5D Mark III Selling like Hotcakes while Nikon Fanboys Attack

Nikon Fanboys Attack

Nikon Fanboys swarmed the blog, again

See the graph above? The last time this happened was when I posted about how fucked the Nikon D800 is. This latest spike in traffic is in response to my post yesterday about DxOMark sucking balls, and more specifically how the 5D Mark III trashes the D800.

It would seem as if the average IQ in the Nikon camp is at an all time low these days. The comments leave a lot to be desired. Then there’s the emails accusing me of all kinds of crap. Do you people honestly think I love bashing the D800? I don’t give a fuck about the D800. This is not about the D800. It’s about letting Canon Inc. know our users are not going to love the megapixel shit that’s currently going on at Nikon. Tokyo had better recognize we’re going to go fucking batshit insane on their ass if they go down the D800 route. It’s more than clear what the drawbacks are of so many megapixels. It’s fucking pointless. If I had anything to say about it, the sensor in the 5D Mark III would have been the same 18MP sensor from the 1DX and we’d have even cleaner image quality on the 5D Mark III.

I just updated the DxOMark blog post with yet another video showing why people love the 5D Mark III and choose that instead of the piece of shit D800:

Listen carefully to this guy’s conclusion and why he went with the 5D Mark III. It’s all about low noise and better image quality. And as I have shown yesterday, the 5D Mark III is way better in this area than the D800. Sure, the D800 has better dynamic range at low ISO, but it’s too bad that the extra megapixels make all the dynamic range worthless in the end. Plus it’s a goddamn tragedy that Nikon can’t seem to nail something as basic as the correct white balance in 2012. This was also quite apparent in the review done by The Camera Store.

So I’m not surprised one bit that the 5D Mark III’s are selling like hotcakes right now. Just check the sequence of tweets below (screenshot taken moments ago), within a matter of minutes all stock at B&H was gone.

5D Mark III selling like hotcakes

5D Mark III selling like hotcakes

Plus, you might also like to read this tweet:

According to a major retailer, the 5D Mark III has outsold the D800 25 to 1. I guess that’s all that matters in the end. 🙂

Get that?? 25 to fucking 1. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Recogniiiiize!

69 thoughts on “5D Mark III Selling like Hotcakes while Nikon Fanboys Attack

  1. Chuck if you down-sample the the D800 to 6.3Mp and compare it to the 10D, it totally kicks ass!!!!1!! So, it’s obvious that you SUCK!

    Hey, being a Nikon troll is pretty darn easy!

    • Oh 13 sorry, anyway…
      Don’t worry, they’ll sell a lot of this piece of shit with a lot of adds and shit.

      • I’ve a question, according to what all other websites say about D800 and 5DIII, you don’t feel a little bit alone ?

        Seriously, you’re stupid and limited. Just an average american no more and no less. A stupid man full of convictions, without an ounce of intelligence. Tell me Chucky, are you also creationist ? Perhaps Satan is behind the D800, to make you cry and hate ! You’re going to hell Chucky !

      • Alone? Have you actually looked at all the videos I linked to and all the sample images I posted?

    • I believe looking merely at amazon is a tad myopic and I just got the reason for the same.
      Canon 5D Mark III is priced higher at Amazon. A price comparison at Pricegrabber clearly indicates that the price of Canon 5D Mark III at Amazon is higher by 600 USD compared to the outlet offering the cheapest price.

      In case of Nikon D800, Amazon’s price is higher only by a 100 bucks to the cheapest store.

      You may as well compare the prices on pricegrabber and check for yourself. 600 bucks is a huge difference and you can get a top notch lens prime lens for that money.

      And despite such a huge disparity in prices at Amazon to the cheapest alternative, I can see 88 feedbacks posted for the 5D Mark III and 132 feedbacks posted for the Nikon D800 on Amazon. Please make a note that only those who buy from Amazon can post a feedback on the item. So, I am assuming the sales at Amazon as well to be equally proportionate.

