I’m being followed by Nikon USA

Like a friend was quick to mention, Christmas came early this year at casa de Fake Chuck when I noticed that I was being followed on Twitter by none other than Nikon USA. In case you think that’s a typo, let me type it here again for you: I’m being followed on Twitter by Nikon USA. And no that’s not the fake Nikon USA, that’s real Nikon USA. You’re probably wondering how this happened, so let me explain it to you in more detail. 

On November 23rd, 2009 Nikon USA appeared on the list of people I’m following on Twitter. At first I thought someone hacked my Twitter account and then followed @nikonusadotcom to frame me or something. But upon further investigation I concluded that apparently I must have somehow stumbled upon their profile on Twitter and then clicked the “Follow” button. Now, I’m sure some of you will be quick to mention that this is confirmation of the fact that I’m probably a crazy Nikon fanboy because I’m following Nikon USA and appear to be anti-Canon. But nothing could be further from the truth. The simple fact of the matter is that I like to keep an eye on the competition. That’s all. In the past I’ve also been very open about me using a D3 and D3x quite often while I’m out with the family. And in fact my D3s should arrive in time for Christmas. But this is just me err… evaluating… the competition and doing uh… competitive research. You have to know who you’re up against. On top of that I’m even doing all of this in my free time without getting paid for it, while spending my own money on the uh.. research samples. This just goes to show you the kind of dedication that I bring to my work at Canon USA. 

Soon after Nikon USA somehow made itself into the list of people I’m following, I noticed the following tweet by them: 

We’re reviewing the presentation of our products pages like this one http://bit.ly/1pul0P – send me a DM with your thoughts and ideas #nikon 

Being the helpful and caring person that I am, I couldn’t help but offer them a suggestion

@nikonusadotcom “We’re reviewing the presentation of our products pages – send me … your thoughts and ideas” – Suggestion: Remove them all 

Yes I know what you’re thinking again: “Look he’s helping Nikon USA! He’s obviously a crazy Nikon fanboy!” And again, relax, nothing could be further from the truth. I believe we’re all operating in the same market and in a way we’re not only competitors but also colleagues who’re trying to do what’s best for the industry. And in that sense, I felt that they could really benefit from my suggestion. I’m not a webdesign expert, but in making that suggestion about improving the product pages on the Nikon USA website I was kinda going for the Zen approach to design. You know, less is more. So far it doesn’t look like they’ve followed my advice, but that might be due to internal bureaucracy. You know how these things go. 

But I did notice soon after my suggestion that Nikon USA added me to their list of people they follow, which can only mean that they value my feedback and are genuinely interested in what I have to say. 

It’s a sad day when you have to find out that the competition appears to be listening to you more actively than the company you’re working for. I don’t see anyone from Canon Inc. following me yet. Hell, I’m willing to bet my left nut that none of them even have a goddamn Twitter account. I’ve said it before, but our social media strategy is almost non existent. Canon Inc. apparently still think they’re doing business in the 80’s. At least I didn’t wait for them and started this blog, again in my free time, showing just how much I care about my work and about Canon products. I tried getting those fucks in Japan to start blogging about the company and about our products numerous times. I even told them to read Robert Scoble’s excellent book about corporate blogging. But every time I mention Naked Conversations to the Japanese they give me a funny look. Now they think I’m gay.

On the other hand you have Nikon who appears to understand social media a lot better. I’ve mentioned this many times before and the Lord of the Speedlights just rubbed it in again for us in true Nikon style, just to make absolutely sure we were noticing.

I really can’t understand Tokyo anymore. We’re fucking up in all possible ways. We’re out of touch with customers, our quality control is fucked, our recent products are fucked, our marketing strategies are fucked. It’s aaall fucked! 

Nikon VS Canon

And the results can be seen in the image above. What you’re seeing there is worldwide fuckage. Quite scary, to be honest. That’s a shitload more D3 and D3x sales compared to 1D3 and 1Ds3. Let’s be honest: Does this surprise you? Because it sure as fuck doesn’t surprise me! And it also won’t surprise me at all when this same trend can be seen for other product models, especially when you consider the following graph which I mentioned in my previous post

Maeda: "Competitions set our ass up the cocks!"

