Petition for features on the 5D Mark III (3D, 6D)

You Can't - Canon

You Can't - Canon

I’ve put up a petition online with feature requests for the 5D Mark III, 3D or 6D, whatever the hell Tokyo is going to call it. If you really want to own a full frame $2700 costing DSLR from Canon this year with an AF system that actually works, go on overthere now and SIGN IT!!!! You don’t have to neccessarily leave your real/full name there, but just make sure you sign it if you want a camera with those features. You’re also free to leave any other feedback you may have. This is the time to let Canon Inc. know we fucking mean business now and we’re not going to accept another goddamn mediocre release from now on! It has to fucking stop. Now is the chance to show with your participation that you really need this camera. Share the petition URL everywhere, let everyone know, and let them all sign it. I want at least 10.000 signatures on there by the end of this month!! We can do it people!

By the way, some of the engineers in Japan complained to me about the jokes I’m making about them. It’s not that they don’t like the jokes, it’s just that they feel that they’re innocent since it’s the product design team together with the marketing department who are the ones that actually decide what features end up in which camera. So they asked me politely if I could spend more time bashing the product design idiots and marketing morons instead of them from now on. And just so you know, I have agreed to this, in exchange for some insider goodies. I felt that you guys should know in the spirit of being transparent.

So go sign that petition now and share it everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29 thoughts on “Petition for features on the 5D Mark III (3D, 6D)

  1. Canon lost me to the D700 last November. I’d sign the petition to help out all those other poor people dealing with shit AF, but I can’t really put my name in there that I’d want 21MP. Seriously, those files were damn huge and it’s not needed at all. Maybe Canon needs to down the MP and up the AF., eh?

      • Yes but realistically, that’s not gonna happen… I even doubt they’ll go back from 21MP to 16MP even. Personally I’d love a 12MP super low light sensor like on the D3s. But there’s no way in hell Canon Inc. will give us that. If they can give us a 21MP sensor that comes close to the 12MP D3s imag quality… then hey, why not?

      • Hi Chuck, Canon lost me to the D700 as well – from a 1Dmk2 in Nov 2009 – at that point my canon choices were a 1Dmk3 with broken AF or the 5Dmk2 with too many pixels and not enough AF points or FPS to make it a good all-rounder for me.

        The D700 impressed me a lot. It was a lot like my 1Dmk2, but in a smaller package with much better ISO performance.

        I didn’t feel a lot of pain or learning curve. There were lots of nice little extras, like auto ISO etc, but it mostly just did everything a bit better or the same, and everything just kinda worked as expected. It was a very smooth transition.

        Helped I’m sure by the fact there were lots of little extras I liked, and few missed from the canon system, except:

        DPP is better that capture NX. And a lot free-er.

        And I did find nikon lenses a bit more plasticy feeling than canon L glass. Nothing wrong with the image quality coming out of them though.

      • oh, and the Nikon speedlite system is MILES better 😉

        Everything you can do with the stupidly over-priced canon ST-E2 (it’s just a TV-remote with a hot-shoe for gods sake!!), you can do straight from the camera on the D700…

      • The only thing I miss from my 5D2 is the clickey wheel. The Nikon does everything else better, especially the focus! 🙂 I’m still not quite at a happy place with my PPing, but it’s getting there.

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  3. WTF Fake Chuck! Swivel screen? Seriously? You need to go somewhere with that bullshit. I appreciate the difference between pro equipment and a 60D. Let’s keep it that way…


    Can it say: “come out with a ff EOS movie camera (<$30000 5k, <$5000 1080p raw) so I can stop seeing idiots with rails on a fucking stills camera"?

    (with the exception of Leica pervs) There are two types who buy $2000 cameras. People who get paid to use them & people who want to look like they get paid to use them. The (small) minority of us who are making money still want a solid camera (smallform 1D) NOT a 60d on steroids. The rest of the crowd wants to look like "pros" so give them a professional camera too. Kinda difficult to use but amazing image quality.

