EOS 1D Mark III Autofocus Fix – For real this time. Seriously.

This morning I was  sitting behind my desk, going over some new information Tokyo sent me last night about the new EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L IS USM lens, when all of a sudden all phones inside my office, including my cellphone started ringing simultaneously. While I was initially looking around, trying to understand what the hell was going on, my computer started going “You’ve got mail, you’ve got mail, you’ve got mail, you’ve got mail” continuously while emails kept arriving every second. At this point I jumped up and quickly closed the door to my office, pulled out the phone cables, turned off my cellphone and disconnected the computer from the corporate network. A quick look at some of the email messages made clear what was going on.

We’ve just released some new firmware updates for the EOS 1D/Ds Mark III cameras as Galbraith is reporting here. And completely in line with our recent release of the service update for the 5D mirror falling off, after 3 years, we’ve also released two new service updates for the EOS 1D/Ds Mark III cameras, this time after 2 years (we’re making progress it seems), regarding the autofocus issues and ERR99 messages many users have been reporting. Check them out here and here.

So I just want to use this opportunity to tell everyone to please stop calling me and emailing me about this. I have nothing to add to what you can read there for yourself. After what happened the last time, I am staying as far away from this as possible. Let Canon Inc. handle it themselves, it’s their mess after all. Suffice to say that I really hope that this new autofocus fix for the 1D Mark III is going to solve your problems.  If not, expect another service release sometime in 2011. Judging from the frequency of the latest service releases, and after performing some quick statistical analysis, I’m expecting the service release for the 5D Mark II autofocus issues to arrive sometime in 2010. Please be patient until then.

Canon Inc. seems to be putting a lot of effort into trying to improve the image people have of the EOS 1D/Ds Mark III autofocus system. They’ve recently launched a new website where they’re trying to show everyone why they think it’s very good. Especially the “Canon’s AF Philosophy” section is quite entertaining good. Apparently this AF Philosophy at Canon Inc. doesn’t include other cameras like the 5D Mark II and 40D/50D.

In one of the sections you read stuff like this:

The most common request was that of greater freedom of composition. What they said was, “We want the AF points increased and spread out to the edges of the screen.”

I guess that doesn’t apply to the 5D Mark II. It seems Canon Inc. thinks 5D users don’t need freedom of composition and more AF points, even though I know for a fact that the feedback I’ve been sending them the last few years has been saying the opposite.

I hope they start to understand soon in Tokyo that all this marketing bullshit is not going to make the products somehow work better. Only the actual release of good working products is going to do that. And once they do that, my work is going to be a lot easier.

Doggy Strikes Again

Doggy Strikes Again

In other news, I haven’t yet heard anything from Doggy, our promotions specialist from Lube & Lube. Seems like he’s laying low for a while planning his next strike. It kind of reminds me of that Stephen King movie “Cujo.” I feel like I’m trapped in the car, after an initial attack from Doggy, and it’s all quiet now, it almost seems like he’s given up and went away. And I’m sitting up, looking around out of the windows of the car, trying to see of he’s really gone, when **WHAM!!** Doggy suddenly bangs his head against the window, pressing his big bloody teeth against it while growling like some kind of monster. It’s scary as hell. I mean, you know he’s out there, but you just can’t tell when he’ll strike again.

I’m gonna go make me a nice cappuccino now and try to take my mind off of these scary thoughts.

15 thoughts on “EOS 1D Mark III Autofocus Fix – For real this time. Seriously.