      So, when you say that Canon 5D Mark III is positioned on 27th position and the Nikon D800 is positioned at 5th in the top sellers at Amazon, you need to consider the price point at which these positions are achieved.

      Fact – Despite being sold at 600 bucks more than the cheapest price, Amazon has managed to sell 88 of 5D Mark IIIs. And with 100 bucks higher price to the cheapest Nikon D800, Amazon has managed to sell 132 of them.

      I am talking number and stats here as of 17th of August, 2012. These stats are subject to change if Amazon decides to change their pricing model (I have no control over that)

      I don’t believe in favoring either of the brand. Both the cameras are in a league where rather than finding issues in each of them, I would like to enjoy the photography with them. I have recently bought a 5D Mark III, purely because 36 MP is too much for my work and I am more than happy with 22 MP; I don’t believe in pixel peeping; I tend to like the white balance on Canon more than Nikon (a matter of personal choice) and I like the speed and processing power of the 5D Mark III which makes some of the cool features like automatic lens corrections a possibility. All the factors that made me by the 5D Mark III is a matter of personal choice and I would have been equally happy with the D800 as well.

  2. Dear Fake Chuck,

    Love the post, maintaining your usual standard I see.

    Care to comment on the D800 being the number one selling DSLR on Amazon?

    How about the fact that the 5d mk3 is number 8?

    • What I’m seeing is what Einstein posted above:
      D800 5
      5DIII 27

      If you look at the top selling cameras (Rebels, D5100 etc.), you can see that mostly amateurs are buying from Amazon – the same crowd that goes crazy over pointless megapixels. So yeah, the D800 is among the top selling entry level hobbyist cameras on Amazon, exactly where it belongs. The amateurs are going crazy over it. Only professionals who know what they’re doing and demand the best image quality will look at the 5D Mark III. And these people usually buy at places like Adorama and B&HPhotoVideo. So it’s no surprise that the 5D Mark III, being the professional’s choice, isn’t listed very high among the entry level cameras on Amazon.

      • professionals take pictures and don’t waste houres talking about gears… (specialy gears that are so good no one is really able to tell wich one is better)

  3. PS : I love to see you debating in your own shit. I’m just laughing with some friend, you are just an ape for us ahah !

    • Quazi do you understand that the light issue is only by taking pictures with lens cap on like all you Nikon trolls do, it has no effect on my photography in really dim light and have no desire to send in for canon to fix it, BUT do you also understand that the piece of shit D800 is actually exploding in people’s hands LMFAO…….

      • FYI, I’m Not a Nikon user. However, neither a blind fan of Canon. I shout at sellers that make and try to sell defective products. Ask ur Canon buddies to eat their own shit b4 releasing a product without proper testing next time. BTW, we the enthusiast nature shooters group have abandoned our plan to buy 5D3 and continue with our 1D Mk IV, 5D2s and all the old gears we have.

      • If you have a 1D4, then you don’t really need a 5D3. However, if you have a 5D2, please fucking throw it away or give it away to homeless people because it fucking sucks. Get a 5D3 instead.

    • Items forbidden to take oNboard airplanes . by the FDA.

      chck out nr 7 .. Nikon is def topping al lists these days 🙂

      Explosive & Flammable Materials, Disabling Chemicals & Other Dangerous Items
      Carry-on Checked
      Blasting Caps No No
      Dynamite No No
      Fireworks No No
      Flares (in any form) No No
      Hand Grenades No No
      Plastic Explosives No No
      Nikon 800/800E No No

      Flammable Items
      Carry-on Checked
      Aerosol (any except for personal care or toiletries in limited quantities)
      No No
      Fuels (including cooking fuels and any flammable liquid fuel)
      No No
      Gasoline No No
      Gas Torches No No
      Lighter Fluid No No


    • Quazi try Goolge and search for D800 exsplodes, then try search for D800 focus problems, then try search for D800 Locks up. then try search for D800 problems . and when your done let us know whats the Flawed Body ,, ok thx have a nice day 🙂

  4. Chuck I just found your site a few days ago and I gotta say I am laughing my ass off, great stuff.

    I’m the guy that did the video at the top of this page. Thanks for telling people to listen closely to my conclusion! 🙂

  5. Nikon D800 Digital-SLR Camera Wins the Camera GP2012 Camera of the Year and Readers Awards

    Nikon D800 best dslr in dxomark

    People is a conspiracy !!!!!!

