Introducing the Canon 600EX-RT Flash

Canon 600EX-RT Flash and Canon ST-E3-RT Trigger

Nikon got fucking owned.

Aaaw yeah baby, aaw yeah! As if the 5D Mark III wasn’t enough, even our ancient flash system got a huge upgrade. RF BASED WIRELESS FUNCTIONALITY BABY!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!! How long have we been waiting for this?? Man I’m fucking ecstatic. Last night I partied so hard I can’t remember anymore what happened. I woke up this morning on the ground next to a car in the parking lot here at Canon HQ with a huge headache. I could barely get myself up. I don’t know how the fuck I got there, but I think I must have been so drunk I couldn’t find my way home. My shirt was completely unbuttoned and I couldn’t find my pants. That must have been one crazy party last night.

But we deserved to party like this, and after a long time I can say that I enjoyed every second of it. EOS is shaking up this entire industry like never before. Right now we’ve got the best, fucking state of the art, flash system out there. For years I’ve had to listen to people telling me how Nikon was ahead in this area and how we sucked and blah blah blah. And look at it now, god dammit!!!!!!! LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!! The 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT are fucking beautiful! Now you can control all flashes right from the back of your camera. All of them!!!!! It wasn’t so long ago when I complained about this and let Canon Inc. know what we wanted:

Canon ST-E2 Ass-Rape VS Cactus V4

Canon ST-E2 Ass-Rape VS Cactus V4

I don’t know what the fuck is taking those bastards in Japan so long, but if they finally release an update it had better fucking blow everything away. I’m talking RF based wireless flash triggers, a new pro speedlite with built-in RF wireless flash capabilities, full TTL and High Speed Sync support, Master/Slave functionality, 100m working range, and best of all, remote control of the speedlites from the back of the camera. I want all my fucking speedlites to show up on my camera LCD just like wireless access points show up on my computer, and I want to fucking add them to my own private network of flashes under my control, each with their own custom ID (so I know which is which). And then I want to be able to fucking select each one of them and be able to change their goddamn settings right on my fucking camera even if I’m 100 meters away! THAT is what I would consider true innovation. Not the fucking horseshit we’ve been seeing in the last few years.

I’m sounding like a broken record these days, but Canon Inc. fucking listened to us again! For a review of the 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT check out Pixsylated. He was able to fire his 600EX-RT from 100 meters away, although Canon Inc. lists a working range of 30 meters.

I predict that The Lord of the Speedlights, Mc Nally and Van Niekerk are going to be switching to Canon in the very near future just to be able to use all the good stuff. Even Kelby won’t be able to resist! Kelby had to wait years for true wireless functionality and full HD video on his D3/D4, and now he’ll have to wait more years for built-in RF functionality in the crappy Nikon flash system. Guys, don’t wait too long. Join the EOS club and take your photography to the next level!

Especially seeing as how shit are happen at Nikon with the shitty image quality on the Nikon D800. I mentioned this before, but don’t be surprised when people look at your 36MP photos taken with a D800 and ask you what phone you used to make them. And the way things look right now, the D800 is going to have to go up against some fierce competition from the 41MP Nokia 808 Pure View Phone.

As if that isn’t enough, we now also find out that Nikon used footage from the 5D2 in their D800 promo video:

For said launch on March 7th, they produced this impressive demonstration video, which highlights the D800’s strengths as a filmmaking tool:

Looks awesome, doesn’t it? Makes the D800 look like it excels at shooting sports and time lapse videos of cityscapes and exotic locations, right? Makes it seem like the D800 is a vital tool to have in your filmmaker production kit, right? Makes you want a D800 no matter the price, right?

Seems Nikon is not only using Canon EOS-5D Mark II-captured video from TSO’s film ‘The Mountain’ to sell their new camera, but they never asked his permission and are, therefore and perhaps more disgracefully, violating his copyright.

Here’s a screenshot where the photographer complains about Nikon using his footage:



BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! When I saw this I laughed for at least 15 minutes non-stop. I started laughing behind my desk, fell on the ground, got up while slamming my fists on the ground and the walls. Then I stumbled out of my office still bursting with laughter, while everyone stared at me, and I fell on the ground in the hallway again. I crawled to the elevator, which for some reason went down to the lobby and as soon as the doors opened I fell out of it into the lobby, still laughing my ass off. And if you can still remember, I didn’t have any pants on since this morning because I couldn’t find them. So imagine how bizarre I must have looked to everyone in the building while I crawled and rolled around laughing my ass off in the lobby until security guards got to me. BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! But man, this is just fucking awesome. What an EPIC fail for Nikon, my God, MY GOD!!! EPIC!!!!

