Note to Canon marketing worldwide: Hire better people to demonstrate our products!

I just got off the phone from a conference call with Canon Inc. in Japan and Canon in the UK, and we had a very heated argument. The F-word was used quite often, and if you’ve never heard the Japanese curse, trust me, you don’t ever want to. I’m still sweating like a race horse right now. Heads are going to roll this week, I can assure you that.

The problem we discussed the most was the pictures taken with a 5D Mark II by pro wedding photographer Damien Lovegrove. Someone at Canon UK seemed to have allowed him to post those pictures on his blog, and the quality of the pictures is quite awful. Needless to say, it definitely does not show what the 5D Mark II is capable of. Almost all the pictures are out of focus or soft. He’s currently subject of a serious bashing over on DPReview and what is concerning us is that the 5D Mark II is being dragged along into the bashing with him. This is very bad publicity for us. The UK marketing team is going to have a rough week and some aren’t going to make it. I’m just happy I’m not the person at Canon UK who asked this “pro” to demonstrate the 5D2. He’s already clearing his desk and packing his things as I type this.

We definitely do NOT need these kinds of issues right now, especially after the 1D Mark III debacle Galbraith created and everyone attacking our autofocus system these days like it’s some kind of new sport.

16 thoughts on “Note to Canon marketing worldwide: Hire better people to demonstrate our products!

  1. Gosh, it looks like its the 1DIII AF Debacle all over again. This time it’s on Canon’s most anticipated semi-pro camera.

    When are those people over at Canon ever going to get it? I just did a wedding last night and during the fast paced dancing into the night…. the 9pt af with its limited spread just didn’t cut it. Especially when I like to do creative composing. 1 sec and the moment is gone. Thanks Canon!!!! For giving us the same old 9 pts after a 3 year wait.

  2. OMG WTF? It’s not like we’re forcing you to buy the damn camera! Go buy Nikon instead if that makes you happy. My god, my god, I’m so tired of these autofocus complaints.

  3. They are not complaints but a reality that Canon does not want to admit about autofocus, just as the poor quality control of both 1Ds and L lenses.
    In 5 years when the Chinese start making digital SLRs, Canon will be going the way of Detroit. By the way, you mentioned a few months ago about Canon working in OLED displays. What a marketing victory if these would have been incorporated into the 5D II. Instead chasing Nikon again with a similar LCD.

  4. “my god, I’m so tired of these autofocus complaints.”

    I’m going to fathom a guess that Canonites are equally tired of slapping down $5000+ for a device that for the most part produces fuzzy images. Hell, for that price you could get a Nikon D700 with a good quality Nikkor lens and shoot nice crisp in-focus images of a cheap overnight hooker in bed with plenty of Pepsi and Pizza to go around (now THAT’s bang for buck!).

    Point being, Canon certainly dropped the ball. And their most important people outside the company (their customers) don’t forget such blunders so easily. Let’s face it.. Canon is the new company everyone loves to hate (and with damn good reason too). Until they redeem themselves, it seems like Canon has one hell of an uphill climb to hike. They have to learn that you don’t take advantage of your customers by having them part ways with plenty of their hard-earned cash for what is in essence a fancy looking doorstop with a lens slapped on.

    While no corporation is perfect (Nikon has had its blunders to be sure), this one takes the whole cake and then some… Thanks Canon for demonstrating poor QA and equally poor corporate accountability coupled with god-rotten customer relations.

  5. So, finally after waiting for months or even years, another bad camera from Canon is presented. And when we get once again a useless tool and are complaining about it, then it is our fault and not Canons. He guys at Canon when are you planning to start sweating blood and give us a goddamn camera that is worth having the canon logo on it. And Westfall stop joking and writing just bullshit as for example in your post about rob. What the fuck do you think… We should be confident in Canon products when even you are not????

  6. Have any of you retards every used a 1dIII? I’ve never had a soft picture come out of it for wildlife shots. Quit talking like you own the camera. “I read it on the internet, it must be true!”

  7. A..of corse they haven’t tried a real camera. They wouldn’t know how to handle it if you pulled it out of their asses. They can only affor cheapos and whine about this and that.

  8. “A” shout up! I have the Canon EOS 1d Mark III and also the EOS 1d Mark II and a whole bunch of Canon L-Lenses. I am a military photographer and take a lot of pictures. You should first use your brain before you insult someone!!! By the way I like the touch of the pictures from the Mark II far better than those of the Mark III (yes RAW-data converted exactly the same way). Believe me I had oof pictures!!!!

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  10. `I’ve never had a soft picture come out of it for wildlife shots.’

    That’s probably because you’re either shooting animals that aren’t moving, have already had the mirror fix, Don’t shoot wide open, or live somewhere where there’s bugger all sun like Pommy Land.

    Prior to the mirror fix mine was (and still is) bloody brilliant inside, but useless outside on a sunny day. (Not much use to an Aussie – we tend to have a lot of sun)
    I shot a golf tournament soon after buying the 1d3 (most of my stuff is usually indoor sports) and found the simple act of someone swinging a golf club (while using centre focus point locked on golfers torso) was enough to confuse the autofocus and give me a OOF image. I ended using my old 30d to get all the shots – only 7 focus points (and a focus system even crapper than the 5d2 don’t you reckon Chuck?) but AISERVO mode at least worked in the sun.
    Since the mirror fix it works ok, but I still don’t do all that much outside work to really put it through it’s paces.

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  12. wow, looks like a bunch of ‘professional’ whiners to me.
    peoples need to calm the f**k down and worry ’bout yourselves, not about ‘Canon chasing Nikon’… lol, silly people.

  13. What a bunch of wankers…I remember when real “pros” got superb results with 12 exposures in a manual focus camera like a Blad or Rollei.

    6 AF points? Give me a fucking break….

  14. Is it not about time we stopped writing different views on a subject like focussing doubts and got together and asked Canon to comment?

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