5D Mark II Fix Coming, 50D is Fucked

We’re in the process of preparing our own service release here at Canon USA for the 5D Mark II fix that Canon is working on, but Canon companies in other countries have already released theirs. Check it out below:

EOS 5D Mark II Body support

Support & Service

Black dot phenomenon and Vertical banding noise

Posted on: December 17, 2008

To Owners of the EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR Camera :

Thank you for using Canon products.

We have learned that some users of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II digital SLR camera have indicated two types of image quality phenomena that appear under certain shooting conditions.

  1. “Black dot” phenomenon (the right side of point light sources becomes black)
  2. Vertical banding noise

We are currently investigating ways to improve and/or mitigate these phenomena. An announcement will be made on the Canon Website when measures to address these phenomena have been decided.

The phenomena are likely to occur under the following shooting conditions.

  1. “Black dot” phenomenon (the right side of point light sources becomes black) When shooting night scenes, the right side of point light sources (such as lights from building windows) may become black. The phenomenon may become visible if the images are enlarged to 100% or above on a monitor or if large prints of the images are made.
  2. Vertical banding noise If the recording format is set to sRAW1, vertical banding noise may become visible depending on the camera settings, subject, and background. The following camera settings can reduce the phenomenon.
  • Set the recording format to RAW or JPEG.
  • Set C.Fn II-3: Highlight tone priority to 0: Disable if the recording format is set to sRAW1.
  • The vertical banding noise is not noticeable if the recording format is set to sRAW2, but please set C.Fn II-3: Highlight tone priority to 0: Disable if you are concerned about noise.

Canon always strives to provide the highest quality products to our customers. We apologize for any inconvenience these phenomena may have caused. We appreciate your kind patronage and support.

I just hope we’re able to release the fix before Christmas so that I may have a quiter time during the holidays. I don’t think Ying will appreciate me being overworked during that time.

We’re also not selling a lot of 50D units, but you already knew that. The price hasn’t been going down for nothing. Canon Rumors reported on this:

The disappointing thing for Canon? The 50D hasn’t been very well received. It’s not moving the units Canon wants. This could partially be because of the economy, but as we’ve seen from the 5D2, people are willing to spend. The xxD line reached its peak with the release of the 20D. It was basically the first truly affordable prosumer camera. Then came the 30D, which was lamented pretty hard for its very conservative improvements over the 20D. The 40D saw a bit of a comeback in the line, the camera was a bargain when it launched and is a super bargain today. I can’t with any honesty recommend the 50D over the 40D based on their current pricing.

And I have to say, they do seem to have some good sources at Canon Rumors. It’s true that we’re trying to get things done right for the 60D. Nikon has had a lead for far too long with the D300. We’re going to have to try and do something better. I’ve already seen the early specs, and apart from the 21MP APS-C sensor which Maeda wants to put in the body (I’ll be giving them more hell about this in the coming months), it’s looking good so far.

15 thoughts on “5D Mark II Fix Coming, 50D is Fucked

  1. “improve and/or mitigate” are not the most reassuring words and smell of a firmware ‘bodge’ and gives no confidence. Are Canon are merely trying to hide the problem? “Rectify” is the wording I would have preferred to see.

  2. 1d3 Fucked, 5d2 Fucked, 50d Fucked, I’m fucked.
    I wish those Canon cunts would come up with a product that didn’t turn the buyers into beta-testers.

  3. Luckily I was only effected by the 1d3 debacle, and it was fixed reasonably quickly once they knew how to fix it.
    I’m sure there must be some poor bastard out there that owns a 1d3, 50d and 5d2 if he hasn’t already hung himself.

    • Am I getting this right? You want to get fucked for a 5D2? And I see you’ve been working on your SEO skills. I hope your website will rank higher when people search for a seattle wedding photographer.

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  5. Here’s the Canon EOS 5D audio sync issue or problem.

    Last Wednesday I used my two 5D MkII’s in a 3 camera music video shoot. The third camera was a Sony PMW-EX1. Audio was recorded on two additional devices. One audio recording device was an Edirol R4 Pro. The other audio recording setup was a Tascam USB Interface to a MacBook Pro.

    The Sony Camera, Edirol, and Tascam/MacBook Pro devices all synced sound perfectly over the full duration of the shoot (just over 20 minutes). To clarify – once the different sources are sync’d quickly and easily to the slate clap on the waveform at the beginning of the shoot they all stayed perfectly in sync for the rest of the video.

    Both Canon cameras audio and video sync’d perfectly to each other but drifted significantly from the other 3 devices even over a 3 minute segment. The is a very serious problem for me and one that introduces significant post-production trouble and expense.

    This issue was so unexpected (I haven’t run into this in years of working with a range of equipment) that I performed 3 subsequent tests to confirm that the 5D MkII’s run too fast. The results from the tests show both of my 5D Mark II run about 14 frames too fast in 10 minutes. Audio that is 1 full frame out of sync is noticeable on sharp sounds causing an echo. Audio that is 2 or 3 frames out of sync causes echo on any sound and looks odd in terms of lip sync.

    That the two Canon cameras audio sync’d OK to each other tells me that the cameras can be calibrated to a standard. Evidently they are just calibrated to an incorrect standard.

    Anybody else experience this? Does anybody really know if this is likely a chip issue or a firmware issue? Does anyone know an easy reliable way to get the clips to conform to the standard without time-consuming constant tweaking?

    I contacted Canon tech support and the girl there couldn’t care less. She said: There is no fix and that the 5d isn’t really a video camera so what did I expect? Nice!

  6. Michael, this sounds like the usual NTSC 29,976 frames/second problem and is not unusual at all. Neither Canon to blame: Normal 30p footage from the EX1 runs actually at 29,976 – the imported footage from the Canon does not. Instead it is stretched a little when imported resulting in the 14 frames longer running time. All normal.

  7. Nikon SUCKS
    They are useless & stupid company
    Nikon are scum
    They sponsored those dumb & needless Superman films

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