    Thanks for jamming a thumb in Canons eye FC. Maybe they'll start listening and stop letting shit are happen…

    • Well I have to say, I agree with you, but there’s just no way in hell Canon Inc. is going to leave out video. So my approach is simple, let them put it in as long as it doesn’t fucking bother me and/or gets int he way of my taking pictures. I can just ignore it. But for the love of God, if they’re going to compromise the still image features again like on the 5D Mark II i’m going to go batshit crazy on their asses!!!

  4. 1/1000 flash sync? I don’t think that is possible. The electronic “shuttering” of the sensor in some older cameras only resulted in 1/500.

  5. By the way people, if you disagree with only *some* of the specs consider signing the petition anyway and list in the specs field what you would rather like.

  6. FC, dude, heads up buddy, you wrote “10.000” above. My sources tell me the Canon Po-po are zeroing on your physical location and have narrowed it down to Europe. Be careful, a’ight? Oh, btw, did you see my review about the Fuji X100, good news that Canon can breathe a little.

  7. Hey Fake Chuck! Good idea to start a petition 😉

    I don’t fully agree but didn’t have enough space to sign it, so here’s my idea of a 5D Mk3:

    I use both the Mk1 and Mk2 5D, and in the Mk1 I get 12,8 mp of data with 12,8 mp of detail. In the Mk2, I get 21,1 mp of data with about 16 mp of detail (or maybe just about 18 if I expose very carefully and shoot at ISO 100 with an extremely sharp prime or a 70-200 f/4 L IS USM).

    I don’t expect Canon to sell me a 1D Mk5 for 5D Mk3 money, and also asking Canon to step back down to 16mp is not realistic… but get me:
    – a renewed 21,1mp sensor with real 21,1mp detail up till at least ISO 800, preferably 1600 too
    – ISO 12800 like 6400 is now (USABLE!), 25600 with less blue spots and less banding (like 12800 out of the 1D Mk4)
    – More dynamic range? More tonal range? Better color sensivity? Always welcome!
    – H1 and H2 is okay.. but would like to see H0.3, H0.7 etc. too!
    – Autofocus just like the 7D (cause it still isn’t a 1D, but it SHOULD be better)
    – Exposure meter just like the 7D
    – Both Nikon and the 7D gave us remote E-TTL flash triggering… now we know the Canon-system is easier to implement so what about building in an RF trigger and coming up with some decent receivers?
    – Movie mode is nice as-is, use it a lot. Would like to see quality coming even closer to pro videocams, even more control (check out Magic Lantern) and for some hardcore moviemakers higher resolutions might be nice 😉

    So get to work Chuck, make us happy! 🙂

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  10. Hi FC.

    I think you forgot to tell, that new firmware anouncements are actually new way of practicing PR. If I remember well, hi-end mobilephone makers have practised this before … Apple ( antenna frimware fix, later silently hardware fix …) Nokia, the first one in my eyes – you better not know !!! Now Canon and Nikon just follow them. Me think people are silently getting used to it … Skeptics wouldn’t buy untill first firmware is out … So to get free attention in photographic community, Brands launch new firmware …

    So they’ll probably launch a products with ‘baby errors’ in it.

  11. Abandon hope, all ye who enter.

    Give in to your cravings – the D700. You know you want it. The badass autofocusing. The nice jaundice tone it gives to skin.

    I sense fear in your post, and Yoda called your shit day one, just outta order a little bit:

    Fear is the path to the dark side (Ni-KIZON). Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering with shitty 6-year-old AF in modern bodies and flip out LCDs.

    WHOOOooooo!! /RickFlair

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  13. OK, I signed your fucking lame-ass petition, just to stop you from whining about how few people cared enough to sign it.

    However, I don’t want 16Mp; I like the 21Mp of the 5D Mk2 just fine.

    I want – no, need – D3s-like (or better!) high ISO performance.

    Anyway, I hope you’re happy. Not yet to your “10.000” (oh you Brits) signatures, but at least one closer.

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