D800’S into israel and giving then away for free , hoping a few whil take somones head of 🙂

    • Tell them man, I didn’t even want to go there just to keep the comparisons fair. There’s so much wrong with the D800 one has to stand in awe at the way the Nikon fanboy morans defend their crappy camera.

    • All Good Apart from the Muslim bit you stupid moron. Someone as pathetic as you needs to give up photography altogether.

      • See Kai Reinertsen on May 14, 2012 at 9:44 on this Blog for anti Muslim sentiment. Not Good. Not what I expect to be allowed on the Blog of the great FakeChuck

  4. btw D800 is now on A list that forbids you to take your D800 into an airplain as hand luggage ..

    stay tuned !


  5. thanks for the day, fakechuck started writing this blog. it s fucking hilarious, how nikon-fanboys start to flame and to whine – remember, you re on wrong territory. and i laugh the whole fuckin day – because of your seriousness you argue. in other words: BAAAAHAAAAHAAAAA.

    (chuck, thats my kind of humor, go on and be creative)

    • GOOO ASIAN CICKS!! i love em! been married to one the last 12 years 🙂 they iven fart more feminin than regular arian females 😛

    • Even if I was, and I’m not saying that I am, I couldn’t tell. My wife may also be reading the blog….

  6. Ok I answer here.
    First, look at that :
    If you can’t see it, I can’t do anything for you. All the images I’ve compared are telling the same thing : the D800 crushes the 5D3 in term of image quality. Better colors, better dynamic range and same noise. Anyway, you can download FFT libraries and analyze images yourself. Verdict ? 5D3 images presents a HUGE amount of banding (try +3-4IL on a 100iso 5D3’s image, then do the same with a D800’s image and… cry).
    Then, if there is less noise in 5D videos it’s because it’s processor downscale an entire image, the result is that the noise is averaged.
    With the D4 and the D800, the videos are just taken from a little bit of photosites, the processor just throw away the rest of the image (you take 1 line and 1 column over 3,4,5…). That’s why D4 and D800’s videos are sharper than 5D videos.

    You didn’t know that ? Stupid moron…

    • I saw that, mr. retarded physicist, and it looks like a ISO 100 shot. I said in my post above than the D800 is impressive at ISO 100 with regards to dynamic range. Didn’t you fucking read mr. physicist? But this means nothing at the higher ISO values. I have posted plenty of samples above, go take a look at them again. And like I said in another comment, if you need to push the exposure of your images in post by 3-4 stops, you need to fucking learn how to properly use a camera. Also the 5D3 has better colors and also better auto white balance compared to the D800. Check the review video above from the Camera Store.

  7. i forgot the say.. case i dont want to hurt somones feelings,, but ok ,, if you put both cameras on a rock solid foundation. the D800 is indeed bether at iso 100. but if you start to move around whit the cameras in your hands, the D800 pictures ALWAYS come out blury, there is some weard delayed pixel error, we coulden figure out .. however i did mount a D800 abowe my Entrance Door, (solid concrete) and there i must admint the pictures it takes is way way bether than a regular door cam 🙂

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    Canon to exspensive. light leak when you cant see a thing … yep ,, i got it 🙂

  9. Poor Canon fanboys trying to hide reality…
    I’m not a Nion fanboy, I use and love a lot of brand. But in term of technology and image quality, Canon sucks. When you’ll admit it, you could try to tell to Canon that they have to move up their ass and stop re-using their old technology. This is an intelligent consumer’s attitude.

    When I read all your shit, I’m thinking about Apple fanboys… Religious hate, no arguments, refusal to see reality… The matter with fanatics is that they can’t think and reject all arguments, so it is useless to discourse with them…
    See here for more informations :

    • Listen Einstein, look at the samples above and tell me where the D800 is better than the 5D3. It’s not! The images have more noise, both in RAW and JPEG, and the JPEG images are fucking soft. Go tell Nikon to fix it.

    • Nikon fanboy psychopath ohhhh pardon physicist, I really doubt if you are able to take one decent picture regardless which camera you use…

    • “..listen Einstein..” muahahaha ROFL.
      ->And ? Why being a physicist is a shame in this perverted society ?

      I’m serious because some people read this shitty blog. And all I read here is lies and demagogy.

      • If you want to see lies, visit the goddamn DxO Mark website.

  10. Well…
    I’m going to explain :
    Take both cameras with same focal/aperture/iso/speed and take pictures of an object with a certain dimension. Then print or compare on a screen with the same apparent dimension of the object in both images, compare and conclude.

