Canon Inc. Sales Disappointing

Canon Chairman Fujio Mitarai

Canon Chairman Fujio Mitarai. If you think your LCD screen has hot pixels, relax. Judging from the black dots, the banding and the hot pixels, the photographer probably used a 5D Mark II with firmware 1.0.6 installed.

Check this out: Canon’s Mitarai Calls Holiday Sales, Outlook Weak, Reuters Says

Jan. 11 (Bloomberg) — Canon Inc.’s 2008 holiday sales were “disappointing” and the world’s largest maker of digital cameras expects 2009 to be its “worst year,” Chairman Fujio Mitarai said, according to a Reuters report.

“This year must be the worst” for camera sales and the economy, Mitarai said, speaking in Seoul, South Korea, according to the report. Mitarai is also chairman of Keidanren, Japan’s largest business lobby.

Well who couldn’t see that coming?

Ofcourse the 2008 holiday sales were disappointing, you stupid moron!! Who the fuck wants to buy an overpriced 50D that produces noise? Who wants to buy a 1D Mark III that can’t focus properly? Who wants to buy a G10 that produces noise? Who wants to buy a 5D Mark II with black dots, white dots, red dots, banding, blurry images, creaking CF doors, a viewfinder blackout that could make you miss the entire space shuttle launch and an autofocus system that dates back to the middle ages?

And you know what? While Canon Inc. are pretending like they’re suffering because of the economy and making us all look like fools, at Nikon they are actually increasing their prices!! How fucked up is that shit? Just to put it in perspective:

Canon Inc.: Boohoo our sales are disappointing, we’re fucked in 2009, the market is shrinking and the economic crisis is hurting us!

Nikon: Yeeeehaaw, 333% increase in sales, we’re having a prosperous year! Let’s increase our prices worldwide with 10 to 20% and make Ken Rockwell cry!

Now, if you’re like me, and I know I am, your blood is probably starting to boil at this very moment. We can’t even seem to produce enough 5D Mark II’s on time to sell to all those suckers who DO want to buy our crap!! For God’s sake!! Do we want to sell or what?!

I’m just so angry and frustrated right now. Seriously, this year is going to be very tough on me, I can see it coming. It didn’t have to be this way. This is all thanks to that group of old men sitting in Canon’s top management who should have retired a long time ago. By now they’re probably running the company from an old people’s home in Japan while playing checkers the whole day. And it doesn’t look like they’re going to retire anytime soon, not with the current issues in Japan:

The number of elderly people who killed themselves rose 9% from a year earlier as Japan grapples with a rapidly aging society and rising poverty among pensioners.

People aged over 60 made up the biggest individual group of victims, rising to a record high of 36.6% of the total, the agency said.

More than half the elderly suicides were connected with ill-health, but a sizeable number were due to financial pressures, the report said.

Yep, looks like they’re going to ride their management position out as long as possible.

So at least we fixed some of the issues we had with the 5D Mark II recently, but I still am getting quite a lot of emails about issues such as stuck/hot pixels, creaking CF doors, Err 20 and 30, slow and inaccurate autofocus, exposure problems when using the 580 EX II flash and blurry images. And speaking of blurry images, it looks like Japan was trying to get away with enabling noise reduction by default in DPP to make images appear to have less noise:

Caution with Canon Digital Photo Professional 3.5.1 update, released December 21, 2008. The update introduced a disturbing side effect: detail-blurring noise reduction is enabled inappropriately, at least on two of my systems, and there is no warning from the software. This is the Mac OS X version; reader Timothy S confirms the same problem and fix for Windows.

DPP 3.5.1 defaults to Apply Camera Settings for noise reduction, or at least it did on two of my systems (Macs). The problem is that even with all noise reduction in the camera turned off, noise reduction is enabled at level 2 for RAW files, even at ISO 50 and ISO 100!

I guess that’s one way of “improving” the image quality of the 50D and 5D Mark II.

