This country is going down the fucking drain man. I simply cannot believe WTF is happening right now. Just look at the video below.

As if this isn’t enough:

The saga of Lavabit founder Ladar Levison is getting even more ridiculous, as he explains that the government has threatened him with criminal charges for his decision to shut down the business, rather than agree to some mysterious court order.

You may also want to check out my Snowden post and the entire comments section there. This is getting uglier by the day.

Just remember what that guy said:

Lavabit’s webpage bears a warning from Ladar Levinson, its founder: “Without congressional action or a strong judicial precedent, I would strongly recommend against anyone trusting their private data to a company with physical ties to the United States.

This is full blown police state stuff right now. Yeah, you thought it wouldn’t get any worse than being questioned for photographing a fucking tree in public, didn’t ya?? I warned you all back then. Remain passive, and see just how far they will take this. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED AGAIN. WAKE UPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!

Get a brain! morans

Get a brain! morans

9 thoughts on “WOW, Just WOW

  1. “Greed is the fuel that fires the engines of free enterprise..”..transparency exposes treachery..410000 weasels have been deprived of a venue to hide their covert agendas..who the fuck cares?..what’s your take on the 70D?

  2. How boring is that? I dont subscribed Fake Chuck Westfall for reading such stuff. I have other sources for that.

    Where is the good old Fake Chuck Westfall?

    Wait, i know where he is, one moment.

    My Sony a99 is better than your 5D Mark III *wait*

  3. How funny it is. The US government is allowed to destroy evidences on their hard-drives because it is sensitive information; and when their hard-drive crash and they call the hardware companies to change them, they will get a replacement for free, no question asked. But if you don’t belong to the government, you have to submit your hard-drive, and your hard-drive(s) might be read by the hardware companies. Destroying a hard-drive (aka information) means that you have to cremate your hard-drive, putting it into fire; a simple bang on the floor is not enough since you still can read the information in a white room, free of dust.
    I am not really surprised by these actions, i knew that Obama would do collateral damage to business companies. We got the same problem in France, ISPs or mail hosting companies can be shut down if they don’t comply with the willingness of the government; the law is unfortunately impartial.
    Have you ever heard of the broiling frog? You put a frog in water, then you slowly raise the temperature on the frog, then the frog will get used to it and slowly dies in the water; but if you put too much temperature on the frog, then the frog will immediately get out of the water. It is the same thing for american society, we are losing our freedoms slowly and surely because the US government is reforming society slowly to its own mindset: people might not even notice or they usually notice it with some flaws. There are 2 ways to establish laws also: either you tell people they are free, then you are going to reduce their freedom (it’s the case of the USA), either you tell people it is the law because we are not really free (it’s the french case for example).
    Well guess what…. The NSA documents, if everything goes well, will be leaked on the public domain. It won’t come from Snowden, because he’s got his hands tied with all the b/s from the gov, it will come from third party people. The NSA changed the plan of action a few days ago, limiting their own employees to access top secret information, but luckily there are other guys over there that don’t want to be in the flashlight and they will leak the documents on the internet. If ever they are leaked, i won’t even read them honestly, because i already know what the gov is up to. In the past I was having access to top secret information from the DOD with murder’s operation in latin america but i never read the details (it seems like they were planning assassination against some Presidents). Either way, I really hope it will make the american public aware of how paranoid and untrusworthy their government is.
    On another note, i don’t think it is fair to blame Obama only, we should blame Bush as well, he is the one that allowed this kind of spying with the Pat Riot Act, but Obama did not even do anything to raise the issue until he got busted.
    Snowden fucked up his life for transparency of the gov, and he will never be able to get back to the USA.

  4. On another positive note, with photography, i am testing the Canon EOS-M. It’s a fun camera, that you can’t ask that much to do, even with the firmware 2.02, the A/F is slow, and even if there are DSL-R features with it, the touchscreen makes it really hard to adjust your settings a few seconds before. High ISO is horrible, low ISO is the best, maybe even better than the 7D on some conditions. Overall for the price it is a steal, and very good as a 2nd camera when it comes to price/quality (although Nikon and Sony might do better at doing the job with the J2 and the NX but for a higher price).

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