We’re fucked (it’s official now)

The good times we had yesterday have now abruptly ended. Nikon has beaten us to the top of the DSLR market:

Nikon has announced that it is now the UK’s leading manufacturer of DSLRs.

Speaking at the UK launch of the company’s flagship D3X camera, the company boasted of a prosperous year, which has seen Nikon’s DSLR sales growth expand by 333 per cent, compared 2004/05 figures.

The official announcement is that Nikon is “number one for share by volume in the UK, Europe, USA and Japan.”

The impressive figure of 333 per cent is mainly due to Nikon in recent years getting aggressive in the DSLR market, making sure that everyone from first-time DSLR buyers to high-end professionals have the option to buy a Nikon-branded camera. This includes the recently announced D3X.

Nikon beating Canon

The fight in the DSLR market between Canon and Nikon has always been a close one, with last year’s figures suggesting that Canon won the camera war by just one per cent – taking a 41 per cent market share to Nikon’s 40 per cent.

Predicted DSLR sales for Nikon for this year are around 3.3 million. Compare this to just 2 million in 2004, and the company’s fortunes are definitely going in the right direction.

Just look at that. A 333% growth! I can’t say this came as a surprise. Now we know where they got the confidence to price the D3x at $8000. I still think that’s insane, but I understand them a bit more now.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you could have seen this coming. Heck, you know I saw it coming. Just the other day, I wrote about how our products sucked compared to Nikon’s latest products. I even gave a few examples of how Nikon’s DSLR bodies were way ahead of ours in terms of features and innovation. It’s all in the small details that they get right at Nikon, and that makes their bodies so much easier to use. Simple example is the eye piece cover on Nikon’s DSLR bodies. They have a nice internal eye piece shutter on their bodies, while we have an eye piece cover that looks fucking ancient. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not much better than supplying users with a roll of duct tape and asking them to tape the eye piece if they want to close it.

It’s these little details that make Nikon’s bodies appear so modern while it seems like we’re stuck in the 80’s here at Canon.

Canon Inc. President Tsuneji Uchida looks through the viewfinder of a 5D Mark II trying to take a picture of falling Canon market share numbers. I hope he had it configured in AI-Servo mode. I bet the 9 point AF really wasn't enough either.

Canon Inc. President Tsuneji Uchida looks through the viewfinder of a 5D Mark II trying to take a picture of falling Canon market share numbers. I hope he had it configured in AI-Servo mode. I bet the 9 point AF really wasn't enough either.

Meanwhile, our retarded president Uchida is telling everyone the global digital camera market might shrink in 2009, likely trying to fool shareholders into believing the bad results of the company are due to the economic crisis and not because we’re fucking up. First we lie to our users, and now we’re lying to our shareholders too. Is there no limit to their arrogance? First they pretend our users are total morons and they can tell them anything they want, and now they pretend our shareholders and pretty much the rest of the world are morons too who believe in fairy tales. If there really is so much trouble because of the economic crisis, how the fuck is Nikon growing their sales by 333%???

I’m just glad Uchida and Maeda are not in my office right now because I swear to God I would have kicked both their asses and end up in jail. It’s at times like these when I thank God that I don’t own or have access to any kind of heavy firearms. Where is it going to fucking end?? When are enough people inside the company going to wake up so we can kick this gang of morons out of upper management? Are we going to wait for Nikon to drive us into the ground first?? I’ve been busting my ass off year after year for this company, and it just hurts to see all my hard work being wasted by these retards.

This shit has got to end. I feel so depressed right now. I’m going to fix myself something to drink now and lie down for a bit.

18 thoughts on “We’re fucked (it’s official now)

  1. Who cares? Canon was on top and it will be again, it’s just a matter of time. These things are cyclical and they’re both killer systems … I know because I have them both.

