Thank you Maeda!

I just want to dedicate this whole post to the good Mr. Masaya Maeda, my boss at Canon Inc., who has single handedly created yet another PR disaster for us last week. The results can already be seen around the Internet and certainly my email Inbox. This article is an example, and this forum post another.

This year has been a very rough year for us at Canon USA, and it looks like 2009 won’t be much better. And we only have Canon Inc. to thank for this. Our latest products aren’t being received very well. The 1D3 had issues according to Galbraith, the 50D’s noise performance is disappointing according to users, and now the 5D2 is seriously lacking in the AF department according to users. On top of that, we’ve got retards like Maeda inside the company who make everything a lot worse.

I’m not usually a very religious person. I do believe in God and that’s about it. But seeing what’s been unfolding the last few months, I’ve started to pray quite frequently. I’m currently also considering going to church every Sunday. Things don’t look good for the future and we’ll need the Lord on our side if we want to make it.

25 thoughts on “Thank you Maeda!

  1. Damn it Chuck, when are those idiots in Japland ever going to get it? No complaints? Gosh. “everyone saying it is very good?” I’m always suspicious when someone says “everyone”. When someone claims that “everyone” is such and such its usually a lie. Never the case. Usually shows there’s something to hide.

    sigh…. I’m going to lie down for a while.

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  3. “we’ve got retards like Maeda inside the company who make everything a lot worse”

    Chuck, do your superiors not read these things? If so, how do you remain employed at Canon? If you’re begging to get the axe, why not simply quit?

    Sounds like it much more pain and trouble than it’s worth.

  4. Chuck, You’ve got my vote!

    Thank you for saying it, the way it is.

    Canon Japan can’t blame U for stating the facts.

    Just wish that Japan could listen to the real photographers before designing a new camera.

    That Nikon D700 is looking more attractive everyday. If it wasn’t for that 21.1 M-pixel low light sensor of the 5D mark 2 it would have been an easy chose.
    The thing that is really killing my decision in buying the 5D mark 2 is the AF, and one doesn’t even need all the comments on the internet to see that NIKON might have the better deal. That is the best all round camera.

    Canon Japan is digging it’s own grave, not you

    Hope that they can get the ship pointing in the right direction in the near future.

    Great site.

  5. Thank you all for your support, I can’t tell you how much it means to me in these difficult times. boomstick, it is indeed getting to a point where I’m beginning to think it’s more pain and trouble to stay here, but this is essentially my last try. If I get fired, so be it. But I believe there are still people inside the company who are smart and who listen. We already got some engineers on our side, as reported earlier:

  6. Been their — done that — as you well know. It “is” more pain and trouble to stay — unfortunately, it will NOT be your “last try.” I wish I had a gigabyte of hard drive space for every time you were going to “pack it in out of frustration and their stupidity” with both domestic and Tokyo corporate. I told you a long time ago, Canon will NEVER fire you because who would they replace you with — Peter, “The David’s,” or Amy? For my money, and in my humble opinion, Rudy is the most logical choice, but keep in mind logic and Canon USA is an oxymoron. Hang in there “big guy,” but I would NOT count on anybody still left in the company who is smart. If they are “smart,” they do NOT want to rock the boat — especially in this global economy. A good indicator of whether or not anybody is willing or creative enough to speak up for changes — look at what I had to go through with the program I created in 1994, “Explorers of Light,” and how it has deteriorated since my “sudden departure” in 2003. All the BEST,
    “Captain Explorer” (a.k.a. Michael Newler)

  7. I’m so honored!

    Well thanks for the support Michael. I still think it was too bad you left in 2003. I don’t know why I keep thinking that I can change anything. Things like the engineers beginning to talk now are giving me hope. Perhaps someone will listen. Change came for Nikon right? Why not Canon?