And it’s not just the fact that they used 5D2 footage to sell the D800, but they fucking used it without asking!! BAHAHAHAHA, I guess the poor saps didn’t have a choice did they? I mean, how do you go about asking a photographer to use his video, shot with a 5D2, for a promo movie for the D800? I’d pay 50 bucks to watch that conversation take place because I think it would have been fucking hilarious.

Nikon’s timing with this couldn’t have been better for us. We fucking shook this industry last night and now Nikon makes a complete ass out of themselves with the D800, which by the way sucked balls to begin with. No wonder they chose to use footage from the 5D2. The muddy, compressed, moired, aliased videos the D800 produces just weren’t good enough to promote the camera, it seems. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Jesus Christ, I’m going to get a heart attack if I keep laughing like this.

What a disgrace. Oh God… just unbelievable! If I was a Nikon photographer, I would switch to Canon just because of feeling ashamed to be using Nikon equipment after this debacle. I just wouldn’t be able to look people in the eyes anymore while holding a Nikon camera in my hands.

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!! Oh God, I need a drink. It’s going to be one hell of a weekend!

42 thoughts on “Introducing the Canon 600EX-RT Flash

  1. Fakie Babe, are you still drunken? That fucking working distance is 100 metres out in the free field. In urban areas as cities with lots of houses it is down to 30 meters as nearly every other radio-trigger also.
    What this fucking overpriced transmitter vom Canon can, could I nearly do before with m Pixel King. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh for a fraction of the original price. Canon should also sell a receiver so for all of us with “the old flashes”. I don’t think this will happen even if technically possible, cause they want to sell their fucking flashes which only has a guide number of fucking 60 on paper at 200mm whears the old one’s guide number was measured at a 105mm. THOSE BASTARDS SHOULD MEASURE BOTH AT 100MM…. I’am sure Yongnuo or Pixel will sell a similar transmitter and receiver soonthat even is able to communicate with Canons overpriced fuck stuff.


  2. Sorry FC, I’ll take a good laptop before some glorified Chinese pocket flash for $630 bucks. The flash is to make up for the lack of one in the new 5D3 is it? Then again with the grip and GPS that takes us up to ? ? well look at that — I should have just bought one of those D3Xs.

    Have you never figured out the LYMs at Canikony have never been the most “forward” of people around? Nikon has just admitted the Sendai shake up cost them on the order of $100 million and Shirley you remember Nikon using Hasselblads to shoot their brochure covers a while ago.

    Canon just dropped to third place in the landscape camera market today. Maybe this will calm some of you Cannot people down and get you mind off the D800:

    • What do you mean glorified? Dude, we just trashed Nikon’s fucking CLS system man! TRASHED I tell you! Compared to this, Nikon’s CLS system is back to the stone age. Let’s be honest here for once, god dammit.

  3. I have to admit Chuck that the new flash system is the biggest development of the year so far. It will kill the Pocket wizard Canon Market and will make many strobists in Nikon Land switch faster than an i7 CPU.

    BTW go call Maeda and tell him to get these prices under control, they are freaking off the charts crazy. Many people I know will not get a 5D III just because of that, seems they screwed up pricing big time. If the Earthquake is the problem why is Nikon much cheaper?

    • Do you know how many Nikon morons hate the D800 and say the 5D3 is the perfect camera? The 5D3 in combination with the new flash system is pure gold man. But I agree on the pricing. I’ll have to talk to Japan about this. Nikon is also more expensive but not quite like this. Although it depends on the equipment you compare. Nikon’s WFT-5 is expensive as hell, as is their grip for the D800.

      • Calm down faky boy. First we have to see more results (not those from the marketing departments or morons that obtained the cameras first and are therefore certainly biased to obtain it nex time too) from real world….

      • You don’t need the Canon WFT or Nikon WT, just get the ATG AK1 Un-Tethered Systems.

        ATG AK1 Un-Tethered Systems work on Window XP/Vista/7 on many dslrs. AK1 has dual live-views, one on camera & one wirelessly to pc.
        Using both AK1s on Canon EOS-1D X and Nikon D4 you can shoot up to 24fps wirelessly to just one pc.
        It’s fully compatible down to Rebel t3i and D90. And not to mention AK1 works on Olympus and Sony.

        I just mailed my laptop for modification & set-up. Within two weeks my laptop arrived with ATG AK1 Un-Tethered Systems.
        Been using the AK1 for over three years and are very happy with it.

        Systems are made & mod in the USA by ATG.

  4. Hey Chuck why is it all the Nikon fanboys come in here? LOL, anyway I am buying the 5D III and will be keeping my 5D II as a back up, also that new flash looks sweet but 1 question, on the 580 EX II I wasn’t able to use the flash off camera when it was in manual mode with the pocket wizards, and in the custom menu I was able to go to 05-3 but you can’t power down you flash, it only lets you input the ISO and aperture, does the 600 EX let you work in full manual off camera? Also can you input the ISO aperture and also power down the flash? Thanks Chris.

