Change, the only constant.

Change, the only constant.

Today, November 5th 2013, millions of people worldwide will march in the streets of their cities to promote ideas for a new and better world. A world where the freedom of every single individual is truly respected. A world where honesty and the truth are valued. A world where knowledge is free to flow without restrictions, empowering every single human being on this planet, and enabling them to reach their highest potentials.

Even if you are not among those of us marching in the streets today, think long and hard about the world you want to leave behind for your children. Our civil liberties are constantly being threatened; we cannot afford to continue to stand by and watch it happen any longer. The system we live in is fundamentally corrupted. The system is against us. The system enslaves us.


Let us remind this world what it has forgotten; that fairness, justice and freedom are more than just words. A new and higher awareness and collective consciousness is developing on this planet. Nothing can remain hidden.

Knowledge is FREE.
The Corrupt Fear Us.
The Honest Support Us.
The Heroic Join Us.
We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Expect Us.


    • I don’t see why you should be scared Tony, unless you’re also one of those scumbags in government that like to exploit people.

  1. I hope they do manage to change things.
    Cause there doesnt seem to be many other relevant alternative organizations out there.

    Dont wish them to get to the power (i realiye is currently not in the “open” agenda).
    However the balance of power today is screwed up, highly biased, ethically wrong.

  2. I won’t say anything about this subject sorry. Well… some of these guys have been caught because they fucked up with some pictures. Yet the 40 years old guys haven’t been caught and will never be caught….Worse, some of them have been able to go inside the DOD without leaving their fingerprints, and others have been able to hack the US banks and put triple digits on some bank accounts, and my hat goes to them.

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