Nikon is fucked!

The world is your studio, and the street your home after you go broke getting one of these!

The world is your studio, and the street your home after you go broke getting one of these!

(post updated below)


I almost can’t believe this. I thought we were fucking up here at Canon, but boy, I never thought this would have been possible! Nikon announced the price of the D3x today, and it’s an incredible $8000! Simply astonishing! There’s currently a massive outcry everywhere on the Internet from Nikon users. Even die-hard Nikon fanboys are complaining, so you know Nikon has REALLY fucked up this time. For example, just check what Nikon whore Ken Rockwell is saying:

Nikon D3X Worldwide Boycott Spreading

Whoa, news travels fast. I wrote up the Nikon D3X information last night when it came out, and went to bed astonished that Nikon dared ask $8,000 for a $5,500 camera that is the same thing as the $4,200 D3.

I wake up this morning, and discover the rest of the world has already started what I was going to suggest: boycotting the D3X until the price is corrected.

Let’s face it: the original D3 is a better camera for most uses. No one really needs a D3X, and everyone has realized that if no one buys it, the price will stabilize where it belongs: $5,500, and dropping further later.

And here I was being afraid of the D3x and worrying about the pricing of our 1D series. My God. This morning when I saw the Nikon press release, my jaw hit the floor from amazement first. For a few minutes, I wasn’t sure what I was experiencing. But then it sank in and I started laughing out loud slamming my desk with my hands. Everyone came running to my office to ask what was wrong. People thought I was finally losing my mind after all the problems I was facing at Canon. They were about to dial 911 when I turned around my monitor and showed them the price of the D3x.

My God. I still can’t believe this. I thought we were fucked here at Canon having Maeda as our boss, but whoever took that decision at Nikon to price the D3x at $8000 has got to be many times worse compared to Maeda! Jesus Christ! How clueless do you have to be to price the D3x at $8000 at this point in time? Seriously? And don’t get me wrong, we are partying here at Canon because of this, but even as a competitor I have to admit that’s just insane. Our 1Ds Mark III now costs around $6700, and even that is still way overpriced, so howcome Nikon priced the D3x at $8000? I don’t get it. Is the D3x that much better compared to the 1Ds Mark III? I DON’T THINK SO?!!

Hey Nikon, you stupid morons, if you are targeting the medium format crowd with the D3x and that price, I’ve got a newsflash for ya: We already have a better and cheaper alternative, it’s called the 1Ds Mark III! We even have a 5D Mark II that comes pretty close and for sure beats the D3x when it comes to image quality. How the hell do you expect to sell a D3x at $8000? But hey don’t get me wrong, feel absolutely free to give it a try. Just so you know, your users are already buying our 5D2.

We’re now also going to ramp up production of the 1Ds Mark III again. The D3x can’t stand a chance. Right now at this very moment, life is good.


Nikon whore Thom Hogan tells  you why you don’t want the D3x. They actually managed to piss Thom Hogan off. Wow. Just… wow! And Michael Reichmann from Luminous Landscape just cancelled  his D3x order:

When I started to digest the Nikon D3x’s $8000 price over breakfast, and in light of my recent testing of the 24 Megapixel Sony A900 with its amazing Zeiss lenses, on an impulse I called my dealer and cancelled my standing order for one.

It seems to me that at a $3000 premium over the otherwise almost identical D3, and at some $5000 more than the Canon 5D MKII and Sony A900, the pricing of the Nikon (especially in our current crisis economy) is simply out to lunch. A $1,000 premium I could have understood. Maybe even, $1,500. But with only more megapixels on offer I simply find the D3x to be financially out of tune with the realities of today’s marketplace.

So I sat down to write an essay based on these thoughts, but then got a call from a friend asking if I’d seen what Nikon pundit Thoms Hogan had written this morning. Once I had read it I decided that Thom had made all of the points that I had intended to, so I’ll let his words stand for my own.
Nikon – I think you’ve misjudged the marketplace and not to mention the temper of the times as well.

Ouch. Even I felt that one, and I’m the competition! People are probably going to get fired at Nikon. I sure am glad we don’t have Nikon’s management at Canon right now. Otherwise we’d probably attempt to sell the 5D Mark II at $6000.

19 thoughts on “Nikon is fucked!

  1. Hey Fake Chuck,

    Glad to see you’re picking up your mood now. This has got to be the funniest post I’ve read from you save the 1DIII has better AF post. I’m happy even though its at Nikon’s expense 🙂

    Have a look at my G10 Defective Sensor / Canon QC sucks report. More results later on…..

    hhhaaa… I suddenly don’t feel so bad anymore. hehehehhehe

  2. “I sure am glad we don’t have Nikon’s management at Canon right now.”

    Well, I woudn’t go THAT far. Make no mistake, Canon’s management are not out of the woods yet. I think I would still take Nikon’s management over Canon’s.. but yes, I think Nikon should have made the price far more competitive.. this would have been a serious blow to Canon. So I suppose this will cause many people to hold out for the D700x instead, which I am sure will sell like freakin’ hot cakes when it arrives (in 9 month’s time?).

