11 thoughts on “9/11 was an Inside Job

  1. Sigh. With all the real government conspiracies and scandals to go after (Bush’s Iraq war, NSA spying, etc) why do people feel compelled to make up silly non-existent ones?

    Sometimes I think the Apollo deniers and 9/11 “truthers” are actually CIA agents sent to make government critics look like utter fools. If so, they certainly succeed.

  2. I love this shit. I’ve got a tinfoil hat being FedEx’d to your cornball ass pronto. Congratulations.

    Incidentally, Canon lubes their lenses with spermicide and I’m waiting for Snowden to change his name to Chelsea and get a boob job. Christ, the interweb is a fucking wasteland.

  3. Chuck,

    amazing post.

    i come across this post 6 mths ago. I am european, didnt see the video… thought u were half crazy and should stick to commenting cameras, like most of the comments left here.

    i was bored today,,, as i come often to ur blogue looking for news i come across this repost. I saw the video… and all subsequent links

    anybody saying there is nothing behind the curtain .. surely didnt see the video, or is braindead.

    my email in this post is fake, my name too. sure as hell NSA is checking it all. Sure they can see who i am from my IP on the post. which i dindt bother to mask.

    my wife is american. We plan to move there…. to try it out… i actually like, liked US – i am getting confused over the latest developments – values, the attitude.

    man… keep it up..
    it turns out this blogue is more than just photo and good laughs after all. good!
    someday i will read your post about fake moon landing with attention.

    keep it up! keep it real.
    to US fanatics … dare to imagine the other side is possible, read, search… dont eat all gov. feeds you.

    • Thanks man, glad to help wake you up. I guess you can expect to receive a complimentary box of tinfoil from the rest of the morans here.

      • Dafuq is a Moran? Erin Moran still has a great rack by the way. Goatdamn Bilderburgers and the JFK Marfa got together and built those spaceships ya dolts.

        BTW I use 100% AMERICAN made aluminum foil for the Tinfoil Hats I market. (Guaranteed to keep out the KGB mind probes) Screw those fairies in the Kremlin, we’ll goose their Ruskie ass with an ICBM.

        Go Huskies!

  4. The US government still supports Al Qaeda, in Syria this time, it would seem like these morons of AQ never got out of the payroll from the CIA. A few years ago, on a blog in the USA, we found out that the government was employing people to misinform the american population. One guy got busted and he said he was sorry b/c I blew up his cover. One of my main point after the invasion of Iraq was that they would never find WMDs in Iraq and it would come back biting them in the face on an international role.
    Also I remember a story of polonium in England a few years ago and they were trying to pin it down on the Russians. Yet… guess what? The FSB (which is the ex KGB) was doing a datamining search on “polonium USA” and they hit my blog (and the story made it in Russia, but never in the USA). Also if you remember, there was the anthrax letters, and it was done by an extremist group in the USA (it has never been done by AQ) and they used this information to go to war in Iraq. There has been many shits that happened in this country. I erased my blog completely a few years ago to get retired from this shit because i had been the target o the FBI for 5 years, pretty sad for exposing the truth, and put me into deportation, yet they could not tell me why.

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