    The fact is Nikon D800 does not exist

    • It has to be a conspiracy. Are you going to believe those fucks at DxO Mark and that stupid award, or are you going to believe your own eyes? Look at the image quality man, the D800 images are noisy as fuck, has color dithering and banding. Not to mention white balance issues. Plus video performance sucks ass with all the noise, aliasing and moire.

    • The Nikon D800 does exist ,the problem is it keeps on exsploding so only smal parts can be found 🙂

    • I don’t know man. The noise is horrible on the D800 and for video, it’s pretty fucked because of the aliasing and moire.

  6. Canon is like Microsoft. A bulk manufacturer of big volumes of unexciting products. Always the copier and never the innovator. What are you going to say Chuck when Canon produce a copy cat 30 something meg camera in their desperation to keep up. Expect to see that early in the new year. Remember..Nikon did it first…again. Hey I bet you drive a Toyota and think it;s a great car. Good for you, your in good company. The masses love mediocrity.

    • Dude what? Did you forget Canon was the first with HD movie on a full-frame DSLR? And that it took Nikon years to follow?

      • HD Movie? Big Deal! Apple still hasn’t adopted Blu-ray but that doesn’t make their computers any less popular. I buy a DSLR to take good photos. If I wanted to do movies, I buy a friggin’ video camera. Canons’ supposed video quality still sux compared to a dedicated video camera and sux compared to Nikons’ still picture image quality.

    • I particularly like the section listing the advantages of the D800 as have ‘significantly better image quality’. Read it and weep Canon Tossbags.

    • Hey moron, Snapsort uses the same stupid piece of shit data from those Nikon sellouts at DxOMark. Just so you know.

      • Yep very true, also why DxO gave the 5D III and as a matter of fact all canons not very good scores is simple, they are a bunch of Nikon trolls that hate canon like in dpreview, from real world tests the 5D III is better;)

      • Um, no. I doubt it. I used Canon originally, then switched to Nikon ‘cos Canon image quality is shit. DXO is right, Canons are shit. 😀

  7. so let me summarize: according to the canon people the D800 is a piece of shit camera, according to the nikon fans the 5D MarkIII is garbage… I guess I’ll just have to buy a Fuji X1-pro then!

    • YES we are sorry that people there dont have to much monney to spend, but i guess the D800 is ok also, i did start whit a medicore camera myself, as soon as o got bether taking pictures i got a bether camera also . so dont worry you whil find somthing bether than the D800 soon ,

      • USA and Europe are in recession; not Asia. So, we don’t buy cameras repaired with silly black tapes used for wrapping household wiring joints.

        Rather we spend more to buy premium products like D4, D3s, 1Dx or 1D Mk IV.

      • ARE YOU DRUNK ? you do realize that its only the D4 & D800 that can do the KABOOOM thingy ??? what do you use the rest for .. BAHAHAHAAAA!

      • “BAHAHA” is a sound produced by Begal Goats. If they could talk; they would utter the same words as you did. If fed with little bit of alcohol, they would spew non-stop trash like you.

        As u were under the influence of some banned drugs, u failed to notice I said “we” not I.

      • face the facts ,,
        1, Canon have an ishue whit the light metering in exstremly dark places ,,ok its awfull. since you cal i t flawed 🙂
        then what do you prefer to cal this one ..

