D3x price going down, baby, down! And other stuff too.

You know, I thought we held some kind of record here at Canon for the price of the EOS 50D dropping from $1400 to $1050 right now in just 1.5 months after general availability. But Nikon has just beaten us with the D3x. The D3x is now selling for $7480! That’s a price drop of $520 in just a few days after general availability. HAHAHAHAHAHA ROTFL LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Hey Nikon, you stupid morons, I told you so, didn’t I?! I guess nobody wants to buy the D3x afterall. At least not for $8000. And it looks like the price is going to come down really fast until it meets our 1Ds Mark III at $6500. Maybe Hitler will get one afterall. AHAHAHAHA Oh God…

Ok but let’s not make fun of Nikon. We’re in the same position at  Canon right now with the 5D Mark II. I’ve been in a briefing last week with Japan, and we’re expecting the worst for the 5D2. Yep, it’s bad. We’re talking 1D3 Fiasco Mark II. Some engineers from Japan joined in during the conference call, which was a marketing/PR briefing at first. But then the engineers joined in since we had some technical questions that needed answers, and before you know it we got into a very heated argument about who did what and who fucked up where. When I asked how they tested the 5D2 sensor and didn’t notice the vertical banding, the whole conference call deteriorated into a Joe Pesci movie. I mentioned before that you don’t want to hear the Japanese curse, and if you needed confirmation of how bad it can get, this conference call would have done it. At one point it was a constant exchange of “fook yue” and no amount of me yelling to calm down seemed to help.

I felt like I survived a hurricane after that conference call. I keep getting surprised sometimes at what I have to put up with even after 26 years of being at Canon USA.

In other news, some people think Canon is heading for the ER. Looks like the Canon hit pieces are piling up on the Internet. Can’t say I’m surprised. And then, some fashion shooter discovered that the outer focus points on the 5D2 don’t work very well in low light. Can’t say I’m surprised.

Anyway, I hope all of you had a nice Christmas. I sure had a wonderful time with my family and my D3x. I want to apologize to those of you who tried contacting me and are still trying right now. My phone..um… died.. during the holidays. It ..uh.. just wouldn’t turn on anymore no matter what I did. After a day or two I tried turning it on again and it booted to the welcome screen, presented me with the message that I had 10342 new messages and 13419 missed calls and then it just went off again. Hasn’t worked since. So it looks like I might be without a phone at least until early next year. On top of that my PC at work crashed and is being replaced, so I can’t access my email and my laptop got stolen. I’m actually sitting in a Cybercafe right now updating my blog so please do not expect answers to emails until early next year.  I know many of you need me now during these bad times with issues with various of our products, all at the same time, but please be patient and hang in there. I will get back to you eventually.. *cough* err, I mean, soon… I’ll get back to you soon. Like our recent press release said, “I apologize for any inconvenience these phenomena may have caused. I appreciate your kind patronage and support.” Please keep spending money on our defective products in the mean time.

5 thoughts on “D3x price going down, baby, down! And other stuff too.

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  2. Dude, the d3x WILL come down a LOT more, and so will the 1dsm3!
    Nothing to do with initial picing, all to do with the global economy.

    Screwed up middle class == no discretionary spending == luxury items get fucked. Period. Both the 1dsm3 and the d3x are luxury items for anyone who is not a pro. Very simple equation, forget it at your own cost…

    That 5D2 sure looks stuffed as well. I said clearly when it came out that Canon, in a knee-jerk reaction to the D90, had very simply jammed the circuits of one of their HD video cams into the prototype body and slammed the door on any additional ehancements of the photo function, in a rush to “respond” to Nikon.

    This because they – WRONGLY – thought the D90 was going to seriously affect their video cam market.

    Now, they’re going to pay for that seriously short-sighted reaction…

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