Canon 1DX and 1DC Autofocus Issues

Well, what can I say? Canon Inc. fucked up again. If you have a 1DX or 1DC you might want to read this service advisory.

This notice is to proactively inform our customers of the details of the phenomena described below along with Canon’s support actions. Because we value the trust our customers have placed in us, we are dedicated to continuously improving product quality and delivering industry-leading service and support. We offer our sincerest apologies to any customer who may be inconvenienced.

Affected Products EOS-1D X Digital SLR Camera EOS-1D C Cinema EOS Camera

Phenomena In some units of the models listed below, there is a possibility that the following phenomena may occur due to wear caused by insufficient lubrication within the camera’s driving mechanism.

  1. AF searches but does not lock in on the subject. (Caused by
    minute particles produced by wear mentioned above.)
  2. The image shown in the viewfinder is “blurry” or “not steady”.     (Occurs if wear progresses.)

Read more.

I pray to God this doesn’t become another 1D Mark III debacle. It’s the last thing I need right now in my life.

At least Canon Inc. has the correct approach this time: Proactively informing customers because of “recognizing the trust customers have placed in us.” This goes a long way.

God this is so depressing.

U know what? Fuck it. I’m on my way to the pub.

27 thoughts on “Canon 1DX and 1DC Autofocus Issues

    • Apparently the shutter mechanism wears out after much use producing tiny particles of dust, which end up on the autofocus sensor among other areas of the mirror box, causing focusing issues.

      • I heard they up to old tricks, dish out free gear to pros going to their pet sports event in Russia, bet THAT gear has A grade inside. Why DO pros fall for same crap time and time again? Don’t believe me? Check out CPN in August just for fun…

  1. Dammit FCW, you take that much too serious.

    Example, i know that my A99 have worse noise performance than the 5D Mark III and you know what? I dont care as its the camera i like most.

    No camera is perfect and even if you work really good there will always be issues.

    After testing the D800, 5D Mark III and A99 i was for sure, no camera is perfect. Even in that price class they are just all made by human beeing.

    Its like that. Even if you recommend Canon, its not your fault if they have an issue and i bet Canon is working on this as fast as possible as Nikon worked on there issue and Sony worked on the laggish A77 firmware.

    Nothing is perfect and you should not expect anything to be perfect. Its like it is, 5D3, D800 and A99 are all pro gear and the creators did there best. People want ultra-fast shutter speed so this have a price. You need a mirror which is awesomely fast and quiet and everything at the same time.

    The only way to prevent such issues is a fixed mirror like the A99 have, but than you have the problem of loosing light and if you damage the mirror the image quality is going worse and you have to replace it (but with 75$ the SLT Mirror is quite “”cheap””).

    Just take your camera and shoot some nice photos, dont care about issues on the 1D-X. If you have an 1D-X with that issue, send it to Canon and theyll fix it.

    • DxO Mark is the most unusable Source for Reviews anyway.

      according to DxO, downscaled to 8MP, the Noise of the a77 is nearly identical to the 60D, in fact the a77 have about 1-stop more noise or even more.

      I owned the A77 for abourt 4 Months and did tons of test with it and the noise was always 1 ISO-Stop higher, at minimu.

      The problem is that DxO is always using there own (unofficial) RAW-Converter for the tests which have different default-settings of Sharpness for every Camera.

      That way the a900 have (according to DxO) much less sharpness than the 5D Mark II, even with the identical lense.

      I tested it mayself by downloading the RAW and converting in RAW-Therapee and found it, it was not true at all. The Sharpness of the a900 was much higher than the 5D Mark II’s

      As the lenses get tested with DxO’s own RawConverter, the level of Sharpness is depending on the camera tested with. It tells nothing about the real sharpness of the lense and the results are completely uncomperable.

      If you want a good test, download RAW-Files and test yourself! You’ll see DxO’s Results are mostly nonsense.

      Also there mesurement of dynamic range is a mesurement of total dynamic range and not of “usable” dynamic range. It doesnt help you at all if you have a camera with a dynamic range of 14 EVs if everything exceeding 9 EVs is noisy as hell and not usable.

      There is nothing better than just download RAWs and test for yourself.

      • I was referring to Nikon’s 500 mm getting similar DXO’s total score to Canon’s 500 mm because, get this, D800 body has more resolution compared to Canon’s. Not to mention Nikon’s 500 mm scores less in individual measurements. As I said, the weirdest LENS test result I have ever read…

      • Actually, I remembered this a bit wrong. They are saying Canon’s 500 mm (in 5D3) is sharper than Nikon’s (in D800). However, they continue by saying that the excellent dynamic range of D800 helps to even the odds so that Nikon’s lens is tied with Canon’s. Yeah, say what again. But as I said, it is the weirdest LENS score I’ve read.

  2. Nikon is so fucked right now. Magic lantern just bent them the fuck over and rammed it straight up makoto kimura’s ass!!! makoto kimura is a fucking loser. Nikon is a fucking loser.

    • you know, if you need an unofficial hack to make the camera usable is not a good thing about a camera. Most features magic lantern implement are included out of the box in other cameras anyway.

      I wouldn’t call the need of an dirty third-party hack as an “advantage” -.-

  3. @Mika

    Not to mention that the results of DxO in most Cases (Sensor + Lenses) are _not_ reproducable in any way.