Call me pessimistic, but I don’t see this changing in the near future. Not with Nikon’s D3s receiving glowing reviews everywhere, especially when it comes to low light performance. We’re going to be oh-so-fucked if they update the D700 with the new sensor from the D3s early next year. In the mean time, Canon Inc. will keep cramming more megapixels onto future sensors while raping the shit out of image quality. Can you see a diffraction limited aperture of f/2.8 in the future? I know I can! It is going to be so awesome. Stop down from f/2.8 and experience mushy image heaven!! Hell, you’re going to have to shoot wide open constantly on most lenses if you expect to see any kind of detail in your images! 

Not to mention the noise. It was just fucking unbelievable to see how much more noise the 50D offered compared to the 40D. Even the 7D features more noise in images compared to the 40D. Moses wrote in recently to mention that he updated his 7D post with results from DXO Mark, showing that the 7D does indeed offer more noise compared to the 40D and, lord have mercy, even the D300s. A clear indication of how low we’ve sunken here at Canon. 

So does it surprise you that Canon is losing market share worldwide? Does it surprise you that people are switching to Nikon? Just check this out

Despite my near-constant frustration with Canon, I held out for the mythical 5d Mark II – a camera that promised even better ISO, an even bigger sensor, an even fancier LCD and (you guessed it), the same crappy focusing system. At that point, Canon had me by the you-know-whats (I don’t actually have you-know-whats… it’s a euphemism, silly) – I had *thousands* invested in lenses (see below). So I shot my 5d Mark II for the entire 2009 wedding season…. on One-Shot…. using a high aperture… constantly cussing under my breath. 

So, there you have it! Canon is a great system…. I will miss some of the lenses and the way the bodies feel in my hands (I still think Nikons are made for a man’s hands and mine don’t quite fit around the grip right).  But, at the end of the day, I am a stickler for focus and Canon just didn’t deliver.  

And this is not an isolated incident, trust me. The end result was predictable: Switched to Nikon. I’ve written a lot here in the past about what can only be referred to as the legendary AF system of our 5D Mark II, but here’s a nice story to freshen up your minds. This user hasn’t yet switched to Nikon apparently, but sure as hell was already considering it. (Update: We’ve lost her)

The more I see these reports around the Internet and in my mailbox these days, the more I myself am thinking about switching to Nikon. Hell, I already am following Nikon USA on Twitter and already own Nikon gear, I might as well ask them for office space too!

39 thoughts on “I’m being followed by Nikon USA

  1. My 1Ds MkIII and 1D MkIII and 7D all focus quite well, Fake Chuck, at least 2 out of 5 times when I am shooting at f/1.4. And Canon supprot cnfirm they see the same.

    So I don’t know what you are talking about. Surely 2 out of 5 times when shooting wide open at f/1.4 is more than enough.

    • Confirm that you’re serious pls, 40% using one-shot AF is enough?
      If you’re using the old Sigma 50 1.4, it’s the lens that sucks (the new one has been revised). If you’re using Canon on Canon, even wide open, this is a problem.
      If @1.4 using one-shot it miss so much, what about servo @2.8 or 2?

  2. Chuck, you’re so full of shit, but at the same time, my 7D is fucking soft. It really is. Great camera, awesome autofocus that backfocuses like hell, incredible wireless flash that always overexposes at least a stop, and 18Mp sensor that produces images that always look out of focus no matter what.

    I’ll be doing full tests this weekend, so stay tuned, but my first cursory tests are not looking great… and I held out so much hope for this camera. To bad I already sold my 5D.