    • Search on Google “Canon 5D III and Nikon D800, RAW format, a sens of contrast”

      full-size, the difference, thanks to the pixel size, the conclusions tend to 5D III of better
      D800 sample down to 22 million pixels, the conclusions tend to D800 slightly better, especially in the dark
      compared with the expected 5D III to control noise performance should be further room for improvement

      • You can continue denying reality, but all you’ll demonstrate is that you are stupid and limited.

      • Jesus Christ, I’m tired of making this point. The D800 images SHOULD NOT BE SAMPLED DOWN. COMPARE AT THE PIXEL LEVEL. The whole point of more resolution is to print larger while retaining image quality. If it looks more terrible at higher MP, then the higher MP is of no use.

  11. If you want to compare two cameras you have to compare with the same dimensions idiot ! That said, the D800 allow to print larger images. This is just like comparing two audio mixing by listening just one instrument, this is fuck stupid ! You have to listen all.

    • I agree, let’s compare the same dimensions: LET’S COMPARE BOTH AT THE FUCKING PIXEL LEVEL. That’s same dimensions for both cameras, you fucking retarded idiot.

      • The same dimensions of objects in the picture retarded…

        Now it’s clear, you don’t want to understand how to compare two things. Try it yourself, print two images with the same format of paper and shut the fuck up. How can a human be so stupid ??? Seriously, use your neurons, it is simple, really…

      • What’s clear is that apparently you lack enough braincells to process what I’m saying.

    • YEYEYE , if you want to compare 2 xxx you need to compare whit the same dimension idiot (iven if they dont have it) ! that said the D800 alows you to use bigger xxx this is like comparing 2 xxx by only using one xxx (iven if you got 2 xxx) .. this is fycking stupid you have to use them al …
      hmm ok this was deep , i’m considering to decrease my sexual adiction for
      xxx due to the xxx is not xxx .. argh! Jesus ! please return to earth! somone lobotomised allot of idiots.. please help!

  12. Yeah yeah you’re right. I just know what I’m talking about, you, not. I explained why you have to compare with same apparent dimensions, but you are not able to explain your point of view… I think that you know you’re wrong but you don’t want to lose face, so you persist being in bad faith… Pathetic…

  13. Okay, continue to vomit your hate and frustration, I just hope that people who will read all that shit will have enough discernment to conclude that you’re just a stupid Canon fonboy hating all the rest. In fact your “baaahahaha” and other child insults are a perfect proof of that… No arguments, just insults and bile.

  14. We don’t care of pixel dimensions stupid bitch ! We just discretize an image with theses objects. Comparing two discretization steps is fucking stupid !!!! The things we see is the objects we are discretizing, we want to compare them with the same time motherfucking idiot !!!
    Inform you moron…

  15. Chuck, you know I don’t mind trolling you when you’re full of shit, but I have to admit these morons who keep telling you to down-sample the D800 images and then compare them to the 5DIII are, well, morons.

    Would someone please tell me why you’d buy a 36Mp camera just to downsize the images to 23Mp. How does that possibly make sense? Why didn’t Nikon just make a goddamn 23Mp camera if everyone has to down-sample the images to get decent image quality?

    Seriously, whatever the quality of Nikon’s gear, some of their users are complete idiots.

    • Do you understand the concept of “comparison” ? With the same dimension of final image, you have a better image quality and same noise, BUT you can print larger. Is it difficult to understand ?

      • I just updated the post and added another video comparison at the bottom. You might like to check it out moron. Tell me how you like it.

      • as adunnphoto did say . if you got 36 mp . and cant compare it at 100% whit a 23mp at 100% whats the point having more MP ? exsept to remove any dogt that your an compleete idiot ,,, idiot!

    • I don’t know Tony, I used to think Nikon users were a lot smarter than this. Every day I regret that I ever told people to switch to Nikon in the past man, seriously.

      • Nobody does 20×30 prints at ISO 6400. The native 36MP resolution is for low ISO, where the full benefit of the resolution can be utilized. The downsampled case is for High ISO, where nobody has the expectation to print huge so they can trade resolution for lower noise. Best of both worlds.

      • Sorry but even downsampled to 1080p, the D800 image quality is fucking terrible compared to the 5D mark III. Check the video below. Doesn’t seem like the best of both worlds to me.

      • Nikon’s video downsampling algorithm is a separate issue and yes it does suck. Still imaging is another matter and if you compare downsampled High ISO D800 images to the 5DM3 they are nearly identical.

