Honey, I’m Home!


Aaaaand I’m back. Man I’ve missed this place. It feels like years ago when I last posted here on my blog. After I logged on, I had to actually blow off the dust on the WordPress interface and remove the cobwebs from the “Add New Post” button before I could start typing this post. I got plenty of email from all of you out there asking where I was, thanks for checking in. You’re all probably wondering what happened after we announced we’d be switching to Nikon here at Canon USA. It’s clear we haven’t actually switched, and the reason for that, as usual, is that upper management lacked the balls to actually go ahead and execute our plan.

You see, what happened is that after the press conference we were having a meeting with Adachi when all of a sudden someone ran into the meeting room, almost out of breath, saying “Mr. Adachi, we just heard from Japan, they’re really pissed off!” … to which Adachi replied “What? The whole country??” I slapped my forehead and shook my head trying not to say anything that could get me fired. “No sir, just Canon Inc. in Japan.” Next thing you know Adachi goes to his office to talk to Japan – yes Canon Inc., not the whole country – and then comes back after a few minutes with a pale look on his face telling us we can’t switch to Nikon. I can’t tell you how pissed off I was. It’s like I went out of my mind for a brief period of time. The only thing I can still remember was picking up my chair and throwing it across the meeting room against the wall while yelling “GOD DAMN IT!” and storming out of the room.

Canon USA Executive Meeting Room

In the image above you can see the trajectory of the chair and where it hit the wall, right next to Adachi. You know, now that I think about it, I don’t even know where I got the strength at my age to actually lift up one of those heavy leather chairs all by myself, let alone throwing it across the room. It’s incredible what a man can do when driven by anger and frustration. You should have seen the look on Adachi’s face though!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it for the time being: we should have switched to Nikon like everyone else. Had we done that, we’d be a lot better off today. Canon Inc. just lost 20% of their DSLR marketshare in the Japanese Market while Nikon got to the top. I’ve been warning everyone here on my blog since September 2008 about what was going to happen. Did anyone listen? Nooooo. Instead they paid some expensive lawyers and made me try taking down my own blog. That money could have been better spent on development of a better autofocus module for the 5D Mark II. Maybe then it would have been able to compete with the fucking D700.

Shit are happen.

It aint pretty for Canon Inc. right now. If I was an executive at the imaging division in Japan I’d be looking for another job. Wait… who am I kidding? Nobody’s going to get fired. If anything, incompetence is something that they celebrate at Canon Inc. They’re probably already preparing to give us more megapixels, more noise and more aut o’ focus in August. Let’s all hope Nikon gave them a fucking clue and that the Japanese actually took note of said clue because they sure as hell didn’t take note of my blog and all the customer feedback I’ve been sending them in the last few years.

9 thoughts on “Honey, I’m Home!

  1. Now here’s hoping they don’t increase MP count, upgrade the AF on the 5D III to at least that of the 7D, real weather sealing, real video scaling and Video AF. We can also ask for world peace while we are at it.

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  3. Hey Chuck, good to see you are still hanging in there. I can understand your frustration, but I actually agree with Canon upper management on this one – going down with the ship is the honorable thing to do, especially at this time when so many users are jumping ship and switching to Nikon.

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  5. Chuck I love your site ,,It had to make me laugh. Im now switching to NIKON!! My mk4 had such exposeure problems on bright contrasty scenes,, clipping hi lites by 2 stops,, no other canon body does this (new up to spec feature),, that I AM FORCED TO SWITCH. Im bummed about switching, Im SAD about switching.. But IM AM FORCED TO SWITCH!! Thank You .. You actually give me some hope in Canon Maybe they will listen..They did not listen to me,,or 6 other friends,with mk4 problems..Brand new Camera ,,Brand new Problems!! Does any one really beta test these cameras be for selling them??

  6. I am dumping my 50D either. I wish I could have started Noink and never wasted my hard earned cash on this crap. I just got an L glass recently and still never got the same IQ as my friend’s D300. I am an amateur and I was just lucky to know earlier that “shit is happening” to Canon before I spend more money on them. My 50D and lenses are for sale now, and looking forward to own a D300s..

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