  3. I’ve done it too… I had a 1Dmk2N, which was a fantastic camera, and about £10,000 worth of canon lenses and other gear, but it came time to upgrade and i really wanted something in a smaller body and preferably with a full frame sensor. I thought about the 5Dmk2, but

    a) i don’t have a supercomputer to process the huge, soft raws and, and frankly, i’ve made plenty of 30″x20″ prints my from 1Dmk2’s 8.2mp sensor that I’m very happy with, so what’s the point?

    b) i couldn’t go backwards 10 years in AF technology from my 1Dmk2 to the 5D’s 9 point (out of) focus system after being used to large area AF for years.

    So I bit the bullet, sold all my canon stuff and very nervously bought a D700.

    Omg it’s awesome. Everything it does it so intuitive, easy the quality of the images is amazing. I’ll never look back. Sorry canon, I’ve been buying your gear since I bought my first film SLR over 10 years ago, but bye bye!

    Funnily enough the camera dealer that nearly tore my arm off taking my 1Dmk2 out of my hands looked at it almost reverently and said “oh my god, it’s in mint condition, we almost never get these in, even now no-one is selling them. This was the pinnacle of canon cameras, they just don’t make them like this any more”

    How sad is that? It’s one thing if someone says that about some thing that used to be beautifully hand-made locally and is now banged out by the thousand in China for 50p, but I high-tech digital device? oh dear oh dear… so much for the march of technology, at least at canon…

  4. You see Chuck?! Mr Willems San said it all. Canon users are ready to accept mediocrity and live with 2 shots in focus out of 5. We are planning to improve this and allow for 1 in focus photo out of 5. We listen to our valuable customers Chuck..we do!! Out of focus or soft photos are good. They are easy on the eye, they penetrate your perception hole slowly..gently…By the way Chuck. The spots on the sensor are not oil spots. It is K-Y Jelly. We use it extensively in our interaction with our customers.
    And Willems San is right..we offer gud supprot. Our SUPPROT is outstanding and doesn’t compare with the shitty support Nikon offers.

  5. Chuck, you have to be careful with what you say here. These sneaky Nikon bastards are watching you and getting inside info about the numerous shortcomings and problems with Canon’s products. They already made the 1D4 cropper look like an also-ran with the launch of the D3s. The last thing you want is for them to find out about the much anticipated Canon 3D (a FF camera that can also do proper AF), because they will then release a D700s even before Canon can catch up with the old D700! Now if THAT happens, Canon will be truly fucked!!!

    • I think its not that hard for Nikon to see Canon’s shortcomings. Its GLARING. Canon snr. mgt. however seem only to be concerned with their retirement stash.

      All is not that plain sailing in the Nikon camp…. their new 70-200 2.8 VRII is somewhat screwed: 200mm becomes 128mm when focused at the closest distance. Think fashion photographers. And at f2.8, theres a big “hot spot” center of frame.


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  7. I switched back to Nikon a few months ago and could not be happier. Fuck I hated the Canon’s for their horrific AF issues. You would think owning four bodies and thirteen lenses would at least get the attention of CPS to listen to you plus paying for their absurd GOLD service. Never could get the lenses to focus properly after using LensAlign. Nikon welcomed me back with open arms.

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  9. Fake Chuck, you are without doubt Canon’s nemesis!

    Having read your blog, and at times avidly so, I constantly pat myself on the back, in a really quite appreciatively way, because i had the foresight to buy Nikon when i started out in the photography games.

    For all you Canon guys out there who’s images are so soft you could wipe your bum with them, let me tell you the images i get from my D3s are so sharpe i have to spend more time softening them in photoshop than anything else….

    Chuck, you cheer me up every-time i read you – Nikon, keep on following this guy, he’s the best market research department you will ever have… way you go.

    Thanks from Keith at Imagine That Studios Wedding Photographers Birmingham UK

  10. Yo Chuck, what I want to know is how much you guys had to pay Time to get the nonexistent Mark IV as the #5 gadget of 2009. Was this just part of an overall advertising package, or did you and Time actually expect the retarded fanboys to believe this horseshit? I know I’m not the brightest bulb in the box, but I have a hard time believing the Mark IV can be a gadget of 2009 when the damned thing isn’t even available yet. What’s up with that? You guys hiding the fact that it’s most likely another useless piece-of-shit like Mark III was? No wonder Nikon is following you. If they’d give me trade-in credit for my $40K collection of shitty Canon junk, I’d switch in a minute.