  16. hmm ok your in a baloon.. and you look down on a huge field. in that field there is room for exsacly 1000 pink dildo’s theyr al standing up. now if you take a picture of that field whit a 36mp camera and say that 1 mp is kowering exsacly the same space as one dildo at that field .

    so your Nikon now got 36 dildoes. , so then i pull up a Canon whit my flimsy 23mp. and gets exsacly 23 pink dildoes. at the exsact same distance ,, bla bla bla. then to compare i downscale the Nicon’s to exsacly 23 pink ones so i can compare,, now the question is who got more pink dildoes in theyr picture ??? tell me 🙂

    (newer mind the colors on the pink dildoes looks much bether on a canon)

  17. i got to say i love this place ,, it gets totaly hillarius when somone starts t get serius .. FakeC your a genius. i Love you ! 🙂

    • Thanks, but what do you mean “when it gets serious”? I’m always serious here man, this is serious fucking shit. I take photography seriously, and it saddens me that these morons who don’t seem to know jack shit about the subject look at things that don’t matter, putting manufacturers on the wrong path for the future. It’s these fucks that drove Nikon to go 36MP and fuck up the D800 so badly. We need to educate people about what the fuck matters in this industry.

      • Chuck, taking naked pictures of your wife is not serious. For you maybe, but in the bigger scheme of things, no. Serious shit is when some company is going to spend $$$$$ running your pictures in an ad campaign. Stop presuming to know what people need and what matters.

        I used to think that you know something about photography, but from all the rubbish you have been spewing lately, it is clear to me that you are fucking clueless. What has happened to you? Are you drinking again? Maybe is it drugs this time?

        Either way, forget everything you think you know about cameras. Just tell Canon to do whatever Nikon is doing. That is really the best advice I have for you at this time. Obviously there is no chance of Canon leading anymore. But perhaps they can stay closely behind Nikon by just following what they do. If Canon can keep up with Nikon, perhaps there is still hope for Canon.

        I have to go take some pictures now of all my Canon gear. Hopefully I can still sell the stuff before it becomes completely worthless.

      • What exactly is it that you would like to see? Surely you can’t tell me that the noise and other imag quality issues on the D800 is something you would prefer? What is it that you want?

      • Clean, noise free and banding free ISO 100.

        Often clients request crazy things to be done in post, for example “please change all the dark blue products to light green to match our new logo”. Sounds easy? Until you realize that the dark blue is four stops darker than their new light green, and we all know what happens when you push Canon files by four stops.

        So you see, pushing exposure by several stops is not only for people who “need to learn how to properly use a camera.” It is a real world requirement and a competitive advantage that Nikon users now have.

        Unlike Canon, Nikon is clearly listening, seemingly even to complaints from Canon users: When Canon had AF complaints, Nikon put pro AF in the D700. When Canon had ISO 100 banding complaints, Nikon created the D800, one of the highest DR cameras ever.

        What is extremely frustrating is that people have been complaining about ISO 100 performance for years, and Canon is doing absolutely nothing about this.

      • Chuck, I bet if you repeat that poll now the results would be very different. The only reason people voted for a lower resolution is because they never thought Nikon/Sony would be able to create such an amazingly good sensor. And also because they are making the same mistake you are making.

        Most people (incorrectly) assume that higher resolution implies higher noise. That would only be true if you compare 100% crops. But doing that is completely and utterly meaningless. Because ultimately you are going to want to view the image as a whole at some or other size. That means either down-sizing (typical of viewing the image on screen or making small prints) or up-sizing (typical of making a large print). You can choose if you want to up-size or down-size – that will depend or YOUR particular requirements and how YOU are going to use those images. But either way, you have to use the same resolution to do comparisons. That is why the DxO test method is the only correct and meaningful way of comparing cameras.

        If you think about this practically, having higher resolution is almost always an advantage. If you shoot at low ISO you get more detail for printing very large, and at high ISO you get similar noise after averaging when you print at normal sizes.

        I said “almost always an advantage” because there is one big disadvantage of higher resolution. That is having to deal with bigger files. But that is the only disadvantage. Higher resolution does not imply higher noise, not in theory, nor in practice. And the DxO results prove this.

