9/11 Was An Inside Job – Controlled Demolition of WTC

US Government - Y U NO SUCK MY COCKS??Another public service announcement here on the blog today. 9/11 was an inside job. Yes, the WTC towers were brought down in a controlled demolition. Osama had nothing to do with it. Watch the documentaries below and fucking educate yourselves.

Here’s another:

For more information, head to Scholars for 9/11 Truth And Justice.

48 thoughts on “9/11 Was An Inside Job – Controlled Demolition of WTC

  1. First the moon landing was faked and now we’re on to 911? What’s next on the “believe it or not hit parade?” Area 51? The grassy knoll? Obama’s birth certificate? Canon quality control?

    • We’re not very concerned about the D600 to be honest with you. What we are afraid of is the Sony a99. That camera scares the everloving shit out of us.

      • why? because of the 100+ AF pts it has? most likely because canon users got used to using 9pt system all the time and now they’re overwhelmed by a 100pt + system

      • The AF system on the a99 is the least of our problems. It seems to me that Sony has a 3 year lead with the a99. And I’m being optimistic here.

      • hey princess, the A99 is already out, so what are you talking about it that scares the shit out on you?

      • Maybe you should be very worried about the D600. It’s about to wipe the floor with your 5D Mk3! Has the same sensor as the Sony A99 that you fear so much and costs way less than ur overrated Cannot. Bah hahahahahahahahahaha!

  2. Chuck, why don’t stop proving yourself to be a complete and total fucking paranoid moron, and stick to the camera business?

    You’re embarrassing yourself Chuck, even though you don’t think you are. Whatever credibility you might have had (precious little) is rapidly draining away.

    I feel sorry for people like you who think that everything that happens is some sort of government conspiracy. (Psst… did you know that the Interstate Highway is a massive government conspiracy?? IT’S TRUE!!!)

    You’ve really gone down hill, Chuck. Too bad.

    • It’s just there isn’y any decent photo stuff to ramble on about.

      He isn’t a complete moron, just someone who likes a bit of attention. No one with a normal mind believes EVERYTHING is a conspiracy. He simply enjoys pushing peoples buttons and we oblige him.

      • Who said everything is a conspiracy? This post is just about the WTC demolition man. Not everything.

    • Tell me Tony, did you actually look at those documentaries and checked out the info? Because if you did, I doubt you’d be calling me a moron. Just watch the first one, then come back and tell me how much of a moron I am.

      • Dude,.. I don’t have to. You can say whatever you want in a video. I was reading Marshall McLuhan before you were even born, Just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s true. #quitwastingpeoplestime #stopbeingaloser

      • In that case you’re the moron man. This is exactly what’s wrong with humanity. Willfull ignorance. Jesus fucking christ would you people fucking grow some more brain cells already!!

  3. Who Stole the GOLD on 9/11?
    rescue workers looking for survivors found all the vaults empty. gold, silver and other assets of the Bank of Nova Scotia where removed Before the Towers went down, says al about how powerfull these people are, abowe the law. doing exsacly what they please. several HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS of gold missing from the WTC complex . ant iven today gold is being taken, ‘dictators’ that have huge gold reservs ,is being killed. where does al the gold go ??? and wy ..

  4. You know better than resting on mock documentaries and unproven allegations.
    Models are imperfect, incomplete, also, even more so in physics. That’s the difference between lab science and reality.
    If it was not so, we would have mastered interplanetar travel for 40 years, and would have not stopped to the moon (believing or not that man landed there, we would not have stopped with probes if it was so easy).
    But things like that are not (should not be) the topic here.
    You can talk about the 24-70 II that finally reached market.
    And Kicks so much ass, by the way, that even if a99 is a breakthrought, a lot of people would still be on Canon for their lenses.

  5. I remember a few years ago, under Bush legacy reign according to a poll there was around more than 56% of Americans that believed 911 was an inside job. And if you go outside the USA, I believe the whole majority of people all over the world never believed one inch of the official version. The thing that really pissed me off was the huge lie from the Bush administration to convince Americans that Saddam Hussein had terrorist links with Osama Ben Laden and had the WMDs. In 2 weeks the polls to go to war in Iraq went from 25% to 75%, that was utter nonsense.
    And now look at Iraq, it’s controlled by the Shi’it people who are controlled by the Iranians and the Russians and Chinese are behind them. It’s been one of the biggest catastrophe in foreign politics of the USA. Okay that was my parenthesis.

    Mr Chuck, that would be awesome if you could write more posts about Canon, since you work there. I also work for a company like yours, a big company, in another domain, but I never wanted to write anything about them, although that sometimes they would deserve a good kick in the ass.

    I’m still enjoying my new canon lenses, the macro 100 and the f2.8 IS2 ISM 70-200mm that became one of my favorite lens, and within a few weeks, I will go across the USA, to take some awesome pictures hopefully. on the West coast (NM, AZ, and NV).