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  3. Dear Dr. Fake Chuck. What do you think, will there be the same autofocus system in the oncoming 1D (even this new mechanism they patented with better live view focus) or are they planning to be on the safe side (assuming things coul be even worse) and use the current autofucus system? Bye the way I lately had this fucking Err99 too during a demonstration with a lot of foreign managing directors of our daughter companies. What a bloody mess. This g****** f***** camera!!!!!! If our construction department would produce such a lousy quality people would dye and the environment would suffer baldly too – and last but not least we would go bankrupt. We should not send a Ninja the Canon Headquarters in Japan we should send them either a batallion of brothels or some dozens of Dominas so they can again enjoy their work or at least are forced to work. Another thing regarding more freedom during taking pictures: when the fuck will there be a pivoting or swinging or even detachable (this would be verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry cool) . Years ago I enjoyed the detachable touch screen of my sharp camcorder. So I could just open the top roof of my colleagues car seat back comfortably and take some nice videos while driving to the town. I definitively need a cold shower now… arghhhhhh

  4. I am afraid to install the new firmware. On the one hand, maybe it will improve autofocus. On the other hand, maybe I will install it and then find myself longing for the good old days when 70% of my shots were in focus.


    And with the new fixes Canon says, “We offer our sincerest apologies to customers using these products who have been inconvenienced by this issue.”

    Canon Inc. sincere? Really? How come a 5D mirror fall-off fix only when the camera is superceeded by a new one? 3 years of denial? How many thousand man-hours wasted by Canon shooters when their mirror fell out during a shoot? And what about the last fix for the 1D3? Didn’t Canon also say its was fixed? Why another fix for the last fix?

    “Canon always strives to provide the highest quality products to our customers, and we spare no effort in our quality management to make sure our customers can use our products with confidence.”

    Really this has got to be the biggest joke. Canon wasn’t striving for quality products. They were striving to get us suckers to buy their faulty L lenses at inflated prices. There was no quality control at all. Period. Buying an L lens is like buying lottery. You never know what you get. And customers certainly didn’t have confidence using Canon products as a result.

    “We hope our efforts will earn your understanding.”
    Well Canon, you can start by stopping all the lies and sales promotion BS, start giving customers what they really want in a camera and offering it at a reasonable price. Better built, ISO defined weather resistance backed up with warranty and real service (not lip service), pro AF in a small body (aka Nikon D700) will be starters. And as MR said, we’ll see if Canon has the balls to move the 5D series up on the feature list. I think right now, Nikon is showing itself much more innovative than Canon!

    Look at the Panasonic GH1 and how they are innovating, giving users more control over the HD video recording. And look at the articulated rear display. And one more thing Canon, for goodness sake put the firmware code in to allow the 5DII to make voice annotations.

  6. Dear Fakechuckwestfall,
    cleaning up my garage last weekend I found a bag with o-rings. Since you have such good connections with Canon, could you please give me the postal address to send these o-rings right to factory that produces the Canon 5D. The engineers just forgot to mount them.

  7. Does it have better optics Fake Chuck, or will it still not be able to resolve shit ??
    Knowing Canon they’ve probably just bolted on their latest generation IS and left everything else the same because “all feedback we have is good, no reason to make better” and they’ll probably stick an extra $1000 on the price for good measure.
    No matter, my 24-70 2.8L was made a few years back when they still had QA so it at least works, ublike at lot of the stuff leaving the factory at the moment.

  8. LOOOL… you’re the man!

    What a blast i have been having with this blog, you are kind of a hero around here.

    NOW… what about the shutter button faillure on 20D/30/40D/50D…and people now talk about 40D pre-shutter failure too… :\ (If you have already mention the things above…just ignore)

    Seriously we need this kind of blog, and you are excellent at doing it. I love your sarcastic humor! 😀


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  10. The obvious question is: “Does Canon really care?”. Let me explain why I even pose such a question.

    Canon had the sport’s photography market dead. You can walk out to any collegetic or pro sport to see a sea of white long lens (commonly called glass) floating up and down the side lines. when the Mark III’s hit the market of course every photographer that does sports photography professional hit the ground for the nearest place to buy one.

    Two weeks later, I hear everyone pissing about how Canon @#@#$ the dog and AI focus is a complete wash. Two weeks later at a football game all I see bright shiny new Nikon equipment. Lets say there were 20 photographers before the AF mess using Canon and maybe 1-2 using Nikon. Now there are maybe 2 using Canon’s and the rest are Nikon.

    I know they lost another huge market share on the other types of professional photography as well. I would be whipping or hiring new engineers if I owned Canon.

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