Being raped by Canon Inc.

By now we all know that we’re being fucking raped by Canon Inc. We’ve seen enough in the last few years that’s made us painfully aware of this fact.

Apart from the 100% profit margins on bodies and lenses, we knew products were being intentionally dumbed down and downright crippled so Canon Inc. could get people to buy the expensive as fuck “more advanced” models.

But this recent RAW video update on the 5D Mark III from Magic Lantern puts things entirely into a new perspective.

And Hitler, for one, is not amused.

Planned obsolescence is wasteful and unethical. It contributes to the fucked up nature of the world we live in today. Things need to change man, things need to change.


14 thoughts on “Being raped by Canon Inc.

  1. ..not sure exactly what you do at Canon but those who speak the truth (like you do) usually don’t fare well in the corrupt corporate landscape you so fearlessly navigate..good luck and keep the posts coming..the DSLR Nation needs more people like yourself (and the gifted visionaries at ML) to keep the weasels in check..

  2. Canon needs to already have these features in Camera, gees the 1Dx is a great camera but why leave out the HDR mode? that sounds crazy to me, I could really care less about video but canon needs to add more features themselves and nobody else…

    • Japan thinks the HDR mode is mostly for amateurs who don’t know how to do HDR manually themselves. People using a 1DX, mostly professionals, are assumed to be capable to do HDR a lot better manually than the camera can. But yeah, I think they could have just left auto HDR in there.

      • Yes that is the right way to do HDR manually but it would be great if they had it in camera as a feature, sometimes I use it on my 5D III but mostly manually, I actually am thinking if buying the 1Dx when I get back to the States in Dec, but am wondering if I should wait for the next digic 6 releases?

    • No need to wait, unless you really can and want to wait 2 years. The 1DX really is an excellent camera…

      • That long for a FF is about right, but I was kind of thinking of just waiting for the 7D II for that extra reach advantage for like BIF, but FF IQ is sweet and don’t know if I want another crop camera.

  3. For once I wholeheartedly agree with one of your posts. These business practices are disgraceful and reflect poorly on the company. Thank you for speaking up on the matter.

  4. Chuck, you made my days.

    I have discovered your blog not long ago, and consumed all past posts in 2 days.
    I keep coming back here everyday looking for new stuff… though new issues are coming not that often.

    You fully captured my feelings since i entered photo World through Canon. I took on Canon 3 yrs ago simply because my father once mentioned it was the best – 20 yrs ago… so i took it on. Only to keep feeling that… god damn cameras weren’t delivering overall. First rebel T3i ok.. is an entry level camera, so i upgraded to 7D … never really quite happy with it – focus not super good and too much noise (i know cropped sense has more noise).

    Anyways, apart from all that silly stuff of nikon vs. canon fanboys (crazy shit) the ‘let down’ feeling of Canon cameras was always present. You have made me feel i was not nuts and there was some sense in this world!

    + i laughed soooo much with your posts…. good thing you are not asking donations else i would feel obliged to contribute for the quality entertainment you provide.

    Last: your writing style – tops!!! keep on the language.. the style.. refined! not for all, sure! but who cares ? one needs to chose a market segment for his product.

    i LOOOVE IT! keep the god damn reviews …. or what ever conspiration theories you have coming!!! more!!

    take care!

    PS- happy 5diii come out good! and also very happy ML exists to exploit Canon’s hardware real capabilities. Mine is on its way to my home.

    Eduardo S.

    • Thanks man. I really appreciate this. You will never know how much this means to me. I really needed some encouragement, and this made me feel better. In fact, this comment is so good I touched myself while reading it. Thanks again.

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