      • Mr Barn ..

        there is a reason wy al prof modelles from Canon and Nikon have low 12-16 mp sensors ,, because the both now there whil be more noise if they upp the mp to much , and thats not the only reason canon found a limit to 22mp , when you hold the camera in you hand ,, unless your always got a tripod mounted on your cam.. it whil also be movment blure that any vr cant compensate .i did try this on both 5d3/d800 , higher mp demands alot more from vr ,, and if you got a lense whitout it ,prepare to take pictures at exstreme shutterspeed on you d800 🙂
        o and a friend o mine found a buffer problem on the D800 tday , it simply stops for about 2-3 min when buffer is full . the 5D3 keeps on clicking at a slower speed. this realy sucks goatballs.

        have fun trying to get the motion blur out of your D800 prints…


      • The Canon 1DX and Nikon D4 have lower resolutions because the smaller files are allowing higher frame rates. Having a smaller file sizes is a very real advantage, as I already said. But it has nothing to do with noise.

        A high resolution camera will show exactly the same motion blur & camera shake as a low resolution camera – when printed at the same size. Again, your brain is getting stuck on this 100% crop thing.

    • Just a copy/paste:
      Then, if there is less noise in 5D videos it’s because it’s processor downscale an entire image, the result is that the noise is averaged.
      With the D4 and the D800, the videos are just taken from a little bit of photosites, the processor just throw away the rest of the image (you take 1 line and 1 column over 3,4,5…). That’s why D4 and D800′s videos are sharper than 5D videos.

      Learn to read…

      • AHAH! so the D800 is basicaly blind. and whit the 5D3 we can see in the dark ?

      • Mr Barn & yougotalotofnames..

        Mr Barn . the higher frame rates yo get thx to a bether cpu .. thats wy they got 2 of them in some og the pro models or a bether one ,, faster the cpu can get them on the card bether it is and , yes you get motion blur more easy if you got more pixels due to the pixels got to be smaler to fit on the sensor. derby it needs to adjust more pixels when you got the shakes (i hate to try exsplain cristal clear things to Idiots ..) .. now i know i dident imagine it when i think canon users seems alot smarter then Nikonians .

        mr idontknowwhatyournameis now .:
        you shud put your monney in a new brain . your a goner ..

        just go BAAHAHAAA now and then and you feel bether 🙂

      • youdontneedmyname on May 14, 2012 at 11:43 pm said:

        Then, if there is less noise in D800 pictures it’s because an IDIOT downscales the entire image, the result is that the noise is averaged.
        the processor just throw away the rest of the image (you take 1 line and 1 column over 3,4,5…). That’s why 5D2 and 5D3′s pictures are sharper than D800 pictures.
        does not mather how i read it… Nikonians are retarded ..

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  19. Poor Fake Chuck,
    may I remind you of what you wrote on Feb. 2nd, 2012: “As you can see I wasn’t quite happy with the results from DxO Labs back then, but obviously now that Canon is ahead in the benchmarks, this no doubt means that their data got a lot more accurate over the years. This shows improvement, and I like that.”

      • Be careful chuck, YOUR reality. The boys here are Canonuts and WANT you back to kicking Canon to up their game. Stop defending shit, man. Leave that to Canon.

  20. finally!! i know wy Nikonians hate Canonutts 🙂 casE according to ww statistics Canonians get laid 28,6 -1 more offen than Nikonians . ..

    and again i must say BAHHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!

  21. Dang Chuck….you really got worked up about this one. Canon should be grateful that DxO use a normalized image for their “ratings” because if they didn’t then their APS-C models would look worse than they already do.

    Anyway, what we really want to see is a follow up article on the “Canon USA Inc to switch to Nikon” post which was a true internet classic.

  22. hey master idot chuck, sorry for the OT…

    whats the use of high ISO when any Canon cannot focus in the dark without a flashlight or a an accompanying speedlight assists? is this something that canon is not paying attention to?

      • thats what I though you’ll be answering… so canon wants you to buy a torch just so you can use their camera in the dark? your brain is just as worthless as the designers themselves if you think that way

      • by the way, i hope the 5D3 is package with your “needed” torch to use that high ISO capabilities and some extra black tapes

      • and BTW chuckie… with regards to the DXO topic, im sorry that the truth insults you and the rest of your stupid fans:)

      • Iceman you pussy, you are the kind of whiner that stumbles over his own feet in total darkness. So YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED A TORCH for YOURSELF!!!!! It does not matter if YOUR camera can focus in total darkness or not!!!! If it can’t then you whiner have a torch with you. If you haven’t one with you then you won’t make it to the place where you wanted to take pictures. So the fuck stop whining!!!!!!!