        1. viewfinder its not clear was not mountend strait.
        2. the internal flash does not trigger the others reably. they dont always fire
        3. somtimes the camera just shuts of in Live Mode so you cant see anything .
        4. alot of old CF cards dont work..
        5. somtimes the LCD gets a weard Color cast.
        6.autofocus problems on the left side of the focus field , the further you go using the fpoints there the whorse it backfocuses.
        7. both the D800 and the D4 locks up now and then on a daily basis and i needed to remove the battery to make it work again..
        8. so far 11 D800â€ēs have Exsploded.. i,m not joking. the mirror ends up in the Lens on some and others just go Poof after 30min-2 hours normal use. or if its been sitting in the sunlight for a few , it also goes booom when turned on.

        if you can face it , or if this is not correct , do a serach use google . and when you see its al true .
        would you like to cal the D800 flawed or whorse ??? and btw it also got a few rounds of Black tape in it … LOL!! BAHAAAAA!

      • premium products like D4, D3s, 1Dx or 1D Mk IV. also have alot of black tape in them,, sorry but its the most common produkt you find in al quality produkts,, becase its reliable,:) BAHAHA, r you serius ?? you dont buy products containing Black tape ??? r you living in a cave then ? or are you a rasist ??

  8. Dear Quazi Ahmed Hussain

    by now you have used Google search , and is probl eating anti depresive pills. (no point to deny it) , but dont worry be happy ! whit Nikon D800 and Canon 5D3 its like comparing bananas and apples whitch one you like for your cind of work , and both of them are exselent products (exsept for the banana that might go BOOOM! ; ) so go out and use your D800 and enjoy live,since it might bE A FRIKKIN SHORT ONE!!!! lol!!! KABOOM!!! LOLOEROFL!!GDAMINT LOLOL , BAHHHAAHAHAHAAA!!!

    • Bengal Goats cry “BAHAHAHA” all the time without reasons.

      Get your eyes examined by a good ophthalmologist. Something seriously wrong there. You failed to notice I AM A CANON USER not NIKON.

      That’s why I’m furious at their the garbages they have produced recently. For example:

      a. EOS 1Dx doesn’t AF beyond f/5.6 and cannot offer crop faciity. Nikon D4 is capable of dong both.

      b. Our group of enthusiast nature and wildlife photographers have already trashed out the plan to procure 5D3 due to the light leakage issue. We will continue to use our 50Ds, 1D Mk IVs and 5D2s and watch helplessly our Nikonian friends upgrade from D3S to D4.

      These are all for your defective eyes. Wear appropriate pair of glasses b4 reading it.

      • Japan is working on the AF at f/8 issue. The light leak on the 5D3 is long fixed you moron. All 5D3’s are now shipping fixed.

      • just ake a Sigma 120-300 2,8 then add 4x sigma 2.0x telekonverters and do what i do , look at the Moon. and see whats moving around up there , its awsome i dident know we got so manny buldings on the moon. this Camera rawks thx Jesus !

      • then stop wining and be glad you whil have a LONGER LIFE than Nikonians 🙂
        5D3 frikkin rawks , i just needed time to se how unbelivable good this Camera is i used to be depressed due to the mp,, i exspected more. but its actualy awsome just like it is now:)

      • chhh !! chhhhh! NIKON KABOOOM!!! stfu! we whin Japan Kill USA! holy Nikon mesa love you!

  9. Pingback: Quick Update | Fake Chuck Westfall

    • i showa milloless up in you anus!! i lemove millol long time ago flom my dlsr.! working pelfekt! just live wiev 24h/ so you stopid cunt! millol less or no less stil no ploblem!! go fock yoo long time!!

      • Chimpanzees like u will always eat rotten cakes and shit trash.

        Ur 5D IIIs will leak clear lights thru ur ass that enters from ur mouth. What a sexcitng scene !!! Can u beat that ???

      • so solly ,, clear lights not for ewryone .yo flom darkness , monkey not use soap or shave,also a extra cromosome not make yo bether than other,, this not chitchat folum !! talk camela or dig a hole lissen to singasong flom yo boss. yo collect! cant beat that!

  10. Actually anyone who gets all heated over an inanimate object like a camera body is missing the point of creating art. It’s one thing to enjoy using a given camera body and talk about its attributes but it’s childish as hell to name-call and bastardize someone over a brand of camera. I own one of the cameras in question here but I wouldn’t give two shits if I had to use the alternative brand.

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