First let me apologize for the lack of updates for the last two weeks. I guess you all could have seen this coming. I’ve just been very depressed lately, I even came close to being hospitalized, but thankfully things got a little better. Sometimes I just regret taking my work so serious. And the thing is, I was getting well and making some progress again when last week, I had a conversation with my boss Masaya Maeda, and had a blackout again. So I had to spend a few days at home again taking some rest with my wife and daughter.

Let me tell you, it’s not easy having to deal with clueless upper management. These guys do whatever they want, and in the end, it’s people like me who end up having to deal with the mess they create. Look at the 50D, that’s our latest product to get trashed by everyone. I warned Tokyo about this well in advance, but nobody wanted to listen. Now we have a goddamn camera that actually produces worse looking images than a Nikon D300. Unbelievable. Do you know how much you have to fuck things up to end up with worse image quality compared to Nikon?

But believe it or not, that’s how far Canon has sunken today. And still, upper management doesn’t seem to realize what’s going on. Just look at the conversation I had with Maeda below. It speaks for itself.


As you can see I couldn’t finish my sentence in the end because that’s when I lost control and got a blackout. I woke up about 2 hours later.

Anyway, I’m doing a little better now and hope to be able to post more frequently now. Thanks all of you who wrote in asking about me.

12 thoughts on “Depression

  1. The problem is that there is no reason for 15MP. Heck, with my 40D, I end up shooting at mJEPG since the 6MP is more then enough for 95% of my prints / sales as the largest I normally do is 8×10’s. Even with the 10MP, its fine for the 18×12’s I print.

    Things like a 1-stop improvement in ISO and expandability to ISO6400 would be perfect. Add in a total of 12-15AF points, DIGIC IV and contrast detect AF, along with the micro lens adjustments, and I’d be all over it.

  2. hey chuck,
    “DEPRESSION” why ??? – relax WESTFALL
    enjoy maeda s english, it s better than 50D
    as NOIR says
    so sad, so true

  3. You know what you need Chuck; a hot bowl of ramen, some happoshu beer (you know the cheap shit because the world economy is going in the crapper, not to mention Canon) and a broad from the red light district who you can take out to a love hotel and have hot wild Nikon sex. Because you know you want it.

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