Houston, we have a problem!

This morning all hell broke loose at Canon USA and Canon Inc. in Tokyo. The scene at the office looked like a scene from a WWII movie. A few people even got injured. It almost looks like martial law has been implemented. Upper management has gathered in a room behind closed doors, where there’s a direct uplink with Japan. Private guards are standing outside and nobody is allowed to go in.

The reason for all the commotion is the image above. It appears Nikon is up to something BIG, some kind of announcement by the 20th of November, possibly earlier. We don’t know exactly what it is yet but our informants have a pretty good idea. I can tell you that the future doesn’t look so good at the moment here at Canon. The situation is very tense here right now, and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time could cost you dearly. I have another conference call coming up right now with Japan, so I’m off for now.

12 thoughts on “Houston, we have a problem!

  1. You’re just posting about this now? This BIG thing was known for a while now, Chuck. Time to wake up and smell the maple nut crunch flavored coffee, dude. πŸ˜‰ About the only thing more on the new side of this is perhaps the November date. Apparently, it was initially for sometime in February or March ’09 I think (unless that is still on, and for something else). There is some confusion as to whether this is simply the announcement of the D3x or the fabled MX format (I personally hope it is for some uber -stunning D3x with high ISO capabilities on a 24/25 megapixel monster that is unheard of and to absolutely die for, and the MX to come in early ’09, adding a double kick in the arse against all the other competitors).

    In either case, I hope it puts yet another dent in Canon’s armor. I would not image it would effect 5D MkII sales (considering it will be a safe bet that no matter what new high-end camera comes out from Nikon, the price tag will exceed that of the 5D MkII’s. But it would be interesting to see if it sways any further opinions regarding Nikon.

    For a corporate that is much smaller than Canon, I must say, Nikon is handling itself quite nicely with the new management / mindset they have. They seem to have BIG balls and BIG ambitions. Good times ahead!

  2. Well things have gotten calmer now, and we will have an answer to Nikon. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement for the 1D series in a few weeks.

  3. ISO of the 1ds, what are you talking about ?
    IMO 1d3 already exceeds the 1ds3 in the ISO department by giving a bigger range expandable up to 6400. (1ds3 only does 3200)
    I use ISO 2000 and 2500 all the time on my 1d3, would be lost without it if I had a 1ds3.

  4. Alright Chuck, I know things look bad right now… But you have GOT to continue your efforts and blog the hell out of this place!! We Canon zombies can’t survive without your brilliant leadership!!

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