Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens Sample Image and Stuff

Direction and Quality of Light

Anelisa, oh Anelisa…

I wrote a few weeks ago about a new book on lighting titled “Direction & Quality of Light” by Van Niekerk and I told you all to order it if you know what’s good for you. I’d be a total fucking hypocrite if I didn’t go ahead and order one for myself after telling you to do so. So here’s proof that I did get my own copy. Because it’s fucking good. And not only that, but I ordered my SIGNED copy directly from the vampire slayer himself.

Direction and Quality of Light

Signed baby, signed.

Those of you paying close attention to the pictures will notice how I strategically placed the book between some of our test gear lying here in my office. I figured Van Niekerk would really appreciate his book surrounded by top quality state of the art Canon gear after everything he had to say about our poor quality control (of which incidentally he’s right). And you have to admit, the Canon logo does look cool next to his signature.

The pictures were shot using the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens. A lot of morons write to me every week about this lens not having IS, despite the fact that this lens is so sharp it could crack your monitor viewing images at 100% as we discussed on this blog before. Just take a look at the 100% crop below.

Direction and Quality of Light

100% crop, click to enlarge

There’s more to image quality than just IS. So you retards complaining to me had better recognize and stop spamming my goddamn inbox and wasting my bandwidth and hard drive space.

And in case you were wondering, as far as I know, Van Niekerk has no clue who ordered this book and who he signed it for. But I’ll tell you this though, all the pictures of gorgeous women I’m seeing in the book are indeed making me do certain things in new ways, if you know what I mean.

In other news, I’ve been playing for a while now with some of our upcoming bodies. Been having mixed feelings about a lot of things going on here right now. For one, I can’t seem to convince Tokyo about the fucking megapixels they keep stuffing on the new sensors. Then there’s the marketing teams who come up with all kinds of retarded feature sets for new bodies. Who the fuck uses a goddamn 9 point AF system these days? Honestly? Nikon just released the D7100 with a frikkin’ 51 point AF system at $1200! Only 15 cross type points and not very sensitive, admittedly, but at least people have more options compared to our ancient 9 point system, which even made it into the $2000 6D and totally fucked it up. Apparently Tokyo is of the opinion that everyone using a 6D composes pictures with the subject right in the fucking center of the frame every time. People write in asking me which camera to choose and I always recommend the D600 instead of our own 6D. Because that’s how I am and that’s how you guys know me; I’m honest. I hate to bullshit people.

But more on that in another post. I need to spend some time now with a preproduction model of the new 7D.

20 thoughts on “Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens Sample Image and Stuff

      • Why should i. For some special requests i had to take Photos at night, handheld!

        even with ISO 25’600 f/2.8 i was at 1/8s and i really could need a smaller aperture.

        Without the in-body image stabilisation of Sony that would have never been possible, so as Canon have no In-Body IS and this lense have no In-Body IS you loose about 3-4 f-spot in terms shutterspeed.

      • Why are we looking for the impossible lately??? Just get a tripod or a monopod and don’t tell us you couldn’t use it!

    • Use proper fucking lighting, man. No one gives a shit about your problems spying on the neighbor’s tits in low light.

      • Or better yet, invest in some military grade night vision goggles.
        Better than the shit noise at astronomical ISO. If there’s no light- better amplify what’s available instead of amplifying the picture. Happy tit gazing.

      • Vamp88, I’d appreciate a few shots of those tits so I can uh… run some tests on them in the lab.

      • Yeah, sounds like a typical rdicioulus Canon Answer 😀

        “Why cant you do that, its just a simple feauture”, “LOL? Nobody needs that feature, NOBODY! All People who need such a feature are just retarded and 100% non-professional”


        > Use proper fucking lighting

        That answer is even worse than “Nobody Needs image stabilisation with High ISO” 😀 really man. How should i do proper lightning if there is nearly no light aviable.

        If i need 1/8s at ISO 25 600 to do proper lightning, what is your advice? Tell me? What can i dee without Image Stabilisation and Tripod to still get a good picture?

        Nothing with Canon, nothing! Babam, thats it, cum in your face 😀

  1. Why do I have a feeling the newer canon cameras will be crippled also? Common canon get with the program, look what you did to the 6D and I would never want the 6D along side of my 5D III.

  2. It really is about time Canon made a 24-70 that is worth a shit. Your last one sucked ass. This one is better but not by much.

  3. Isn’t Canon going to release a new version of the 24-70 mm with IS within this year?
    Sorry got broke lately, bought a new saphire to the wife instead of the Canon 5DMKIII, I regret it now grrrrr. That said I bought 2 new lenses, the 40mm pancake from canon and a korean brand for ultra wide shots. Haven’t had lots of time to play with them, but so far the 40mm pancake is impressive.

    • There is a 24-70 IS coming, but with f/4.0

      For low light this is better than 24-70 f/2.8 without IS, but still much worse than just having a 24-70 f/2.8 _with_ IS

  4. Huh, a new 7D?

    All I ever hear about is some lame-brained miniature DSLR, seemed like they are more prepared to offer some retard models for the masses, given the nonchalant response from one its top dog in the recent dpreview interview, ‘sometime in the future there will be a 7D Mkii,’ something along the lines…

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