Interview on the 5D Mark II

I’ve been interviewed today by Scott Sheppard of Inside Digital Photo, you can listen to the interview here.

You may also be interested in some high ISO shots taken with the 5D Mark II compared with the Nikon D700 here. Like I said before, the 5D2 blows the Nikon away. And I’m not even going to mention the Sony A900. That’s just total annihilation.

Poor Sony. I don’t know how they expect to sell the A900 at $3000. Tragic, really.

8 thoughts on “Interview on the 5D Mark II

  1. Well fact is, Canon is going to loose a lot of potential 5DII buyers because of the limited coverage of the 9pt af across the wide full frame.

    Notice how the article steers way clear of the AF system? Chuck doesn’t even mention the 6 new hidden pts near the center for fear of raising discussion / questions of the miserable 9pts.

  2. Daniel-

    Yes I did avoid talking about the 9 point AF system, and take great pride in fooling the interviewer as well. Personally, I think the 9 point AF system is crap too, just like the ancient shutter and mirror mechanism with the big lags. This is one of those cases where Japan didn’t listen to me.

  3. Oh Chuck, I don’t know who’s worse.. you or Ken Rockwell… If it was up to me, I would bound you and Ken together using Canon gear and shove you both into a wood chipper.

    Between your potty mouth and unprofessionalism, your site and all the trash that comes along with it is about as reputable as the EOS 1D Mark III’s auto focusing abilities (read: flaky at best).

  4. Since when is crap such a bad word? I don’t get it. It’s not like I said fuck or motherfucker or something like that?

    WHAT is wrong with you people?

  5. I appreciate your humor, but not your horrible language. It adds nothing and only detracts.

    You can more effectively make your points without one bad word.

    Your bad language will ultimately cost you readers and advertisers and lead to your site’s demise.

    Please consider these points, as there are many of us who enjoy your comments, and the whole industry is likely to benefit from them — IF you clean up your act.

  6. Well I’ll try to be more careful. But I sometimes just can’t help myself. It’s a good thing you’re not in my office after I get off of a conference call with Maeda.

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