The 5D Mark II is out!

The long wait is over! The new 5D Mark II (official name now) is out! Check out the specs here on the Canon Inc. website. I also wrote a bit about the new sensor technology featured in the 5D2 in this week’s Tech Tips.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Although I sound happy and optimistic, I’m not. Last week I had to send my brand new EF 24mm f/1.4 L II lens, which I had just received, to our service center due to a rather extreme backfocus problem. This morning I got the lens back, attached it to my 5D Mark II body and took a short burst of pictures when I heard a weird and loud clicking sound in the camera body. It appears the goddamn mirror fell off, and not only that, it left a nice big scratch on the rear element of the brand new 24mm lens as well!

I can’t tell you how furious I am right now. This is what fucking happens when you release a new 5D with the same 3 year old shutter mechanism. I’ll be on the phone with Japan for the rest of the day. Please do NOT bother me today if you know what’s good for you.

14 thoughts on “The 5D Mark II is out!

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  2. Reg Jones-

    You’ll be getting less out of focus images using this camera, that’s the good news!!

    However, this is not because the tracking capabilities are better or good, but due to the fact that the frame rate is just 3.9FPS. Because of this, you can capture a lot less out of focus images in a 1 second burst, compared to, for example, the 1D Mark III, which allows you to capture up to 10 out of focus images in just one second.

    I see you are also disappointed with the 3.9 FPS burst rate. We had to protect our overly expensive 1D series somehow. I hope you understand. This is why you’ll have to be satisfied with only 9 auto focus points for now, which are even worse compared to the cheaper 50D, and even the 40D.

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  4. I think I am going to switch to Nikon, I can’t wait for Canon to get it right. Nikon offers 51 AF points for the prosumer D300. This stuff about protecting your 1D series is a bunch of bull. The AF should have been redesigned for this model. Maybe a new 25 point AF or something. Not the small 9 AF with 6 AF assists. This just sad to hear the 40D/50D AF is better then 5DMK2.

    I want to stick with Canon but they are just not producing anymore. Their ego got to big. Fire the current marketing team and let the engineering department depict what the marketing team should be pushing. From personal experience with other companies that do this it will only lead to less sales and disappointed customers. Let the engineering team blow the competition out of the water. As a consumer that is what we like to see and what makes a person loyal to a brand. If the brand produces the “best camera” and not just megapixel your customer footprint will not only stay but increase dramatically. When people come to me now asking my advice on an SLR system, currently I have to say Nikon. I want to be able to say Canon!!! I want Canon to be the front runner again!!!

    Anyone want to buy some Canon gear? :-/

  5. Adam regardless of Canon’s superior ISO noise reduction I think you should really consider Nikon. We really haven’t had any good cameras before late 2007 but we’ve really caught up to where Canon was a few years ago.

    Honestly until the EOS 50D and 5D MKII are available we’re still in the lead and your best choice. For the next month and a half you can have the privilege of telling every other photographer that you’ve got the best DSLR.

    Consider the D700, you’ll get a full frame 12 Megapixel DSLR just like the original Canon 5D. Pretty cool, huh?

    – Nikon Stud

  6. So you’re admitting then Nikon Stud that the D700 is no better than a 5d1 which is almost 4 years old ? No wonder Canon Japan is not pushing the envelope if Nikon has only just caught up to 4 year old Canon Technology.
    Wow, In another 10 years Nikon might even have a 16 MP FF sensor to rival the 1ds2.

  7. The D700 can’t produce the image quality of the 5D2, and is half the resolution. They do have other features like the 51-point AF, and we’re working on our new AF system at Canon as well. It just wasn’t finished on time for the 5D2, but will for the next 1D model.

  8. Hey is that so Chucky? DPReview just posted a their sample gallery of the Canon 5D MKII here:

    Strange…With such complete coverage of the MKII launch I’m not sure how you missed that one but managed to find all the bad coverage of this camera on the web.

    Much Much better sharpness then Lovegrove’s wedding photos. Just thought I’d help you out Chuck. Oh and I love what Nikon Stud and D200 Guy are writing on your site. Maybe they should start their own site, similar sense of humor to yours :).

  9. I would rather concern about the mirror. This old problem seems unsolved.
    The situation like this (damaged a damn good lens) is disaster.

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  11. For the next 5D Mk III

    Here is a summary of improvements for the next one:

    – af faster, wider distrbution of AF points, more AF points, more cross type AF points
    – faster frame rate
    – flip screen
    – weather proofing
    – faster synch rate 1/500
    – electronic grid in viewfinder
    – in built IR focus assist
    – built in flash
    – wirelessly control an off camera flash
    – auto-ISO min and max
    – P to take into account image stabilisation
    – external way of activating mirror lock-up ie. mirror lock-up button
    – release connector still on the side of the body where it interferes with L plates
    – bettter video mode, better video AF & constant fstop control

    Hope Canon pick up on these points from their customers! 😉

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