Interview at Black Star Rising Blog

Over the weekend I got interviewed by Scott Baradell over at the Black Star Rising blog. Check it out here. Many thanks to Scott for the opportunity. There’s a lot of new information there and I hope you will all enjoy it.

In the past week the blog really got a lot of exposure on the Internet, it got mentioned on many of the popular technology news websites and blogs around the world, in many different countries and languages. This is all thanks to Doggy, our very own promotions specialist, and ofcourse Canon Inc., my employer, who provided the funds for this marketing campaign. I and many frustrated Canon users around the world are very grateful.

7 thoughts on “Interview at Black Star Rising Blog

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  3. did you work on this project?

    and this one?

    and this one i seriously am excited for, is it your handy work?

    this one will make all those focusing problems disapear for ever, no more back focusing due to sensor bull shit.

    and this one touches my heart in such a special way….
    i love you guys at canon!!!

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