  2. Hey Chuck, … love your blog. Read it yesterday all at once. I’m sure you’re being bothered with this quite often, but are guys at Canon Inc. even planning to do anything about quality control issues? I want to buy a 24-70 f2.8, but I must admit I’m scared: it’s supposed to be a great lens, but even just reading about how people (and not just a few) are retunig their L zoom two, three, even four times before they get a good one, is frustrating. I don’t wanna spend time paranoid-testing gear for flaws. I mean, has this even been addressed in Japan? They know it’s happening way more often than it should, right? Right??

  3. Chuck, we’ve been through this already.. breath… breath.. … that’s it.. breath… Don’t forget, oxygen is good for you (well, ironiclly it slowly destroys you on a cellular level.. sort of God’s built in insuance we won’t live forever.. but overall, it’s best to take deep breaths anyways in times like this). True, in light of this new info, it does give my beloved Nikon the ‘confidence’ to price the D3x so damn high.

    “If there really is so much trouble because of the economic crisis, how the fuck is Nikon growing their sales by 333%???”

    Chuck, I wonder if this is partly due to the fact that this year has not been completely about the economy in the crapper.. I mean, didn’t this economy thing start to really come to light over the summer? If so, this could mean that until the summer / fall, Nikon sales were strong. It will be interesting to see now that the economy is bottoming out what NEXT YEAR’S sales will be like (not only for Nikon, but Canon and everyone else too). Something tells me this 333% won’t be repeating. But while this is all indeed aggravating / bad news for you, it warms my heart knowing that perhaps this newly aggressive Nikon management replacement team knows a thing or two of what they are doing.

    But I concur with Yasuri.. this seems like a back-and-forth cyclical system where one company will be on top while the other is second, only to switch around… so I suspect Canon will not sit with their thumbs up their asses for too long. I’m sure Canon will respond.. and then Nikon will respond to that.. forever more, amen. Nikon had has its share of bad years..it seems it’s Canon’s turn now. Cycle of life…. cycle of life.

  4. grasshopper:

    Thank you for your comments. Believe me that I fully understand your concerns. We’re fucking up here at Canon and it’s not easy for me to convince upper management of this, but comments like yours help a lot. The only thing I would advise you is to buy your lens from a good dealer that allows returns. Take some time out when you buy a lens to do some tests with it and check if it works well. If not, return it to the dealer again within days and request another. Don’t forget to complain to them and use bad language. In particular you might want to use words like “fucking”, “damn”, “god damn”, “motherfucking” in combination with “Canon” to make sure the dealer knows you’re not satisfied with us and mean business. Do this until you finally get a good working copy of the lens. Also post about your experiences on the Internet. Start a blog, or post on existing message boards, but beware of fanboys who will call you a troll.


    you make some good points. The 333% might not repeat itself, we’ll have to see. But the fact is, Nikon currently has a big advantage over us and we can’t respond earlier than fall 2009 when our 1D4 becomes available. This would not have been the case had we at least have made the 5D2 better than it now is.

  5. “But the fact is, Nikon currently has a big advantage over us and we can’t respond earlier than fall 2009 when our 1D4 becomes available. This would not have been the case had we at least have made the 5D2 better than it now is.”

    You know, I never could understand why the Canonites are so against the 5DMkII. Ever since the announcement, over at dpreview on the Canon forums, the backlash was so severe, I swear to god Chuck, it felt like a forum’s version of a violent riot. If the chaos could be visualised, it would take the form of Canonites stabbing and shooting each other, while others are smashing stuff all the while others getting pulled apart like in zombie movies.

    I for one am damn curious about the 5DMkII (being a Nikonian though, I don’t *think* I will be getting one.. truth be told, I find even 21 MP too much for my needs.. I would rather sink the 3 or 4 grand into a nice 12 MP D700.. but I digress). Once the 5DMkIIs really start landing in some Canonite hands, I will be very curious to see how those opinions shape up. It just still shocks me at how much of a bad rap this poor innocent and unproven camera is getting before it even reaches the masses.