On top of that, readers wrote in to me complaining about a recent test published by Nikon whore Ken Rockwell, where he compares the sharpness of the 5D Mark II to the D3x. Yes, this is the same Ken Rockwell who said he would not buy a D3x and called for a Nikon boycott. A reader likely sent in his D3x to Rockwell so he could review it.

But anyway, when I saw that test, my initial conclusion was that Rockwell clearly can’t properly use a camera. Obviously Rockwell was handholding the 5D Mark II while he took that shot during what must have been a windy day, resulting in the blurry trees in the picture. Nice try Rockwell, but you can’t fool everyone. And to think that the 5D Mark II sensor is better than the one in the 1Ds Mark III. So if the 5D Mark II image quality is as bad as Rockwell wants us to believe, then what does that tell us about the 1Ds Mark III image quality compared to the D3x? Actually, on second thought, let’s not discuss that right now.

I need to go over some preparations for the launch of our next 1D body in a few months and I want to try to be optimistic while I do that. Oh, and I also updated my previous post with an actual screenshot of Galbraith’s website.

38 thoughts on “Canon Inc. Sales Disappointing

  1. Fake Chuck Westfall you are my hero! I tip my hat and say thank you for binging humor to the very sad pile of Canon glass in my studio that could really use a camera body that works… You are brilliant and hope that Canon reads you.

  2. lol.. oh Chuck.. you really should consider comedy.. you know..go the route Seinfeld went.. make enough cash to by out Canon and run it your way 😉

    You know.. there was a time not so long ago when my beloved Nikon was getting it’s ass kicked all over the rug. Then they pulled up their bootstraps and kicked into high gear! Look at them now! I guess what I am trying to say is that sometimes, companies might grow too smug and complacent and as a result, will have to suffer some growing pains, in that they might need to take a step back and reflect on what is wrong and perhaps consider restructuring and re-inventing themselves from the ground up. As much as I like seeing Canon take a beating, I would not want to see it all become a one trick pony show.. The more competition, the better..So if Canon is smart, they will use 2009 to regroup and redefine themselves. Not all is lost.. there is still time to steer this oversized off-course ship back on track. But not without effort.

    Also, keep in mind that the 333% Nikon sales was over a span of a few years (not that I think anyone at Nikon is complaining about that 😉

    Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy the ride while it lasts, because I have a feeling EVERYONE in 2009 is going to get a serious sh#t kicking (including Nikon) due to the econolapse. Might be a while before things really start to improve.

  3. As a Canon user myself I was waiting for the 5DII but won’t be buying one now. Perhaps Chuck you could tell them that over in Japan land and more particularly:

    What I want is ‘better pixels’ not necessarily more. If the 5DII had about 18MP, full weather sealing and a fantastic autofocus system (and no on board video) for a list price of about £1500 (in the UK) it would have been the killer prosumer camera. (Note to Canon executives if I want video I’d buy a video camera and that adding video also increases the import duty into Europe – so we just pay more for something we don’t want).

    P.S While you’re telling them Chuck could we also have a blistering sharp wide angle lens because Canon don’t make one.

  4. i totally agree with John. 5Dii is impressive, but it looks more like an engineering camera rather than a photographer’s camera. canon put in all the high tech stuff where most of the photographers do not need. ie. 21mpx, Full HD video, and the 3 year old autofocus.
    i recently cancelled my 5Dii order and lucky enough for me i had to wait for weeks for it to come which gave me sufficient time to admire the d700 and ended up getting a nikon system which is way unfamiliar for me. i hope canon would listen to what photographers want.
    i’m not a nikon fan, but after using the d700, it really does put my canon gears to shame.
    i support both systems now, i’m a canikon!

  5. @John

    The import duty into Europe is not increased due the video functionality, because you can only record a movie up 29:59 minutes. 30 Minutes are the magical border.

  6. Not Chuck,

    Rockwell compared JPEGs set at default settings. As anyone with half the wits of Fujio Mitarai knows, you can’t do quality comparisons with JPEGs. At least not with JPEGs that have been mangled with in-camera sharpening and noise reduction.

