Tech Tips for October 6, 2008

I am so pissed off right now. I’ve been pissed off this whole weekend. And I’ll be pissed off for most of this week from what I see. I think I’m going to get fired too, because I’ve had it with Canon Inc. I am NOT going to accept any of their bullshit anymore. I’m working my ass off promoting our products, doing damage control and sending out good PR, when upper management just decides during some random moment that they need to make my work more difficult for me. I’m talking about this interview with Masaya Maeda, my boss over at Canon Inc. I can’t believe I work for someone that stupid.

I was sitting at my desk last Friday going over the specs of the new 1D Mark IV when I glanced at my monitor and saw the number of unread email messages in my inbox literally double every second. The last time this happened was when Galbraith posted his 1D3 autofocus article for the first time. I checked some of the emails randomly, and sure enough, every one of them was about Maeda’s stupid answer to the 5D2 autofocus question. If you haven’t read the interview yet, this is what he said:

One of the most common complaints we’ve seen about the 5D Mark II is that it still has the same AF system as the original 5D. Why is this?

“Firstly the market’s evaluation of the 5D’s AF system has been very positive; there have been no complaints from users, with everyone saying it’s very good. Given that, to a certain extent, we think we shouldn’t change it. And also there’s some limitation with size; the AF sensor in the 50D is very big; the one in the 5D is much smaller. If we wanted to have all cross-sensors in the 5D Mark II, it would mean we might have to sacrifice the compactness of the body. It’s all a question of balance of features and benefits.”

My God, my God, my God in Heaven what have I done to deserve this? No room in the 5D2 body for a bigger AF sensor? They sure found plenty of room for the HD video recording feature, Mic, Speaker and HDMI output!

Anyway, let me move on to this week’s Tech Tips questions before I get a heart attack:

Since there’s no integrated grip on the 5D mark II (b/c Japanese hands are too small); have you at least seen, or gotten to use it with the new “BG-E6” for those of us needing extended battery life and oh, man sized hands? (no pics on web of 5D mk II w/ grip attached).

Well I would have loved to take a picture for you of my 5D2 with grip attached, but as you may know, I had to send my 5D2 to our service center because the goddamn mirror fell off after just a few shots. And somehow our marketing people didn’t think of releasing any images of the 5D2 with grip attached. So I decided to photoshop the BG-E6 grip onto a picture of the 5D2:

5D Mark 2 Plus Grip

5D Mark 2 Plus Grip

As you can see, it turned out reasonably well. I hope this gives you an idea. It feels quite solid when you hold it, and it’s going to become very useful the next time I see Maeda and I bang this combo against his head.

In regards to the resolving capability of some of canons current L lenses, I’ve heard that at new version of the 24-70 2.8L with IS has been developed and will be released soon, care to comment ? I have both the 24-70 2.8L and 24-100 f4L IS, personally I’d love Canon to combine the two to make a 24-100 f2.8L IS to free up a bit more room in my bag for something else.

Well I have a prototype 24-70mm f/2.8 L IS attached to a 50D on my desk right now and so far I’m satisfied with it. We’ll be releasing it early next year with some other products as well. We’re a bit desperate to have an alternative to Nikon’s new 24-70 as you can imagine. Anyway, I don’t think we’ll be doing a 24-105 or otherwise combine the 24-70 and 24-105 lenses because, as I understand it from Canon Inc. in Japan, they want you to fill your bag with as much Canon gear as possible so you won’t have room left for Nikon gear.

Do you expect the 5D Mark II to be in stock and available by november?

Not really, no. Why? Did you?

Hey I just want to say thanks a bunch for fucking with our minds regarding the 50D noise performance. Anything over ISO 3200 has banding. 6400 and 12800 are horrible! A complete joke. I hope the 60D sucks less!

Don’t count on it my brother. Uh.. I mean, we’re doing everything we can to provide you with the best in image quality and user experience once we release the 60D. Canon Inc. is currently looking at fitting 21MP on the 1.6x crop sensor, and Dig!c 5 is going to seriously rape anything that sensor manages to register, which, to be honest, won’t be very much to begin with. May God have mercy with us.

Thanks for reading Tech Tips. That’s it for now. Remember to email your questions to or leave a comment in this post. See you next week!

11 thoughts on “Tech Tips for October 6, 2008

  1. Thanks for that Fake Chuck, as informative as ever while not actually telling us anything of any use.
    Since you reckon you’re going to be fired anyway, any chance of leaking approximate release dates and a few specs of the mk4 1 series cameras ?
    Would love to hear you take on the next installment of the 1 series range.

  2. Wow. Mr Maeda basically says that movies and megapixels are the future. Sigh. Of course since they are looking to go after new clients, why continue to support the old clients: that’s not the way to expand your user base.

  3. Chuck, in the event you get fired (or even if you don’t), why not drop Canon like a bad habit and join the Nikon side instead. Your blood pressure will drop… the rate of grey hairs on your head will slow down. Life will be much better. You’ll get to play with cameras that actually focus, feel better in the hand with superior ergonomics, better gui (graphical user interface for those not tech savy) and oh, yes, have image quality on par (if not better) than Canon’s.

    Something tells me you would get along much better with Nikon.

    Man, just a few short years ago, everyone was questioning my beloved Nikon. Canon seemed on top of the world.. Kind of amazing how just a few short years can turn a smug and filthy complacent company into one everyone now balks at.

    Keep going, Canon. You’re doing fine! 😉 As for me, I’ll enjoy superior Nikon gear for a long time.

    So just think about it, Chuck.
    Just imagine..

    Nikon Camera Guru.. Ya Better Recognize!

  4. David, I’ll see what info I can release about the 1D4…

    boomstick, your beloved Nikon had the same issues back then that Canon has now. Bad management. I’m not so young anymore these days, so I have to think about my health and also I have a beautiful young daughter to take care of right now, otherwise I would have been more agressive. The truth is, I’ve been given an offer from Nikon recently, but I still have some hope left for Canon.

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