      • o shit! you’re much more dumb than I initially thought you are man that you made me laugh so hard, i didnt realize there’s so much dead brain cells in your head to process what im pointing out… just as I thought, youre one of those stupid people who use the net:D

        why the fuck would someone want to use a torch for a camera to focus? to reach dark places yes, but to focus? and why does the nikon have a built in assist lamp? you figure that out. if your brain can… btw… ever heard of an idiot? its just like you:D

      • how the hell i became a pussy? you dont even know me and how does that relate to the topic? haha! whiner? just because I have seen some big disadvantage? change your name to MEFOOL, it suits you better:)

  23. I have seen to much enfaces put on DXO’s mark. And even at 100 ISO the D800 doesn’t look any better then the 5Dmk3 source…IMAGING RESOURCES. Compare images and you will see how difficult it is find differences between the two even at 100 ISO. AT 1600 and above the 5Dmk3 simply does a better job. While the Nikons shows reds better and in most situations higher Dynamic Range, but not in post where all the detail is easily pulled out. Both of these systems are great. And I enfacise systems because it is, much more. The FF Back, Lens choices and of course the number one factor the experience of the Photographer. If you believe in your system like I do…..enjoy. I’m using the 5Dmk3, Tamron 24-70 VC, 100mm f2.8L IS and 70-200 f2.8L IS II.

  24. Would someone please help answer this question: Take full frame shots at different ISO settings and print them at 13×19. Use any post processing you want. Then stand back and view the prints. What will you see? Which camera shows better? Thanks

  25. why compare ISO of 2 cameras that differ in a big way in terms of pixel count? is this comparison made just for the sake of argument? because if it is, then the author deserves one big commendation for putting an entertaining blog, its just like watching cartoons really

    • Actually, that is what I do with a camera. I take pictures and make 13×19 prints. So all I am asking is if the pictures from one camera is better than the other using the best RAW processing available. Right now I lean towards the Canon mark3 because of the rapid fire, and I like the feel and heft of it too. But will the Nikon make better prints at that size?

      • For low ISO performance(which I think is the need of most landscape and indoor photographers) I’m pretty confident that the D800 will win for its excellent dynamic range, color depth and resolution. However you need to take specific lenses (generally they should not be the old ones and cheap ones, as they could not offer enough resolution).

        When it comes to the high ISO, it’ more critical to capture the image than having a larger printable size. Downsampling the D800 images will surely do this: as is said by DXOmark evaluations, downsampled images from the D800 are no worse than those from the 5D series.

        And don’t forget that both cameras utilizes mosaic sensors, and what you do with the D800(downsampling images to print) can be considered as “oversampling”, which can provide better image quality.

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  27. Can you tell me how do you compare Digital SLR vs Film SLR?
    How do you compare at pixel level??

    or you just want to said you can’t compare film vs digital
    even people can create prints from them and compare using print of the same dimension?

    You really need to compare using print of the same dimension……

  28. i did see Jesus today , he had a Canon in his hand, i dont think its somthing he picket up on a garage sale , Canon is actualy somthing that the dudes in heaven uses. so if i want to have a good start/end in heaven ..
    i’m nut getting stuck whit a Nikon!!!

  29. Whoever is best D800 or MKDIII, but I would say comments are super hilarious.

    I came here through the Google while comparing both and I found myself both have pros and cons. Very tough competition.

  30. Concerning Mr Bloom’s statement on the 5D MKIII’s video performance I like to give my personal experience on this matter. I have tested my new 5D with a buch of L lenses like the 70-200mm f:2.8 IS USM, 24-105 f:4 IS USM, 100mm f:2.8 IS USM. I recorded video in all different formats the camera offers and unfortunately I was very, very dissapointed with the results on sharpness. On recording with any lens, all fine detail is lost. I shot my test video on a bridge crossing a highway with in the background a line of trees, in the foreground a field with long grass. The detail of the slighty moving tree leaves and the grass were all washed out. A signpost on the highway clearly very soft. To my opinion it is not possible to regain any of the lost details in a software program. What isn’t there can’t be fixed. Recordings made at 85mb/s should at least be of decent quality since almost no compression is applied. Lenses and Photo results are perfect. So the source of the softness should be looked for elswhere. Overblown Low pass filter?
    In contrast with these 5D video results, I took my old Canon HV30, a consumer cam, about 6 years old, wich records in HDV format. I was stunned by the fact that the HVD video was clearly superior in sharpness and definition compared to the 5D video. This made me really sad. I decided to run to my dealer ( Canon Pro Dealer Art&Craft in Ghent, Belgium) to make him aware of these facts. They will contact Canon, with my Blu-Ray disc with all original mov recordings, concerning my dissapointing video results. For another comparision I took a Panasonic HF-X900 camcorder to the same recording location. I was stunnned again that these results were again far superior in sharpness and definition compared to the 5D. In addition to this, when recording with the 5D video in 720P mode, it even looks as the picture is only Standard Definition!
    No detail, no steady sharp definition, only a big dissapointment.
    In contrast to the video performance, the photo results are suberb and completely to the expectations.
    I am now waiting for the reply Canon Belgium has on this matter.
    I would appreciate anyone who did some serious tests on the video performance with the Canon 5D mark III for his results. Many thanks!

