5D Mark II Black Dot Problem Update

I told CNET’s Steven Shankland that we’ll be sending out an official statement on the EOS 5D mark II black dot issue soon. And I hope we mean it this time. The last few times Japan promised us official statements, we’ve got absolutely nothing at all. For example, we’re still waiting for an official statement on the EF 50mm f/1.2L USM lens backfocus problem. It’s been over 2 goddamn years. In any case, the problem with the 5D Mark II is real, and we’ve got people working on it.

I also noticed that Fake Ken Rockwell was asking on his blog if Canon doesn’t learn from their mistakes. I sure hope that was a rethorical question, because it’s quite obvious Canon Inc. in Japan hasn’t learned anything from the recent mistakes. And what does Fake Ken mean by saying I am in for a roasting? Nobody is going to roast me. If there are people who are going to be in for a roasting, it’s Maeda and Uchida. I’ve been here busting my ass off trying to do my job as best as I can, while a gang of morons in Japan is screwing with the company. And I’m talking massive screwage. We even lost our lead position to Nikon, for God’s sake! Right now, Nikon even has the best sensors in their cameras. I get diarrhea everytime I look at 100% crops of pictures taken with a D3x.

The 1887 Eastman Box Camera

The 1887 Eastman Box Camera

So I’m afraid you’re wrong, Fake Ken. You, on the other hand, are going to be in for a roasting if you don’t get to reviewing the Eastman Box camera very soon for me. You’ve been reviewing all kinds of old crap recently that nobody is interested in. If you want to review some really old equipment, and really impress people, the Eastman Box camera is what you should be looking at. So get to it, maybe you can even convince Jeff Ascough to do a couple of weddings with it. And who knows, you might even make Vincent Laforet go absolutely nuts and do a video with it too.  And don’t forget to post some family photos taken with it.

5 thoughts on “5D Mark II Black Dot Problem Update

  1. Fake Chuck, you the man.
    FUnny stuff, I only wish that you would post more often.
    3 days is far too long to wait for your next hilarious outburst.
    I want daily updates please, comedy genius !!
    Ever considered stand up ?
    I’m sure you’d do a roaring trade at some of the larger photography agencies (that still use Canon gear) for christmas parties e.t.c.

  2. Fake Chuck,
    I love reading your blogs, as it offers a ton of “insider perspective.” However, I am a little confused. If you are so dissatisfied with Canon products, why don’t you just stop being a Canon fanboy and switch to Nikon products? 🙂

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