  11. The best thing about this….um. I still use my 30D and 40D. Thank God I’m poor and can’t upgrade the noise levels. However, I also don’t AF anything….I’m all about the manual focus.

  12. 1D and 5D are already in space. Just we didn’t tell you. When we are trying to cover up aliens transportation and moon’s alien construction photos, we use a 5D Mark II to shoot. We can save time to blur them in PhotoShop. No matter what it can’t focus.

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  14. I’ve seen lots of talk about Canon and I’ve seen lots of talk about Nikon. The chart above shows that Sony has gained considerable ground in the market, though. How did this happen, and what are your thoughts on Sony’s ‘tech’?

  15. Hey Fake Chuck,

    Thanks for all the laughs i had when reading your blog.
    Isn’t it time for an update? I check every day.



    • No doubt our thoughtful and entertaining Nikon shill is quietly, nay desperately, searching high and especially low for a 1D4 Achilles’ Heal to rag on, sorry for the blindsided shit hemorrhage lovable Fake, oh well there’s always the T1i and those evil sync cords.

      • The 1D4 could be our first good DSLR after 3 years! I’m not going to be too optimistic though, we all know what happened to the 7D.

  16. OMG Fake, not a reason to live after all! Shitcan that 1D4 happy talk post haste si’l vous plait you big silly, you’re scaring the children! Damn that new thing, damn it’s frigg’n eyes, dig deep & save the spinning lambs already!

  17. “Canon Europe has announced a new firmware update that will be coming soon for the EOS 1D Mark IV. The firmware version 1.0.6 will address the following issues:

    AF performance has been enhanced for receding subjects and for subjects that are approaching at a low speed.”

    So it broken too then eh?

    Pretty good going – needing a firmware fix before it’s even hit the shelves – bravo canon!

    • WOW and bravo ralph for the heavy reveal, another staple in the coffin, where’s my pills, mucho gracious for the iMuckraking but in the future please keep explosive info like this on the q.t. will ya pretty please, trolls are everywhere and if Nikon gets wind of this firmware updating thingy they just might start issuing them too. Loose lips sink ships!

  18. Hey! Where are you Fake Chuck? We miss you!

    (I’m fearing our dear Fake Chuck Westfall met Fake Chuck Norris who fakeroundhouse kicked him in his ass so bad that he decided to abandon all Canon-related things including this website and board the yellow ship for real…)

  19. The MK IV should prove to be a great camera if and when it ever becomes available to more than the 6 or 7 photographers who have one. I put my name on a waiting list in mid-October at one of the major photography stores in the country. I have been assured I am “very close to the top of the list” bu they still can’t give me an estimate of when I might actually be able to purchase the dang camera.

    Based on the lack of any new articles from Fake Chuck since December, I am concerned that Nikon may be doing more than just following him.

  20. Assume the position, Chuck, and join the rest of us who were hoping so much that the Mark IV would be at least somewhat comparable to the D3. Galbraith doesn’t say many good things about the Mark IV in his review — he says the AF is unreliable and that “Canon has lost its AF mojo.” I suggest that Canon has had almost nothing but AF “mofo” since the Mark III.

  21. NOW IT IS ENOUGH!!! I will sell all my Canon gear and switsch to NIKON. Bye my 1DS Mark III, 1D Mark III and 1D Mark II. By my dozen of L-Lenses and 5 Canon flashlights. Nikon please make me a good offer for my 35’000 US $ to spend on my new fully functinal NIKON system. Canon seems not to be able to manufacture a good functional camera. Nikon is just the best at the moment and will also be the best in future… Hope many will jump the sinking ship too and switch to Nikon.

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