    So, cheer up.

  7. Hey Chuck,

    Whats this I see on the internet about some metal piece falling off in the chamber of the NEW CANON 5D MARK II?

    Can’t Canon do anything right?

    And regarding the NEW CANON EF24 F1.4 L MARK II, the lens tests just came out from The 14-24mm and 24-70mm Nikkors still beat the heck out of the new Canon prime lens even when the Canon is stopped down to f2.8. Moreover the Canon has horrendous softness of 6BxU at the corners at f1.4. This is unacceptable Chuck! How can Canon roll out such junk?

    Is this lens supposed to be Canon’s best? …. with SWC coating similar to Nikon’s Nano coat? But SWC doesn’t seem to be making any difference. The corners are still too soft!

  8. “…that adding video also increases the import duty into Europe – so we just pay more for something we don’t want”

    Thanks for speaking for the entire continent’s needs/wants. And you’re factually incorrect as well.

  9. Fake Chuck, you’re funny to read but you mix fact and opinion and take us for fools. It was a mistake for me to follow your “news” and this website is a complete waste of time.

    Your ridiculous comparison of “Statistics”
    1) Canon 2008 Holiday sales dissapointing vs. Nikon’s 333% increase (over what time period – Holiday 2008? NO!)
    2) Canon 2009 sales to be dissapointing vs Nikon’s raise prices (what was Nikon’s attribution for raising prices, good sales, or appreciating Yen? – see D3x regarding raising prices. FAIL!)

    You are out of your mind to think sales to be anything but dismal in 2009. GDP growth in Q4 is expected to be annualized -6.0% for US, with record unemployment and failure of all sorts of industries. If you are who you say you are then it would be impossible for you to disregard these market dynamics and take us for fools.

    As an indication, how do you think car sales in US will do in 2009? Better than 2008? And better than 2007? And are you going to say that’s because Toyota’s hybrids are crap and have noise reduction? Or the Diesel BMWs sales are going down the drain because their build quality is poor? U.S. auto sales in 2009 are expected to fall 13 percent and reach their lowest level in 27 years. I think it will be worse than this.

    Don’t think i’m cherry picking statistics here, you can talk about any luxury or electronics industry and it will say the same thing.

    Waving Hands – Bye forever

  10. Mr. Phony,

    Me mixing fact and opinion on my own personal blog? Well, DUH?!

    If you want just the facts, watch CNN. Here on my personal blog I’m giving my opinion based on the facts.
    And regardless of the reasons, no company is even thinking about raising prices in this economy if they know what’s good for them. But Nikon is. I think that’s because of the combination of great sales and the confidence they now have in the superiority of their products.

    Even though they’re doing great, their sales still might be lower than expected, but do you hear their management publicly cry like girly men? Hell no. Canon Inc. are making us all look like fools, and I can tell you we’ve just about had it with them at Canon USA. Arrogant bastards don’t listen one bit and release all kinds of buggy products which we have to support overhere with all the stress that comes with it.

  11. Phoney opined:

    “you . . . take us for fools.”

    I’m reminded of the old Firesign Theater album in which Nick asks Catherwood, “What kind of fools do you take us for?”

    “First class!” Catherwood answers. At least I think it was Catherwood. It was a long time ago and I really don’t know how radio works.

  12. Oh, yeah, I forgot . . . In all my days of surfing the web and picking my teeth with GAF film box lids, I’ve never seen so much Canon photo equipment for sale. Just today I counted six 500 IS f4s offered on two forums. And that’s one of the Canon products that works great!

  13. Canon are screwed in the UK. My 24mm 1.4L is still on back order – since 4th Dec!! What are they up to? I ordered it for a bargain price of £956, but it’s now gone up to £1700 – that’s a 78% price hike. Now I know Gordon Brown has fucked the economy, but who in there right mind is going to pay £1700 for a 24mm lens?

