Photography in the Police State

Get a brain! morans

Get a brain! morans

And now a small break from the regular Nikon D800 bashings to bring some important matters to your attention. The Lord of the Speedlights did a blog a few days ago on the TSA and how photographers now have to be extra careful not to be taken for Al Qaeda operatives in public. Apparently they’re now encouraging the public to report anyone with a camera that’s taking photos of objects in public. The Lord of the Speedlights posted about this here:

TSA Poster

BTS photo of Al Qaeda on a commercial shoot

Are you a photographer in the US? Congratulations. In the eyes of some of your more dimwitted fellow citizens, you are now potentially a member of al Qaida.

Thanks to ridiculous government posters like the one above, people are now conditioned to be suspicious of photographers. And photographers using flashes on location are all the more noticeable to people who are predisposed to phone in anything out of the ordinary, just in case.

Don’t think so? True story: I actually had an interaction with the police for photographing … a maple tree.

You should visit the blog for the full story.

David Muhamed Saleem al Hobby

David Muhamed Saleem al Hobby, was questioned by the police while photographing a tree in public

But this fucking pisses me off. Because just like he said, any fucking moron on the street can now report you for absolutely nothing at all and ruin your whole goddamn day. I’ve actually had such an experience myself not too long ago. I got my pre-production 1DX a few weeks ago and was busy testing it in my office here at Canon USA, going over the new features and trying them out, when all of a sudden I saw two cops standing in the doorway. So I’m like what the fuck? I let them in and next thing you know they start questioning me about what I was doing standing here in my office taking photos of random objects for no apparent reason. Turns out someone in the building walked by my office, saw me taking photos and dialed 911 to report me. I just fucking couldn’t believe what was happening. I mean, do I fucking look like Al Qaeda to you? I’ll tell you what though, if this happens to me again, I’m going to fucking become Al Qaeda!!

And what’s with terrorists becoming photographers now? As if the photography market wasn’t already saturated with amateurs, now even the fucking terrorists want a piece of the pie. Don’t be surprised when you start losing more and more jobs to Al Qaeda. First they’ll start with the simple shoots like couples, models and weddings, and soon even the commercial market is going to suffer. It’s economic terrorism if you ask me. They’re taking all of our jobs. I understand why the TSA wants to fight this, but this is no reason to start harassing everyone with a camera in public, for fuck’s sake. We still have our first amendment, don’t we? Never mind, don’t answer that.

I didn’t want to say anything for fear of the TSA putting me on their goddamn “increased scrutiny list”. But seeing as how others are suffering the consequences too right now, I have to speak up. If we all keep quiet about this, this situation is only going to get a lot worse for all of us.

This country is going down the drain. We’re so fucked right now. The American dream went down the fucking toilet long ago. We’re losing more of our civil liberties every day.

You should all watch the above documentary and get informed on what exactly is going on. We need to put a stop to this, or else we’re fucking going to end up like the Roman Empire. In the coming elections, vote Ron Paul if you know what’s good for you.

As many of you undoubtedly know, I’ve already done a post about Ron Paul before. Check it out for more details. I fear that we may not get another chance to vote Ron Paul. Do whatever you have to do to actively promote and support him now.

P.S. This is post #100 on the blog. Congratulations.

16 thoughts on “Photography in the Police State

    • The food shot was not even that difficult as I feared first. But we have to practice like every other photog to become perfect 😉

      • Tony, you might want to photograph pork. I hear Al Qaeda won’t touch that with a 10 foot pipe bomb. <– Hmmm, I think I put myself on the NSA watch list.

      • Sure! You have to optically check if the poison has been ideally mixed so no one can see it before “tasting” the food. Moreover a special cookbook also needs some pictures for illustration purposes. Think of all the helpless upcoming cooks without a cookbook…

      • I guess they arrest me should I ever plan to come to the USA after my comments on your forum – they (homeland security, FBI and whatever you have to fight against terrorism) can’t take a joke, can they? 🙂

  1. Funny thing is I don’t blame the law enforcement I blame the ones who voted the powers to be to implement these rules or laws. My entire family are in law enforcement chuck and their hands are tied they have to follow through on protocol if they like it or not. So try not to get too mad at the messenger get mad at the paranoid politicians that try to make a name for themselves or for the government employees trying to look busy at their job. Or give purpose to keeping their job. “No big Government” Then some yahoo a million miles away is deciding rules and laws that effect a million different situations in different ways. I am sure you already know this once you calm down with your legitimate anger over what happened to you. Pretty soon we wont be able to take a dump without someone giving approval on it or not. Keep up the good fight my good man.

    • So true man, those who are in power should be blamed. That’s why we need someone who will reverse this crap and restore our constitution! We need change in this God forsaken country!

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