Ron Paul 2012 – If you know what’s good for you!

Ron Paul 2012

Restore America Now

A break from the usual, because it is fucking important. I have to bring this to your attention.

Ron Paul is a fucking genius. It’s been a long time since the world has seen such a brilliant, super intelligent, but above all, honest,¬†politician. And I’m afraid after Dr. Paul, the world will have to wait for a very long time again for another Ron Paul. Don’t let your chance get away. Vote Ron Paul for president in 2012.

This article sums it up nicely. But you all should read more about Ron Paul’s thoughts on various issues.

Did you know Ron Paul is for 0 (ZERO) income tax? Aaw yeah baby!

We’re fucking slaves goddammit!!!! Income Tax = Involuntary Servitude!! We’re being fucking used!!

Go look at your tax statement. Think of what 0% would have been like for the first part of your life. Now imagine saving that much and more for the rest of your life.
Which would you rather have:

  • More $ in your pocket or more wars?
  • More $ in your pocket or more government departments?
  • More $ in your pocket or more entitlement programs?
  • More $ in your pocket or more bailouts?

Think about it. Think about it long and hard.

22 thoughts on “Ron Paul 2012 – If you know what’s good for you!

  1. Chuck,

    You are such a troll. Ron Paul? Really? Seriously?

    Come on. Stick to gouging Canon when it screws up. Politics clearly aren’t your strong point.

    If you insist, I’ll draw you a picture. Zero income tax = zero government. Zero government = anarchy. Anarchy = chaos. Chaos = bad. Bad = Nikon wins over Canon.


    • No my friend, you are mistaken!

      Zero Income tax = Zero Illegal Wars, Smaller Government, More Freedom.

      Pay attention to this:

      • Hahahaha, you’re using FOX News as a source of information? Are you dumber than a fucking sack of hammers? Or did your mamma just drop you on your head? What’s next, using dpreview forums for information about cameras?

      • Pay attention to the content, you idiot, not the source! Have you learned nothing??

  2. This is bullshit. Even if you have the money to be at war, you can choose not to. And use the money for education, health and infrastructure.

  3. Ron Paul’s tax proposal is all smoke and mirrors. First, we need taxes to pay for critical government programs for the public good – for example building highways and bridges, paying for a CDC to help prevent outbreaks of disease, etc. These are the things we establish a government to do.

    Second, there is zero chance of Ron Paul’s tax proposals ever passing Congress. Good ideas with broad support can’t get thru Congress. All the people who would be hurt by cutting taxes (and thus cutting entitlements) will be screaming at their representative to not pass Ron Paul’s tax proposal. It’s a non-starter.

    His proposal sounds good if you only listen to sound-bites. It falls apart completely when you get into the details.

    • There was enough money for critical government programs until 1913, without the income tax. Now, if you want to police the world and fight unconstitutional (illegal) wars to keep the military industrial complex running, then yes, you need an income tax. Frankly, I’m more concerned about Ron Paul getting assassinated by those same kind of people who got rid of Kennedy, instead of his proposals passing Congress.

      • I don’t want to go back to 1913. In 1918 there was a flu pandemic that killed millions, ~20% mortality rate. I don’t want to live in fear of dying of the flu because we don’t have a CDC. It took all day to travel 20 miles because we didn’t have an interstate highway system. It was necessary to take a slow ferry to cross major rivers and bays because we didn’t have bridges and tunnels. And because we didn’t have good banking regulations, there was a banking crisis that put this country into a great depression!

        Why on EARTH would you want the US to go back to all that?

        I do agree that we are spending WAY too much on the military. We should be spending some of that money on education. Somehow we always have enough money to fight wars, while complaining we don’t have enough money for education.

    • I’m quite sure he’d be very pragmatic about it. Kinda like photographer John Harrington, who has a set of Nikon as well as Canon equipment, and uses both based on what works in a given situation.

  4. Ha! I loved this! A fake politician on a fake website! Brilliant satire! Keep it going, I would love to see Ron Paul run with Barney the Dinosaur, as they are both from the same era (i.e. extinct and irrelevant)

    Should also go for no police, no healthcare, no emergency services no public transport, no national parks, no federally funded research, and everything will be better!

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  6. This people are spoon fed never remember things prior to 1913 forget that “Local” gov did on its only merits and own two feet instead of the fat cow it is now as a nation. One of the reasons why they are dis arming us right now slowly. Pretty soon a bullet will run us a 5 dollars a piece and will only be legally able to fire that round in a steal vacuum tube in daylight in the middle of the desert and pay a fee to do it. These idiots forget that there are other tax revenues in effect “Shows you how narrow minded and mindless they are” Thanks to FDR we live on paper money now on IOU’s….. And the idiots above have their heads burried in the sand. “One of the reasons Demcraps” love them. Fox new bashing? are you kidding Mr Fcanon user? Can we say MSN News with its 4% of the whole picture and even that is reworded to make it sound 180 degrees from the truth.. Please…

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  8. While we may disagree on somethings I find your comments very honest and we totally agree on Dr. Ron Paul for President. He is the only honest candidate that can get the job done.

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