    • i dont use it for Video myself, but please uppdate here whit the reply you get from Canon Belgium. iv seen plenty of TV shows recorded whit both the 5D MK2 and the 7D an both looked werry good to me, so this is a serius mather if the 5D3 does not deliver attleast the same quality .

  31. i know this isent a HDR tread . but i got to post this. 5D3 to make pictures whit alot of DR, heres a link thats taken handheld. i dont think most of the images are good for HDR but it shurly shows what the 5D3 is capable off when it comes to DR .


      • As they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” After examining all these HDR shots, they look garish and not beautiful at all…with the exception of a small number that just bring out the shadow detail without the surrealism of the rest.

      • i like them regardless of the Camera’s used 🙂 .not bad for a Canon ?.
        not al of them is made by the 5D3 some is taken whit a 5d2 and made to HDR on the computer.
        those are clearly more HDR ish . stil the handled shots done by an amateur ,where you can see the difrence when you swap back and fort in the pictures. i,m looking forward to more proffesionals starts to post HDR done whit the 5D3 ..i cinda like the natural look whit the 3D effect HDR adds to the pictures ,, and ofc twice thew DR compared whit a D800 on a tripod.. mirror lockup…concreete foundation..remote,,,, ye you get it .. 🙂

  32. f uck!! we need a HDR tread lol!! not the first time i put it in the wrong place,stil.., educating and fun ..

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  34. Well some 1 is really mad but I noticed that which ever person use’s eather its canon or nikon they will make it batter, personally I really like both each 1 is pretty nice I use d800 and I LOVE IT!!! but I don’t mind 5dmIII its a grate camera aswell. Its just a tool for the job

  35. You do not understand the simplest physics, the read out noise in for example 5dmk3 is 12 times higher than in d800. And off course you should look at the same size picture or pixel size if you are comparing d800 and 5dmk3 regarding signal/noise. Why are you spreading so much garbage?

    • …the read out noise in for example 5dmk3 is 12 times higher than in d800…

      wy ? please exsplain the simple Physics .. thx:)

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  37. Everyone knows DXO sucks hairy love balls and THEIR scores/reports/tests of cameras and lenses are worthless more than not. Their scores are biased, in disclosed and undisclosed ways. Their sensor score is weighted toward ISO 100 (2 of 3 metrics are used only at ISO 100 despite being measured throughout the range), and they state the overall score is a ‘weighted average’ of the three subscores. Ask anyone who has the 70-200II how credible DXO is. When they (the only people on the planet to do so!) rated it lower than version one, they stuck by their test results. Only a fucking moron would get that result and then stand by it. Secretly, a year later they updated their results site to show it better than version one. Who cares about what DXO has to say about anything? Those who DXO rates well and want to stroke themselves with the results and use them to piss on everyone else. Those of us who have long ago realized DXO is of no real use just use our gear to take real pics and let the DXO fanbois jerk off to their great numbers. It’s meaningless drivel but it makes some people happy with their purchases and keeps DXO in business. I don’t need good numbers to know I’ve got good gear and have happy clients who shell out tons of cash for what I do with that gear. And it’s not sour grapes cause my gear doesn’t have the greatest numbers. DXO could rate everything I own as the best created since the Red sea was parted. I just don’t care. And neither does most real photographers. But what the hell, I came across this link from another camera forum where someone wondered why all the DXO hate. Simple. Their data means crap and too many people buy into it. Spend your time taking pics instead of jerking off to meaningless numbers. Do what I do. Allocate 30 minutes a week max to hanging out at a camera forum to exchange ideas and spend the rest of the week taking a pic instead of worrying about DXO. And now I’ve wasted 7 minutes of my week on DXO. Dang it. Well, at least I’m done with DXO for the rest of this year. I’ll give them 7 minutes of my time next year.

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