    No company is perfect, and this situation illustrates that Nikon isn’t either. But hey, everyone drops the ball once and again (just ask our pissed-off 1D MkIII users who porbably [and rightfully] don’t think too highly of Canon right now). Will the D3x sell enough units to the Nikon pros that these units are intended for? Time will tell, I guess. One thing is for sure… this camera is not geared towards people like me. But Nikon’s answer to the 5DMkII is in all likelhood going to be the D700x. Chuck, when that badboy arrives.. then would be the time to panic 😉

    Very interesting times.. we now have both goliath companies screwing up one way or another. It’s how they recover that will make it all sweeter.

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  4. hey check, where’s my 5DII… where are they??? Is Canon only producing a hundred of these per week? I’ve been ordered since Sept 18th and still no sign of a body…

  5. Regarding MF, it wasn’t all that long ago that 16MP MF backs were being sold, and used in all sorts of commercial applications because of their “massive” resolution.. & those were all crop formats, iso range between 100 – 400, dog-slow shutter lag, and mirror black out times, and fps were so slow they were counted in fpm! For this thing to be released at 8K is not that bad considering what a 22mp MF back still goes for!

    Furthermore, just think of the money all those Nikon switchers could have saved if only they had an 8K high res FF body they could mount to their nifty black lenses, rather than dumping their whole system, bringing down the value of used Nikon gear thanks to the abundance of used Nikon gear that no one wanted to buy on the market waiting to be sold to the lowest bidder, and then having to buy at least one 8K camera body plus the three f2.8 L zooms, plus other lenses and accessories..!

    Wow, for the bargain price of only 8 thousand bucks, they now get to save all that other money that they otherwise would have lost, just to be able to shoot with a FF body that didn’t suck nearly as much as the Kodak 14n did…………..Aaaaaaand…to see darn near the entire Nikon Talk forum + very popular Nikon shooters wining about a measly 8K for a camera body that tops a 1DsMkIII..(at least on paper)..?


    Wow,…like what can I say? …Other than………..grow up you Nikon crybabies!! Whaaaaaaaaa!

    I was going to say something else to further ridicule Nikon shooters, but I think I’ll just leave it at that.. 😀

    Now you guys finally know how we feel.. 😉


  6. Noir. What’s the point to keep a big sensor if you could produce a similar picture with a smaller sensor? 1D mk3 make a better images and easier to use then “medium” from 2005. In all terms like sharpness, noise, speed, camera weight, price etc.
    It’s like using a steam engine for speed, that was good and competitive 80 years ago. Even if now we have super-speed maglev trains.

  7. Daniel, that was interesting. I hope more people post this type of stuff online. This gives us data to use against our stupid upper management.

    boomstick, i wasn’t saying Canon management was good. far from it. I was just glad we don’t have nikon management at Canon. I don’t think people would want to buy a $1500 G10 or a $6000 5D2. hahahaHAHAHA LOLOLOL. oh god

    george, in a previous tech tips post I mentioned how nobody should count on getting their 5D2 unless they are at the very top of the waiting lists. In fact, count on getting yours by the end of february. If you’re lucky, you might get it earlier.

    To anyone else wondering why I call al those nikon people “Nikon Whores”, just check out what Ken Rockwell is saying today:

    D3X Boycott Broken?

    Oh well, I figured I had no choice but to order one to test for you folks, so I just ordered my D3X from Adorama.

    Lets face it: if I really hate it, the return period now extends to January 5th (no promised date for delivery), so I’m not really breaking the boycott until I’m actually stuck with it. (don’t tell anyone, but I really just ordered it to compare to the 5D Mk II for all of us, and then I’l probably return it.)

    Return it? Yeah, right. This is why I call these people Nikon whores. Just yesterday he was calling for a boycott. Stupid ass.

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  10. If you wouldn’t behind your computer complaning about having to little money to buy stuff, you should make more photos and sell those
    if you can’t pay for something . you don’t deserve it. simple

    nikon is free to ask any price they want … try building one yourself for $8000.-

    then you have a real reason to complain instead of dissing someone’s awesome product

  11. Seriously funny!!!

    “I can’t believe that ferrari has priced their latest sports car at over a million, when it should cost $500 K”:-D
    If you can’t afford a ferrari why be upset that it costs more than expected?
    Other companies have fast sports cars but they don’t compare to ferraries…not that I’m a ferrary fan…much rather have a lambo….but I can’t afford any of them….or the nikon D3x….
    Asking for a boycott will just call attention to the product and save nikon money in advertising 😀
    If there was no market for that camera, they wouldn’t release it, let alone at that price.

  12. Anyone know if Pentax is going to make a full frame sensor? I heard rumors at the end of 2009, that turned out to be just that.

  13. hahahah you are pure son of cheap whore.. did your mom suck cock for living ?? Go screw your mom in her ass and fuck off canon noob.

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