Vincent Laforet’s Reverie

Photographer Vincent Laforet’s video taken with the 5D Mark II is now online and available to watch on the Canon website. Check it out, it shows just how stunning the video is that the 5D2 is capable of recording. Keep in mind that the video has been resized for the web, so the real output is even more amazing. Vincent also has some behind the scenes footage on his blog.

Most of the video is in focus, so that was a relief for me. Everyone has been patting David Sparer on his back at the Canon offices the last few days for trusting Laforet with this and giving him a 5D2 to produce this video. This is a much better attempt at showing the 5D2’s capabilities, compared to what Canon UK did with Lovegrove. They’re still not over that in Japan.

3 thoughts on “Vincent Laforet’s Reverie

  1. So, does anyone have ANY good IQ photos taken with the 5d2?
    Because the samples out there suck, big time. And I was under the impression it was being marketed as a photo camera, not a video camera? Maybe that has changed as well…

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