We’re fucked

Yes, we are most definitely fucked. And as you can imagine, Galbraith being the Nikon whore that he is, was all over it. Yes, it’s official now, Nikon will be releasing their D3X body next week. More coverage is here. High res magazine pictures here and here.

The timing of their launch is bad for us, since our 5D Mark II just became available. I wonder how many people are going to cancel their pre-orders now. The 1Ds Mark III is pretty much fucked if the pricing of the D3x will be around $5000.

Even the 5D Mark II is probably going to have issues now with the D700 being cheaper and the D3x offering a lot more. I knew we should have at least equiped the 5D Mark II with the focusing system of the 1Ds Mark III. I just knew it, but nobody in Tokyo wanted to listen to me. Well, they’re now getting what they deserve. We have no chance to make a comeback for at least a year now. Yes the 1D4 is coming in 2009, but that won’t be going up against the D3x. It’ll compete more with the D700 and we can’t possibly beat that price. In addition, our informants are telling us a D700x is on schedule for 2009 at Nikon. It looks like we’re going to have to drastically lower the 5D Mark II prices as early as next month.

May God have mercy with us.

13 thoughts on “We’re fucked

  1. It’ll be $900 in January. Look at what’s going to happen to the 5D2 price. The D700 is giving us some major problems. We’re just screwing the early adopters right now with the $2700 price tag of the 5D2.

  2. Tilbert:

    I’m sure you can imagine I’ve been told that before. I just happen to think different about certain things in life.

    If in a certain situation you come out and say you’re afraid, people want to label you as being a pussy. Right? People aren’t easily going to admit they are afraid because of that. The truth is that being afraid is quite normal in life. The fact that you’re afraid doesn’t make you a pussy. What makes you a pussy is being afraid AND running away. Me? I would have no problem with admitting that I am afraid, nothing to be ashamed about, but I’m going to stay and fight.

    So yeah, Nikon has an advantage now, we’re fucking up, and I admit that. But we’re going to fight it. We’re going to admit we’re screwing up, and we’re going to fix it. I’ve had it with our arrogant corporate attitude here at Canon.

  3. Mr. Fake Chuck,

    I would like to report some happy news for you. Here in Hong Kong, we has just had a magnificant launch of the 5DII and orders are flying in so much so that the queue will certainly last beyond the Chinese New Year. Hope this gives you a bit of comfort at heart. And then the price of the 5DII in Hong Kong is very aggressively listed at $2660 with street price at only $2300. That pushed the Nikon D3 and D700 back into trouble waters. As I understand the sale of the D3 here in Hong Kong has virtually died since the launch of the D700. All I can see in our local TV ad is for the Nikon D90.

    Again for your comfort, many of my diehard Nikon friends are adopting a wait and see attitude in regard to the D3x because they are so angry that the resale value of their D3 is now down the drain. Poor guys have my deepest sympathy. Instead of gearing up to buy the new D3x, two of them have opted to spend the money by adding a 5DII body with at least 2 L lenses just for the love of the 5DII’s 1080P video. You must ask to see the demo video produced by Canon HK. It was so amazing.

    So much of good news to you for now. I hope you can have a bit of good sleep tonight.

    Mr. Fake.

  4. Mr. Fake, thank you for that information.

    I do think that the 5D2 will give Nikon some serious trouble once the price drops to more realistic levels, as you point out. Right now we’re just stealing some extra cash from the early adopters. Once supply stabilizes in february the price will drop.

  5. “Galbraith being the Nikon whore that he is, was all over it.”

    Meh… Galbraith is a Nikon whore, you’re a Canon whore.. big deal [ unless like the real world camera counterparts, you consider Nikon whores look and especially feel better when you get your hands on them 😉 ]

    Even as a Nikonian, I would be hard pressed to assume that Canonites are f$#@ed because of the D3x. I’m sure the pricetag of Nikon’s new monster will match its awesomeness (I suspect over $8G US.. yes, it is just an estimation). The real question is how the photographic community at large will respond to this. I think the only real segment of the 5DMkII users that are now in threat are a) those who are dual system supporters and b) have very deep wallets… otherwise, it would seem like the 5DMkII will do just fine.

    Take a deep breath, Chuck..then chug some NyQuil, hit the hay and call me in the morning. Canon’s world isn’t crashing down (although it probably deserves to). But if Nikon keeps their foot on the gas, the worst may yet to come…

    Don’t stress the small stuff Chuck.. when you are on your deathbed, and you reflect on all this utter stupidity, you’ll see that it was all for not.

  6. Mr. Boomstick, I like what you said. I have deep sympathy for Mr. Fake Chuck. He is such a loyal Canon employee that he has gone hysterical whenever Nikon makes any move. Perhaps he can enjoy a bit of peace now that Nikon has announced the D3x at a ridiculous price of $8G and the initial reaction from the diehard Nikon fans are not going good at all.

    And to Mr. Fake Cluck, you can get back to normal business and let Nikon sorts things out of its own with the D3x, for it is really looking bad for them.

    Mr. Fake

  7. well, fake chuck, the D3x is official….and it’s $8,000 with no video mode, 2 stops slower and no sensor cleaning.

    feel a little better now?

  8. Oh. Ok. Another question than.. How do you think when Canon will start to replace the current lenses model range to suit extra mp that we have now in Marks and 5D?

    And when we will see Nikon’s style internal aberration and vignetting correction in Canon mid and low level cameras? I don’t mind to shoot with old and (or) inexpensive lenses. 6 mpx of my old second 10d camera with light 24-85 USM still really enough for most events. But when I installed it on 5D I found that corner quality was quite bad.


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