    • Not only does the 600EX allow you to work from the camera in full manual with slaves, but you can configure your various groups in a mixed setting of ETTL and manual. 😉

      • Great but what I mean is on the flash in manual mode off camera is there in menu on flash to Change ISO, Aperture, and flash power when I am working with 1 flash off camera? Thanks;)

      • With my Pixel King I can also remotely set the flash power from the camera in manual flash mode and even more!!!!

      • Please please honrable Fake Chuck, don’t hit me. You see, I like my Pixel Kings, but nevertheless I will waste a thousand Dollars on one transmitter and one new flash to start… Probably Canon gives me a second flash for free, this would be very nice and I would not consider anymore than switching to Nikon 😉




  7. Sure?????
    Canon 5D III 238217381283 ISO and….

    Autofocus : No AF illuminator…… <—<—< bahahahhahahahahhahwhawhahwhawhahwhah ;°°°°°°D

    seriously??? Canon??? what is canon???? Stfu your canon fanboys…. wait A99 and youll come crying here!! ….

    another time:

    Autofocus : No AF illuminator…… <—<—< bahahahhahahahahhahwhawhahwhawhahwhah

    • The 5D3 autofocus is sensitive at -2 EV moran, we don’t need AF illuminator. And when we do, we’ll need the 600EX anyway for extra light, which has one.

      • yea keep dreaming…. and… no af illuminator?? ahahahahahahbashashsbsas

        …. canon is famous for crap exposure with the flash is the main reason because canon puppies come to sony 😉

        with canon you cant!

  8. How long till the fangasim ends? Man I can’t take reading these stupid ass arguments any more. Oh and fake chuck, I fucked you last night. I kept your pants as my prize.

    • What else are you here for when not reading our comments. I see you are here to insult everyone and for trying to terrorize us, righ? And what concerns your “fuck mania”, if I were you I’d consult a psychiatrist. Hopefully he can still help you. If not you can always ease your pains yourself. Americans are used to “self defense gear” I heard…

      • What the fuck is this guy talking about? You never read my last comments did you? Listen up asshole, This is an intervention for fake chuck. He is going to come crashing down hard. if we just bring him down easy we may be able to enjoy his fucktarded blog for another couple of years.

  9. hi fake chuck. exceptional blog you got going on here. I was recently laughed at the other day when I went into my local camera re-seller and cancelled my d800 order. the fuck was I thinking pre-ordering a 36 megapixel camera? Thanks for shedding some light. Anywho, thought you might enjoy this dude’s channel… he calls himself ” CanonEOSPhotographer” on youtube and it’s quite honestly the most painful thing to watch. do the internet a huge favor and send him over that canon 1DX with the prototype 5-500mm f/1.1L USM lens you got lying around there (he’s confident that you guys have one of those) you should also look into sponsoring him. I see a young vincent laforet in this one.

  10. Hahahahahah Canon FAIL. D4 unboxing. Amazon 5DIII last place. I remember when IBM had to sell out to Lenovo. Run Chuck, run fast. Nikon are going to take a dump on you.

    • Too scared. Nikon did a Canon and they hate them for it.
      Poor fake chuck has been bought by Canon, not silence but a deal to be noisy at Nikon. Joke .
      5D MkIII=3500$ for a headphone socket?
      1dx=A pro sports camera that goes on sale too late for their own shooters to get familiar with it before their own sponsored sports event EURO2012?

  11. ahahahahah

    no, this is the picture taken with 5dmark III ..too!!!!

    poor quality less functionality huge price

    d800 sold out (amazon)

    5dk mark 3…in stock

    • d800 sold out (amazon) thats corect and at the same time werry missleading. Nikon had to hold back 90% of theyr shipment due to an insane amount of defects. i dont want to start on that list again since i put it up on this site multiple times 🙂 so if you only can deliver 1 camera and a drunk monkey happends to buy it,, Amazon tells you nothing..

      5dk mark 3…in stock .. yes indeed, going away fast ,, wy is it in stock then ?
      simply because Canon needed to hold back and Fix 1 thing the light ishue.. and its done..

      Nikon have like 90% of the totaL amount of D800’S STIL IN STOCK, while theyr repairing what can be repaired and theyr not done yet . so they are sold out ,, but not .. hehe!

  12. Chuck got my 5D III and it is fantastic, also ordered the 600EX RT and ST-E3, question if I have the ST-E3 on my camera can I fire the 600 EX RT in optical wireless instead of RT? Thanks.

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