Yongnuo shows Canon Inc. how it’s done

Thanks Youngnuo

Thanks Yongnuo

This is the Yongnuo YN-E3-RT. It’s cheaper than Canon Inc.’s ST-E3-RT, AND it has features we’ve been asking for and Canon Inc. still hasn’t included for us in a firmware update, such as second curtain sync using the wireless functionality. It also has a built-in AF assist beam emitter. And it’s compatible with the Canon 600EX-RT. It’s fucking incredible. You can get it here.

This is what happens when Canon Inc. refuses to listen and act fast. I’ve blogged about the missing features months ago. It was clear that second curtain sync was a feature people needed days after the release of the ST-E3-RT. But up till now, we have fucking nothing whatsoever!

If Canon Inc. is fast enough, they might be able to also add the ability to control zoom levels of the flashes wirelessly, before Yongnuo updates their firmware. They might even add the second curtain sync for ETTL as well as the one from Yongnuo can only do it in manual mode. But we should probably not hold our breaths waiting.

I’m getting fucking tired with these slow-ass Japanese engineers, I’m telling you. Never in my life would I have expected to deal with this much stress at this age.

If it’s not the slow response to feedback, then it’s the lies. I’ve covered that in the past, but this recent blog post on Lens Rentals has a lot of truth to it, and I recommend you check it out if you know what’s good for you:

As long as we’re on the subject of catchwords, it’s probably worth tackling ‘Weather Sealed’ or ‘Weather Resistant’ next. Many people seem to believe that means ‘waterproof’. When you take lenses apart all day you find out it usually means ‘we put a strip of foam rubber behind the front and rear elements and scotch tape over the access holes under the rubber rings’.

It’s better than no weather sealing, certainly. And some (but not all) ‘weather sealed’ lenses also have internal gaskets around barrel joints and other added bits seals. But I haven’t seen one manufacturer yet tell us exactly what weather their lens is sealed against. Snow? Rain? Sunshine? Wind? Well, it can’t be wind because the lenses we spend the most time taking dust out of are mostly ‘weather sealed’.

Let me be very clear about this: DO NOT TRUST the ‘weather sealed’ bullshit from Canon Inc. Make sure when you’re out in the rain you’re using a rain cover for your camera. This includes the higher end bodies such as the 5D Mark III and 1DX and the L lenses. You have been warned.

Last and certainly not least, you should take an hour of your time to watch the below presentation on NSA spying capabilities. It’s scary, it’s jaw dropping, it’s unbelievable.

5 thoughts on “Yongnuo shows Canon Inc. how it’s done

  1. Pentax cameras for sure are weather-sealed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo61t5fH6Qw
    And the 1Dx for the price better be weather-sealed.
    I bought a canon 70D, not only it is not weather-sealed (how can a piece of rubber be weather-sealed?) and there is a bad smell coming from the camera, most likely it is a chemical product, I have to check it again later tomorrow to be sure what the heck it is but the smell is not pleasant at all :S
    Happy new year to yall.
    will read the youtube link later this week.

  2. The documentary on youtube is a video in 2 parts of 2 hours length. Right now it is virtually impossible to store all the global information, because the technology is not present yet, and because the cost of developing this technology is in trillions of dollars. That said in the next decade they will be ready to fully monitor everybody and store everything in a datacenter. Even the algorithms used to compress in fractal information are not powerful enough to cut down on costs. Maybe one day some countries will start to develop their own internet so that they can cut down on their communication. I believe they already do it in Brazil, and they’ve done it in France 30 years ago when they started to use their proprietary technology way before Arpanet existed (it’s called Transpac in France).
    After all we got a this tool that was developed by the DOD and they gave it to the public domain, they knew back then the weaknesses of this system. A few years ago we also got a split between Europe and the USA on some technologies of the internet, and both continent were not communicating anymore on some protocols, one of the main reasons was that public information was watched by the NSA. So that is nothing really new.
    I’m also wondering how useful this information is, and I would not be surprised that they are already developing profiles by person.
    Nothing else to say.
    Please give us some information on Canon instead, this is why I keep coming here.

  3. Dear Fake Chuck,

    Did you have anything to do with the latest 1DX Firmware? If you did, then, well, may you rot in hell eternally!
    Ok, great that Auto ISO finally has the option for correction. But to use this feature one has to either take the Cam off and use the dreaded QMenu, or reprogram the Set button!
    There are so many buttons on the 1DX, including one usually without function. Sytategically as well as economically well positioned on the Camera top left. It is called and marked as Exposure Compensation Button. Duh? Got it? Why not use this f&@king button? Hello? Is anybody there?

    • I’ll have to check with the engineers in Japan on this. They’re still very sexually deprived, so don’t expect too much.

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