Maeda NOT in realization about our Fucked Position

My bloodpressure climbed today with at least 5 points after I read the following article on Reuters:

TOKYO, July 20 (Reuters) – Japan’s Canon Inc (7751.T) said on Tuesday it is thinking of slightly raising its camera sales forecast for 2010 from the current 25.9 million units, thanks to better-than-expected sales in the profitable interchangeable lens camera segment. (FCW: WTF??)

Sales of compact cameras, forecast at 21 million units, are in line with expectations, Masaya Maeda, head of the Image Communication Products division at the world’s biggest digital camera maker, said in an interview.

Canon is likely to post a 180 percent jump in profits to about 182 billion yen ($2.10 billion) for the January-June period, the Nikkei business daily said earlier this month. The company last revised its annual camera sales forecast upwards in April and is set to announce its April-June results on July 27.

Maeda also said the company was working on a smaller version of its upmarket single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras in a bid to compete with the new breed of mid-range so-called “mirrorless” cameras launched by Sony Corp (6758.T), Olympus Corp (7733.T), and Panasonic Corp (6752.T).

Better than expected sales in the interchangeable lens camera segment??? What in the fuck is Maeda smoking? Just a few days ago it was all over the fucking Internet how we lost market share in Japan and how Nikon got to the number one spot in Japan after reaching the number one spot around the world months ago! Let me remind Maeda about the following info:

"Shit are happen." - Masaya Maeda, Director and Chief Executive of Image Communication Products Operations, Canon Inc.

Does that look like “better than expected” sales to you? A 20% loss of market share compared to 2009 in Japan is “better than expected”? Losing the #1 position to Nikon is “better than expected”? WHAT THE FUCK IS MAEDA SMOKING??? And how about this:

"Someone set our ass up the cock!" - Masaya Maeda, Director and Chief Executive of Image Communication Products Operations, Canon Inc.

Does THAT fucking look like “better than expected” sales to you? HMMM??? Can someone please explain this to me? I admit I don’t have a degree in economics, so perhaps I’m missing something here. But how in fucking hell does losing 9% worldwide market share translate to “better than expected” sales? But wait, there’s more:

"Better-than-expected sales in the profitable interchangeable lens camera segment." - Masaya Maeda, Director and Chief Executive of Image Communication Products Operations, Canon Inc.

How the FUCK does Nikon selling a ton more professional DSLR products translate to “better-than-expected sales in the profitable interchangeable lens camera segment” for Canon? Combine this with the 20% loss of market share in Japan, and 9% worldwide loss of market share (probably a lot more now), and I’m starting to think I’d probably need at least three Ph.D. degrees in economics to figure this one out.

Nah, I’m just kidding. It’s quite easy to figure this one out. Let me remind you about the fact that it was this same Maeda who made the following absurd statement:

“Firstly the market’s evaluation of the 5D’s AF system has been very positive; there have been no complaints from users, with everyone saying it’s very good. Given that, to a certain extent, we think we shouldn’t change it. And also there’s some limitation with size; the AF sensor in the 50D is very big; the one in the 5D is much smaller. If we wanted to have all cross-sensors in the 5D Mark II, it would mean we might have to sacrifice the compactness of the body. It’s all a question of balance of features and benefits.”

Can you still remember that one? Because I sure as fuck can. This is one of those quotes I’ll never be able to forget. It was a fucking PR nightmare for Canon. And there were two options here: either Maeda had absolutely no fucking clue what he was talking about, or he was blatantly lying to everyone. And today, after reading that Reuters article, I’m quite sure he was just fucking lying. And the thing is, you have to think we’re all pretty fucking stupid if you expect to get away with such a statement. I mean, telling us Canon couldn’t put a better autofocus system inside the 5D Mark II because the camera was too small and expecting us to believe that? How low must you think of our intelligence to expect to get away with such a statement? How the fuck was Nikon able to put a professional grade autofocus system in the D700 that’s at least 10 times more advanced compared to the one in the 5D Mark II? And the D700 is roughly the same size as the 5D Mark II! And then we haven’t even looked at the absurd claim that the market was very positive about the 5D’s AF system and that everyone was saying it’s good.

Muhammed Saeed Al-Sahhaf

So it’s no surprise to me that Maeda is out there telling everyone that all is well when clearly Canon’s Imaging Division is having trouble. He reminds me of the Iraqi Information Minister, Muhammed Saeed Al-Sahhaf. Can you guys still remember him from TV during the Iraq war in 2003? In an effort to assure the Western world that Iraq was showing the American infidels who’s boss, he kept lying about the progress of the war and kept insisting at all times that Iraq was winning. His most hilarious performance was when he was being interviewed live on CNN in Baghdad and was assuring everyone that there were no American infidels in Baghdad while you could clearly see the American tanks driving around the city in the background right behind him. That’s what Maeda is like right now. Telling everyone that Canon is having “better than expected” sales and that all is well while clearly there are reports of Canon losing a lot of market share and our biggest competitor reaching the #1 position in increasingly more markets around the world. It’s hilarious, but sad at the same time. There’s no doubt in my mind that they’re having a lot of fun with this at Nikon. When the press asked President George W. Bush what he thought of Al-Sahhaf, Bush responded: “He’s my man. He was great. Somebody accused us of hiring him and putting him there. He was a classic.” I suspect they have a similar opinion of Maeda at Nikon.