  14. I totally agree with Fake Chuck is Phony Says. Fake Chuck, do you have anything better to do in your life?

    Waving Hands – Bye forever

    Mr. Fake

  15. Mr Fake and Phony. There is a web page with Florida land for sale. Are you so gullible you read everything on the web as true?

    I suppose you think the articles on Drudge are true as well?

    You lack of presence will not be missed. Enjoy.

  16. I have visiting this blog quite a lot recently and had fun reading it. But after reading your last post, I’ve come to realize that I am pretty sure that YOU, FAKECHUCK, ARE ACTUALLY NIKON’S SALESMAN OR NIKON’S WHORE..

  17. 3rd firmware upgrade for the nikon d3 and on its latest update all this has had been malfunctioning:_

    Modifications enabled with upgrade of A and B firmware to v.2.01

    * Geodetic information is now displayed in ViewNX 1.2.0 or later and Capture NX 2 2.1.0 or later shooting information for images captured with the GPS Unit GP-1 mounted on the camera.

    * Autofocus-response performance in focus mode C (Continuous-servo AF mode) with relatively dark subjects has been increased.

    * When the AF-ON button is pressed, the monitor turns off and a focus point can now be selected using the multi selector.

    * Photo information displayed in full-frame playback has been modified as follows:
    o HI-, LO- has been changed to Hi, Lo
    o WARM TONE has been changed to WARM FILTER
    o COLOR CUSTOM has been changed to COLOR BALANCE

    * Manamah, displayed in the Time zone options for the World time item in the setup menu, has been changed to Manama.

    * An issue that, in extremely rare cases, resulted in noticeable black dots in images captured with Long exp. NR in the shooting menu set to On has been resolved.

    * When the Speedlight SB-800 was mounted on the camera with flash mode set to Distance-priority manual (GN) mode, and then the exposure meters were reactivated or the camera was turned on, the distance information displayed on the SB-800 changed. This issue has been resolved.

    * An issue that, in some rare cases, caused images captured with the following lenses to be under-exposed, has been resolved.

    o AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED
    o AF VR Zoom-Nikkor 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6D ED (5.0x)

    So in essence, no one seems to point out, less so u Mr Fake Chuck Westfall about nikon’s quality control problems including this:-

    (An issue that, in extremely rare cases, resulted in noticeable black dots in images captured with Long exp. NR in the shooting menu set to On has been resolved.) <——SO IT SEEMS THE D3 ALSO SUFFERED THE BLACK DOT PROBLEM BUT NO1 (NOT EVEN YOU!) MADE A MEAL OF IT LIKE THE 5D2 HUH, PATHETIC.

    Look forward to ur next negative rant against Canon!!!

  18. Hi Fake Chuck

    Thanks for doing this fantastic blog. This is still the most accurate and reliable fake information about Canon SLRs on the web. Don’t let the Canon fanboys put you off – keep up the pressure. It is important that Canon’s shareholders see what is going on. Maybe they will fire Maeda and put you in charge. One can only hope…


  19. After looking at the photos and the odd % numbers… It kinda dawned on me that Rockwell enlarged the photo, and that will just wreck havoc with finer details if you do enlargements in very small increments.

    One really wonders if Rockwell really know what he was doing when he tried to match up the size of each photo…

  20. Ken Rockwell compared the jpeg image quality of two pro level cameras. These cameras have big honking RAW formats for a big honking reason. And not so you could ignore them and rely on default jpeg processing and act like it’s the purist’s thing to do.

    Then he bitches that it’s too hard to worry about processing RAW files. Aww, poor Ken, having to take all this time to, ya’know, process images. I hope he never learns how much work it took to process and develop a single frame of print film, it might make his head explode.

    One wonders if Rockwell really knows how to do many of the things he professes to know how to do, Maniac. The name of Rockwell is not associated with expertise and integrity, it’s associated with unwarranted self confidence and foolhardyness. He’s kind of like a TV talkshow blowhard, if you will. He talks a good game, but that’s about as far as it goes. If ego was a basic photography skill he’d be a master, but alas it doesn’t work that way.