  6. boomstick:

    I do understand the comments from users when they mention the old autofocus system and the big shutter lag. To be honest, I have to agree that these two things cripple what would otherwise have been an excellent product. We should have done what Nikon did with the D700, and make the 5D2 a smaller version of the 1Ds3. I’ve talked to Tokyo many times about this, but as you can see, they didn’t listen. We would have positioned ourselves a lot better in the market now, had we done that. It would have bridged the gap for us until we release the 1D4 and 60D next year. We could even have sold it for $3000. Maybe even $3500.

    Between us, since not many read the comments anyway, another thing that concerns me is that the image quality everyone is talking about on the 5D2 really isn’t there. Yes, I’ve been giving a lot of big talk in my blog posts about how good the 5D2 sensor is, but I was just trying to do damage control. So far people have been comparing JPEGs, and those have been through internal noise reduction. Once people start comparing RAW files from the 5D2 with those from the 5D, things will look different. It’s the same thing with the 50D and 40D (yes I lied about the 1 to 1.5 stop better noise performance here too).
    I thought we’d have gotten away with this, but apparently people are noticing: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1032&thread=30226463

    All of these reasons and more, is why I said that the price of the 5D2 is going to significantly drop within 2 months. Once people start to notice they’ve been had, things are going to get worse faster.

  7. “it’s not much better than supplying users with a roll of duct tape and asking them to tape the eye piece if they want to close it”

    And why not? Heck: Lomos and Holgas are sold with duct tape to stop light foggin the film. They do a roaring trade.

    If it works for them, why wouldn’t it work for Canon?

    With a little bit of business nous, you guys could even branch out into plumbing.

    Now, THERE is a nice side line for the coming econolypse!

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  9. Awww chuck why don’t you kill them with potasium and avoid all the trouble of havong such a misleading management on top of canon?

    It’s sad to see how some stupid people ruin a good company ):

  10. 333% with the ongoing crisis and it would probably be 500+ wihtout it. I think I might buy some Nikon shares. Oh wait, stock market’s fucke up 😀

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  12. well, i have been a nikon user for some time and all I have to say is fuck. you would think with increased sales that they might be able to bring their prices down but now they are increasing the prices of their products? maybe materials are getting more expensive, or maybe they are greedy – fuckers, guess I’m not getting that fast glass I thought I could afford.

  13. Dear F. Chuck Westfall,

    so you think you’re fucked – and if so, then what is Leica? Let me comfort you by telling you what I just experienced in the Vienna shop where they are supposed to sell new Leicas – not to be confused with the place next door, where they sell the old stuff and where the subdued voices of various Sheiks and Japanese millionaires used to produce a constant, warm, buzzing sound, no the place where they try to make a living selling the “new” M OAF (mother of all fiascos, Modell ohne Autofocus) a.k.a. M8 and like stuff.
    Now if you are fucked, then Leica is – my English is to poor for that, sorry. Angeschissen, zugeschissen, im Arsch, am Arsch, whatever pleases you. That salesperson – I was there because now they have that camera that’s at the moment looking like the most plausible replacement for the M3: That small new Olympus with the ridiculous kit zoom – well, he’s a little bit tense. “What am I supposed to sell if there is nothing?”, and then a desperate try to convince me that the Panasonic LX3 with the Leica logo on it and an extra 200€ on the price tag was so cool… I had to leave. This really depressed me.
    Man, t h e y are in a downward spiral ever since the day the Nikon F was released. Now it seems like Phase One told them to go fuck themselves, and here we go, the R&D department is in the final stage with the S model, which means it’s going to be ready for release before the turn of the millenium – alas, it’ll ship without a sensor, but we’ll fix that later. Plus we’ll include a free IR cut filter this time!

    Head up – it could be far worse!

    PS “F. Chuck Westfall” sounds like “F. Scott Fitzgerald” – you deserve that! You are quite a writer. Man!

  14. Ah, there’s one thing I forgot: The world sadly lacks a Fake Erwin Puts! The great philosopher! More ridiculous & easier to make fun of than anyone. Maybe hard to beat in terms of bizarrery, though.


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