The very first live interview with yours truly on Planet5D

Mitch from Planet 5D

Mitch from Planet 5D got his 5D Mark III before me. I hate him for that.

Check out the latest podcast on Planet5D, featuring an interview with me done from my remote hideout via Skype. Obviously I had to use some very sophisticated technology to hide my exact location and identity. I think I fooled Mitch, Barry and the lovely Pamela, but I’m quite sure the NSA knows who I am.

I’ll be posting again about this later adding some comments, but I need to focus on some work stuff right now. In the mean time, check it out.

8 thoughts on “The very first live interview with yours truly on Planet5D

  1. It seems to me you didn’t alter your voice,actually… I mean, I don’t know your real voice, but it doesn’t seem an altered voice, anyway.
    Fake Chuck, should I ever decide to spend some time on vacation where you live – I’m not an NSA officer 😉 – , would you be so kind to guide me through the most interesting places to capture in photo?
    Entertaining interview!

  2. bs..that’s you buddy..surprised you didn’t mention anything about the DXO/Nikon should I buy the 70D to replace my 60D for video or are there better options worth waiting for?

    • The next 7D, but that’s next year. Right now you can just get the 70D if the AF is important to you. And it is very very awesome.

      • question the new AF system is breakthrough..what worries me is you suggest the overall image quality of the new sensor is a step backwards from the 18mp sensor on the 60/7Ds..

      • Yeah I hate noise. And at the higher ISO’s it looks too digital to me. Almost like cellphone quality. But I’m going to blog about that and other stuff soon to clarify.

      • ..that would be appreciated..hopefully it’s something that can be corrected with a firmware upgrade..

  3. Imperialist Dog Fake Chuck…why you no rikey Yapanese camera? We send Joel Grey, Master of Shinanju to fruck you up. leave the light on.

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