Tech Tips for yo’ mama

Let me begin with the good news first. Prices for the EOS 50D continue to drop and you can find the body only in the $1100 range now on Amazon. And with the 28-135mm lens it’s $1350. Consider that this body became available just last month. Is a $300 price drop in 1 month normal? If you have a clue, and by reading my blog I’m sure you do, then you know the answer. Just wait till you see the price in January. Good things come to those who wait. I haven’t been giving Maeda hell for nothing.

And don’t forget, I said the same thing about the 5D Mark II.

But let me stress again that at $850, the EOS 40D is a very very good deal right now. Look into it.

In other news someone at the New York Times thinks pixels are like cupcakes. When I read this article, I immediately forwarded it to Maeda. Hell, I emailed it to the entire imaging division at Canon. I hope our management and everyone else starts getting a clue about image quality.

And finally, Daniel left a comment the other day which I feel I should answer here:

Hi Fake Chuck,
I would like to know what Canon is going to do about the BIG Nikon announcement coming in Feb? There is also some reports of Nikon making some announcements in early December in Europe, having booked simultaneous locations in several European cities on the same day.

Well there isn’t much we can do about it other than closely watch what’s going to happen. The situation here at our offices is still very tense. We’ve got some very credible information about what’s going to happen and it’s going to change our pricing structure for the 1D series, that much is for sure.

The Nikon onslaught is just non-stop. While Nikon powers on, Canon just gives us mediocore bodies and more Mps. I can’t upgrade to FF cos the 9pt AF is a joke. And I don’t want 1 series weight and bulk.

Look, to a certain extent I can’t do anything else but agree with you if I want to be honest. You’ll note that I have been right here since day 1 giving Maeda hell about the 50D. But I can guarantee you that early 2009, you’ll start to see some real improvements. 2009 will be the year when Nikon is going to need to upgrade the toilets in all their buildings to be able to process the massive amounts that they’ll be shitting. I’ve just finished reviewing the 1D Mark IV specs, and all I can say is just wait and see.

The first L glass I bought the 70-200 2.8 IS I had to return cos it was soft on one side and sharp on the other. I also fails to focus at some focal lengths. At 135mm its in focus but looks like its got some mild Hoya Starlight filter over the lens… really really bad. I’m convinced Canon doesn’t do any QC anymore.

I don’t know how long you’ve been reading my blog, but even I am often dealing with these problems. As you may know, I got a EF 24mm f/1.4 L II lens that was heavily backfocusing. When I got my copy of the 5D Mark II, the god damn mirror fell off within seconds of using it. I have to tell ya, when these things happen I feel like doing violent things to people around me. But considering that even Zeiss seems to be having problems with their latest 85mm f/1.4 lens (source 1 and source 2), you can see that this is not only a problem Canon is dealing with.

Had to return my first G10 as it has a damaged CCD which shows up as a line in every frame. I’m not kidding. I have the CR2 files to prove it!
My 2nd G10 has a distorted peephole, I mean the viewfinder. But I’m just too tired. Decided I’ll live with this one and maybe fix it near end of warranty.

Hey what can I say? Welcome to being a Canon user. Just be happy this is a G10 we’re talking about. Others have been less fortunate. Just imagine receiving a 1D3 or, god forbid, a 1Ds3 that is fucked up and refuses to work. And though that is just painful to imagine, many have found themselves in that situation. Far too many, if the amount of emails I received, and am still receiving, is an indication. Still Tokyo doesn’t seem to give a flying fuck about all the data I’m giving them each day. Every time I tell Maeda about these things, he has “receive only positive feedback, market evaluation are very good, no complaints, with everyone say it’s good.”

Thanks for reading Tech Tips. That’s it for now. Remember to email your questions to or leave a comment in this post. See you next week!

4 thoughts on “Tech Tips for yo’ mama

  1. Hey there Fake Chuck,
    Just wondering why it takes Canon so long to get new product to the retailers after it is released ? You can’t tell me it because they have to Quality Assure it first, because clearly there is none judging from my own expierence (1d3) and from what I have heard from others.
    Sony seem to be able to get stuff in the stores pretty quick. Pity the bodies are so crap, they seem to be delivering some nice lenses.

  2. Your right Fake Chuck. Canon quality sucks in the high-end range. I have such a f….cking 1d mark III and Canon is not able to glue that f…..cking leather imitation right under the waste bin symbol so it stays in place. Probably I should glue it know myself. Canon is just f….ching incompetent!!!

  3. Ah yes…. 2009. My guess is that Canon will come out with a new AF module by late 2009 at the earliest. After kicking themselves in the behind (actually… blasting their own butt off) by modifying a generally well performing AF system which eventually developed into an 18mth fiasco, Canon doesn’t want a repeat of that. The “good” thing is it allowed Nikon to muscle in with their D3 and beautiful new Nano coated lenses and cause pros and agencies to switch in small doves. That sea of white lenses changed to half black in a matter of 1 year. Canon had the “white sea” for about 5 years and lost it because of their slackness, arrogance, and total lack of QC.

    And when RG first brought it up, Canon was still in denial. Then they used him for several months. And when they got all the info they needed, they dropped him like a hot potato by accusing him of being with Nikon and cut off all cooperation with him. Nice way to use someone.

    For the rest of this year, I’ll enjoy my 70-200 2.8 IS…. that is when the replacement arrives. I’m still waiting for it. Sigh.. then it’ll be testing it again to make sure it doesn’t come with unwanted uglies. Hope it arrives in time for an important shoot I have coming up.

    My G10 is proving to be excellent. Now waiting for my Voltiglanger 28MM Brightline Optical Finder to go with the G10. Then I’ll be shooting “Range Finder Style”.

    BTW, Maeda should be replaced…..

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