Best wishes for 2009

I logged on again at a local Cybercafe to wish you all a happy ending for 2008, and all the best for 2009. Thank you for reading and thank you for your support. Let’s see where this blog takes us in 2009.

My phone isn’t fixed yet, unfortunately, and I still can’t access my email at work. So please continue to hang in there, I’ll try to pick things up sometime in January 2009.

I received a message today with a link to the following article: deletes “anti-Canon” post about the EOS 5D Mark II. I wish I had the ability to delete anti-Canon posts. Just imagine what would have happened if I had that kind of access to Galbraith’s website! Perhaps I should talk to Bryan Carnathan about setting this up.

My pal Thomas Hawk is finally getting his 5D Mark II, after he got smart and ordered from Adorama. Check his post, this is why I love Adorama. If you guys are going to be ordering defective Canon gear in 2009, you know where to go now.

Anyway, my time’s up here at the Cybercafe. See you in 2009!

5 thoughts on “Best wishes for 2009

  1. I still have trouble understanding how so many are waiting for this camera that were on a list. I wasn’t on any list but had a watch list that I would check several times a day for about 10 different online stores telling me if the 5D Mark II was available. In the first week it was released, my message stated that B&H had them in stock so I quickly ordered one figuring it was a mistake. Well, I got my 5D Mark II two days later. I am still wondering how that was possible.

  2. Helen, I hope you know who I am.

    Dale, my experiences with B&H are good too. But I like how Adorama communicates with customers and is in to the social networking stuff.

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