    And to know that most people use it as an referrence is just… i dont know how to explain… frightening

  4. I’m on my 2nd defective 1DX going back to Canon and about to try a 3rd before I give up all together. It’s amazing that the first 1DX has defective AF with splash in the screen and it was supposed to be fixed in manufacturing, it had an “8” in the sixth place of the S/N. Then I get another with the marks in the battery compartment and it too would not focus. It had a “A” and the 6th number was a “5”. Both were defective and could not focus. How does Canon sell a $7,000 camera that does not work. How long before everyone sends in their Canon 1DX’s. And if it goes a year before it breaks boy are you SCREWED with a HUGE bill. Canon even cut back on discounts for CPS Gold and Platnium member of wich IDX users are. If Canon does not extend the warrentee on the 1DX’s Pros should start cutting back on all Canon purchases.

  5. I am wanting to get into full format and had difficulty deciding between Nikon’s D600 and Canon’s 6D, but this pretty much cinches it:

    Canon has a quality issue, makes an announcement to its customers informing them of this issue, and that they are working on a solution. Canon = cares

    Nikon has a quality issue, announces a “new” product (D610), leaves customers with sensor dirt issue out in the cold. Nikon = BOHICA

    • Nikon solved the “dust issue” short after it was announced, there was no D600 with dust issue since a lot of months.

      Also Nikon is offering an Free Repair service.

      Also there is no D610 and no plan from Nikon of creating one in the short future (its at best a rumor).

      Check your facts before posting!

  6. First of all, dont recall rumor sites as “facts”.

    If rumor sites would have been correct, we would have a 48 Megapixel 1DX now and we would have an 1D with Faveon Image Sensor. Also there would be a Full-Frame Sigma and there would be a Sony A9X with 36 Megapixel, not to mention the Medium Format Cameras from Sony, Nikon and Canon 😀

    As you might know, non of these are existing.

    Rumors are rumors until an official announcement.

    And even after the official announcement (at least for Canon) it normally takes months until a product is aviable for buying.

    I dont know any D600 owner who had ever problems with dust on the sensor and those “polls” are not limited to owner of the camera, everyone can push there oppinion there as facts.

    I dont understand why people invest so much time before buying a camera 😀 common 😀 we live in 2013! nearly 2014!

    I just buy a camera i like and if it tends out to be not good in 30 days, i just send it back. BABAM

    • We don’t have 30 days to test drive products here in Germany, it is up to the seller to decide if they’ll take something back. Some do, usually only within 7 to 14 days though. And renting a camera to try before you buy is ridiculously expensive here (a 5D Mk III or D800 are around €70 per DAY, excluding any lenses or accessories or insurance). We may have 2 years mandatory warranty coverage, but only the first year is a regular “no questions asked” guarantee, the second year it is up to the consumer to PROVE that the fault is a result of a manufacturing defect.

      As such, I am sure you can understand why consumers here aren’t as cavalier when it comes to purchasing decisions.

    • My 1Dx bought in early August 2012 had been back to Canon 6 times including the recall. 2 of those times were to reclean the sensor which came back with ridiculous new debris on it. The reason has been sent back numerous times was to clean the sensor of what I assume to be lubricant splashes. Basically a random pattern of very similar sized dots with heaviest concentrations around edges.

      Eventually I told Canon to keep the camera, it wasn’t fit for purpose as within days the sensor would be filthy again. Canon eventually agreed there was an issue and my 1Dx is probably at Canon inc in Japan. I was given a rental 1Dx when mine was sent in, guess what? Yep, sensor covered in the small marks. So I lose the rag and let them know, so eventually they agree to replace my camera.
      And I get a nice new shiny camera through a week back. Test the sensor and there’s the odd mark, they won’t budge under sensor cleaning., go away for a week, decide not to use the 12/14fps shoot 1000+ images and the sensor is as bad or worse than ever.

      I’m of the firm belief 90% or more users of this camera don’t shoot above F8, below this the dots are fairly indistinguishable . Any thing above F11 and they’ll sit out like a sore thumb.

      • you are absolutely right, Thank you for this info i should get my 1D X back from Canon with in a day or two and i will be checking it at f11 and down to f22 for any senor dots.. As i haven’t shot this camera above f8 more like wide open to f5.6..max..thanks again John..

      • I’m on my 4th 1DX. This is such a screw-up. How do you sell a $7,000 body to pros and it’s defective? Canon knows it’s defective. They have documented the Canon EOS 1DX is defective. Everytime I shoot with the camera there is more spash in my screen than John Holmes girlfriend could even handle.

        The mirror boxes have been replaced with the same defective parts. I’m telling you that some smart Lawyer could make a fortune here with a class action.

        Canon is telling you that ALL series 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 and now even 8’s are defective out of the box. They are ALL refurb units. They were not produced in a proper manner and have to be re-checked…. They are refurb units! Play with word any way you want.

        Canon is selling refurbed, defective cameras as new and they know it!!!

        Every 1DX owner should be givien a NEW camera that works or the choice of a FULL REFUND of the RETAIL price paid for the Camera.

        “Take no Prisoners” Canon knows the camera is defective and they keep selling it. Are there no laws to protect people? I did not see anywhere on the box or in Canon ads for the EOS 1DX that the camera is defective, does not focus and is prone to oil splash and flying particles in the mirror box. “Did ANYONE see that in the Canon ads or when they took your $7,000 did anyone see anything about this???

        Even AFTER the advisory was out?!!!!

        AFTER the canon advisory was out, did anyone while being sold the camera by the retailer, were you told that the camera was defective? Did they tell you there was a service advisory? Did they tell you there is NO fix for the solution?


        Anything above $5,000 is considered Grand Larceny. Canon is WAY over the limit. Which State Attorney General will work with ANY Class Action to make consumers whole for the defective Canon EOS 1DX?

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