Follow me on Twitter!

I’m getting a little tired of people constantly saying that we don’t understand social media here at Canon. The latest is this article on 1001 noisy cameras. I have to admit that they’re right, and that’s why I went ahead today and registered my own Twitter account. So you can all follow my updates there, which will be a lot more frequent than my blog posts.

Canon Inc. is not going to like this I think, but screw them. I am tired of waiting for them to change corporate policy. You all know how ‘happy’ they were with my blog. At least they did make some funds available to promote my blog after I had already spent countless hours setting it up myself in my free time and not getting paid for it either.

It’s the 21st century, you Japanese bastards, wake the hell up! Get in line with the program, for Christ’s sake.

3 thoughts on “Follow me on Twitter!

  1. Twitter? Aaarghhh! I **HATE** Twitter. Shouldn’t you be doing something productive like improving the high ISO performance on the Canon SX1 IS? I mean, at ISOs above 80, it’s pretty much unusable. You don’t have time to be a Twit.

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