    Keep up the good work and thank you for the fish.

  6. Hey chuck, while you were busy with conspiracy theories, Canon released the 6D and they f**** it up once again. How cool is releasing a FF camera with an AF system that is almost the same as my 5 years old 450D? D600 look like is a way better camera to me.

  7. FCW immediately stop sucking cocks!!! Stop posting bullshit and concentrate on Canon cameras again!!! Tell us what the hell those fuckheads in JP thought to launch such a fucking crippled 6D. Shitty AF system and only SD cards!!!??? What the hell Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah they will loose the war to NIKON. 600D is MUCH BETTER and has MORE FUNCTIONALITY!!!!!!!!! what the hell did those JP idiots think???? one has to buy this fucking brick wireless transmitter for the 5d Mk III with a fucking wire connection to the camera. and they are able to include WIFI in the much smaller 6D????? What the hell?? Don’t tell me again that there was not enough space in the 5D Mk III for a wireless module and for fuck’s sake don’t tell me either they did not know where to put a button because you don’t fucking need a special button for WIFI (except to activate/deactivate it). What do those fucking stupid cocksuckers from JP think they can sell us????????? They should start to realize that they should include all the gimmicks they can in these canon cams unless nearly every sane person will switch to nikon…

      • FOR FUCK’S SAKE: THESE STUPID MORONS DID IT AGAIN AND ALL FUCKERS BELIEVE THEM BLINDLESS. DXO mark just published the results of D600 and http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/ has nothing better to do than to jell it out loud… sony tech blaaaaah blaaaaah blaaaaaaaah. When do these fucking morons start to recognize that DxO mark is pure shit?????


  8. Damn, never thought I’d find the world’s worst website so easily.
    EVERYTHING you say is couldn’t be any more wrong.


  9. True that 6D AF sucks on the number of points, and cross type points.
    But, A -3EV sensitivity is really good, it divides by two the amount of light needed compared to
    5DIII. I would rather complain about why they did not include such light sensitivity in 5DIII and that is not a problem of tech bargains here I think, pure commercial logic at work IMO.

    So, at least it will be sensitive and able to get focus, even if you then have to handle a good recomposing to have a nice thing, because even if you manage to get focus with these line type AF points, given that the 6D is really sensitive, the coverage is quite bad so you will have to do it anyway.

    For WIFI and GPS, it is a question of build. You have to have an integral alloy struture for getting such bullet proof strongness like 1DX and 5D types. But if you put wifi and gps modules inside, you have to replace part of the structure by plastics. And plastic is not good structure wise.

    For me 6D is not an integral fail, this is really an update of 5DII, with at last a working AF.
    Not worth the price, but not up to the standard set by today’s pro dslr.
    Still, it is for enthusiasts, but they tag it like a pro grade, even if lower end.
    I think I would rather have a 7D.

    Canon has a big problem in my opinion: lack of internal communication.
    While they achieve astonishing things at time, they always feel like botched when you
    come to see the whole context, like the 5DIII when you look at 1DX (why not getting the special AF module for 5DIII when it is deemed as sports camera too?) and 6D (why not getting on par in sensitivity with an inferior, same generation model)

  10. i enjoy the trolling but back to back of these truths or rather what most ppl consider conspiracy theories is lame. fake chuck i thought you were one of us. looks like you’re part of the illuminati in jp used to distract us from the real issues. i’m very disappointed in you….

  11. Cant wait for your thoughts and review on the 6D, i guess all the top dogs at canon live too close to the fukushima nuclear plant and they’re all suffering from brain tumors these days.

    The guys at DP review are absolutely correct, with the D600 in the market, is not longer about prosumers crossing the bridge to Full Frame, is more about prosumers realizing someone at Nikon is an actual photographer and knows the basic stuff about how to properly market a product.

    • i was very suprised to hear that the 6D doesn’t have a swivel or touch screen. i think this is the beginning of the end for Canon and Nikon’s reign in the dslr market. it appears that they’re main goal is to maximize profit for as long as they can. and not really lead in innovation. this is the sad part about business.

  12. I used to come here regularly to read your stuff because I found it quite humorous. Especially because I’ve met the REAL C.W. and he’s nothing at all like your writing which was one of the things that made it so funny. But now that you’ve gone over the deep end with these fake moon landing and 9/11 conspiracy writings I think I’m done. No need to reply because as soon as I hit enter to leave this comment I’ll be deleting your bookmark and never returning. Really sad…

  13. hey wow, The Rockwell, much despised here (and rightly so, most probably) until he switched to the 5d, and to whom I am never ever going to create a link, in his “News for Oct., 23rd”, once more proves what a moron he is, by adopting conspiracy theories regarding 9/11! What does that tell us about the fCW and the all-too-real KR?

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