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  9. For starters, I did NOT leave Canon voluntarily as you well know, and was never told why they did it. There were far too many who thought I should never, and could never, put together the “Explorers Of Light,” and did everything they could to proves themselves correct. When the program became a success, these same people wanted a piece of the action, and I tried to accommodate their willingness to, help me; or so I thought their intentions where to help me. After ten years of essentially managing the program alone, I was tired and needed some assistance. What a mistake that was on my part – as you well know. It is comforting to know our major antagonist has long since left Canon, and in the same manner as I departed – not voluntarily. The end trails of what remain have proven to be the quintessential definition of the “Peter Principle” – when a person is promoted to a level of incompetence. Look around you, and compare what you see to the results – including your health. The reason why you will never change anything is the physical make-up of Canon USA. They will NOT allow you to change anything, because they do NOT want to change the internal structure of their corporation even though the world is changing around them. You and I have been down that long bumpy road together with the engineers, and it lead nowhere. Remember the Adobe incident? There is ONLY one group of experts Canon engineers need to speak with besides you, they are a very small group within the “Explorers Of Light,” which to this day Canon is either clueless or too stubborn to deal with. I believe it is the latter. Always keep in mind, who gave the final approval at Canon USA for me to create the “Explorers Of Light” program? Hank Maeda was the best thing to hit Canon USA, and he understood American marketing. In my opinion, without Hank Maeda’s approval, Canon USA would have dumped truckloads of cameras, lenses, and ¥en at the back doors of Palm Beach and Los Osos. The small group of “Explorers” happened to have turned out to be the very heart of the professional digital industry, and I invited them into the “Explorers of Light” program before digital cameras were introduced to the world. Your hope for listeners at Canon Tokyo and Canon USA will go, as they have been in the past, only, as they get older, their hearing becomes less. Change came to Nikon for several reasons, one of which is Nikon Camera is a Japanese company managed with an American mindset, whereas as Canon Camera is a Japanese company managed with a Japanese mindset. For as long as Canon Camera remains locked in, they will forever be battling what is known as the “religion of Nikon.” The “religion of Nikon” was created using a small group of “upper crust” professional photographers Nikon USA handpicked to sponsor. Canon was on the verge of changing things with the “Explorers Of Light,” but too many internal egos got in the way. After I “left,” Canon’s ability to maintain the “Explorers” program became more of a “good old boys club.” Canon’s creativity bar was severely lowered to accommodate friends and associates. Somewhere along the way, somebody lost sight of the fact the number of “Explorers Of Light” is insignificant compared to the quality and creativity of each “Explorer.” Creativity is “king and queen” in this industry — not size. Nikon understands they make “tools” for photographers – Canon does NOT get it and may never. Nevertheless, good luck in your quest, just be careful of “tilting at windmills” Don Quixote.

  10. Micahel, you don’t give me a lot of hope with your comment, but I’m sure you know that. Do you think they’ll listen to me if I come in one day at the office and start dancing ballet in front of them? Or perhaps I could also come in with a watergun and lots of water and start spraying in the wild. I’m not going to make anyone wet, just scare the ever loving crap out of them and show them I mean business now. Do you think that would make a difference?

    But your comment about Nikon making tools for photographers is right on, even though, I must admit, I hate to admit that. I guess I’m a bit jealous, but I really hoped we could have gone more in that direction with our latest products. I guess it’ll have to wait for a while.

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  12. Chuck, I believe the ONLY way you can get “them” to listen to you is to state your case with no options – leave them no choice — either do it your way or fire you, which they would be stupid enough to do, and regret it later. However, their pride and heritage will NEVER let them admit they were wrong. Canon has never appreciated you and the knowledge you bring to their imaging products. After all these years, it is about time you did something to rock their boat. When it comes to how imagemakers actually use cameras and lenses Canon is clueless, and forget about Canon’s ability to recognize creativity. Canon knows boxes, sales, and lens attachment ratios. Do the “powers that be” in the Imaging Division know anything about the individual “Explorers Of Light” including what they shoot and how? Making photographic “tools” is the easy part, but understanding how the imagemaker wants to use the “tool” is something Canon still does NOT get after all these years. Shake them up Chuck as much as you can, and fall on your sword if need be – there will always be an imaging company ready to scoop you up in a heartbeat. The main reason I was NOT “scooped up” is because I have been battling cancer since Canon “dismissed” me. Now, three surgeries later including chemotherapy, I am back to being
    “abi-normal” again.

  13. Well that’s precisely why I started this blog – to rock their boat. I’m very glad you’re doing well again, Michael. Take care of yourself.

  14. Chuck,

    “They” are NOT reading any of this, but, if per chance, I am wrong, “they” will probably think this is nothing more then the “dribbles” of crazy Americans who have too much time on their hands.

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  17. Thank you fake, Chuck, I personally feel 5DII release is a future trouble, It’s obvious… wish had stay with my original 5D!
    Happy Holidays!!

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