  21. Nomad, I must tell ya that I found this site just a few days ago, people like you and Fake Chuck is the reason why that this site had instantly become my favourite site to visit. To hell with political correctness and not stepping onto someone elses toes, if they deserved to have their toes stepped on, let’s stomp it. 😛

    Now back to Rockwell, your description of him reminds me of a super photo novice gloating about how cool it is to be a “photographer” on regular job. Particularly funny is the part about S5Pro able to get passable photo even without good skills. When everyone looked at his photo, holy shit, he can’t even frame anything properly, everything is subject in center, fill frame with as much of subject as possible. To make the long story short, this guy sounds just like Rockwell, possibly except that he dresses like a dork and is not afraid to post pics of him looking dorky.

    Whew… Writing that was a load of fun… 🙂

  22. Hi Fake Chuck,

    Check out the news from dcresource. Sales of DSLRs according to CIPA rose year on year for 2008 by 29% and forecast for coming years is good. How come Canon’s sales has dropped?

    Time to tell the old men to retire….

    And whats more Nikon’s got an ad right below the news.

  23. I think the loose mirror hit is cell phone as well as his internet connection… Possibly the tech can only be reached by cell or internet, thus impossible to get it fixed either. 😛

  24. Hey Fake Chuck,

    Are you okay? Haven’t got a post from you for about 3 weeks. Have you fainted from all the stress at Canon? Don’t give up yet! We need you!

    BTW, Nikon’s L series budget cameras seem to be a jab at Canon. L series lenses associated with L series budget cameras. I think Nikon is really on the marketing offensive. For many people L series means backfocusing, poor or no quality control. Often times poorer performance than the non-L lenses. My 70-200 2.8 IS needed -10 AF adjustment. My 50 1.4 needed none. And so was my Sigma 150 2.8 Macro…. no AF adjustment needed.

    Plus I’m still not getting very sharp images…. I think the 70-200 needs different AF adjustment at difference distances. Please tell Canon Japan to put that feature in cameras. Or fix up the QC of L lenses.

    I know you like you D3X, please don’t leave us yet….

  25. Are you serious Daniel ?
    My 70-200 2.8L IS must be a very good copy then, no AF adjustment on my 1d3 and none of my other L zoom lenses come close in terms of focusing speed and IQ.

    I’ve also got a 50 1.4 and it’s a heap of crap.
    Needs to be stopped down to f3.5 to have any chance of taking repeatable in focus shots, and IQ is not even close to any of my L zooms.

    I can’t really fix it with the AF adjustment because when I do use it it’s not always at the same aperture, and the back focusing problems are all over the place requiring different AF adjustments at different apertures.

    Having to use a 1.4 lens at f3.5 kind of defeats the purpose of a fast prime, although I have heard the 50 1.2L is just as bad, only 4 times the price.
    Is it really that hard to build a fast 50mm lens fake chuck ?
    I tried out a Carl Zeiss 50 1.4 on a Sony body recently and it worked brilliantly wide open.

    How olds your 70-200 Daniel ?
    Mines about 4 years old, but my 50 1.4 is only 2 years old, maybe there lies the problem, except that my 16-40 f4L is super sharp across it’s range and is only 12 months old, but my 24-70 f2.8L is shit wide open and it’s 3 years old, so there goes my theory that Canon flushed their quality assurance program down the dunny some time in 07.

  26. Fake Ken Rockwell seem to be MIA as well, Could it be Canon has silenced anyone speaking out by fitting them with concrete slippers and throwing them off a bridge ??

  27. BRAVO !!! FAKE of all FAKES,
    very good tactics,
    now people can communicate between themselves without
    yours affect.
    JA und NEIN equals JAIN for my dear canon(balls)

  28. Hey Fake Chuck! Are you dead? Or are you just too busy banging the hell out of your hot young asian wife?

    I hope it is the latter. Someday, you can also explain how you nabbed her!

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