It is sad to have to conclude that those stupid fucking lying arrogant Japanese bastards at Canon Inc. in Japan still haven’t learned their lesson. This really does NOT look good for the future. In fact, if things continue like this the future looks a lot worse than it already is right now for Canon. To be able to change and improve it is required that you first admit that things are going bad right now and to admit any mistakes, but those fuckwads at Canon Inc. aren’t willing to do this. So for us to expect anything to change would be stupid. In fact, it will be a miracle if things change in the near future. The 50D was a piece of shit, the 7D’s sensor still produces too much noise, the 5D Mark II is fucked on various levels, the 1D Mark IV can’t compete with the D3s as far as image quality is concerned and now Nikon’s D3000 and D5000 are becoming the top selling entry level DSLRs in the market. The Nikon D90 replacement that is coming shortly promising 16MP of image quality that’s at the same level as the D700 (!!!) is going to make short work of both our Digital Rebel and xxD lines. If Nikon releases a D700 replacement with the sensor from the D3s and video capabilities at the level of the D3100 with the contrast AF in video mode, we’re going to be a lot more fucked than Sasha Grey at the end of “Daddy’s.worst.nightmare.4.avi”. And if you’ve seen that video, you know it’s gonna be pretty bad.

I’m sorry if this takes away your hope all of you Canon users out there. I know I’m supposed to give you hope, but I can’t lie here on my blog. I don’t know what else to do, seriously. I’ve tried talking to people internally, I’ve put up this blog in the hope the Japanese would listen or that at least more executives here at Canon USA would grow some balls (yes even the women, if that’s what it takes), but nothing appears to help. This is all so fucking depressing.


UPDATE 9-12-2010:

Hot off of the press: Nikon is now the #1 market leader in the USA, and soon also in Europe:

Japanese media reports that could Nikon’s market share in digital compact cameras in the U.S. successfully build the. Nikon is now slightly ahead of previous No. 1 Canon. Also in Europe will soon be more Nikon compact cameras are sold:

The Japanese newspaper Nikkei Business Daily “draws on research by the market research group GfK SE, who found that Nikon # 1 – Canon – with the compact cameras in the U.S. have overtaken the former: Nikon is a market leader in the U.S. in digital compact cameras . According to Nikon in the fiscal year 2009 are 20.6% with a market share of around 0.8 percentage points ahead of Canon in the United States. Nikon could, therefore, the market share in digital compact cameras in the U.S. significantly (2007: less than 10% increase).

This success is attributed to a successful Nikon advertising strategy and the introduction of US-specific products. The product differentiation in markets Nikon had promoted in advance as a new strategy for more revenue growth. After apparently successful implementation in the U.S. and in Europe Nikon will increase the market share for digital compact cameras, which remains below 10%.

Nikon Germany and it is managed according to our information already to increase the market share for digital compact cameras in the last few months and to nearly double. It should currently be around 8%, are targeted at least 10%.

Of course if you’ve been reading my blog, this doesn’t come to you as a surprise. Just a few weeks ago Maeda was claiming that sales were “better than expected”. And I guess this is the kind of result you’d expect Canon to have with “better than expected” sales. In my opinion, Nikon’s success shouldn’t be attributed to Nikon’s succesful advertising strategy (and many will claim this blog of mine is part of that strategy I’m sure), but it should be attributed to Canon Inc.’s FUCK UPS!! For the last 5 years Canon Inc. has consistently been fucking up in almost all areas in this industry, and Nikon has just been able to take advantage of that. Just look at the most recent product announcements. This is what happens when arrogance takes control, when you’re fucking stupid and refuse to listen. Let me take this opportunity to congratulate Canon Inc. on this achievement. TAKE YOUR FUCKING KYOSEI AND GO TO HELL YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES.

9 thoughts on “Maeda NOT in realization about our Fucked Position

  1. Are you familiar with vertical banding noise issue on Canon 7D? Here is very popular thread that explains the problem:

    I switched to Nikon D700 after months of pain with two different units of 7D.

  2. Finally some photo news I can trust. I’m glad to see Nikon does not have a monopoly on insane company executives wired on Oxycontin. I personally helped out the stats and bought a D700. So now I have a camera with the same pixel density as my seven year old D70 that I gave away years ago. I can even push it into half frame mode and squeeze 5MP out of it. Like you say F.C., “shit are happen”!

  3. Sony have been churning out new interchangeable lens camera like crazy. Their next DSLR line was rumored to be announced next august.

    They haven’t got it right yet but at this rate, I think they will give Canon and Nikon a run for their money.

    • Yep, Sony is potentially very dangerous. I wrote about them before on the blog. What I like about Sony is that they take their time and work on stuff and actually release stuff that is fully functional right from the start.

  4. >Telling everyone that Canon is having “better than expected” sales and that all is well while clearly there are reports of Canon losing a lot of market share and our biggest competitor reaching the #1 position in increasingly more markets around the world.

    You ask how this could be better than expected?
    It’s obviouse and you wrote it – they expected to land on third place after nikon on the first and sony second. But they managed to lend on second. Doesn’t this exceed there expectations? 🙂

  5. “…working on a smaller version of its upmarket single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras…”

    What the fuck!?! With even less space for the AF sensor. So what are these going to be, Mr Maeda? Single point AF?!?

  6. I will also turn off from Canon. But I do not switch to Nikon, my new home will be Pentax. 🙂

    I go from a EOS 5D to a Pentax 645D, later this year, when it will be available here in Europe.

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